6 thoughts on “Sumangala Damodaran on IPTA’s protest music”

    1. totally uncharitable of you to not praise someone’s efforts at collecting, archiving, reviving documenting IPTA protest music that may otherwise be lost. perhaps you can help her with the chorus


    2. the power of art is in the art itself, whether the subject is primarily political or otherwise. if the song is strong, one voice will do. choral singing is a community activity, and one doesn’t really experience that aspect of these songs when one is listening to recorded music. it’s not theatre, after all, but recorded music. the recordings of the russian red army choir singing, admirable though they are, exemplify to a great extent that a large number of recorded voices is not as excellent to the ear as one voice. hence, a little extreme to say ’silly’, i think. the opposite might also be true.


  1. perhaps you are not aware that there are still many ipta choral groups left in india who still sing these songs. of course many are in small towns and they are not high profile people like the young lady in question. some recordings have also been made. even shubha mudgal has sung a few ipta type songs in a recent album.


  2. Such an effort of documentation and preservation of this golden heritage of India must be lauded. Efforts are taking place in other forms also e.g. “Ganasangeet Sangraha” community of Facebook and/or blogs like “Ganasangeet &”, “Ganasangeet Archive” etc.


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