Statement on behalf of the students, alumni and faculty of law schools against clamping down of university spaces

This is a statement signed by over 450 lawyers, law teachers and law students expressing their solidarity with JNU and Kanhaiya Kumar


We, the undersigned, as current students, alumni and professors of law universities, stand in strong opposition to the recent events which have unfolded at JNU, especially those involving the arrest of the JNUSU President, among other disproportionate measures. We strongly disapprove of the free reign given to the police to question, detain and arrest any student or faculty member for voicing their opinions.

We believe that university spaces are forums to discuss, question and debate fundamental political issues from different perspectives. University campuses are, and should be, spaces where people can peacefully voice their opinions, raise questions and disagree with each other on issues which concern us all as a part of the polity. The only way to uphold the ethics and values of safe spaces on university campuses, is to counter through dialogue and debate, not state backed violence. What a university campus cannot be is a site for stifling dissent and opinions with the threat of violence and a state backed misuse of the Indian Penal Code especially that of provisions such as sedition which were earlier used against many of our freedom fighters, those we eulogize as defenders of our “national” identity.

We are concerned about the recent spate of incidents (including those that led to Rohith Vemula’s death at the University of Hyderabad) wherein students affiliated to certain political organisations, have repeatedly violated the safe spaces of universities, targeting those who voice opinions and stake claims that do not find favour with the ruling dispensation. We strongly urge that such actions be denounced and we are once again allowed to reclaim university spaces where counter-narratives that challenge the mainstream are respected, dialogue is nurtured and future leaders are born.

As law people, we also strongly condemn the action of certain lawyers who manhandled the students and faculty members of JNU present at the Patiala Court House premises on 15th February, 2016. We regret to see that the very courts of justice, to whom people look up to for upholding the rights of the ordinary citizen and acting as a fair arbitrator, have become battlegrounds for participants of the legal system to violently express their bias and prejudices.

We demand that the JNU campus be restored to normalcy and the police be withdrawn from all parts of the campus. We demand that the JNUSU President, Kanhaiya Kumar be released immediately and all charges be dropped against him.

1. Shailesh Kumar Baranwal Student (JNU); Alumni (NALSAR & CNLU)
2. Kshitij Aditya Sharma Student (NALSAR)
3. Abid Yousuf Bhat Student (NALSAR)
4. Ayyam perumal Karthik M Lawyer
5. Akhil Kang Lawyer, Alumni (NALSAR)
6. Rupali Samuel Lawyer, Alumni (Nalsar)
7. Anurag Gupta Student (NALSAR)
