A Solicitous Enquiry after the Mental Health of Arnab Goswami


I am wondering if all has been going well with you. I saw your show on television the other night and you were shouting at a young man who has now been accused of sedition because of a meeting he attended on his college campus. In this show you shouted this young man down, did not let him speak, turned off his mike while he struggled to make himself heard. You called him a terrorist. You said people like him are dangerous elements and wondered who was funding him. You told him he should be grateful for things that India has apparently given him and others like him. You even had a tweet for the purpose #FlashpointAfzal. We will not go into the extraordinary idiocy you displayed in your own version of what you are pleased to call an ‘argument’. It seems in the world you inhabit, and people like you inhabit, the nation is a god-given entity before the idea of which we must all lie prostrate in quaking terrified adulation. But leave all this aside for now, you are not a very intelligent man and your stupidity, dangerous though it is, is not my concern here.

What concerns me though is your style: you are a bully and a brute.  It may seem a strange thing to say, that it is how you say things more than the things you say that seem to bother me. Let me try and explain why and hopefully once I am done you will see that the things you say are not separate from how you say them. So, a few questions:

Did you even see the young man, Umar Khalid, in front of you? What did you see Arnab? Because you certainly didn’t see what I saw.

So again, since you love repeating questions, did you see him Arnab? As you screamed and yelled and hectored him? Can you think yourself back to when you were his age? Is it possible for you to achieve an empathetic identification with any one else, even an earlier version of your own self? Can you even begin to imagine being this young man? I think not. I think you only see images of yourself projected out into the engulfing darkness of the pulpit from which you preach every night. And all that ever returns to you are the sounds of a million amens to your sermons.

You didn’t see, for instance, what I saw. I saw a very young man, not even 25, ganged up on by 5 people baying for his blood. I saw a young man caught in a terrible situation being accused and flayed as though he was not even there. I saw a woman screaming at him in rage, telling him there is no place for people like him in India as you encouraged her to shout him down. I saw you speaking to Sushil Pandit about anti-India elements, what must be done to them, what must be done  with them. I saw all this and more and you should be ashamed of yourself.

Perhaps you think this young man’s views, whatever they may be, stupid. Perhaps you think them ill-judged. Perhaps, since you claim to be an ardent nationalist, you even think them ill-intentioned. But for this he must be made to pay with a jail sentence? Really? Do you honestly believe that it is not the right of every citizen to express their opinions on a court judgement that took a man’s life? So let me say here, publicly and openly, I condemn the hanging of Afzal Guru unequivocally. I condemn it as a cowardly blood sport where a man was sacrificed to appease the blood-lust of a country whose appetite for slaughter seems only on the rise.

But you don’t actually care about any of this do you Arnab? This is not about love for India, or patriotism, or the country. This has nothing to do with love of anything at all. This is simply the infantile vengeful response of a child lashing out at thwarted desire. So what is it that you want Arnab? What will fulfill you?

For a long time I was confounded by your energy. I wondered how it was that night after night you managed to produce such extremities of emotion and rage, seemingly without care for person or situation. And here I have to tender a confession, for on occasion I have enjoyed your bullying. Enjoyed watching your nightly conniption fit when it is directed at people I don’t particularly like. I particularly enjoyed your episode with Jasleen for instance as you eviscerated a bunch of misogynists for going after a young woman. But it made me think what about it so delighted me for it was a question of style not substance. And I realized you were playing to the worst instincts in me – you were stoking the pleasure one feels at watching mean nastiness directed at someone one doesn’t like. Because for the duration of your show we were asked to suspend all judgment, to withhold all rational faculties of discernment that demand adjudication between the gravity of a situation and the magnitude of our reaction. There is no commensuration between harm and punishment. It is, to put it bluntly, a seductively infantalizing experience. Like all hurts are the end of the world for children and are responded to as such, so too watching you throw your temper tantrums invites us to partake of them without shame. You throw our tantrums for us.

And thats when it struck me. I was wrong. You are not an angry man Arnab. You are a hate-filled man. This is why night after night you can marshall such limitless reserves of deranged indignation. A lesser person would be spent. But not you. You persevere. How?

In his careful obsession with categories, Aristotle makes a distinction between ‘anger’ and ‘hate’. The crucial difference is that anger is directed at an object, and when the object no longer exists (or is destroyed) anger is extinguished. Hate has no object. Its object is its own self-perpetuation. And so hate continually finds new objects to consume. I think you should read Aristotle very carefully Arnab because you are filled not with righteous anger but with the sickness of hate. Night after night you scream and bully and yell and shout, now about this and now about that without exhaustion or depletion.

And Aristotle helps us understand another peculiar feature of your nightly seizures, namely their uniformly blustering affect. There is no hierarchy or modulation.  No situation is more or less deserving of attention or investment, you are utterly democratic in the whole-scale castigation of the objects of your ire. It would be incorrect to say you make mountains out of mole-hills, for the phrase implies some understanding of scale and value to begin with. Rather it is as though, for you, everything exists on a one-dimensional flat plane of disapproval. Your rage has nothing to do with what is before you. It is only about you. People, situations appear as transient fuel – today you speak for the soldier at Siachen and against anti-nationals. Yesterday you spoke for women and against sexual predators. Its all the same really.

The reason I am writing to you today is because, unfortunately, a fateful conjunction of your personal history and our public life has brought us into daily communion where your mania is now our disease. Your sickness (and by sickness I mean no judgment, only a description of the thing inside of you) is a barometer of the virus rife in the body politic. So let me slightly revise my earlier proposition: You keep going because in your nocturnal seances you incarnate the spirit of the age. And it is a bloodthirsty spirit to be sure.

Something terrible has been unleashed. Something terrible which has come to pass that makes us forget that while we may enact vengeance in our fantasies there is a reality principle in the world that must moderate our destructive desires. We seem to have regressed to an infantile narcissism where there is no distinction between our feelings, what we want, and how we act. Forgive me for throwing some pop-psychoanalysis at you Arnab but, since there is slim chance of you actually seeking help, you might as well get some for free.

There was once a smart lady called Melanie Klein. Someday when you have the time I would urge you to read her. She wrote primarily about the mental development of children and has several interesting things to say on the topic of love and hate. Klein says that in the earliest stage of their development, children make no distinction between their fantasy lives and reality. They have, we could say, a megalomania that is world-encompassing: they believe that the thing they have fantasized (such as the death of their mother for not giving them what they want) actually comes to be. Part of growing up, of becoming an adult, is the moderation of our sense of our own powers. As we grow we realize that actually we are not god. Things do not come to be simply because we have wished them. And with this comes both frustration, and also relief. It is frustrating to not have exactly what we want when we want it, but also enormously liberating. Can you imagine all of the terrible thoughts we have in a day? Imagine if they all came to pass simply because we had happened to think them in a moment of petty spite, or momentary pique. But our original megalomania never fully leaves us and we are all liable to regress from time to time. For one it informs our apprehension of scale: so I am asking you again Arnab to think carefully about why the words, “This is not a big deal,” seem to be impossible for you to say.

What exactly it is that you are channelling Arnab? What flock is it that has chosen you as its shepherd? What people are they who have deemed you their prophet? Have you thought about who might employ the hashtags you so helpfully provide: #NOPlaceForTreason? Perhaps, but there soon will be #NoPlaceForFreedom if you continue the way you’re going Arnab. Because this drug you are hooked on, this heady dangerous toxic mix of pompous affirmation and  self-righteous rage will consume us. Because you can channel it and feed on it and give it back so there’s more next time, but you cannot control it.

