Urgent Action Alert: Koodankula​m – Call/ SMS ADGP and SP

Dear all,

The Tamilnadu police in alliance with the paramilitary, rapid action force, Industrial security force has laid an utterly illegal and anti democratic siege on the peaceful struggle by fisherpeople and others in Idinthakarai village. In an attempt to terrorise the people and weaken their struggle the police in a nexus with civil administration has suspended electricity and water supply to the village. Vital supplies like milk powder, medicines and food stuff have been blocked entry. When neighbouring villagers tried to bring in firewood through the sea route they were blocked this morning. A pregnant woman who was in labour pain was detained by the police for quite some time and her admission into the hoispital was delayed. There are thousands of children, women, elder people and men in the protest site surrounded by layers and layers of police of every possible denomination and this is a peaceful struggle waged by the poor people of idinthakarai to safeguard their livelihoods and also to protect all of us all of humanity from yet another nuclear disaster.

So please take time and call/ message

Vijendra Bidari, SP, Tirunelveli : 09940193494

George, ADGP: o9442200913

Register your protest.

Demand them to stop intimidating the peaceful protesters.

SMS message: “Do not block media, food, water, medicines or movement of people in and out of Idinthakarai. Restore access to basic facilities and media freedom”

5 thoughts on “Urgent Action Alert: Koodankula​m – Call/ SMS ADGP and SP”

  1. Thanks a lot for reporting this issue. Unless The Story is told i English, the rest of India would be in darkness

    These pictures may help you

    1) School Run By Mira Udayakumar in Nagerkoil, has been vandalized by the Goons aided by Police, the Day after Udayakumar refused to surrender. http://www.vinavu.com/2012/03/22/udayakumars-school-vandalised/

    2) Pictures from Indindhakarai Village and Koodankulam

    I will send you more shortly

    Thank you for your support


  2. media …certainly the english TV media seems to be carrying stories of improvement in situation there…(ndtv.com)…cnn.ibn is yet to carry a story on its website…now is this because they are not given access or (which I suspect it to be the case) our corporate media does not want to carry the stories?


  3. TN is suffering badly from frequent power cuts! Power supply is only for 10 to 12 hours per day. Industries are going down.At this stage ppl in koodankulam are against the power plant! which is vry bad for the states ppl. If this plant is up and running we will generate 2000 Megawatt power. which will equal the current situation. The necessary precautions are taken in the power plant incase of any natural disasters. The villages ppl are misguided and through some foreign funds they are protesting. Foreign funds are sent for bringing down the country’s development! Pls guide those ppl in villages and not lyk this.


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