We Are All Queer – Assemble at Jantar Mantar against Reactionary Judgement

Shocking! Shameful!!  Disgusting!!!

The Supreme Court has struck down the  Delhi High Court decision decriminalizing gay sex in what might go down as the most retrograde judgement in India’s history. While the details of the Court’s reasoning are still not available, we can perhaps easily imagine what they might be. This is time of civil disobedience. Time for protest.

Assemble at Jantar Mantar at 4.30 pm, today 11 December to announce to the world that ‘We Are All Queer’. To announce that this is not a struggle of just the ‘gay-lesbian community’ but a struggle for our most fundamental rights and cherished values.

25 thoughts on “We Are All Queer – Assemble at Jantar Mantar against Reactionary Judgement”

  1. The SC has not really criminalized homosexuality again… it has just upheld an already flawed section, considering it is in the jurisdiction of the Parliament to decriminalise it..

    Having said that protesting against an archaic legislation is absolutely necessary- it should also be targeted towards our policy makers who have the power (unfortunately) to amend and make new laws!

    Do correct me if I am wrong


    1. Dev,
      Strictly speaking, literally, you are right. All statements in life are however not about literality. The one and only effect of the SC judgement is of re-criminalizing. But whatever pleases you:)


    2. If not the Parliament, who else should amend and make new laws? We need better, more humane, socially aware representatives in Parliament.


  2. Yes. This is a fight for all of us. It’s not “gay sex” per se that is at stake, but the principle touches all of us. Our freedoms are under attack and thugs under the guise of “morality” and “culture” are defining how we live. Unacceptable.


  3. Time frame please! Is the protest happening today? Are any more planned for the rest of the week?


    1. Yes, today at 4.30 and the rest will follow….I have added the date to the text above. Thanks





  5. We require a protest along the lines of the rape protest seen last year. People, please assemble!!


  6. The Supreme Court’s decision is an attack on our great Hindu culture. This is the land of Mitra and Varuna, whose relationship has been mentioned in none other than the great Bhagavata Purana. This is the land of great bi Agni, who has relations with Kartikeya and Soma, and who swallowed Shiva’s fluid. This is the land where Lord Shiva himself asked the queens of Maharaja Dilipa to make love and become the mother of Bhagiratha. All Hindus must unite to fight against relic of British laws. Foreign influence in our culture must not be tolerated.


    1. This is funny, I agree. But please note that “ancient” or even precolonial India was a terrible place to live in for most of its inhabitants.


      1. In other words, we must demand sexual freedom as a modern concept, ratified by modern institutions not as one from antiquity and bolstered by religious sanction.


  7. LGBT rights, women’s liberation and secularism are all very very very important and I support all who are fighting for these wholeheartedly. But, I hope that India’s left movement will not evolve to become more like the West’s liberal movement. The latter sometimes focuses less on economic justice. India’s immense economic inequalities perpetuate all sorts of other injustices.


    1. A Left movement that is strong on economic justice and has not evolved on socio-cultural issues sounds like the following. Through the fog of bombast, one makes out that to be gay is to be `abnormal, diseased and perverted’, and therefore belongs to the same universe as consumerism, infidelity and adultery, all outcomes of degeneration of the Enlightenment.

      SUCI (C) calls for developing powerful socio-cultural
      movements based on higher ethics and morality to stop
      proliferation of depraved thoughts like homosexuality

      Comrade Provash Ghosh, General Secretary, SUCI(C), has issued the following statement on 15 December, 2013 :

      Homosexuality is an abnormal, diseased and perverted way of life. In the past, though there were stray instances of such depravity in the mercenary armies deprived of normal sex-relation between man and woman for long, such other organizations and places, such a practice which is manifestation of mental deformity and morbidity never gained social acceptance. Even those indulging in such acts suffered from ignominy. Those who are supporting homosexuality in the name of protecting individual and democratic rights are forgetting that the bourgeois democratic movement which was accomplished in the west under the leadership of the then progressive bourgeoisie, dawned upon by the progressive thoughts of renaissance, against the obsolete obscurantist conservative religion-based feudal system and ushered in new era by upholding lofty ideas of modern democracy, secular principles, concept of individual freedom and women’s liberty, had also fought for establishment of freedom of love between men and women rising above caste, creed, nationality and religion, but there was no demand for homosexual rights.

      But afterwards, when the all-pervading social degeneration in the exploitative regime of reactionary bourgeoisie has turned the concept of individual freedom into a privilege, bereft of any sense of social obligation and human values and cloistered in unethical self-centredness and crude consumerist thoughts, and the question of human right and entertainment is sought to be equated with untrammelled pursuit of licentiousness, wanton and immoral livelihood, infidelity and adultery, tilt towards homosexuality is growing among a section of people under the vicious influence of this rotten, poisonous environment. It ought to be borne in mind that no immoral, unethical, socially harmful, reactionary activity or livelihood can be supported raising the bogey of change in time.

      We are of the firm opinion that such unethical living is immensely detrimental to the cause of the society and hence liable for being punished. That does not mean that we are supporting stringent punishment like life-term for the wrong doers. But, mere legal route would not abolish the menace. It is only surge of a powerful social and cultural movement based on higher values which can only create necessary public opinion against such decadence and work as deterrent to proliferation of such debased thoughts.



      1. Whoa RR! Did you just use Webster’s Dictionary & Thesaurus, AND the Communist Party’s Manifesto to come out with your own “perverted, unethical, immoral, poisonous, immensely detrimental” (and now I’d like to add my own words) dogmatic, narrow-minded, debasing, unscrupulously umm.. uh.. whatever… bunch of BULL? What did gay people ever do to you? They just want to live their lives like the rest of us – safe, happy and equal in every way, and able to contribute to society! Also, waaaay to go stereotyping gay people as 1-dimensional beings with just “gay sex and turning people like you gay” on their minds! On second thought, doesn’t that make all of us straight people “beings with straight sex on our minds wanting to make all gay people straight”? No? Then why assume being gay leads to moral degradation blah blah? Gay sex doesn’t cut in-roads into societal moral degradation any more than any other sex does! HOWEVER, prejudiced, venomous bull-shitting such as yours does! Good luck in imbibing any true Leftist principles!

        A committed left-leaning Mallu girl who unfortunately happens to share your RR initials! (I know, my bad!)


        1. Thanks. I share your sentiments about this statement, which is not one I endorse, as you mistakenly assume. Please read my comment again, the first 7 lines of which are mine, the rest being the text of the statement..


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