We are living in a country today where young people holding a meeting on a college campus are being hounded as enemies of the nation. Where other young people, people who presumably live their everyday lives with some modicum of non-pathological common-sense, celebrate the hanging of a man. There are people gathering themselves into lynch mobs in neighborhoods. Lawyers in a courtroom morph into a vigilante crowd that attacks teachers and students. There are groups of people creating Facebook groups whose only purpose is to issue objectless threats to abstract ‘enemies of India’. We are living in a country where a man can be lynched because of what he may be eating. That the apparent job of our border security forces is the diurnal head-count of cows grazing on the Bangladesh-India border.

You are participating in this eroticized orgiastic mass wallowing in righteousness Arnab, and in doing so you are complicit in the violence of the thugs assaulting teachers in the court-room, the trolls baying for blood on Facebook, the vigilante goons policing young women at night looking for ‘love-jihad’. You are one and the same as the RSS thugs attacking a film on the Muzaffarnagar riots. You scoff in disbelief at this equation between you and the Sanghis you apparently loath, but you are no different from them Arnab. You may occasionally aver notional differences – dietary preferences, sartorial choices, sexual inclinations, religious texts. You may have a different story as they say. Its all window dressing. At your core you are the same – a righteous resentment masquerading as thought. Which is why nothing can make you change your mind. Nothing anyone says, no point of view, no gesture to reason or reasonableness. No. All exists at the level of “feelings”, there is no arguing with your feelings and it is only from the position of bruised feelings that you speak. Your tongue flapping about in your mouth as a child stamps its foot petulantly on the floor. Which is why all this shouting and raging and yelling and bluster.

But we are not children Arnab and you really need to stop now. You need to stop being a grown baby. Because things are getting dangerous now. Yes. Things are getting very very dangerous for India and you are possibly the biggest daily threat to the collective unconscious. A nuclear warhead of object-less resentment, the most dangerous of all because it can never be fulfilled. Because it cannot make anything, much less produce a vision of the world in which others may wish to live. It can only destroy. And the energy spent in destruction masquerades as productive. So night after night you invite people to come to your show and you destroy them. To be honest for them I don’t much care, they come knowing what they will get, so perhaps their masochism gets off on your sadism. Whatever.

But that night when you attacked a young man without any care for what may now happen to him, now you have set the mobs after him, I cared then. I cared very much. Because in so far as you exist, your existence is proof that something in the current configuration of the world finds your existence to be a reasonable proposition. (Thats Hegel btw. I know you don’t have much spare time when you’re done reading today the things you said yesterday so you can decide what to say tomorrow so I just thought, you know, learn something why not eh?). And it is the current configuration of our world with which I am seriously concerned. In which a man such as yourself is not a comical aberration but the distillation of a generalized tendency to demand vengeance for fictitious slights. Of the making of mountains out of nonexistent mole-hills as the script of public national life.

What has happened? What sort of country is this, so insecure and resentful that it defines its own cultural  being not through reference to the vibrancy and diversity of its people, to the things they make and do and think and write and sing, but through the extraction of a promise of love at the point of a gun? What sort of insane country have we become that the love of India is always expressed through words of hate, of all the people and words that will not be tolerated. Have we become a country of infantile cretins who can make no distinction between fantasy, reality, harm and injury? Are you seeing a pattern here Arnab?

You are feeding on this thing in your mania Arnab. And it is feeding off the spleen you vent every day, day after day. I am writing to ask you to stop. Put yourself on a diet. Moderate your appetite. Curb your gluttony. Because when finally the snake has eaten its own tail there is no snake left. Just a creature whose eyes can only look at its own arse. I am asking you to behave yourself so this country does not become a public urinal in which we wallow in our own shit because we mistake it for gold (this is Freud not me, and he’s dead so you can call him an anti-national in heaven where he most certainly is).

I do not know you Arnab. We have never met. One asks after the health of one’s friends; the niceties of etiquette rightly caution against probing the lunacies of strangers. But please Arnab. Get some help. For your sake, for our sake, for the sake of Mother India.

With genuine concern,


151 thoughts on “A Solicitous Enquiry after the Mental Health of Arnab Goswami”

    1. ….he is out and out right-wing hindu fascist and he lets his zionist tendency take over his sensibilities in anchoring. He shouted down Dr. Hargopal and Varavararao when discussing Naxal problems some months ago. He blatently sided with other participants – military, ruling politicians, police – and even when the maoist sympathizers were putting across their views, he spitefully shouted them down. This is one of the worst tendency in media anchoring and on top of it, he says he is neutral…brazen lies!!!

      1. We are getting close to becoming a fascist state, and Orrknob Goswami is the lead storm-trooper. Terrific article.

      2. He is a lunatic person and is surrounded himself in a selfimposed lunatic kingdom of his own.I sometimes wounder how some gentlemen of repute even perticipate in his show knowing fully well about his idiotic deliberations.I really pity them.Thank you Aarti for your well exprssed view though I stoped seeing his disgusting show of idiocy.He is nothing but a Psycopath.

  1. This was an epic rant in itself, yet utterly sublime! :)
    Wonderful work Aarti! My own solution is to not watch this stuff at all. The more we stop thinking of the T.V. as mandating reality, the better for us. Life, people, the zeitgeist, are all amazingly formless actually, is composed of every kind of thing, at every time, so in the ‘real’ sphere, as mediated by the mind, one can pick and choose the tone of the world.
    Loved this bit: “Because it cannot make anything, much less produce a vision of the world which others may wish to live in.”
    I have a question though: Was there ever a time when we were free of being, “a country of infantile cretins who can make no distinction between fantasy, reality, harm and injury?”
    Is there ever a time when the human collective is uniformly pure, loving, giving and liberal?

  2. Very well-written. I was enraged, to say the least, watching Arnab conduct himself so deplorably. Whether he agrees with his guests or not, nothing justifies his attacking them! And I had to turn off the show the moment he implied that they choose between India and Pakistan. If this is not hate-mongering, I’m not sure what is!

  3. the writer seems to be a very compassionate person and hence such rather humane piece of writing. but i truly believe what arnab does, is nothing but a theatrical act. it is a calculated show of emotions based on a research sensing mood of the audience and taking a position which will provide them the perverse joy of seeing some people being verbally lynched. they are smart enough to balance which audience they want please, so sometimes they would support liberals sometimes they would support conservatives or whatever binary categories one may make. So every night both sides are glued to the television to see whose side arnab is on tonight. the adrenaline rush is almost trance like and addictive. the audience is vindicated or disappointed. but they will come again next day because the side arnab would take keeps changing. and behind all this is nothing but money, the revenue they get. so they have to ensure that the audience is kept entertained. the adrenaline rush is provided well.

    the outcome of this unethical business of creating mental frenzy is of course very dangerous. people are always on edge when it comes to their political opinions. they are ready to pounce on each other. the voices in polity are not conciliatory anymore. they are more and more shrill. overall, arnab is into a very dangerous business but I am sure it pays him and his channel very well.

    1. Times group will do anything to increase their market share. They are addicted to power and they will do anything to please the powers. Earlier they were the voice of Congress now BJP.

