Withdraw false charges lodged by Chhattisgarh police against academics and political activists


We, the undersigned, are outraged by recent charges of murder that have been laid against

Delhi University professor Nandini Sundar, JNU professor Archana Prasad, Vineet Tiwari (of Joshi Adhikar Sansthan, Delhi), Chhattisgarh CPI(M) state secretary, Sanjay Parate, Mangalram Karma, and Manju Kawasi, CPI activist and Sarpanch of Guphidi in Sukma district, by the Chhattisgarh police in the killing of Shamnath Baghel.

The charges are patently fabricated, and follow a pattern of intimidation by the Chhattisgarh police every time evidence is released of their lawless prosecution of the war against the Maoists. Earlier this year, Sundar, Prasad, Tiwari and Parate were part of a fact-finding team that looked at the impact of Maoist violence and state excesses on ordinary villagers in Bastar, finding that they were victims of fake encounters, rapes, arrests, beatings, IED blasts, and killing of informers, implicating Maoists, police, and security forces. The residents of Bastar were also found to be facing the renewal of attacks by civilian militias armed by the state. At that time too, the district administration of Bastar had tried to implicate the fact-finding team on fake charges on the basis of a contrived complaint. More recently, when the police were charge-sheeted on the basis of evidence gathered by Sundar and others for carrying out arson in an operation in 2011, they retaliated by burning effigies of her and other activists and journalists in order to intimidate and incite violence against them.

Sundar and others have put on record their unequivocal condemnation of the killing of Shamnath Baghel. Their writing and interventions on the ongoing war in Bastar have consistently condemned all forms of violence, whether by the state or by the Maoists.

We are saddened by the climate of silencing of dissent that is becoming widespread in India and concerned that the work of researchers, journalists, lawyers and activists is being monitored and controlled to quell critical scrutiny of governmental actions. We believe such silencing of opposing views poses a grave danger to the democratic values of India.

We condemn the police tactics of intimidating and harassing of journalists, lawyers, researchers, political leaders and human rights activists who have been documenting and speaking out against the violence and brutality unleashed by the police, paramilitary, and civilian militias against the local population of Bastar in the war against the Maoists. We demand that the Government of India ask that the Chhattisgarh government unconditionally withdraws all charges against all the six persons who have been falsely accused by Chhattisgarh police. We further demand that an inquiry be set up to interrogate the manner in which the police is interfering with law and taking the liberty to frame researchers and activists to create an atmosphere of terror.

1. Shubhra Gururani TORONTO, Canada

2. Bhavani Raman Toronto, Canada    
3. Francis Cody Toronto, Canada    
4. Karthikeyan Damodaran Edinburgh, United Kingdom Restore democracy and stop witch hunting.  
5. Rohit De New Haven, CT    
6. Sarasij Majumder Kolkata, India    
7. Suvadip Sinha Minneapolis, MN    
8. Anil Varughese Hamilton, Canada    
9. Kavitha Philip Irvine, CA    
10. Ravindran


Coimbatore, India    
11. Nishaant Choksi Ahmedabad, India    
12. Kaushik Ghosh Philadelphia, PA    
13. Akshaya Tankha Toronto, Canada    
14. Gayatri M Bengaluru, India    
15. Varuni Bhatia Ann Arbor, MI    
16. Sreeparna


Bangalore, India    
17. Hoda


Ann Arbor, MI    
18. Amit Baishya Norman, OK    
19. Ajay Rao Toronto, Canada    
20. Bharath Sundaram Bangalore, India    
21. Suraj Jacob Bangalore, India    
22. Aparna Sundar Toronto, Canada    
24. Leela Acharya Toronto, Canada    
25. Alok Johri toronto, Canada    
26. Subhasish Ray Singapore, Singapore    
27. Enakshi


Chennai, India    
28. Jyotirmaya Sharma Hyderabad, India    
29. Nityanand Jayaraman Chennai, India    
30. gladwin joseph Corvallis, OR This kind of intimidation and frivolous lawsuits by the state Government against its citizens must stop.  
31. Salmaan Khan Brampton, Canada    
32. Ayesha Karim Dubai, United Arab Emirates    
33. Cyrillia Louis Etobicoke, Canada    
34. Indira Vijaysimha Bangalore, India What a travesty of justice. I am appalled and upset  
35. Pearly Chopra Singapore, Singapore    
36. paramita


