Is there a flag large enough to cover the blood shed in Kashmir? Adnaan Murtazaa


I’m no writer but my desire and attempt to write is a way for me to liberate myself from the yoke of Indian oppression (of state and media), and this unprecedented criminal approach of the establishment; to speak and voice the pain of Kashmiri people and of those whose tragedy has always been morphed to meet suitable ends by the Indian media which has acted as a state instrumentality in condoning and justifying brutalities. Over the years and decades the deliberately misrepresented reportage on Kashmir has shown Kashmiris the true colour of the fourth pillar of democracy – to justify the fifth pillar of Indian democracy in Kashmir – oppression!

I want to talk about how highly painful is it for us to share the tragic incidents of human rights violations. Its humiliating to post the images and videos of victims of brutal onslaught, images which never actually capture the seething pain and helplessness of the people. The killings, injuries, tortures – 5 year old child being injured in the eye, countless eye injuries resulting in blindness of many  by use of shotguns aka pellet guns, 70 year old person being beaten, a man weeping and wailing at the death of his son..and the list goes on.

It feels, although it’s not really so, that we are selling our pain and agony to gain sympathy so that the world protests and empathizes, condemns and criticizes the largest, so called, democracy of the world, legitimizes and presses for the realization of our rightful demands.

It’s terrible to have such a feeling but I’m prepared to shame and humiliate myself because we have no other option but to highlight our own plight and sufferings. Meanwhile the yellow journalists of India sitting in their cozy rooms manipulate our sorrowful tales to get the desired results for pleasing their masters and gaining TRP by sensationalizing human tragedies.

We are well aware about the factual realities of Kashmir, at least the sane and non-senile amongst us and those who don’t call a spade a sickle. History is witness to the injustice done to Kashmir, how an article of accession was fraudulently conceived with the aggressive help of India by a Maharaja who had no right whatsoever to enter into agreements on behalf of Kashmiri people, how the article was eroded and how India militarily continues its occupation in Kashmir trashing its own promises of holding a plebiscite to determine the future of state.

We have seen enough of palavers and platitudes about peace talks, goli se nahi boli se, insaniyat ke dayire main and so on. These phrases have just become nonsense for us as we have seen their futility and beguiling machinations aimed at hoodwinking us and befooling the masses and also the international community.

Kashmiris don’t demand Azadi because of the human rights violations and war crimes perpetrated by India. No. We demand Azadi because it’s our fundamental right, a natural and inalienable right of the people of the land to decide their own future, to chalk out their own destiny; it’s the right and duty of the people to protest and resist the oppressive regime, an occupation that forcibly and illegally subjugates their country. Through protests we want to assert our own political rights and not just the facts of human rights violations. Our struggle is not externally compelled  but historically motivated. We aren’t chanting slogans and protesting for economic packages and good governance. \

And I also want to tell the girl who wishes to unfurl Indian flag in Lal Chowk – whosoever you are girl, if you want to come and hoist the tricolor flag of your democratic nation and to satisfy the sadistic urge of yours then you are more than welcome to do so. It has been the policy of India to remedy every pain and suffering of Kashmiris with a dose of nationalism, so it’s nothing strange or surprising for us.

But when you come here let me advise you to bring a flag large enough to cover the shame of killing innocents, maiming and brutalizing them, raping them, snatching away their rights because otherwise it will be just oxymoronic to hoist the flag of democracy amidst killings, oppression, brutalities, bloodbath and everything that the democracy doesn’t stand for.

Go ahead and chant the slogan of Mera Bharat Mahaan amidst the cacophony and deafening voices of pellets, bullets, teargas canisters fired to kill the Kashmiris.

I salute you for your “bravery” and patriotism for a country that promotes democracy but practices occupation.

3 thoughts on “Is there a flag large enough to cover the blood shed in Kashmir? Adnaan Murtazaa”

  1. Kashmir issue and the national / anti national issue is what will rally sangh supporters to come back to power again. This is the new ram janmabhoomi kind of plank. This will be disastrous to the anti hindutva forces across india. The non-descript leftist minority combine have walked into the hands of the clever ploy of the Sangh. It is best that the Kashmir issue be downplayed/discarded by leftists and marxists for the time being. Wait till progressive people come to power and then play Kashmir card. Now Kashmir card will only benefit BJP.

  2. Killings,shootings ,brutalities ,curfews have now become an old story of Kashmir valley.Some of us consider it just a normal thing now.Perhaps they have become accustomed to it.I am afraid the valley also seems to have become so.At the same time there is a talk to come out of this in between.But enough is enough .Kashmir is overshadowing all else.Some youngsters are trying to find a way out.But it is not that easy as they take it.Emotional slogan raising if very different from the actual tackling the problem.The elders need to be there to counsel them.Let all concerned give a thought to in a dispassionate manner.Repression is not a remedy.It is worse than the disease.AFSPA must be revoked without any further delay.Let the civil administration take over in full.A dialogue must be started afresh with one and all whoever wants to participate in the process.Doors for all should be kept openby the curent political establishment in the state of Jammu and Kashmir.The initiative must rest with it to involve maximum number of partcipants in the exercise.

  3. Agreed, confidence building measures have to be initiated and acted upon. Most importantly forces accused of crimes,killings and rape need to be prosecuted and justice needs to b delivered!

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