    2. Mr. Arun Patil, I wish to thank you from the bottom of my heart for such wonderful words!! You’ve spoken exactly what really happens to an audience whilst watching AG’s shows. I loved this anchor to the core because his words come out very harshly while questioning politicians but when he speaks to victims, women, students, he is polite and treats them well. And yes, politicans are very very dangerous to the nation when they have a free hand and nobody questions them. Arnab made that dream of a common man a reality to see how politicians get barged and accountable on the newshour. However, I too am shocked at how he turned so violent whilst dealing with the JNU case!! If it was only about slogans, the students could have been counselled by a team of police and govt authorities. Why put them in jail?? What if someone is under the influence of alcohol, or heavy medicines or frustrated with the system or any reason…and says down with India just out of his or her depressed state of mind?? Does that mean..he goes to jail?? People today are living in extreme fear in India especially the minorities. Eat beef, talk about beef…someone can jail you. Talk against RSS..BJP..go to jail. What in the world is going on in our country?? I always condemned the BJP and RSS for its fascist thinking. But i felt extremely bad when i heard of an RSS worker hacked to death in his house in front of his parents. At that time all I could think of is the poor state of the parents to see their son dying in front of their eyes. So what if he belonged to a party i do not like?? I felt extremely hurt and sad to see him dying. And that is how people should view things. Let there be space for forgiveness and letting go. Not avenge everything you think is against your principle. Gandhiji said, if all start paying each other as an eye for an eye, the world will go blind. People like OP sharma should be thrown out of their posts for speaking so harshly against students. He vowed to kill them with a gun?? I strongly believe that One proves his patriotism to his country by helping a fellow Indian in day to day life, within the country or on foreign soil!! At the end of the day, your doing it for a fellow Indian. What could be more patriotic than this?? My urge to AG is to please look with the lense of reality and not trp. For added tweets and trp’s do not put innocent peoples life in danger terming them as anti national especially what you did with the pictures of Jadhavpur University is extremely shocking!! Now there will be local BJP supporters and police running after all those they saw in the video on your newshour. Please please do not do this.

    3. Have been trying to put a finger on this phenomenon….Arunji…you gave hit the nail on the head!! Thank you!!

  4. It is high time that the bosses in Times now realized that they have a self opinionated exhibitionist in their hands and gave him the boot. One has to be a masochist to watch that show.

  5. He is a bully, plain and simple. He makes us feel powerful as he raises points with hysteria, and he is good at that, hysteria I mean.

  6. The IB has now revealed that Umar Khalid is a JeM supporter and was orchestrating the infiltration of Kashmiri non-student seditionist sloganeers into the JNU campus.

    Kafila falls flat on its face again.

    1. Yes, and they are ALWAYS spot on. Prevented the Mumbai attacks, and more recently the Pathankot attacks. Phew! It’s good to be in safe hands, I say.

    2. Is Arnab Goswami married? Conventionally or unconventionally? Heteronormatively or homonormatively? Can all boys and girls start wearing t-shirts that say, “No sex with Arnab Goswami”?

      At least in Germany, “No sex with Nazis” t-shirts are still in vogue ;)

      And can all Arnabs in the world file a Public Interest Litigation to change his name? I cannot stand this insult anymore.

    3. I think if all of us take some time to verify what somebody is trying to spread, it will do a world of good to you and everyone else in the country.. These JeM links and stuff is all crazy and not true. Please get your facts checked once again before you post such stuff. Please do not refer to any article supporting it / denying it blindly. It’s all hearsay. Ask a simple question to yourself, what is the proof? Damn, these days you cannot trust videos too as evident in this JNU case..

      Anyways, one big problem with this so called highly “tech-savvy” “social media champion” government is that they tweet and issue statement on almost anything and everything… On this case, can they not hold an official press briefing and ask all people to maintain calm and inform them that they are doing what it takes to resolve the issue… Remember, most of the people in India and “assuming” things on this matter and when you “ASSUME”, you make an “ASS” of “U” and “ME”.

      Here’s hoping common sense prevails !!! Three cheers India !!!

  7. I totally agree with the impact Arnav Goswami is having on this country’s loony lot. All this screaming, bluster, and bullying. why on earth would any sane person want to be on that show with him, leave alone watch it? Times Now’s falling TRPS seem to indicate this. But one lumpen section is likely to get more and more fuel for their bullying by listening to him froth at the mouth. I also wonder whether his own blood pressure does not rise, or his arteries threaten to burst at his yelling and tantrums. It is time the management at Times Now decided to take him off the show. enough is enough.

  8. Sometimes it seems he’s too clever to be sick, or maybe that is his sickness. But he appears to be a profit monger in intent, a corporate man, bulldozing, paving the way for a bigger, more dazzling pedestal to preen from.

  9. aarti, you are asking a street dog not to bark unnecessarily. how is that possible? leave arnab and his antics alone. hes paid to act. just like an actor in a drama or movie. you must stop taking his show as serious journalism.

  10. In the interests of journalistic integrity *ahem*, shouldn’t Arnab da declare that his father is a member of AGP and his mama the former Assam state BJP president? The nation might just want to know this before he starts blaring his patriotic foghorn yet again.

    1. Hi dear, “not a supporter of Arnab” here. I believe that you shouldn’t question a person’s political affiliation by looking at what their parents’ political affiliations are. The same way as Umar Khalid is free of his father’s previous political affiliations.

  11. Arnab does not have Nuts to take on Ambani, Thackreys and Amit Shah. He is like those school bullies who pick up weak kids for a fights. There r numerous instances when Arnab failed to take on Mukesh (when Ambani son met with an accident and the entire case was covered up by Mumbai police) May be because his son studies in Ambani school. I urge all to switch off the TV at 9 pm to retain sanity

  12. I have no words to express how much I appreciate your timely outburst – a very compassionate & emotional one with a perfect analysis ! but I wonder if it is going to have the desired impact – in other words, whether Times Now will mercifully take note of it ? or for them only TRP & following his master’s voice matter !

  13. Its an unbelievably well argued and well written piece about something / someone who doesnt deserve so much attention. Particularly like the admission related to enjoying some of his rants (I too really liked the Baba Gurmeet Ram Raheem episode where he went on about how he deserves to be mocked) … But seriously now … dont think I would wish Arnab upon my worst enemies

  14. Arnab is doing his business. Let him do that. It’s up to you guys to watch it or not. Anyway, i liked the Aristotle’s distinction between ‘anger’ and ‘hate’, the one and only insightful paragraph in your piece…

    1. Strange logic. It is like saying “let the professional killer kill people” coz it is his business!!

      1. Dear Indian, wrong analogy indeed :). The best way to respond to Arnab Goswami is to switch to another channel when he is on air, or better still not to watch Times Now at all, and to stop googling him, stop watching youtube uploads of his “debates”. In due course of time, he will correct himself. Unfortunately, both his fans and detractors watch his shows and review his work on youtube – which unfortunately enhances his “popularity”. I doubt if he listens to reason or whether he will change because of corrective criticism. But, definitely, he’s not a “professional killer”.

  15. Bravo to whoever wrote this!!
    Excellent. Just plain brilliant!
    hadn’t seen this good writing or analysis in a really long time.
    The fact that it is about something that is of great national importance right now while also addressing this ‘Mania/virus that has grown inside our society’ that the author talks about makes reading it even more of an intellectual treat.