bangalore, India    
37. Usha Thorat Mumbai, India    
38. Nilika Mehrotra New Delhi, India    
39. Malavika Kasturi Toronto, Canada    
40. Leo Saldanha Bangalore, India Fabricating cases is a desperate move from a Government cornered with facts of the failure of its administration and the brutality of its police.  
41. Murli N wayne, NJ    
42. Rajan Kurai Krishnan New Delhi, India    
43. Chandra Siddan Toronto, Canada    
44. Rachana Johri NDelhi, India    
45. Rohan D’Souza Kyoto, Japan The Modi Government is clearly fascist. Attacking intellectuals and activists with false cases shows desperation. This will be defeated.  
46. Anu Karippal Bangalore, India    
47. Shabnam Afsah Bethesda, MD    
48. Meenu Deswal Ann Arbor, MI    
49. Santhakumar V Bangalore, India    
50. Harini Nagendra Bangalore, India    
51. Gayatri R CHICAGO, IL    
52. Priya Sen new delhi, India    
53. Kaveri Gill Delhi, India    
54. sara abraham toronto, Canada    
55. Ayesha Kidwai New Delhi, India    
56. Snigdha Kumar Minneapolis, MN    
57. Rathi Varadarajan New Delhi, India    
58. Vatsala Mamgain New Delhi, India    
59. Shazia Zuberi Karachi, Pakistan    
60. ASHOK SIRCAR Bangalore, India    
61. krishna vs visakhapatnam, India    
62. Mausumi Das Delhi, India    
63. ayeda ravindran bangalore, India    
64. Smita Gupta New delhi, India    
65. Beena Sarwar Princeton, NJ    
66. Anuradha Singh New Delhi, India    
67. Pallavi Varma Patil Bangalore, India    
68. Ritu Tyagi New York, NY    
69. Sunandan K N Bangalore, India    
70. Walter Fernandes Guwahati, India Those who fight for the rights of the excluded are bound to face such harassment.  
71. Yogesh Chandrani New York, NY    
72. Sanchia deSouza Toronto, Canada    
73. caroline juneja gurgaon, India    
74. Jennifer Cypher Toronto, Canada    
75. Rajesh


Sonipat, India    
76. Dia Da costa Edmonton, Canada    
77. Aasha Amin Dhaka, Bangladesh    
78. Kalpana


Secunderabad, India    
79. Kajri J Toronto, Canada    
80. Amman Madan Bengaluru, India    
81. Anna Guevarra Chicago, IL    
82. Shahana Raza Dubai, United Arab Emirates    
83. Mustafa Quraishi Gurgaon, India    
84. Arunima Nair New Delhi, India    
85. Ritu Tripathi Henderson, NV    
86. Zaheer B Toronto, Canada    
87. Dirk Moses Sydney, Australia    
88. Kalpana


Chennai, India    
89. Aditi Bhande Noida, India    

indirapuram, India

91. Sarah J Bangalore, India    
92. Ania Loomba New Delhi, India    
93. Anusha Khan Mumbai, India    
94. Bhupendra Yadav Bengaluru, India Got to see SRP Kalluri, IG, Police in Bastar, yesterday. He spoke about being the custodian of democracy and India. Is India turning into a police state? Will Kalluri-types replace Gandhiji? Will civil liberties have to be exercised with permission from police? Didn’t we get our Fundamental Rights from our Constitution, after an anti-colonial popular struggle?  
95. SHUDDHABRATA SENGUPTA New Delhi, India    
96. samata biswas kolkata, India    
97. ajay dandekar greater noida, India    
98. anjali mody new delhi, India This sort of thing only happens in a police state.  
99. Stan Swamy Ranchi, India This is an attempt to silence the intellectuals but it will not succeed. Pen is mightier than the sward.  
100. Anjali Arondekar Los Angeles, CA    
101. Ahona Panda Chicago, IL Stop suppressing dissent.  
102. Manishikha Baul Gurgaon, India    
103. rajesh yedida amalapuram, India    
104. Sharad Lele Bangalore, India    
105. Ananya Vajpeyi New Delhi, India    
106. Tejas Chaudhary Bangalore, India    
107. Deepak Kumar New Delhi, India    
108. Yu Sasaki Kyoto, Japan    
109. Anupama Potluri Hyderabad, India    
110. anshu tandon delhi, India    
111. Arima Mishra Bangalore, India    
112. Sobha T Hyderabad, India    
113. Gurpreet Sidhu Delhi, India    
114. Gracious Temsen Hyderabad, India Stop the Insanity  
115. RAKESH Kumar Rajak New Delhi, India    
116. Rakesh Sharma Mumbai, India Filmmaker, Mumbai  
117. Jane Rankin-Reid KINGSTON BEACH,


118. Sunalini Kumar New york, NY    
119. Nandini Manjrekar Mumbai, India    
121. Lingam nageswararao hyderabad, India    
122. Achal Prabhala Johannesburg, South Africa  
123. Sohail Akbar Allahabad, India  
124. Manu M. Bangalore, India  
125. Seema Mundoli Bangalore, India  
126. Utkarsh Hathi Rajkot, India  
127. Madhu Bhushan Bangalore, India  
128. Madhavi Singh Mumbai, India  
129. Mallika Vasudev Gurgaon, India  
130. Misria Ali Chennai, India  
131. Luin Goldring Toronto, Canada I urge you to release Professors Sundar, Prasad, and

Tiwari, and the other people charged and held with them. As an academic in Canada, I care about what is happening to these colleagues. They were involved in research and condemn violence. It’s time to release them, now.

