Appeal from Tamil Civil Society to the International Community on Sri Lanka

This appeal was published in and has been sent to us by V. Geetha. We are publishing it here to give a different view from the kind of view that dominates now. Even though the appeal was made before the voting took place in the UN Human Rights Council, it is nevertheless an important view.

This appeal, signed by civil society activists who live and work in the North and East of Sri Lanka, seeks to state our position with regard to the resolution on Sri Lanka to be tabled at the 22nd sessions of the UN Human Rights Council. We understand that the resolution will seek to provide more time to the Government of Sri Lanka to implement the recommendations contained in the Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission and that it will fall short of calling for an international independent investigation to hold to account those responsible for the Crime of Genocide, War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity. If this resolution would contain only the above and no further, in our opinion, it would be truly unfortunate. Read the full statement here.

2 thoughts on “Appeal from Tamil Civil Society to the International Community on Sri Lanka”

  1. Yes, the Government of Sri Lanka committed war crimes and one can even call what happened during the last stages of the war in Sri Lanka a genocide. And an independent, international investigation is necessary. The Government of Sri Lanka cannot be allowed to investigate the war crimes that it committed.

    But why does the Tamil civil society keep mum on the manner in which the LTTE encouraged and even contributed to this genocide? Why did they continue keep the civilians inside the No-Fire Zone as human shields? Why didn’t the activists in Tamilnadu, the Sri Lankan Tamil diaspora activists or even this Tamil civil society ask the LTTE to let the civilians go out of the No-Fire Zone in 2009? One cannot talk about what happened during the last stages of the war cannot be talked about without mentioning the LTTE’s atrocities.


    1. Irrational acts of terrorism cannot be given as reasons for an elected body’s ruthless acts. There are very few differences between a terrorist organization and a elected body of representatives. The former rules with unquestionable power and abusive conduct; the latter rules with compassion for all and prudence.

      Now, the resolution may be about the past, but one need to look beyond the obvious. The intention is to ensure that future conflicts are avoided by devolution of power to the Tamils in places where they form the majority and treating them as equal citizens.

      If you insist on talking about the past and the atrocities of LTTE as justifications for widespread abuse and Genocide why not go all the way back to when and why it all started? You will find that the guilty and evil prevailed.


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