  16. Bravo to whoever wrote this!
    Excellent!! (even if it leaned a bit heavily on emotional rhetoric)
    Hadn’t read this good writing or analysis in a really long time.
    And the fact that it addresses an issue of great national importance while also bringing into notice ‘the mania/virus that grown in our society’ that the author talks about made it an intellectual treat to read.

  17. Brilliant Arati- I don’t know you but you did a great service by laying bare that that scoundrel. I share your concern about the threat he poses to the society. Ravi

  18. 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌well written & sized up , a brilliant analysis of a man who feeds his own dumb sized ego …..!! 👍 it’s a disgrace to social & political consciousness & a well deserved condemnation . Who th hell is Arnab , his words & mannerism does not inspire no matter wht th forum . Learn th art of effective communication Before being in a respectable position of facilitator or mediator …not a blood thirsty hound who without a hearing can have th audacity of nailing th judgement . Stop playing GOD …..just try being a little human . I also join in ur concern Aarti ..🙏

  19. We know how Arnab is for so long. So a TL;DR would have had been perfect.(Sorry if this is your content format I’m new here through an fb’s friend’s shared url direct.)

  20. Appreciate the effort and thought that has gone in to this sober thought. Surely, one need to grow up and be responsible in handling the medium through which one claim addressing to the Nation.

  21. What an accurately observed and insightfully analysed article. I never watch Newshour if I can help it. But the JNU issue, and my sense of outrage at the deliberate targetting of any voicing of dissent, dragged me into it. The other day i watched Arnab demolishing all freedom of speech of his panelists to prove that Kanhaiya Kumar was an anti-national through the airing of a dubious video, simply because his “hate” as you say, egged him on. Today, at Patiala Court, we saw how that “hate” which he spreads, and which now fogs up most news website messageboards and social media platforms, simply tramples down democracy when Arnab’s hate, which is verbal, gets translated into action. What is Vikramjit Chauhan if not a creation of the kind of jingoistic, intolerant, propaganda that Arnab, in his irresponsibility and disregard, constantly foments?
    Yet, I was wondering, even as I saw journalists from Times Now being mishandled by these Arnab incarnates/lawyers: what would Arnab do now? Who would he attack and who would he shield? My cynical guess came true when on today’s newshour, Arnab was back, turncoat and all, screaming to high heaven about the failure of the Delhi Police and the irresponsibility of the lawyers. Like Aarti, I enjoyed the noisy bashing up of the Delhi Police and the lawyers and the BJP, because in my fantasies I would also like to bash them up. Arnab gave voice and heft to my powerless fantasies.
    But what about you, Arnab? What about your Newshour that is erasing an entire tradition of debate so necessary to a democracy. What about your irresponsibilty to the democracy that we live in (If I have to choose between living in a nation and a democracy, I would choose the latter always). In your fantasy films, you are forever the hero, only the villain keeps changing.

  22. And I would like to congratulate the moderators of this site for ensuring the sanity of the comments section. It is becoming impossible to read through the venom spewing that passes as comments in most other websites.

  23. This article is very harmful. Arnab Goswami is not asshole because he has mental health issues. Arnab Goswami is an asshole because he is an entitled privileged prick. He gets money and fame by being that. He has a choice in the matter. He is choosing to be what he is.

    On the other hand, this article perpetuates so many harmful stereotypes about mental health. That they are dangerous to society. That they are hateful, angry creatures. That they are sadists! They do this because they can’t feel emotions!

    They have to put up with so much already. This article could have easily attacked Arnab without resorting to further marginalisation of people who are already extremely demonised in society. Armchair diagnosis only trivialises and stigmatises real people suffering from mental health issues.

    It essentially boils down to using mental health as a pejorative to attack someone the author doesn’t like, with imagined stereotypical descriptions to fit the subject.

    1. @anon warrior. Thank you for your comment. And I am sorry. It was not my intention to partake in the demonisation of those suffering from mental illnesses nor to stigmatize them further, or indeed at all. It was a rhetorical strategy by which I was thinking through what appears to me as a pathological relationship between Arnab’s media image and the consumers of this image. You are absolutely right, Arnab does have a choice in the way in which he constructs himself. And his choices are pathological. It was this that I was trying to get at by using the term ‘sickness’: not as a pejorative term but as a description of what it is that Arnab partakes of and fuels: a sickness rife now amongst us, in how we think of our relationship to the others with whom we share our world. Metaphors of illness are often deployed in thinking of emotional and affective states: so we use the term “bilious” or “dyspeptic” in literary writing. However given the general disregard and callous manner in which those suffering from illness of the mind are treated in our society, I accept I have may have made a bad choice of words. It was not ill-intentioned. Thank you for writing in.

      1. Ms.Aarti, may I suggest you put an edit into your original piece? It will add to the superb honesty in your voice, tone and content. I refuse to give the program the honorific of calling it a debate. It’s noise. And noise pollutes. And pollution needs to be cleaned up. One sure way, in this case, is to shut the program off. Better still turn off the channel and not watch any of their programs as a mark of protest. The tragedy is too many people are getting influenced by this one man’s volume. I cannot say view because, really, one cannot make out what he is saying. One just hears – noise!

      2. Aarti. Again from this old man. You are really magnanimous. To admit one’s mistakes even committed inadvertently and unintentionally is really great. I understand you are putting yourself at great risk.In spite of that I will urge you to continue the good work. With this one article you have done much more than what I did in my 70 years.All the best child.

    2. As a person who has some experience when it comes to bipolar disorder, I wish the author had used another way to get her point across but hey, it is always easy to use us as convenient rhetorical strategies, right? Is this what one would call a wrong for the sake of a larger right? So yes, this was not a well thought out piece at all, from that angle. So much for sensitivity and insight.

  24. You have articulated the thoughts and view points of several thousands among us, who shudder at the thought of watching news on prime time in these times. And Arnab is just a by product of one among several conglomerates engaged and vastly successful in manufacturing consent to suit the needs of those towering in the corridors of power at any given point. It has nothing to do with ideology or nationalism…. it’s purely economics.

  25. I am from kashmir I m inspired by the article of Ms Aarti. I wish her luck. moreover being a kashmiri I with my utmost conciousness say that Shaheed Afzal Guru was innocent He was fabricated in the parliament attack case and was made a scape goat to defend any big wigs who were involved in parliament attack. We Kashmiris need nothing from India except our birth right The right to self determination if india is so sure that kashmiris are in love with India and they casted 90% vote in election then why india is scared for plebiscite in kashmir if they got 90%votes in election then surely kashmir is going nowhere it will remain with India otherwise something is fishy with 90% vote casting. I one again with utmost respect and reverence thank Ms Aarti and pray for her happiness and good luck for her future endavors

    1. it is a shame that you want to choose your country based on your religion. I want to ask the the writers or commentators in this forum, why do (let us say some) Kashmiris want to leave India. Are they not making a mockery of secularism. So when the Muslims are in majority, they want their religion to be the only religion and whenever they are in minority they want secularism. Should we salute this hypocricy.
      And where they want to go – to join Pakistan of all the places and only because they are of same religion.
      I say that i want a self determination in my one acre plot and I want it to be a separate country, would the author and the commentators support it.