132. Ananya


Kolkata, India Deeply condemn such heinous act by the Givt.
133. Harsh Gupta new delhj, India  
134. Sarah Hilaly Itanagar, India  
135. PALLAVI LAUNGANI Ajmer, India  
136. Awanti


Pune, India  
137. Suman Nath Kolkata, India  
138. Lalita Ramdas Alibag, India  
139. pushpesh kumar Hyderabad, India  
140. Hriday D Delhi, India Silence can be oppressive and so we must speak up
141. Rezaul Kabir Baruipur, India  
142. Megha Shenoy Bangalore, India  
143. Sayoni Basu Gurgaon, India  
144. Sharanya Nayak Koraput, India Government must take action against the entire vindictive and lying police offciers in undivided Bastar
145. Ransaigra Daimary Tezpur Assam, India  
146. parnisha sarkar kolkata, India  
147. Vasundhara


New Delhi, India  
148. Kalpana Prakash Madison, WI  
149. Orijit Sen New Delhi, India  
150. Nandita Das Mumbai, India  
151. Renuka Saroha Mumbai, India    
152. Rajesh Khindri Bhopal, India    
153. Priya Pillai New Delhi, India The government has consistently oppressed and attacked voices which are trying to bring out the “internal surgical attacks ” and violations of the state. This is an attempt to intimidate and silence these voices of dissent !!Stop repression on activitists and accademisions Kalluri !!  
154. Naveen Chander Delhi, India    
155. Madhu Khetan Delhi, India    
156. Olivia Dalrymple New Delhi, India    
157. Ashwini


Delhi, India    
158. Iggy Ahluwalia Mumbai, India    
159. vidyun sabhaney gurgaon, India    
160. Vimala R New Delhi, India    
161. Madhavi Kuckreja Lucknow, India    
162. Bittu Kondaiah Hyderabad, India, India These charges are ridiculous and intended to intimidate the voices of courageous civil society activists.  
163. Poorvi Bhargava The Hague, Netherlands    
164. Raghu Karnad Bengaluru, India    
165. Surender Kumar Delhi, India    
166. Indrani Mukherjee DELHI, India    
167. Mahalakshmi Ramakrishnan New Delhi, India    
168. Manisha Sethi New Delhi, India    
169. Vineeta Bal New Delhi, India    
170. Sarandha Jain New York, NY    
171. Vakkalanka Prasad Bangalore, India    
172. vani subramanian new delhi, India    
173. Panchali Ray Kolkata, India    
174. afsana pathan bhopal, India    
175. Shivangi Jain Delhi, India    
176. Anuradha De 18, I. P. Extension,


177. Simrita Gopal Singh Pune, India    
178. Anannya


Delhi, India    


179. Vijay Krishna Bangalore, India    
180. seema seema Bhopal, India shame on Chhattisgarh government and police.  
181. Vinatha


Bhopal, India    
182. Ram Singh Delhi, India    
183. Vidyadhar Atkore Bangalore, India    
184. Anita Dube Delhi, India    
185. Arpitha Kodiveri Bangalore, India    
186. Veronica George Gurgaon, India    
187. Radhika Mongia Toronto, Canada    
188. Anirban Ghose New Delhi, India    
189. Rudrashis C Bhopal, India In full solidarity……  
190. Chandrima H Bangalore, India    
191. Vignesh


Chennai, India    
192. Shraddha Chickerur Hyderabad, India    
193. Shewli Kumar Mumbai, India There is no place for using strong arm tactics to stop dissent and debate. Our country is one place which has such diversity of voices alive and is truly democratic. Please do not kill democracy. Our professors are innocent and you K ow it  
194. Aaloka k Mumbai, India    
195. Manjari Katju Hyderabad, India    
196. parvin sinclair delhi, India An unbelievable outrage!  
197. venu m berlin, Germany    
198. Selvaraj Devaraj Coimbatore, India    
199. Bina Sarkar Mumbai, India    
200. Astha Kapoor Delhi, India    
201. Fahad Hashmi New Delhi, India    
202. Arathi Menon Kozhikode, India    
203. Anasuya Sengupta Bangalore, India    
204. Sumangala Damodaran Delhi, India    
205. V Saldanha Mumbai, India    
206. Arkaja Singh New Delhi, India    
207. Neha Sharma New delhi, India    
208. Deepti Goel Delhi, India    
209. Santana Khanikar Delhi, India  
210. Nitin Rai Bangalore, India  
212. Anirban Kar Delhi, India  
213. Sophia Abbas New haven, CT  
214. Devashri Mukherjee Mumbai, India  
215. Durba Biswas bangalore, India  
216. sathya Tk scarborough, Canada  
217. Sonal Jha Munich, Germany  
218. shobha r bengaluru, India Shocked at the brutal clampdown on voices that speak out for human rights.
219. Ajitha G S Bangalore, India In solidarity.
220. Ashima Roy Chowdhury Hyderabad, India  
221. Ruchi Chaturvedi Cape Town, South Africa  
222. Sathish Kumar Chennai, India We are with prof.Nandini sundar
223. Nikhat Bhatty Naggar, India  
224. Ovee Thorat Mumbai, India  
225. Kannan


