Muslim youths launch peace forum in Assam

This press release was put out by MY-FACTS, Guwahati, on 3 September 2012

As a response and being aggrieved over the communalisation of the recent violence and mass displacement in BTAD (Bodoland Territorial Autonomous Districts) area and in order to analyse the situation, on 2 September, 2012 about 60 highly educated, secular and liberal Muslim youths from all over Assam assembled at the Bhagabhati Prashad Baruah Bhaban, Guwahati, Assam, to brainstorm about a peaceful solution for the present scenario of hatred and violence prevailing in Assam that is spreading all over the country. The meeting was convened under the aegis of a newly formed platform named MY-FACTS (Muslim Youths: Forum Against Communalism, Terrorism and Sedition).

Mostly doctors, engineers, lawyers, IT and civil society professionals etc from as far as Tinsukia, Dhubri and Silchar univocally reiterated that there is a vacuum in the social and intellectual sphere of Muslim society in Assam, and this vacuum is being misused by some unscrupulous elements and political leaders to gain their political mileage.

It is also unfortunate that communal forces of all hue are trying to polarize the Assamese society on religious lines at the backdrop of tragic humanitarian crisis in BTAD. Muslim youths unequivocally condemned any form of violence by anybody. The participants discussed that due to lack of dialogue and social assimilation between Muslim community and other communities, an atmosphere of misconception, mutual suspicion and hatred is brewing slowly and taking dangerous shape which is detrimental to the secular fabric of the larger society.

To sustain the objectives and to achieve a harmonious and peaceful society, the Muslim youths present at the meeting formed an Ad-hoc Committee to start a dialogue with all communities, stack holders. The Forum will further focus on to carry forward a secular movement for peace and development among the Muslim educated youths in every districts of Assam and a draft road map was discussed in the meeting that will aim in forming educational and cultural study centre to address the intellectual vacuum and to enable Muslim youths to take well informed and secular decision towards such ethnic crisis and stereotyping of Muslims. The Forum will promote social assimilation of Muslims in the state will larger society.

The Forum which planned to form district committees has received overwhelming response towards the cause and support from educated youths from all over Assam. As a result within a day of formal establishment of MY-FACTS, several District committees came into existence in last 24 hours. The Forum thanks all those who extended support and help in this endeavor.

The Muslim youths present at the meeting vowed readiness to shoulder their historic responsibility to shun stereotyping of Muslims and to provide a new, liberal, secular, scientific and intellectual outlook and leadership to Muslim community and its relationship with other communities in a secular and peaceful manner. The Forum seeks advice support and collaboration to work with different like minded secular, progressive movement aiming substantial development and to maintain peaceful and social harmony in the state. The executive body of the Forum will meet from time to time to discuss further course of action.

Received from Anjuman Ara Begum. Contact: anju dot azad at gmail dot com

2 thoughts on “Muslim youths launch peace forum in Assam”

  1. My suggestion would be to bring in your friends from other faiths as well in the body for the betterment of Interfaith cross current.


  2. Intellectuals must come forward to take a firm stand against the forces that are bent to harm India;our country is not a jageer of any one, it is our country and we have to save it.Therefore an open debate has to start on key issues. Fanaticism whether of this colour or that colour sould be fought unitedly.


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