8. Mihira Sood Alumni (NALSAR)
9. Zainab Khan Student (NALSAR)
10. Ritwika Sharma Lawyer, Alumna (NALSAR & Amity Law School, Delhi)
11. Shantanu Dey Student (NALSAR)
12. Manasi Gandhi Lawyer, Alumni (Nalsar)
13. Farhana Lateef TISS Alumni
14. Elizabeth S Thomas Student (NALSAR)
15. Manasa M Dhar Lawyer, Alumnus (Nalsar)
16. Disha Atri Faculty, MNLU Mumbai
17. Gazzal Bishnoi Lawyer, University Law College (Bangalore)
18. Surabhi Dhar Lawyer, Alumnus (NUJS)
19. Shreshtha Das Alumnus (NALSAR)
20. Zeba Sikora Lawyer, Alumnus (NUJS)
21. Prachi Arya Alumni (NALSAR)
22. Gowthaman Ranganathan
23. Radhika Chitkara Lawyer, Alumnus (NLSIU)
24. Puja Lawyer, Alumnus (CNLU)
25. Abhishek Jha Student (NALSAR)
26. Maneka Khanna Alumnus (NUJS)
27. Abhijeet Singh Rawaley Student (NALSAR)
28. Saptarshi Mandal Lawyer (Alumnus, NUJS)
29. Anjaneya Das Lawyer, Alumnus (NALSAR)
30. Shuchita Thapar Lawyer, Alumnus (NALSAR)
31. Vipul Nanda Alumnus (NLSIU)
32. Aruj Garg Alumni (NLSIU)
33. Aditya Mukerjee Student (NLSIU)
34. Nivedita Mukhija Student (NLSIU)
35. Aditya Kumar Alumni (NLSIU)
36. Harshavardhan Goel Student (NLS)
37. Ameya Bokil Alumni (NLSIU)
38. Gaganjyot Singh Student (NLSIU)
39. Tanvi Tuhina Student (NALSAR)
40. Badrinarayanan Seetharaman Alumnus (NLSIU)
41. Sujata Patel Alumunus
42. Vedant Dikshit Student (NALSAR)
43. Vatsala Sahay Alumnus (NLSIU)
44. Rajini Murugeshan Alumnus (NLSIU)
45. Theja saai Student (NALSAR)
46. Swapna Sarit Student (NLSIU)
47. Nakul Nayak Alumnus (NLU Jodhpur)
48. Akhila Lawyer, University Law College (Bangalore)
49. Dhruv Jadhav Student (NLSIU)
50. Shreya Bose Lawyer, Alumnus (NALSAR)
51. Mustafa Rasheed Student (NUJS)
52. Aarthi Pai Lawyer, Alumni, (Faculty of Law, Delhi Univ)
53. Raveena Naz
54. Sayan Bhattacharya Independent Writer and Researcher, Alumni (JU)
55. Vineet Bhala Alumnus (NUJS)
56. Gagana N.V. Alumnus (NUJS)
57. Sathya Sundar
58. Devaang Agarwalla Student (NUJS)
59. Niharika Swaroop Lawyer, Alumnus (IIT Kharagpur)
60. Arjun Sheoran Advocate , Alumni (NLSIU, Bangalore)
61. Pranaav Gupta Student (NUJS)
62. NS Tanvi Lawyer, Alumnus ( NLU Jodhpur)
63. Megha Bahl Lawyer, Alumnus (Faculty of Law, Delhi University)
64. Apurba Kundu Lawyer,Alumnus (IIT Kharagpur)
65. Harshad Pathak Alumnus (NLU, Delhi)
66. Shreya Munoth Alumnus, NLU Jodhpur
67. Debasmita Bhakta Alumna, NUJS
68. Nipasha Mahanta Student (NUJS)
69. Anindita Mukherjee Independent Researcher, Alumnus (NALSAR)
70. Vasundhara Bhatia Alumnus, NLU Jodhpur
71. Preeti Pratishruti Dash Lawyer, Alumnus (NLUO)
72. Anish Singhvi Alumnus, NUJS
73. Aditya Singh Chawla Student (NLSIU)
74. Nivedita Saksena Advocate, Alumna (NUJS)
75. Aishwarya Ayushmaan Alumnus (NUJS)
76. Adithya Banavar Alumnus (NLSIU)
77. Chitralekha Das Advocate, (alumna, NLS, Bangalore)
78. Krupa Brahmbhatt Lawyer, Alumni (GLC, Mumbai)
79. Gargi Mishra Advocate, Alumnus NLU Jodhpur
80. Srujana Bej Student (NALSAR)
81. Anita Srinivasan Lawyer (Alumna, NLSIU)
82. Ishani Cordeiro Lawyer (Alumi Faculty of Law, University of Delhi)
83. Akhileshwari Reddy NUJS, Student