chennai, India  
226. kaniska singh delhi, India  
227. Anon Ymous -, India  
228. Joel Thenraj CHENNAI, India Please withdraw the fabricated crimes and Release the Innocents
229. Rashmi Mahajan Bangalore, India  
230. Tarun Nair ., India  
231. Sukla Sen Mumbai, India This vicious vindictiveness on the part of the State is downright condemnable.
232. Rashmi Paliwal Hoshangabad, India  
233. CN Subramaniam Hoshangabad, India  
234. Tamanna Ahmad Navi mumbai, India  
235. Venkatesh Chakravarthy Chennai, India  
236. Arundathi V Bangalore, India  
237. Dhiman


CHENNAI, India  
239. Mohinder Singh Delhi, India  
240. RANJANI MAZUMDAR Delhi, India Outrageous!  
241. Aradhna Wal New Delhi, India    
242. Daniel Solomon Woodside, CA    
243. Satish Raj Acharya Bhopal, India    
244. Abhinav Kapoor Mumbai, India    
245. Parikshit Ghosh Delhi, India    
246. Ritambhara Mehta New Delhi, India    
247. L Krishnan Bangalore, India    
248. chukka srinivas san jose, CA    
249. vijaya


delhi, India    
250. Subhash


kasauli, India    
251. Pooja Sancheti Pune, India    
252. Jeetu Chouhan Bhopal, India    
253. R Robinson Guwahati, India    
254. Yogini Khanolkar Maharashtra, Mumbai, India From Narmada Bachao Andolan  
255. Jai Apte Davis, CA    
256. Subash


Raipur, India    
257. Jawad


Chennai, India    
258. sandeep bharmoria palampur, India    
259. Dr. Neshat

Quaiser Quaiser

DELHI, India    
260. vimala vidya salem, India Any unlawful actions of the govt cannot longlast.  
261. Suresh Gana Coimbatore, India    
262. Kunal


Kolkata, India    
263. Sucharit Katyal Sacramento, CA    
264. Rahul


Chennai, India    
265. M. V. Ramana West Windsor, NJ    
266. Simona Sawhney New Delhi, India    
267. subhash gatade Delhi, India Condemn authoritarianism under garb of democracy.  


268. bhuvi gupta new delhi, India  
269. Bindhulakshmi Pattadath Mumbai, India  
270. kamal singh Delhi, India  
271. Sugata Bag Delhi, India  
272. rina ramdev Gurgaon, India  
273. Manjira Sinha Bengaluru, India  
274. Manishi Jani Ahmedabad, India  
275. sandhya gokhale Mumbai, India  
276. NIranjani Iyer Delhi, India  
277. Gita


CHENNAI, India Patently absurd and put-up charges
278. Naren Singh Delhi, India  
279. Raviraj Naik Mapusa Goa, India  
280. Amita Baviskar Delhi, India  
281. Narendra Nayak Mangalore, India  
282. Priya Das Delhi, India Stop this intimidation!!!
283. Kasim Sait Chennai, India  
284. kamayani bali mahabal Mumba, India This is misuse of office and authority by Chhattisgarh police and initimidation of the voices demanding justice for people of Chhatisgarh. We demand that these charges are revoked immediately and disciplinary actions are taken against the police officers guilty of undermining the ethics of police force.
285. Durga Bhavani S Hyderabad, India  


OXFORD, United Kingdom  
287. Stefan Kipfer Toronto, Canada  
288. Roohan Segel Delhi, India  
289. Sabina Basha Bangalore, India  
290. yahoshua thakkar Ahmedabad, India  
291. KONDA RATNAM Hyderabad, India False and fabricated cases on eminent academicians must be withdrawn. Fact-finding cannot be falsified by intimidating the intellectuals. The must tender an apology to them.
292. naynika das mumbai, India Truth is justice
293. Amitadyuti Kumar Chinsura, India  
294. Devika


Trivandrum, India  
295. satvi singh Ludhiana, India  
296. Tultul B Bhopal, India    
297. Ananya P Pune, India    
298. Feyzi Ismail London, United Kingdom    
299. Spandan


