Urgent demand to bring Normalcy to Vadodara: Letter to Commissioner of Police by concerned citizens

To Mr. E. Radhakrishan, Commissioner of Police, Vadodara.

Take concrete steps to bring normalcy in the city of Vadodara and take immediate action in the cases of assault on women by police.


A team of social activists visited some of the affected areas on 27th September 2014 on the request of affected people.  A detailed report of our visit is under process  but after visiting the area we have personally discussed with you and informed you about the role of Police, (particularly plain clothes police, also known as D Staff). The police should prevent violence and arrest those who undertake violence. Instead many people particularly women, complained about the verbal abuse and physical assault on them by police. The marks of injury were visible on their bodies. You had promised to look in to the matter and assured us that this will not be repeated.

We are shocked to know that brutal police attacks continued on the night of 27th September 2014.

As per the complaint by Ms. Ashiyana Abdul Latif Shaikh (aged about 45 years) on the night of 27th around 2.00 a.m., police surrounded a moholla in the area of Wadi Taiwada and entered the houses of people. About 8-10 plain clothes police who also covered their face with cloth, carrying pipes and iron rods broke their doors, windows and entered her house. They broke fridge, lights and picked up her son Abdul Raheman (aged 19). When women from the house asked why they are picking him up they assaulted Ms. Ashiyana on head and hands, her younger daughter Mubina on back and legs and brutally assaulted Amrin Abdul Latif Shaikh (aged about 22). They tore Ms. Amrin Abdul Latif Shaikh clothes and beat her with iron road on head, shoulder and back. Her situation was worsening and she became unconscious so she was admitted in the Sayaji General Hospital in the morning of 28-9-2014. In the hospital she mentioned about assault by police as reason for her injuries and also registered her complaint in the Police Station of the General Hospital. But the doctor mentions assault by “opposing party” in her case paper and she is not sure what police have written in the FIR. They have not been either copy of either FIR. She was discharged at about 2.00 p.m. on the same day.

While we are writing this her mental and physical condition is very bad. Other women are also assaulted but have not yet gone even to hospital due to fear of further violence.

We tried to contact you on 28th September 2014 at your office and on your cell phone but could not get through. Today on 29th September 2014 we talked with you on your cell phone but could not get appointment, hence we are sending this Fax and Email.

The situation of Vadodara is vitiated by communal forces and the blatant violation of human rights by police will not save the situation. 

We the undersigned expect immediate steps from you. We are peace loving citizens of Vadodara and are working for peace and harmony.  We assure our cooperation.


(1)   Mr. S. K. Nanda  

Additional Chief Secretary Home Department,

Government of Gujarat.

(2)   Justice K. G. Balkrishanan,

Chairperson, National Human Rights Commission,

Manav Adhikar Bhavan, Block-C, GPO Complex

New Delhi-110023




Trupti Shah,   

Reshma Vohra

Sahiyar (Stree Sangathan), Vadodara



Rohit Prajapati,

Ashok Gupta,

S. Shrinivasan

People’s Union for Civil Liberties (PUCL), Vadodara



Shaukat Indori,

Sabiha Hakim

Social Workers, Vadodara




4 thoughts on “Urgent demand to bring Normalcy to Vadodara: Letter to Commissioner of Police by concerned citizens”

  1. Photos should be taken and sent out. If names of the pigs (cops) are known, they should totally be tweeted and facebooked! Make enough noise and people will listen! That’s how things work here! @YourAnonNews should be contacted, I say!


  2. There is no law & order in Gujarath. When police itself acting like goondas against Muslims, certainly there is going to happen another massacre in Gujarath that will be more maheym than Gujarath riots &massacre of 2002. What next? Must think every citizen who respects our Indian Constitution.


  3. Gondo aur dangaiyo ko panah aur housla , shayad police ki laparwahi aur rajnyatik vyaktiyo ke aadhar se milta hai . Nidar , niswarti neturtv ke abhav ke karan es tarh ki ghatnaye ghatit hoti hai . Sarkar aur police yantrna ko rajya ke nagriko ki surksha ke liye aise apradhiyo ke khilaaf satrkta se tos kadam uthane chahiye. Warna es tarh ke ghatnao ke shikaar aur koi bhi ho sakta hai.


  4. Under Narendra Modi India is set to become a gunda Raj in the Gujraat and people should stand up for their rights and brng these polce thugs to book.Police are meant to provide security and to safe guard every Indian citizens properties.How can any sensible Govt on earth let this police thugs destroy muslims properties.Its a great embaressment for India in the eyes of whole world.Shame to Modi and hiscGovt


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