84. Sarvjeet Singh Alumnus (NLU, Delhi)
85. Ayushi Singhal Student, NUJS
86. Ravi Kumar Lawyer (Alumi Faculty of Law, University of Delhi)
87. Sohini Chatterjee Student (WBNUJS)
88. Debomita Sadhu Student (WBNUJS)
89. Tanay Gandhi Student NUJS
90. Pritish Mukherjee
91. Mishail Khan Student NUJS
92. Pankaj Nanda
93. Dimple Mander Alumunus, Pune University
94. Farhan Shehab Umar Student (WBNUJS)
95. Suroor Advocate, (Alumunus Delhi University)
96. Karthika Annamalai Student (WBNUJS)
97. Namrata Ramachandran Alumnus (NLSIU)
98. Dharmita Prasad Lawyer, Alumnus NLU Jodhpur
99. Ankita Gulati Lawyer, Alumnus NUJS
100. Shivangi Tyagi Alumnus (NLU Jodhpur)
101. Akshit Goyal Student (NUJS)
102. Tanuj Kalia Alumnus (NUJS, Kolkata)
103. Ayan Sinha Student (NLU Jodhpur)
104. akshay khanna Alumnus (NLSIU, Bangalore)
105. Shraddha Chigateri Researcher, Alumnus (NLSIU, Bangalore)
106. Jhuma Sen Law Teacher, Alumni (Symbiosis, Pune)
107. Satchit Bhogle Student (NUJS)
108. Kumaresh Singh Lawyer, Alumnus, CNLU, Patna
109. Rachel Chenchiah Alumna (NLSIU)
110. Shivangi Tewari Alumni (NLU, Delhi)
111. Mahesh Menon Asst. Prof., NUJS, Alumnus (NLSIU, NUALS)
112. Deepthi Bavirisetty Student (NUJS)
113. Kavita Roy Lawyer
114. Rameshwari Advocate, Alumna (NLU,Jodhpur)
115. Shivain Vaidialingam Alumnus, (NLU, Delhi)
116. Pallavi Dehari Student (NALSAR)
117. upasana soni Student( NALSAR)
118. Aditi Tomar Student (NALSAR)
119. Pranav Mittal Lawyer (Alumnus, NUJS)
120. Nikhil P Joseph Lawyer (Alumnus, NUJS)
121. Shrinidhi Rao Lawyer (Alumna, NUJS)
122. Thokchom Ghanakumar Singh Student (JNU), Alumnus (CLC, DU & ILI)
123. Kirtikar Srivastava Student (NUJS)
124. Amulya Purushothama Alumnus (NALSAR)
125. Vishnu Chandran (Alumnus, NUJS)
126. Reecha Das Alumnus (NUJS)
127. Sameer Thakur
128. Ashna Ashesh Lawyer (Alumnus, NUJS)
129. Vishnu Sivanandan Alumnus (NUALS)
130. Pramit Mohanty Alumus, NUJS Kolkata
131. Sruthakeerthy Sriram Student (NALSAR)
132. Pranav Narain Lawyer, (NUJS Alumnus)
133. Swati Agrawal Lawyer, (NLSIU Alumni)
134. Aastha suman Nujs alumnus
135. Akshay Jose Student, NUJS
136. Archit Krishna Student(NUJS)
137. Swathi Sukumar Advocate
138. Nilav Banerjee Student (NALSAR Hyderabad)
139. Sukriti Chauhan Student (JNU) Alumni (Symbiosis and Warwick University)
140. TItus James Student, NUJS
141. Chirag Balyan Alumni NALSAR
142. Nupur Pandit Student (WBNUJS)
143. Raktima Roy Student (WBNUJS)
144. Siddhartha Sarangal Alumnus (NLU, Delhi)
145. Shaili Parsheera Alumnus NLSIU
146. Mukund P Unny Alumnus, NUALS
147. Aishee Sengupta Alumna, NUJS
148. Shambo Nandy Advocate (Alumnus NUJS)
149. Varun Baliga Student, NALSAR
150. Joshita Pai Alumnus, (Lawyer) HNLU
151. Anisha Nitin Parikh
152. Tia Malik lawyer
153. Arvind Kurian Abraham Student, WBNUJS
154. Ruchi Singh Alumnus, (NALSAR, CNLU)
155. Ritesh Dhar Dubey Alumnus, Law Centre 2, Faculty of Law, Delhi University
156. Bittu Karthik Faculty, University of Hyderabad
157. Kunal Khaitan Alumnus, NUJS
158. Nidhisha Philip Alumna (NLSIU)
159. Sankalp S Srivastava Student, WBNUJS