Kolkata, India    
300. Gurveen Kaur Secunderabad, India    
301. kamarajan karuppannan chennai, India    
302. Janardan Pati Bhubaneswar, India    
303. Alpa S London, United Kingdom    
304. Shamya Dasgupta Bangalore, India    
305. Aditi Chandra Gurgaon, India    
306. Subir S. London, United Kingdom Stop harassing those fighting for tribals’ rights.  
307. Sanjiv Shah Ahmedabad, India    
308. Sonal Narain New Delhi, India    
309. Isabelle Darmon Edinburgh, United Kingdom    
310. Manishita Dass London, United Kingdom    
311. Patricia Jeffery Edinburgh, United Kingdom    
312. Madhusree Mukerjee Schmitten, Germany    
313. Bashabi Fraser Edinburgh, United Kingdom Activism and any form of protest do not make anyone a criminal and definitely not a murderer.  
314. Niamh Moore Edinburgh, United Kingdom    
315. anuradha sengupta kolkata, India    
316. Aswathy


Mumbai, India    
317. Nisha Biswas Kolkata, India    
318. Rohit K Dasgupta London, United Kingdom    
319. Himanshu Srivastava Mumbai, India    
320. Eurig Scandrett North Berwick, United Kingdom Stop persecuting public sociologists doing their job of exposing political corruption  


321. Jitendra Kumar New Delhi, India    
322. Amit Kurien Bangalore, India    
323. Vebhuti Duggal Gurgaon, India    
324. Anand


Bangalore, India    
325. Ayushi Sharma Bhopal, India    
326. clive semmens Ely, United Kingdom    
327. Irfan Engineer Mumbai, India    
328. Peter Prasad Tuticorin, India Freedom of academics to question and debate and the freedom of activists to exert democratic pressure is a sine qua non of democracy  
329. Priyamvada Gopal Cambridge, United Kingdom End the persecution of dissidents in India  
330. sumit kataria india, India    
331. Matjaz Bratus Ljubljana, Slovenia    
332. Amrita Tripathy Bangalore, India    
333. Yasmin Hussain Guwahati, India    
334. ghana kumar New Delhi, India This is mere vendetta by the Govt. Govt has failed to protect to adivasis and rather punishes those who raise voice for them. Truth and justice will prevail.  
335. Lara Jesani Mumbai, India Stop the witch hunt!  
336. Ranjith Kallyani mumbai, India    
337. raja rama desaru, Malaysia Democratic institutions must be preserved, principles of democracy must be upheld. Law must not be abused, law enforcement agencies must work within the framework of constitution.  
338. Akshaya Kumar Delhi, India    
339. Sanchita bakshi Noida, India    
340. Hugo Gorringe Edinburgh, United Kingdom    
341. Shalini S Hyderabad, India    
342. carlo morelli dundee, United Kingdom    
343. Sanath Reddy Bangalore, India Nothing more cowardly than to intimidate -suppress- rare and powerful voices that critique our system.  
344. Karuna Dietrich Wielenga Oxford, United Kingdom    
345. Vijay S. Jodha Gurgaon, India    
346. Anuja Date Bangalore, India    
347. Shashank Kela Oxford, United Kingdom    
348. Amber Habib DELHI, India    
349. Alessandra Mezzadri london, United Kingdom    
350. Sophia Woodman Edinburgh, United Kingdom    
351. Aditya Ramesh London, United Kingdom    
352. Sindhu Mathai Bangalore, India    
353. Zuhura Plummer London, United Kingdom    
354. Alka Sabharwal Belmont WA, Australia    
355. Shakeel Rahman Patna, India    
356. sowmya dechamma c c hyderabad, India    
357. Kaveri Qureshi Oxford, United Kingdom    
358. Thomas Allmer Edinburgh, United Kingdom    
359. Aradhana Lal New Delhi, India Stop this gundaraj. Not in India!  
360. Ankita Suvarna Vadodara, India    
361. Aditya


North Delhi, India    
362. Abhinandan Sinha Kolkata, India    
363. Janaki Abraham New Dehli, India    
364. Patricia Spencer TIOGA, TX    
365. Karl von Holdt Bellevue,

Johannesburg, South


Outrageous harassment of our friend and colleague  
366. Tirtha Deep Chinsurah, India The Indian state is continuing its oppression on

Chhattisgarh. Those who are speaking against it,are either killed or harassed. Stop operation greenhunt. Kalluri is himself a killer. Withdraw all the charges against the rising voices.

367. Shubhra Agnihotri Vadodara, India Down with the crap!!!

Let this petition do the needful justice!

