Asim Butt (1978-2010)

Self-portrait as Christ. 1998. Oil on board, paper, and wax palimpsest.

Karachi-basd artist Asim Butt committed suicide yesterday by hanging himself to death. He was only 31, and his work made waves. Part of the Stuckist art movement, he made figurative paintings, most notably a series of seven portraying a dog’s carcass. He was also a graffiti artist, painting red the walls of Karachi. His best known graffiti work was the eject symbol painted all over towards the end of General Musharraf’s rule.

Read this moving tribute by a journalist friend and this one with a lot of links at You can pay homage here, but most of all, see his pictures and paintings on his own Facebook profile.

As one of the tributes on Facebook reads, good people die early.

One thought on “Asim Butt (1978-2010)”

  1. at the age of 6o this nomad ..stil vegitating in india..with his shame ful existance… Is not happy with tjje trith” good men die early! Reading all the 83 tribute likes in his’ fan entry. In face book..i am bitten by one lament” t would have told you yesterday itself- how important is yu r to me,,” yes.. The un uttered words.. Love hidden in our own brainy body.. Belated wisdom,, sorry asims of the world.. This as an auto critique..and my fellow germanic,,..let me keep a balance with a bit french..yes an old man’s (ir),responsibility&! No more asims!/ tn joy beauty consultant frm south india


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