      1. Dear Atul, before we get emotional about the integrity of Kashmir with India, let’s be aware of some ground realities. If some Kashmiris now want to be separated from India, they have numerous reasons for it – religion may or may not be one of them, but oppression from armed forces is definitely one of them. Is it politically feasible for Kashmir to be a separate nation? It’s a complex question. But, let’s not assume that Kashmiris should automatically accept the Indian identity without questioning it, because they have been treated differently for the last 69 years.

    2. what do you mean by freedom from India? is this the opinion of people of Jammu and Ladakh region too? have you ever asked for their opinion? I am 100% sure that they would love to be called Indian.

  26. never understood why people even go for his debate. which is anything but debate. Anand patwardhan put it right. let Arnab stop barking I will go.

  27. Thank you for a thoughtful piece, Aarti. While watching the news, we try our best to keep off Times Now, because the daily screaming and hectoring becomes so painful and degrading – for the panelists, the ones they choose to lampoon, and for the audience itself, because as you said, it appeals to the basest part of our nature – the kind that wants to see others hounded and hurt. So it was that I did not see the episode where he tore into the young man from JNU, but someone put it up online, and I was truly horrified. Is this the way we treat our own young people? Why, why would we want to drive our young people to either despair, cynicism, terrorism or suicide?
    But I do believe most of us can rise above this – but we need to be more vocal – and so thank you, again,

  28. Arnabh Goswamy is a facist lunatic. Need to curtail his rudeness and one sided fasist views debate after dedates.

  29. You are dead wrong Aarti. It’s not hate or patriotism that drives Mr. Goswami, but a simple matter of greed, for money, for TRP ratings, for egoistic purposes. I hope one day I get to debate him.

  30. THANKYOU for writing this, Aarti. I don’t know you and am not familiar with any of your other work, but a very well written and prescient piece of writing.
    I have been thinking these same thoughts, albeit haphazardly. Thank you for laying it out better than most of us could hope to do.
    I hope our irony obsessed generation is successful in making this go viral instead of the next cat video or bucket challenge or some shit like that. cause it’s important as fuck. The time to treat this man as mere entertainment has ended, imho.

  31. Amazing stuff….maybe someone needs to tell them to focus on few basic topics like elementary eductaion, primary healthcare, environmental pollution and destructions etc for a few months to enable real contribution to the nation…making people fight against each other and arousing and inflaming passions will only lead to all round destruction..

  32. Thank You Aarti in voicing our thoughts in very articulate manner.
    I simply request Arnab; can he in his sound mind watch himself in some of the programmes he screamed and slammed. In case he is doing this with ulterior motives, I believe he is part of an intolerant dispensation. In case he sees himself and stills hold on to his way of conducting himself, I better advise that he is given a break for healing.

  33. Dear Aarti,

    While I share your views on Arnab Goswami, I am deeply upset that you have pegged it as an issue of mental health in your title. Arnab Goswami gives me a headache every time I watch him, but this does not mean you further the cause of socially disabling people who are mentally ill by using an impairment to explain Arnab’s antics. Please bear in mind that the language we use in such situations can be offensive and unnecessary. Besides, if Arnab Goswami suffers from issues of mental illness, using that against him is just plain wrong and not very different from how he bullies people. I think we should alert ourselves to this and watch the ways in which we peg mental illness to issues. I don’t care about Arnab Goswami here, but I think pegging the antics he uses to mental illness furthers disablement of those who actually have a disability. This is because of language plays a major role in the social disablement of people with mental illness. Please be mindful of the fact that you are writing this on a public platform that has a large audience and the repercussions are severe.

  34. The sickest thing of all is that Arnab Goswami is not fuelled by nationalism, or patriotism or rage or hate. He is fuelled purely by fierce love – for himself and for TRPs. And in the end, this drives one mad in that it cancels out everything good and decent on the world, including care and concern. So Sad to is right. He is deranged, which means it others will have to get him help since he (or the Jains) will never do it himself.

  35. So, as i reached down here to write my comment I saw that it would be “Moderated”. This is an admirable step to stop the hatred and blasphemy(if i may say so, not literally) of all sorts.Now, drawing an analogy from here; would like to make this point- ‘ Had the comments of the “young” minds been moderated , had Arnab’s volume been moderated,had the media which is “fabricating consents” been moderated..we would have seen a better day. Now who will moderate it? Is it the government? or the judiciary ? or the individuals themselves need to moderate ? I can say that my freedom of speech gets violated if this comment does not get published..so can many others whose comments didn’t get published.There has to be a moderation somewhere to bring things under control.

  36. Thank you Aarti, your direct criticism of the ultra-nationalistic position taken by Arnab. But in my view your diagnosis is wrong. Arnab is neither a lunatic nor a demagogue… he is a businessman selling packaged news. In todays world people have little time for nuanced news. We want everything in the one or zero mode. Arnab is smart to identify that in every news if he identifies a hero and a villian people will take it with relish. In case of corruption cases like the 2G CWG Coal scam, there is no denying that it was Arnab who led from the front. It was possible because scam in India or anywhere is perfectly a one or zero game . Also issues like Women safety, Womens entry into temples are issues where it is easy to have a villian..obviously Arnab is the hero. However where Arnab falters is where things are nuanced say issues like Kashmir or Dantewada or JNU ..one size does not fit all .. he tries to do it but becomes an utter nonsense..
    In my view it has nothing to do with Arnab as a person… all business have a business model , Arnabs business model is to present news in black and white with zero shades .. it has nothing to do with truth. it sells .. there are other business model where all news is tilted to a particular colour .. and there are many examples of them..

    1. I would agree with you if he actually presented something! Besides “the nation wants to know” how much information can you actually garner from his program? The populace he is managing to influence, I truly believe, he is influencing with his tone and volume, not his content. That’s is what is so dangerous. He is playing to the mob mentality with no real respect for anybody’s views or beliefs … Never mind patriotism!

  37. Loved all the fancy words. Good stuff. Got to say this for the whole issue, if not for this i would have never known about Kafila and its not half bad. Maybe you guys will look back on this as no publicity is bad publicity. Cheers and keep writing (Specially Psych articles as it is my optional for UPSC). :)

  38. Very well written, Aarti. What Arnab actually needs is for one of his panelists to throw a 12 size leather shoe at him , live on air.

  39. Kamjore par jhapte gurraye,jabra ke age poonch hilaye.
    Ka sakhi tomi,Nahin sakhi arnab goswami

  40. Why are you isolating Arnab, it is the same case with all the English channels in India – be it NDTV, INDIA NEWS, CNBC . The news hour is nothing but an uncivilized way of discussing things. Most of the anchors want the participants to toe their line of thinking. In fact I have stopped watching all these news channels and it is not just my view and many of the people I interact have the same view. And what I have increasingly observed is that there is too much of importance given to what happens in Delhi and what Kejriwal and his team does. There are 29 states in India and there are things happening in other states as well, but we don’t get to hear any of them. Are these news local to only Delhi and if yes they should not call themselves as national channels. In fact the local news channels like Telugu. Tamil and Kannada channels in South give a much more news coverage of what is happening around the country and the globe instead of being Delhi centric. And again it is the crowd mentality with the English news channels. You turn on the news at any time, all of them will be talking about the same thing whether it is a major or a minor issue. One of the recent incidents of Chennai floods is a case in point. When the whole city was submerged under water, none of the English news channels were even bothered to cover and they did only after people started highlighting this. The English news channels in India are yet to become mature and they do not stand anyway close to BBC or other reputed channels in terms of their independence and giving the news as it is without adding their own masala. I hope the English news channels take note of this.