368. Amrita Pande Cape town, South Africa    
369. reny ayline tjiruvananthapuram, India down down state terrorism  
370. sushil kumar Delhi, India    
371. Shreekant Gupta Delhi, India These trumped up charges are outrageous,shocking and a disgrace to democracy, civil rights and free speech. They must be withdrawn immediately.
372. jan gillbank erskineville, Australia  
373. Srila Roy Johannesburg, South Africa  
374. Fiona O’May Edinburgh, United Kingdom  
375. Kiran Bhatty New Delhi, India  
376. Sarbani sarkar new delhi, India ICondemns charges on Prof. Archana Prasad and others
377. Dilip Menon Johannesburg, South Africa  
378. Hylton White Johannesburg, South Africa  
379. Lorenza M. Johannesburg, South Africa  
380. chandrasekaran             hyderabad, India  


381. Prishani Naidoo Johannesburg, South Africa    
382. Manu V


Mandi, India    
383. Bridget Kenny Johannesburg, South Africa    
384. Manmohan Kumar Rajgir, India    
385. malathi subramanian New Delhi, India    
386. Nadje Al-Ali London, United Kingdom    
387. Debra Connolly TOMS RIVER, NJ    
388. Zaynab Asmal cape town, South Africa    
389. Lovleen Sagar Gurgaon, India    
390. Kesavan Veluthat Tirur, India    
391. Snehalatha Vadigi Bangalore, India    
392. Jens Pedersen Johannesburg, South Africa    
393. Nirvana Pillay emmarentia, South Africa    
394. Ashifali Vadsaria Thane, India and stop falsely accusing them.  
395. Mohit Beotra New Delhi, India    
396. Tatenda mukwedeya harare, Zimbabwe    
397. Archana Choksi Leeds, United Kingdom    
398. Chaitali Bhatia Delhi, India    
399. Sanober Keshwaar Mumbai, India    
400. dhiraj nite new delhi, India    
401. Mmathapelo Mokose Rosebank, South Africa    
402. Owen Crankshaw Cape Town, South Africa    
403. Pranita K Mumbai, India    
404. Mo Ramaphakela johannesburg, South Africa    
405. Bhangya Bhukya Hyderabad, India    
406. C. E. burlington, VT This is outrageous, part of a move against liberal democracy that is pervasive.  
407. Loren Landau wits, South Africa    
409. Shahana


Delhi, India    
410. Komita Dhanda Delhi, India    
411. Khethu Xaba Johannesburg, South Africa    
412. Rohini Kandhari New Delhi, India    
413. Madhu Mehra New Delhi, India    
414. Aisha Shah KARACHI, Pakistan    
415. Sudevann KN Palakkad, India    
416. Rashmi mala Vadodara, India    
417. Ben Cousins Cape Town, South Africa    
418. Jimi Adesina Pretoria, South Africa    
419. Razak Khan Berlin, Germany    
420. Priya Deshingkar Hove, United Kingdom    
421. Sonali Pattnaik Ahmedabad, India I endorse any action against the harassment of intellectuals and academics with a conscience. These charges are clearly unjust.  
422. Danijel Matijevic Zagreb, Croatia    
423. Nandita Narain Delhi, India Absurd and outrageous charges must be withdrawn immediately  
424. Annie Mathews New Delhi, India    
425. Andries du Toit Bellville, South Africa, South Africa The charges are false. Do the right thing. The world is watching.  
426. Kamal Chenoy New Delhi, India    
427. Apoorva Singh Ghaziabad, India    
428. Biswajit Sarmah Guwahati, India    
429. Memory Mphaphuli Gent, Belgium    
430. Judith Heyer Oxford, United Kingdom    
431. Sandeep Vidya Kinnegad, Ireland    
432. Subrat Kumar Sahu New Delhi, India    
433. Jens Lerche London, United Kingdom    
434. Moenieba Isaacs Belleville, South Africa    
435. Ursula Arends Cape Town, South Africa    
436. Keith


Randfontein, South Africa Using unfounded criminal accusations against academic critics of counter-insurgency takes us back to the 1930s.  
437. John Reynolds Grahamstown, South Africa    
438. claudia martinez mullen Grahamstown, South Africa Support to our colleague in this unfair times. Freedom of speech is a right for all.  
439. Mayur Suresh London, United Kingdom    
440. Annie T. New Delhi, India    
441. Amélie Blom Paris, France    
442. John Faulkner Hastings, United Kingdom    
443. Julia Eckert Berlin, Germany    
444. sarika chaudhaty delhi, India    
445. Anil Nauriya New Delhi, India It seems to me that Nandini is being targeted for her scholarship. That is not at all right.  
446. Jan Marie Fritz Palm City, FL    
447. Sazi Mpehlo johannesburg, South Africa I would to plea to the government of India that they do what is according to the not what they think is according to the law,this message i written on my personal opinion not on behalf of the Bantu Stan movement.


