Kavita Srivastava: ‘Chhattisgarh Police Raided My House Today in Collusion with Jaipur Police’


3rd October, 2011

Dear friends,

The police today raided my house between 6.30 and 7 am. I was out of the house when they did it. One of those days when I was not at home. They came with a search warrant and said that a khatarnak Naxalite was being shielded in my house.

My family was unable to gather the name, but they had come looking for a woman they said some Sunit / Sumit Sodi. The Bajaj Nagar police station of Jaipur, which very well knows my house, brought them. It was led by the DY SP of our area Rajendra Singh Shekhwat and they also sent police outside the People’s Union for Civil Liberties office. The Chhattisgarh raid was led by one Mr. Memon who was in plain clothes. His rank we do not know. He got papers from a court that my house has to be searched.

They came with a truck load of Special Task Force police, which we see in riots, and kept saying that we have central intelligence inputs that she is here. When my sister asked as to why so much police had come they said “Naxal ka Mamla hai”. That person maybe armed. It is so disgusting even as I write this.

My family fully cooperated, till they tried to shove my 82 year old father who is on a pace maker. My sister and a European friend of hers had left home after 6.30 am, they were stopped for one hour close to the house.

Of course they found nothing. They harassed our two domestic workers. They are from Cooch Behar, Bengalis and they were really harassed.

I have been targeted because they know that I have supported the struggle for restoration of human rights violation in Chhattisgarh and the rest of India. I have through the PUCL and other organisations worked against the arbitrary detentions in the state in the name of Maoism. Actually this act was to threaten to me.

This is shocking that they have dared to do this. It is clear that even the Jaipur Police is involved as almost each and every man of my local police station knows where I live. How could about a hundred policemen have come to my house early morning?

Kavita Srivastava

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5 thoughts on “Kavita Srivastava: ‘Chhattisgarh Police Raided My House Today in Collusion with Jaipur Police’”

  1. I condemn the raid without any base and just to harras human right activist, family, friends and servants. Police is a tool in the hand of politician and their corporate masters.

    It is said to say that India may be free but police is not.


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