    1. Its true. I have stopped watching English News channels as they are more like local cable channels highlighting only that is happening in and around Delhi. even if one person gets killed it becomes a national news. sometime back more than 60 people were killed in a building collapse in Chennai. Actually more than 200 people got killed but the govt. covered up the issue as it involved some politicos and bureaucrats. but none of the english channels covered the news. and then Chennai Floods..when BBC and CNN highlighted the news not a single National english news channels even bothered to show it.these days I watch Tamil News Channels which are more matured and neutral to airing the news.

  41. Real effort.Aarti. Cogent analysis
    .Congratulation.From the heart, from an old man.But why you did not say some thing about his employers also.Ultimately it is they who are responsible for the venum called Arnab Goswamy

  42. Well worded but at times suffers from the same disease it sets to cure. Why use phrase like RSS thugs? RSS is a part of our Diversity and Intolerance towards Intolerance is no solution

  43. 1. Very well written Aarti.
    2. Arnab is setting a considerable part of the evening news agenda – this is a fact. He and TOI group should be combated actively and should not be allowed to run away with destroying civility and decency. It is a responsibility on all of us to combat this misuse of media power access.
    3. It constantly amazes me that ’eminent” people agree to appear on these shows and subject themselves to this indignity day after day. What motivates them?
    4. The term “News Channels” is the biggest hoax perpetrated on all of us. These channels are nothing but “My way or the highway” “Views” channels . I long for a 15 minute “news capsule” … DD anyone?

  44. It is all about self obsession. And, Aarti, I am sorry to say, you are a mirror image of Arnab! And, no I am not an Arnab fan, and have stayed away from his show because it is not News — it is agenda-driven, the way he conducts it is deplorable, it is prejudiced and thrives on creating an atmosphere of hatred for one or the other. He believes in name-calling, pins down anyone who does not agree with him and, right, he is a bully. But then, he will also shout from the rooftop saying he has the liberty to conduct his show the way he wants to and, as long as his employers back him up. That said, in these days and times “Freedom of Speech” is the most misused word in the world of self-obsessed individuals who have found a voice, courtesy the social media. Everyone is an expert and loves to criticise others, again, with the sole objective of grabbing eyeballs. If you were a bit more civilised in your approach, I would have been on the same page. But I witness the same tone and tenure in your voice (the direct attack calling Arnab names, and trying ti prove that you are a superior human being) that we have come to hate Arnab Goswami for. A civil approach to criticism is desired and I sincerely hope you don’t turn out to be another Arnab in trying to push your agenda and get a pat on the back.

  45. actually, you should see how he treats his subordinates and colleagues… then his nightly antics wouldn’t surprise and shock you so

  46. Kudos to your effort. But I don’t think that his appetite for hatred will ever be sated. I wrote a poem back in my college days which I would like to quote,”

    You carry the notion of brotherhood
    Then why all I see is propagandas
    Is it I being the manipulator
    Or humanity has lost its standard.

    This world is dying a pale death
    Or am I being too critical
    Is it the negativity around me
    Or the fabric has become whimsical

    It is good till no one gets hurt
    Good-evil, differences have disappeared
    Why talk about self righteousness
    When there is no smudge to be cleared.

    May our good instinct guide us towards a better future.

  47. he is a very bad moderator of discussions.he is not able to take a neutral view during discussions and let the panellists debate . he is unable to accept the point that let us agree to disagree. merely because some one holds a different view , however idiotic it may seem to others, one should not become intolerant to that view and most importantly to the person expressing that view. that is the freedom of democracy. that is what our forefathers have earned for us through their struggle. no doubt unity and integrity of the nation is important and it cannot be compromised. no doubt every indian should be patriotic. but arnab is not the constitutional authority to measure others patriotism. he is not the one to decide who should live here and who should leave from here. very poor show as a journalist. he comes with an agenda every night, permits only those who concur with it to speak and yells at others who disagree. this is not the role to be performed by him in news discussion. he he want to debate and impose his views let him be a panellist and not the moderator. even then he has to follow some courtesy to others and respect their views.

  48. Slayed it Aarti. Finally people are waking up to this disgusting excuse for a journalist. If he thinks his psychotic pseudo nationalism and jingoistic buffoonery is rousing patriotism in anyone think again Mr Annoying Grody anchor. Your despicable and abhorrent insane behaviour is so repulsive that even genuine patriots are unable to tolerate your crass and sickening display of horrendous aggression and abusive intolerance. Even if it’s a case of perennial verbal diarrhea or a neurotic disorder, spare us the horror and please get help! For God’s sake and for the ‘NATION’.

  49. This is absolutely brilliant. You are spot in with the obesrvations Aarti. The guy is a pseudo nationalist and sowing the seeds of haterd and misplaced patriotism into the hearts of the idiots who follow his show. Instead of being a moderator for the debate, he often takes sides and shoves his point of view down the throat of the viewers . no self respecting person should go on his show and if you do, do not expect that you ll get a chance to make your point !!!
    Kudos to the author !!

  50. More rants and raves about Arnab Goswami. Remember, he does allow for contrarian or opposing views, unlike Kafila. So who is a disgusting excuse for what?

  51. My reply to your article on Arnab:

    A single lie

    A single lie
    The answer to a lie can’t be a lie
    Because the lie mutates into a bigger lie
    The answer to a lie can’t be a truth
    Because the truth gets tainted and becomes untruth
    The answer to a lie can’t be silence
    Because silence withers into acceptance
    The answer to a lie cannot be a shout
    Because the lie explodes into a longer life

    The answer to a lie cannot be to philosophize
    Because the lie becomes o so important
    The answer to a lie cannot be a moral outcry
    Because the lie finds a holy home in pious discourse
    The answer to a lie cannot be in the lines of a story
    Because then the lie can twist into an excuse
    The answer to a lie cannot be poetry
    Because the lie turns into a changeling of pathos
    A single lie

    A single lie
    A single lie outlives the liar and the listener
    A lifetime of irresponsible words can stretch out through the history of mankind
    And touch and sear the present day and the future to come
    A single lie can outlive the anguish that it causes
    And the erosion of faith that it brings
    And the track of devastation simply carries on
    A single lie sometimes seems to outlive the truth
    Turning the truth to a silent scream
    And the lie to a triumphant smile

    A single lie can cut so deep and can bring tears long after it was uttered
    A single lie can boil into an acid that can burn a generation of unquestioning believers
    A single lie can cut through families and burn a home city country
    A single lie can crucify the hero and catapult a liar to the throne

    A single lie
    A single lie
    A single lie can become the story of a life
    That concluded on chapter one
    A single lie
    Can outlive the truth
    Turning the truth to a silent scream
    And the lie to a triumphant smile

  52. The communist in India did not condemn the Chinese attack on India. In fact they said Chinese had taught Nehru a lesson. This is internationalism.

  53. You nailed it. Decibels make for news on Times Now. One hears only the self-righteous views of the anchor. Atithi Devo Bhava. Heard of it, Arnab? Asking as you call out your patriotism for any issue. Respect people you call to your studio. Agree to disagree without screaming and out shouting others. Treating college students like you did with the JNU student was pathetic. That was so unbecoming of a host who invites guests to his programme. You remind me of the nursery rhyme: Come into my parlour said the spider to the fly.