448. mohammed


New delhi, India  
449. Ketaki Prabha Delhi, India  
450. Roma Dey Delhi, India  


Bangalore, India  
452. Trevor Ngwane Soweto-Johannesburg, State repression of intellectuals is a tactic of shooting the South Africa messenger and not addressing the underlying problems.  
453. Pritam Bhatty Nainital, India    
454. Asanda Benya Cape Town, South Africa    
455. Dr.Yasser Arafath.P.K Delhi, India    
456. Nonku Mabaso JHB, South Africa    
457. Faisal Garba Cape Town, South Africa    
458. trudy wagenstroom Johannesburg, South Africa    
459. Abdul Rasheed Wayanad, India    
460. Partha Sengupta Calcutta, India    
461. David Bruce Johannesburg, South Africa    
462. Venkata Ramana Murthy Rupakula Hyderabad, India    
463. astrid von Kotze cape Town, South Africa    
464. Bijayalaxmi Nanda New Delhi, India    
465. Gustavo Oliveira Berkeley, CA    
466. Sfiso Nkala Johannesburg, South Africa    
467. Sampurna Das Mumbai, India False accusations never helps!  
468. Jyotsna G Madla, India    
469. Nandini Saxena Toronto, Canada    
470. Nilkantha Acharjee Guwahati, India It is my moral duty  
471. Bala Rajan Kolkata, India    
472. Devalina Kohli Delhi, India    
473. Sruti Jabilli Brighton, MA    
474. Svati Joshi Ahmadabad, India    
475. Rajesh Venugopal London, United Kingdom In solidarity with the courageous activists who have brought these mass atrocities to light.
476. PANKAJ BUTALIA New Delhi, India  
477. Nargis V delhi, India  
478. Akanksha M London, United Kingdom  
479. ADITI THORAT London, United Kingdom  
480. Logan Sellathurai Toronto, Canada  
481. Nausheen Khan Jsjd, India  
482. Sinabo


Johannesburg, South Africa The phony trumped up charges laid against one of our own aught to be treated with the contempt they deserve . The grotesque manner in which our colleague has been treaded is rather mischievous and unfortunate . In light of these belligerent charges we implore the Indian government to act as a matter of charges and dismiss these said phony charges immediately.
483. Pallavi


Delhi, India  
484. Robert Krause Johannesburg, South Africa  
485. Lily Nair Hyderabad, India  
486. Tulika Bathija Navi Mumbai, India  
487. shipra yadav Faridabad, India  
488. Siddarth Deepak Toronto, Canada Withdraw these false charges
489. Sreela Dss Gupta Kolkata, India  
490. Sasidharan P K Kollam, India  
491. soma KP New Delhi, India Withdraw these false accusatinos, these are voices of truth and sanity.
492. Aradhana Sharma New York, NY  
493. Sudha Bharadwaj Bilaspur, India  
494. Kally Forrest Johannesburg, South Africa We have worked with Nandini Sundar in the Society Work & Development Institue at Wits University and found her to be a solid and truthful academic. Murder is not her business.
495. Guillaume Dandurand Kingston, Canada  
496. tamali chakraborty mumbai, India  
497. Richard Pithouse Grahamstown, South Africa  
498. Anna Selmeczi Milton road, South Africa    
499. Prakash


Gurgson, India Its shame that criminals have captured power and they are criminalising truth snd justice and we must expose their lies, come what may, and whatever may be the cost of this struggle for truth , I am ready to pay it happily with Nandini, Archana and others in every possible manner that this struggle will take place.  
500. Jeremy Seekings Cape Town, South Africa This seems to be blatant victimisation of a critical scholar.  
501. Bipin Sharma Lucknow, India    
502. Rahul Rao Bangalore, India    
503. Rajeswari Deepak Chennai, India    
504. Savithri Singh New Delhi, India    
505. JS Titus london, United Kingdom    
506. Moushumi Basu new delhi, India    
507. Ilan Kapoor Toronto, Canada    
508. Terry M. Toronto, Canada Withdraw these fabricated charges.  
509. Joseph Mathai Delhi, India This false case is indicative of the lawlessness of the law enforcement agencies in Chhattisgarh.  
510. Chandrima Chakraborty Hamilton, Canada    
511. dulali nag Kolkata, India    
512. Deepak Nair Singapore, Singapore    
513. Liela Groenewald Auckland Park, South Africa    
514. Rizvana Talreja Toronto, Canada    
515. Parineeta Dandekar Pune, India    
516. Deepak Aiyadurai Chennai, India This is blatant victimisation by the Police  
517. Ann Gold Ithaca, NY    
518. Becky


YUMA, AZ    
519. Jacob Dlamini Katlehong, South Africa    
520. mohammed Ismail paris, France    
521. Pradeep Bansod Bedminster, NJ    
522. Akshay Singh Mumbai, India    
523. Breana Driscoll BOLINGBROOK, IL    
524. Ambar Ahmad New Delhi, India    
525. Karen Coelho Chennai, India    
526. Maria Dyveke Styve Bergen, Norway    
527. Neethi Mahesh Bangalore, India    
528. Daniel


