Massive Turnout at JNU Protest Meeting

Even as the  government and the new JNU administration under the hand-picked  new Vice Chancellor step up their witch-hunt, the waves of protest grow stronger with a massive turnout at the admin block this evening. Despite the administration withdrawing at the last minute, permission to use mikes,…more and more students and teachers stand up to be counted. The will to fight grows stronger!

Protest meeting JNU
Protest Meeting in JNU outside the administration block. Image courtesy India Resists


5 thoughts on “Massive Turnout at JNU Protest Meeting”

  1. The tide of protests should wash away all the discriminative tactics of fanatics and government.


  2. The brutal crackdown on the student community, the ABVP slander, the rabid RSS campaigns and Rahul’s move to hijack the political edge…all these expose the vulnerability of the fascist-corrupt rulling class and the heroic student power to put up resistance against all odds exposing Modi’s marauding master-script.


  3. This is Modi’s politics! Creating a slogan and projecting himself as I AM THE GOD! This is what the Indian upper caste done with Sri Rama and Krishna for ages. Backstabbing the eternity of God is their in-built culture! They cannot handle the economy, so they need bunch of slogans to project their ugliness as the highest good, but they don’t know that something is waiting in the womb of nature to raise its head with the millions volt electromagnetic energy to establish the VASUDAIVA KUTUMBAKAM, the eternal dream of Sri Krishna. Long live Truth!


  4. they want to peddle a patriotism whose condition is “wiping out of all thoughts “.nothing that the students did poses nearly as much threat to india as the subversion of freedom and judgement this government represents .indeed if nationalism is to be narrow and pinched up,if it does not brook criticism ,if alligned with tyranny ,trades on an anti intellectual ignorance , then being anti national might be an obligation


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