  54. Absolutely a great piece of writing by Aarti. Even the most rabid of Fox News anchors here in the USA don’t hold a candle to the way Arnab comes unhinged night after night. You watch eventually he will implode one day

  55. I think JNU issue is a state-managed show to divert Rohith Vemula issue.Every incident that happens in the world or atleast in our country is interlinked or a chain reaction (Chaos theory??) . Rohith vemula case>>JNU case>>Lawyers agitation>>JAT agitation>>???
    every time a new issue arises when the old issue goes out of control. probably this is one of the strategies of those in power and people like Arnab are just a tool to implement them.one way to punish such guys is to ignore them. they will die of isolation.

  56. Well said Aarti, perhaps this must go down as a wake-up call to those who use media for sheer commercial & vested interest, it’s time the corrupt & paid media starts behaving & avoid the tag of NEWS FIXERS just like cricketers who are known as match fixers.

  57. Arti, you write brilliantly. You have encapsulated everything I wanted to say but didn’t. But perhaps you should’ve added one more point – Arnab – whose voice is he? There was a time he levelled his poisonous arrows at the BJP and some of us actually thought that he was like a one-man army against the might of this party. But do we not see a volte face now? Whose employ is he in? What secrets may he be hiding that may come out if he doesn’t sell out? He has SOLD OUT….that’s one thing that’s clear. For all the rest, Arti, you couldn’t have put it out better.

  58. Why is it so difficult to comprehend that like many other institutions, Media has been bought by Money and lure for power and influence. Arnab is not a Hateful bigot. He does it to remain relevant in his own twisted psudo world. Sold his soul to the Devil.

  59. there was this debate on times now over the central government directive to hoist the national flag over all central universities. At 24:33 Mr Patra shows Prof. Lahiri a picture on his tab which he proclaims to be indian jawans dying but keeping the national flag lying high and hence attempting to prove that prof Lahiri is wrong in opposing the directive.

    I’m almost sure mr Patra was well aware that the photograph he showed was the raising of the US flag on Mt Suribachi affter the capture of iwo Jima by allied forces. But he maybe this one served his purpose better

  60. Speaking of bad references Sambit Patra had unleashed his weapon, his tab, on another occasion, on another of goswami’s debates where he showed a video which purported to show Kanhaiya shouting for azadi.


    Also on almost all his debates the “nationalist” side is represented mostly by BJP party officials like Sambit Patra, Nupur Sharma and GD Bakshi.

  61. I wish you waited a day more before writng this article, where Arnab ripped Vijay Mallya in the way he siphoned 7000 crores and where thousands of farmers commit suicide for petty amounts, while Mallya the scoundrel runs around free as if nothing happened. I think we all have a piece of AG in us, but only very few people like AG can stand up night after night to speak on behalf of us. I am fine if you have to call it hate .. Go AG !!

    1. Hi Surya, please compare Arnab against people like Karan Thapar or Prannoy Roy. Arnab may have a point, but the points are lost in his loud voice and attitude. Unfortunately, he’s seen as a pioneer in this kind of journalism and the disease is spreading to even regional news channels. Most Malayalam channels now have suit-tie-clad know-it-all news anchors who are moulding themselves in his cast.

  62. I sincerely hope not just Arnab but all his ilk who practice hysterical journalism read this piece. You know what else has always disgusted me? Ever watched an Arnab or Barkha Dutt with the white skins? It is obvious when you do that they haven’t lost their colonial hang-up and they kowtow to their audience. It appears then that Arnab and his brethren have no pride in their nation.

  63. Very nicely written article. It set me wondering whether every one of us have shades of Arnab Goswami (AG) in us – the urgent need to find fault with everybody and everything around us instead of looking deep within for the causes and solutions of our own problems. Every prominent anchor on every English news channel is as biased or prejudiced as AG – I would be interested to hear from Aarthi Sethi about who is the anchor of her choice.

    Her description of a hate-filled AG is so appropriate – the only question being is it only AG or is most of contemporary society also hate-filled? Is not the core of the JNU issue hate? Why would a pro-Afzal program even be organised by anybody who is not filled with hate? That chapter is over – wouldnt the students have been better advised to move on instead of their “hate” continuing to be fuelled?

    What are the teachers, professors and other academicians doing? Are they not fuelling the “hate fire” and creating further problems instead of looking for solutions? Why are they encouraging politics on a teaching campus? Why is negativity and anti-establishment more fashionable?

    What are the police and the politicians doing? Why are they prolonging this issue? It was very easy for all involved to have come together and made a firm and clear commitment that anything pro-Afzal would not be entertained. And then advised the students, created awareness in them about why they should not be pro-Afzal and moved on instead of making this a political issue…a national issue….an international issue. Why did the political and police establishment choose to hurt the students instead?

    Yes, yes, this is a hate-filled society, not just in India, but in the world at large. Hate is the dominant emotion. We dont need to look to Aristotle for quotes; our own Bhagavad Gita says “adveSTA sarvabhUtAnAm” or “lack of hatred for all beings” as a primary requisite for bhakti or universal unconditional love; and only if we are filled with this bhakti, will we look to solutions instead of staying focussed on problems; will we remain in the present instead of being rooted in the past! If we go to the Ayurveda texts, dveSa or hatred is given as one of three root causes (the other two being attachment and ignorance of the self) of much of disease – whether physical or emotional or social. Hatred has filled society today – and hence the earlier we remove hatred, the better all of us are.

    Aarthi Sethi, your article is certainly thought-provoking. It would be great if you extend this article to include every one of us who have “hate” as a foundation for all the wrong that we do to the world at large. And let every one of us start working to imbibe bhakti which includes compassion, lack of egoism and most importantly forgiveness.

    Let us move from being a hate-filled society to a forgiveness filled society; let us move from being an egoistic society to a consciousness centred society where there is no division based on caste, gender, religion, beliefs etc.; let us move from being a conflict-ridden society to a peace-loving society.

    Let us not ask the question – who will take the first step to love, compassion and forgiveness. Let us take the first step. It takes two hands to clap; let me be the first hand to withdraw from hatred and move into a state of love and non-egoism.

    Thank you Aarthiji for your beautiful article.

  64. The shows are much more dangerous to our country than any armed action by the anti India forces. This show is slow poisoning the young but ignorant India,taking away the peace of India.
    Moreover the most disregard to our nation by potraying the false image of our population around the nation.

  65. Really well written piece Aarti. Articulated, relevant & to the point. I loved how you curtailed your anger, but also let yourself go, ever so subtly. Zee news isn’t that far behind BTW.

    I heard it from a friend of mine who used to work with him. As per my friend, he’s a soft spoken sensible guy otherwise, but chooses this (horrible) on screen persona, for the sake of TRPs. Little does he realize that media is a powerful tool, which when used properly, can empower people. Instigating them through (the so called) debates like these, will only make them assault others, verbally and physically.

