A curtain call for the world’s largest democracy: Neerja Dasani

Guest post by NEERJA DASANI

Please ladies and gentlemen…

A round of applause for this worthy verdict!

Please understand now:

Silence is molten.

Please no more talk of freedoms that aren’t for sale.

Please don’t reveal the price we offered for yours.

We don’t want to be a state

In which we can’t negotiate.

Please try to remember the last time you heard the word


Please do a study on its unmarketability.

Is it poor packaging, no target audience, less consumer recall?

Or all of the above?

And now please quickly forget the word ‘redistribution.’

Please always remember the word ‘sedition.’

Please don’t laugh outside the punchline.

Always keep in mind the line of control.

Please ignore those people asking for a little shame.

Let’s sweep them under the red carpet of this political endgame.

Please stop harping on about the 5th and 6th schedules,

Even if you’re constitutionally inclined to perfidy.

Please find below the answer to all your queries:

National security.

Please don’t ask why you’re still afraid.

Please note the ingenuity of selling you the right to know

Knowing well you’ll never know your rights.

And now, deviyon aur sajjano…

Please, please us, oh yeah, like we please you.

Also published in the Himal magazine, online edition

3 thoughts on “A curtain call for the world’s largest democracy: Neerja Dasani”

  1. Painfully beautiful. Deserves to be published more widely – in translation on handouts?

    1. thank you so much for engaging with the poem. do feel free to pass it along to anyone who wishes to recreate it in any which way.

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