160. Agnidipto Tarafder Alumnus, WBNUJS
161. Rishabh Nigam Alumnus, Symbiosis Law School, Pune
162. Arun Sri Kumar Advocate, Alumnus NLSIU
163. Anupama Hebbar Advocate, Alumnus NLSIU
164. Cyriac Tom Advocate, Alumnus NUALS
165. Barathi Nakkeeran Student (NLU Jodhpur)
166. Kartik Chauhan Student, NUJS
167. Noel Johns Student, NALSAR
168. Namrata Mukherjee Student, NUJS
169. Vikramaditya Lawyer (Alumnus, NLU, Delhi)
170. Rajeev Kadambi Student
171. Rachana Rautray Student, NUJS
172. Harshit Pande Student, NLUO
173. Vennela Krishna Student, NALSAR
174. Kartik Monga Student, NALSAR
175. Anirudh Mukherjee Lawyer
176. Akriti Gaur Lawyer, Alumnus NLU Jodhpur
177. Yogendra Yadav Student, NUSRL, Ranchi
178. Aastha Khurana Lawyer (Alumnus, NUJS, Kolkata)
179. Nayantara Pande Lawyer Alumnus, (NLU, Delhi)
180. Abhay Jain Student, NLU Odisha
181. Sowmya Rao Lawyer, Alumnus, NALSAR
182. Tanvee Nandan Alumnus, (NLU, Delhi)
183. Aditya Sarmah
184. Mayur Suresh Lecturer (Alumnus, NLSIU, 2004)
185. Megha Katheria Alumni, NALSAR
186. Atul Menon Alumnus, NUALS
187. Vijay Kishor Tiwari PhD Scholar, NLSIU
188. Niyati Sharma Alumnus, NALSAR
189. Aishwarya Mohapatra Alumnus, GNLU
190. Afsheen Irani Lawyer, Alumni (GLC, Mumbai)
191. Shreya Rastogi Lawyer, Alumnus (NLU, Delhi)
192. Anwesha Bhuyan Lawyer, Alumnus NLSIU
193. Bhavna Pattanaik Student, NALSAR
194. Langmung
195. Aatmin Shah Student, Nalsar
196. Shobhit Shukla Student, NUJS
197. Tashi Phuntsog Alumnus NLSIU
198. Pujitha G NLUO
199. Paul Francis Alumnus, NUALS
200. Ira Chadha-Sridhar Student, NUJS
201. Shivank Jhanji Student, NLU Odisha
202. Tanvi Varma Alumnus, NUJS
203. Rukmini Das Alumnus, NUJS
204. Anand Vardhan Narayan Student, NLUO
205. Pankhuri Agarwal Alumnus, NUJS
206. Vandana Venkatesh Alumnus, (NLU, Delhi)
207. Saurav Samaddar Alumnus, NLSIU
208. Badapbiang Advocate
209. Nithya Rajshekhar Advocate, Alumna NUJS
210. Manish Alumnus, NLSIU
211. Nitika Dwivedi Lawyer, Alumnus, (NLU, Delhi)
212. D.S.S.Nandini Student, NLUO
213. Guneet Kaur Lawyer, Alumnus, HNLU
214. Chinmay Kanojia Lawyer, Alumnus (NLU, Delhi)
215. Abinaya V Student , NLUO
216. Aravind Venugopal Alumnus, HNLU
217. Mini Saxena Alumnus (NLU, Delhi)
218. Aarti Bhavana Alumnus (NLU, Delhi)
219. Akila R.S Lawyer (Alumnus, NLSIU)
220. Kartik Tripathi Student (NALSAR)
221. Apar Gupta Advocate (Alumnus, Amity Law School)
222. Bhavna Jha Lawyer (Alumnus, NUJS)
223. Arun Mal Alumnus (NUJS)
224. Avilash Kumbhar Student, NLU Odisha
225. Vinoothna Vinjam Student, NALSAR
226. Tanya Choudhary Student, NALSAR
227. Siddharth Jain Student, HNLU
228. Tigmika Srivastava Student, HNLU
229. Tanmay Bagga Student, IGNOU
230. Maulshree Pathak Alumnus (NLU, Delhi)
231. Bipin Pradip aspatwar Advocate (Alumnus, NLSIU)
232. Shivani Misra Student, IP University
233. Mukbang Pertin Student (NALSAR)
234. Sonali Srivastava Student, NLUO
235. Aunnesha Dey Student, HNLU
236. Jayeeta Ray Alumnus (NUJS)
237. Deepak Sridhar Alumnus (NLSIU)
238. Rukmini Mukherjee Student IP University
239. Amba Kak Alumnus (NUJS)