  66. I don’t know wats wrong with him. I was a daily viewer of his show when he turned all bjp during the Delhi elections. He fulled it further during the assembly election. Way away from politics, u can’t even now see him giving 10 seconds of open mic to anyone he marked, even before d debate

  67. Well written Arti ! He(Arnab) is ’empty’ inside hence the ‘fuss’ outside. All those who hang on to ‘symbols’ (like holding national flag to display patriotism, nationalism etc) and rituals (who shout slogans like ‘Vande Mataram’ & Bharath Mata ki Jai”) are largely empty inside. The real patriots are those who help the fellow Indians in distress. The soldier who is guarding the nation on borders and the persons who actively participate in rescue operations of natural calamities like tsunami, earthquake are the REAL NATIONALISTS and PATRIOTS, and not those who shout ’empty’ slogans. It is only DISPLAY. Similarly it is to religion. The truly religious person meditates or performs his rituals in the confines of his home. Putting a ‘Tilak’ on forehead and holding a ‘Trishul’ in hands doesn’t make one more religious. Exhibition (display) comes in to picture only when you feel empty inside. Once again thanks for the brilliant piece. Today after reading your article and the feedback you received from various readers, I am reassured that there is no dearth of right thinking people in India, despite so much of polarisation along caste and communal lines. Thanks to all the participants as well.

  68. what about nidhi razdan who does not let BJP guys speak? fringe has become mainstream and mainstream has become fringe for leftists.

  69. Arnab, always makes us turn our head , but towards some othershows. We hate to see some great indians losing their comments and even turned OFF their Mic.Phone. I always wonder why some of very important People shows up in HIS show. We know where he will drive, argue, disregard, turn off mic, Making noise when others trying to express their views by NO NO,
    I hate him, because we all indians are normally cool (not only Great Sachin and MSD) and we lose our control very rarely. We approach others with respect disregarding their religion, language, politics… We need to remain like that

  70. @ Shankar <<> do you or any one else think they are doing charity? They are handsomely compensated by the News Channels. Otherwise Sanjay Jha and the “eminent” Pakistani Panelists would have never participated Arnab’s Newshour (or is it Noisehour?). Some time back I had heard Santhosh Pandit a maverik Malayalam film actor and director saying he is paid around Rs.50-60,000 per appearance. Now you can imagine how much the popular English/Hindi channels pay their panelists!

  71. Hello there, I just signed the petition “United Nations: Modi’s BJP Era Hulk on Democratic Students in Delhi, India. Rescue Democracy Now or Never-” and wanted to see if you could help by adding your name. Our goal is to reach 100 signatures and we need more support. You can read more and sign the petition here: https://www.change.org/p/united-nations-modi-s-bjp-era-hulk-on-democratic-students-in-delhi-india-rescue-democracy-now-or-never?recruiter=350120796&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=share_email_responsive Thanks! Masood

  72. Its useless to blame Arnab as he needs counselling. Whats happening in TOI is a matter of concern.

  73. Aarti,

    Very true writing and we are very much proud of you. Nobody have the right to make the shouting or imposing himself on others. We should listen carefully the view point of others and must avoid the prejudice. We are proud of our democracy. We have certainly great respect and love and our tributeto Mr. Hanumanthappa as our great Indian. But it is very unfortunate to illustrate the innocent students as Mavoist and terrorist. We are making and dividing our very gentle human beings as Hindus, Muslims, Christian, terrorist, Mavoist. We are Indians are driving engine of the world today. We have great personalities as world leaders.India can lead the world tomorrow and India is the only spark to save the depression of the world. Let us join together to protect the great democracy of India.

  74. Aarti,

    Very true writing and we are very much proud of you. Nobody have the right to make the shouting or imposing himself on others. We should listen carefully the view point of others and must avoid the prejudice. We are proud of our democracy. We have certainly great respect and love and our tributeto Mr. Hanumanthappa as our great Indian. But it is very unfortunate to illustrate the innocent students as Mavoist Andy to terrorist. We are making and dividing our very gentle human beings as Hindus, Muslims, Christian, terrorist, Mavoist. We are Indians are driving engine of the world today. We have great personalities as world leaders.India can lead the world tomorrow and India is the only spark to save the depression of the world. Let us join together to protect the great democracy of India.

  75. Reblogged this on MISTY WATERS and commented:
    Well articulated, how I wish this could reach Arnab!
    I had always admired the man for his stance and praised his courage, but recent times have got me thinking otherwise. How does one expect to relate or appreciate someone who has fought and believes in freedom of speech but never allows a contrary point of view on his show, deeming those with an ideology different from his as incorrect and deserving of his vile rant!

    It’s saddening to see the country being fed this sort of journalism every night at prime time and the we ask, why are we so intolerant? Exposure to someone that people idealise, bawling out at everyone with contrary opinions and making that seem right is what influences minds of the people!
    We need to become aware of what the media feeds our minds with. An active filter is highly essential to stay sane.

  76. Madam Aarti, u are brave. Hats off to you. Excellent article. You expressed your views clearly. What some of our countries media did to that young boy is condemndable. It is totally against the ethics of journalism. Allowing media to propagate hate speech will be a threat and danger to our nation. Curtailing any ones thinking also dangerous to mankind. These open letters will make that arrogant, stupidity nature journalist people realise what nation thinks about them. Umar” FB posts shows his thought as to our society. Allowing him not to talk, stamping him as anti national and spoiling his life is the job easily done by Mr. Arnab. Proving one guilty will not be done hastily even by the courts. They will take time to prove the guilty as it requires time. But Mr.genius Arnab did this job within a short span of time. Funny genius.

  77. Well said Aarti!!!This is exactly what I had to tell after that so called “debate/argument”…..Time to stop Mr Arnab Goswami

  78. Aha. Seems many places in the world are struggling with this type of sociopathology. We here in the US have a flaming Trump doing this job – feeding the frenzy of hate. When I watch Trump, I feel I can see a trickster demon in him, enjoying saying utter nonsense and seeing it ignite hate and ignorance in his multitude of scared, poor, frustrated followers. If we ‘trust’ the universe, perhaps this is the spiritual world bringing on a crescendo to catalyze a deep transformation. Or perhaps this is Star Wars – the battle between Good & Evil. It is clear that Money is heroine that, like heroine, drives the uber-elite to plunder the world at the expense of their own joy and humanity. But, it’s easy for the Warriors of Light to complain and whine and grieve and stumble with the sheer enormity of it all. Much harder for us to seriously gather our hearts and intelligence and decide that in the ‘battle between Good & Evil’, Good will win. That’s something we can do. Because truthfully, there are far more humans who desire and strive for good. We are just still bumbling around in the dark, needing to find each other across the globe, needing to focus our power together to produce miracles…..

  79. Is there in chance to sue him for the way he treated Umar and Lenin on his show? I am deeply hurt. Can i complain at IBFindia BCCCi? That man is dangerous.

  80. If words like yours fail to move the collective, we have to admit that we live in a failed state.

    As an aside, even if someone disagrees with your sentiment, I hope they read this, for this is a lesson in writing that is rare, and magnificent.

  81. I just have a better option, switched off tv at 9pm; instead of watching times now, hv a nice dinner with your family, and save your house and sorrounding from creating noise pollution. Say no to noise pollution, Stop noise pollution, save ur family, save earth….

  82. aarti I have never any article of such deep emotions and concerns my felt the heat of your thoughts and I would also ask the same question Arnab are you alright pls go and get some psychological help and let India live in peace and harmony with democracy and freedom.

  83. Dear Aarti, Thank you very much for the article. But I feel it will not have any desired impact on blinded people like Arnab and his companions. They purposely spread all lies as an Agenda. Counter to this we have to take up other media to spread the truth. Much Appreciated.

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