Why Delhi voted and Mumbai didn’t

These have been doing the rounds on Facebook.

Ten reasons why South Mumbai did not vote

by Abhinav Dhar

10. Clashed with Salsa class
9. Election whites not drycleaned
8. No candidate a hottie
7. Tony Jethmalani contesting from suburbs. Sigh
6. No valet parking at booth
5. Spotted servant in queue ahead of us
4. Driver not come
3. “Elections over dude, Obama won!”
2. No party tackling real issues, eg, reduce Gold Gym rates
1. No home delivery!

Why Delhi turned up to vote

By Madhavan Narayanan

1. They loved the Tata Tea ad
2. They saw the Chopras go out, and thought they must overtake the Lancer from left
3. Bunty’s girlfriend wanted it when they were going out for some Chinese
4. Diwan Saheb on second floor persuaded them. He is jaaaint saactry in DPCC
5. Without stable government, real estate will not revive
6. Election Commission directly asked Pappu. So nice of them
7. Grandfather started talking on Partition, and they had to run
8. Auntyji hoped some TV crew will come and take a soundbite
9. Baba Ramdev said it is good for health

And finally
10. They had to beat the Bambaiyaas. Izzat ka sawaal hai, hainji?

9 thoughts on “Why Delhi voted and Mumbai didn’t”

  1. You guys sure have a complex against the rich. Romantize your slums and attack and stereotype the lifestyle of elities. Thats the creed of Jholawalas of India.


  2. Mumbaikars decided to vote after the elections. It’s called lobbying and every rupee counts.
    No politician was dealing with relevant issues anyway. Still too many cars on the road, too many slums not being demolished in the name of human rights.


  3. Shamanta, you do realize that these are jokes doing the rounds on Facebook, don’t you? Just take a look at the first line on the post. So, it is Facebookwalas not jholawalas who are joking thus – or do the two amount to the same in your eyes? At least one must give it to the Facebookwalas that they have not (at least not all of them) lost the capacity to laugh and joke at themselves (which includes the likes of me, even though I am technically not a Facebookwala. Many others seem to have even lost the capacity for humour!


  4. since this is not a serious post – another line think…..

    the main difference btw mumbai and delhi was in the way election commission marked the fingers –
    in mumbai they marked the voter in the “middle” finger and rest of india the index.

    it was funny to see all bachan family showing it up!!! and kkkk khan showing all the fingers to probably hide the emberassment …

    i guess outlook photo gallery has this fotos

    strange why they decided to do so :)


  5. Boring answer to why Mumbaikars “gave the middle finger” – they had used up their index fingers voting in the recent Municipal elections.


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