240. Vivek Shah Student NLU, Delhi
241. Varsha Deiveegan Lawyer, Alumnus, NALSAR
242. Saksham Ojha Student (NUJS)
243. Saurabh Bhattacharjee Faculty, NUJS
244. Samikrith Rao Student, HNLU
245. Tanuj Kakrania Student, HNLU
246. Anant Joshi Student, HNLU
247. Rohit Bhattacharya Student, HNLU
248. Aastha Shah Student, HNLU
249. Arushi Chandra Student, HNLU
250. Udbhav Nanda Student, HNLU
251. Soumya Jha Student, HNLU
252. Lipi Sarin Student, HNLU
253. Chirag R Student, HNLU
254. Pragya Singh Student, HNLU
255. Nikhil Issar Student, HNLU
256. Akshay Goel Student, HNLU
257. Tanvi Goyal Student, HNLU
258. Raunaq Chandrashekar
259. Miti Srivastav Student, HNLU
260. Prashasti singh Student, HNLU
261. Gokul Gopakumar Student, HNLU
262. Ishan Agrawal Student, HNLU
263. Vaghavi Pandey Student, HNLU
264. Anurupa Mukherjee Student, HNLU
265. Raunaq Chandrashekar Student, NLU, Delhi
266. Ritika Kansal Alumni, NLSIU
267. Nishant Prasad Lawyer, Alumnus, NALSAR
268. Parijata Lawyer, Alumnus, TISS and Symbiosis Law School
269. Mukta Joshi Student, NLSIU
270. Sukhbeer Singh Master’s Candidate-NLSIU, Alumnus-St.Stephen’s College
271. Mihir Shukla Alumnus, NLSIU
272. Karthik Ashok Lawyer (Alumnus, NUALS)
273. Amati Akash Student, NLSIU
274. Vivek Singh Student, NLU, Delhi
275. Namrata Sadhnani Student, NUJS
276. Prakhar Bhandari Student, HNLU
277. Siddharth Mahajan Lawyer (Alumnus, NALSAR)
278. Sushant Singh Student (NLU, Delhi)
279. Sanjana Ahluwalia Student, Ambedkar University, Delhi
280. Spoorthi Cotha Student, NLSIU
281. T kannan Faculty, NALSAR
282. Vani Sharma Student, NLSIU
283. Ashwin Pantula Student, NLSIU
284. Soumalya Saha Student, NUJS
285. Parvinder Kaur Student, Panjab University (Law Dept.)
286. Aneek Bangabash Alumnus, NUJS
287. Yash S Vijay Advocate, Delhi (Alumnus, NLIU Bhopal)
288. Kaushik Prasad Student, NLSIU
289. Ancha Venkata Samarth Student, NLSIU
290. Gale Andrew Student, (NLU, Delhi)
291. Kuhuk Jain Student (NLU, Delhi)
292. Satya Sahu Student, NLSIU
293. Sweta Celine Xess Student, Ambedkar University, Delhi
294. Sanya Samtani Student, Alumnus (NALSAR)
295. Varsha Rao Student, NLU, Delhi
296. Mohnish Mathew Student, NLSIU
297. Akshay Mankar
298. Ingle Deepak Dinkar Student, NLU, Delhi
299. Arushi Garg Alumna, NALSAR
300. Debarpan Ghosh Student, Nalsar
301. Shaurya Negi Student, NLSIU
302. Mansi Birla Student, NUJS
303. Pritisha Chakraborty Advocate (Alumunus, HNLU Raipur)
304. Karthik Inzamam Prasad Student , NLU, Delhi
305. Nimisha Srinivas Alumnus (NUJS)
306. T V S Sasidhar MPP Student, NLSIU
307. Arpita Biswas Alumna, NUJS
308. Ikshaku Bezbaroa Alumnus (NUJS)
309. Mudit Choudhary Alumnus (NUJS)
310. Aditi Prakash Student , NLU, Delhi
311. Satyasiri Atluri Alumnus (NALSAR)
312. Anjali Rawat Alumnus (NALSAR)
313. Shaziq Sankalan Pal Student (CNLU)
314. Arshu John Advocate (Alumnus, NLU, Delhi)
315. Swaraj Paul Barooah Alumnus (NALSAR)
316. Nooreen Haider Student (WBNUJS)
317. Sohan Philip Student, NLUO
318. Pranjal Kishore Lawyer (Alumnus, HNLU, Raipur)
319. Yimjungpenla Abigail Longkumer Student (NALSAR)
320. Anilkumar M Student(NLSIU, Bangalore)
321. Amit Kumar Student, University of Oxford (Alumnus, IIT Roorkee)
322. Aishani Gupta Alumna, NLU, Delhi
323. Raji Gururaj Student (NALSAR)
324. Revati Pillai Student ()
325. Umar Javed Student (NALSAR)
326. Ajay Singh Student (NALSAR)
327. Roshan John Student (NALSAR)
328. Romit Raj Student, HNLU
329. Junaid ul Shafi Lawyer
330. Bilal Anwar Student
331. Rishabdev Jain Alumnus (WBNUJS)
332. DVL Vidya Student, NLU, Delhi
333. Chander Paul Negi Alumnus (WBNUJS), Student (JNU)
334. Fahimuddin Ahmed Khan Student, Jamia Millia Islamia, Faculty of Law
335. Pallavi Mishra
336. Pooja Kini Student (NALSAR)
337. Sharvari Kothawade Student(NLSIU, Bangalore)
338. Arpita Chanana Student (NALSAR)
339. Anusri Kumar
340. Devansh Agrawal Student(National Institute of Technology Delhi)
341. Siddharth Gautam Student (NLU, Delhi)
342. Vikram Aditya Narayan Lawyer (NLIU, Bhopal)
343. Tanvi Mani Student (NUJS)
344. Sharad Tara Student (NLU, Delhi)
345. Jahnavi Mitra Alumna, NLU, Delhi
346. Deepak Kumar Alumni, RMLNLU, Student JNU
347. Sapna Sagar Student (NLU, Delhi)
348. Damini Davinder Singh Student (NLU, Delhi)
349. Priyanka Hazarika Student (NLU, Delhi)
350. Ritika Bhasin Student (NLU, Delhi)
351. Sahana Keshav Student (NALSAR University of Law)
352. Kaushik Nagendra Thanugonda Student (NLU, Delhi)
353. Anurag Bhaskar Student, RMLNLU
354. Prashant Agase Student, Nalsar
355. Matthew Kurian Student (NALSAR Hyderabad)
356. Lakshmi Dwivedi Student (NALSAR)
357. Akshay Shah Student (NUALS)
358. Sarvatrajit Singh Jajmann Alumnus, NLU, Delhi
359. Jasoon Chelat Alumnus (NUJS)
360. Sanghamitra Singh Student, NLUO
361. Aditya Garg Student, New Delhi
362. Mrinalini Ravindranath Student, NUJS
363. Twinkle Jain HNLU Raipur
364. Prashant KP Student, NLU, Delhi
365. Pearlita Narain Student, NLU, Delhi
366. Aadya Bhatia Student UCSC (University of California Santa Cruz)
367. Mohammad Asadulla Shareef Lawyer (Alumnus, NALSAR)
368. Satendra Singh Student, NALSAR
369. Rohit De Lawyer, Alumnus NLSIU
370. Abhiroop Saha Student, NLSIU
371. Vrinda Bhandari Laywer, Alumnus NLSIU
372. Manal Shah Student, NUALS
373. Kevin Peter Lawyer (Alumnus, NLU Jodhpur)
374. Ankita Agarwala Student, NUJS
375. R S Lakshman Student, NLU, Delhi
376. Pavani Kennedy Student (NALSAR, Hyderabad)
377. Osho Chilwant Student NALSAR
378. Jagata Swaminathan Student, NLU, Delhi
379. Manu Chaturvedi Lawyer (Alumnus; NUJS Kolkata)
380. Payoshi Roy Lawyer (Alumnus, NUJS)
381. Sukhdeep Singh Founder, Editor – Gaylaxy Magazine
382. Anmol Goyal Student, HNLU
383. Raag Yadava Lawyer (Alumnus, NLSIU)
384. Umang Singh Lawyer (Alumnus, NALSAR)
385. Aditya Patel Student, NLSIU
386. Faiza Rahman Lawyer, Alumnus(NALSAR)
387. Preksha Dugar Lawyer (Alumnus HNLU)
388. Aditya Vardhan Sharma Student, NLSIU
389. Akash Joshi Lawyer (Alumnus, NALSAR)
390. Naman Nanda
391. Jahnavi Sindhu Lawyer (Alumnus, NLSIU)
392. Atharva Koppal Student, NLUO
393. Spandan Biswal Lawyer (Alumnus, NLSIU)
394. Arti Mohan Lawyer (Alumnus, NALSAR)
395. Rubai J Singh Lawyer (Alumnus NUJS)
396. Vidisha Khaitan Student (Gargi College, DU)
397. Sushrut Ojha
398. Jasmine Kaur
399. Linda Waldman Researcher, UK
400. Douglas McDonald Lawyer (Alumnus, UTS/NLSIU)
401. Sanchit Saluja Student (NLU, Delhi)
402. Lakshya Gupta Student (NLU, Delhi)
403. Dipankar Krishna Das Student (NALSAR)
404. Aarushi Mahajan Student (NLU, Delhi)
405. Rijul Rajesh Student (NUJS)
406. Rakshithaa Mahesh Management Consultant (Alumnus, NLSIU)
407. Akshat Srivastava Student (NLU, Delhi)
408. Mahima Jain Student (NLU, Delhi)
409. Rohit Srivastava Student ( HNLU, Raipur)
410. Shama Abbasi Student Oxford University, Alumni JGLS
411. Sonal Sarda Student (NLU, Delhi)
412. Oishik Sircar University of Melbourne, Melbourne Law School, Department Member
413. Shweta Kabra Student (NLU, Delhi)
414. Stella James Lawyer (Alumnus, WBNUJS)
415. Niharika Rao Alumnus, NLSIU
416. Sankalan Pal Student, CNLU
417. Nidhi Sinha Student, CNLU
418. Neeraj Kumar Student, CNLU
419. Harishankar M Alumnus, NUALS
420. Protiti Roy Lawyer, Alumnus (NLSIU)
421. Shruthi Chandrasekaran Alumnus, NALSAR
422. Rajat Kumar Advocate, Alumnus GNLU
423. Sushma.G Student, NALSAR
424. Juhi Bansal Lawyer, Alumnus (NALSAR)
425. Manav Kapur
426. Siddharth Narrain Lawyer (Alumnus, NLSIU)
427. Sanjeev Narrain Educationist(Alumnus)NLSIU
428. Tuhin Parhi
429. Vinay Kesari Lawyer (Nalsar alumnus)
430. Pallavi Sharma Alumnus, NUJS
431. Mitali Agrawal Student, NLUJ
432. Srijoni Sen Alumna, NLSIU
433. Nehaa Chaudhari Lawyer | Alumnus, NALSAR
434. Pragati K.B. Student, NLUJ
435. Anila Sarah Baskar Student, NLUJ
436. Yashaswini Mittal Lawyer/Researcher, Alumnus JGLS
437. Amita Dhanda Professor, NALSAR
438. Bhargavi Dev K Advocate, Bangalore, Alumnus SBRR Mahajanas Mysore
439. Dhvani Mehta Lawyer, Alumna, Government Law College, Mumbai
440. Shreya Rao Lawyer, Alumnus NALSAR
441. Akshata Singh Student,HNLU
442. Kunal Ambasta Faculty, NLSIU, Bangalore
443. Akshay Sharma Lawyer (Alumnus,NLSIU)
444. Priyank Dwivedi Lawyer, Alumnus NALSAR
445. Avni Rastogi Alumnus NLSIU
446. Chirantani Chatterjee. Alumnus, CNLU
447. Neetika Vishwanath Lawyer, Student (TISS) and Alumnus (School of Law, Christ University)
448. Arnab Roy Lawyer, Alumnus (School of Law, Christ University)
449. Alphonsa Jojan Alumnus (NUJS)
450. Dharna Singh Lawyer, Alumnus NALSAR
451. Nayantara Ranganathan Alumnus (NUJS)
452. Abhishek Gautam Student(RMLNLU)


3 thoughts on “Statement on behalf of the students, alumni and faculty of law schools against clamping down of university spaces”

  1. Lawyers come forward to protect ‘law’ which being trampled by ‘lawyers’ like Sharma.!


  2. Kanhaiya Lal/ JNU incident is not a constructive step by NDA-led Government of India. I strongly feel the government should reconsider its stand on purportedly anti-national views. I believe it is the Owaisis and casteist politicians of UP & Bihar who should be booked first for sedition and anti-national activities before these harmless students.


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