Mulund East, Mumbai, India    
529. S. M. LEEDS, United Kingdom    
530. Hari Balaji Singapore, Singapore    
531. Jairus Banaji London, United Kingdom    
532. T. Dunbar Moodie Vineyard Haven, MA    
533. Kalyani Menon Chicago, IL    
534. Javed Anand Mumbai, India    
536. Roger Southall Constantia Hills, South Africa    
537. Anna Zalik Toronto, Canada    
538. Shahira Naim Lucknow, India This is outrageous and completely unacceptable.  
539. aftab alam new Delhi, India In solidarity with Prof. Nandini Sundar  
540. Ravinder Reddy Pune, India    
541. Fortunate Mchunu Johannesburg, South Africa    
542. Karl Bharucha Mumbai, India    
543. Moyukh


montreal, Canada    
544. Heid Jerstad Edinburgh, United Kingdom    
545. Amar Jesani Mumbai, India    
546. Shray Israni Dona paula, India    
548. Aniruddha D Mumbai, India    
549. Aparna


Delhi, India    
550. Shubha Bansod Bedminster, NJ    
551. MUKULIKA BANERJEE LONDON, United Kingdom    
552. Amrita Shodhan Orpington, United Kingdom    
553. Laxmi Murthy Bangalore, India    
554. Arundhati Deosthale Gurgaon, India    


555. Shirley Layfield Leasowe, United Kingdom    
556. Reeju Ray toronto, Canada    
557. Lokesh Malti Prakash Bhopal, India    
558. Shyamala Das Bangalore, India    
559. Pushan


Bhopal, India    
560. Nikhil Anand Philadelphia, PA Dr. Sundar is a world renowned scholar known for her careful and groundbreaking research in Bastar. I see in the recent charges filed against only a malicious effort to stifle dissent and freedom in India.  
561. Jyoti Gupta delhi, India    
562. Musab Younis London, United Kingdom    
563. Umesh Vyas Mumbai, India The charges appear suspect  
564. Sudeep Chaudhuri New Delhi, India    
565. Tanya Singh London, United Kingdom    
566. Meghana Rao Toronto, Canada    
567. Annie Koshi New Delhi, India    
568. Sandeep K Delhi, India    
569. Jonathan Luther London, United Kingdom    
570. Peter Alexander Johannesburg, South Africa Nandini is a brilliant sociologist and very principled. These are clearly trumped up charges and I urge all academics to sign the petition.  
571. Tina Uys Johannesburg, South Africa    
572. Arundhati Dhuru Lucknow, India    
573. Prakash Bhandari Kangra, India    
574. Runu Chakraborty Ghaziabad, India    
575. Ketaki Ghoge Mumbai, India The autocratic and muscle flexing by the Chattisgarh government against activists and academicians has to stop. The credibility of academics like Prof Sunday are above par..these strong arm tactics are a blot on democracy  
576. Swati Seth Lucknow, India    
577. Michael Nijhawan Toronto, Canada    
578. Prasad Khanolkar Toronto, Canada    
579. lungisile ntsebeza cape town, South Africa  
580. Indu


New Delhi, India  
581. Rebecca Durand London, United Kingdom Stop this miscarriage of justice.
582. Rajshree Chandra Delhi, India  
583. Keval Arora NOIDA, India  
584. Usha Varadarajan New Delhi, India  
585. Jeevan Kumar HYDERABAD, India All the cases are fabricated.The Police vengeful on these people as they are exposing the lawless behaviour of police and the State
586. Bibhas Saha Norwich, United Kingdom  
587. Amit Kumar New Delhi, India The IG Kalluri and other policemen are found to be involved in killings of Adivasi and others. There must be quick investigation in that matter. The Govt must accept their mistake and withdraw the false cases fabricated against people raising real people’s issues.
588. Lyla Mehta Brighton, United Kingdom May justice prevail. It is shocking that these false charges are being made against respected academics and activists so committed to social justice
589. Corinne Lefevre Paris, France  
590. j punwani mumbai, India  
591. Laetitia Zecchini Paris, France  
592. george p new delhi, India  
593. Rosemary C Montreal, Canada  
594. Claudia Ortu Cagliari, Italy  
595. Mahlodi monhla linden, South Africa  
596. Arul


Chennai, India Most unfortunate that India has to see such patent injustice and muscling, and silencing of voices of dissent.
597. nicolas jaoul paris, France  
598. Anil Sadgopal Bhopal, India By charging those who question the violation of the Constitution by the state, the government is framing charges against the democracy’s core spirit i.e. dissent.
599. Sujit Sinha Bangalore, India  
600. Virginie Dutoya Pessac, France  
601. Vaishnavi Mahurkar Bangalore, India  
602. Dhwani Vij Delhi, India  
603. Jayaram N Bangalore, India  
604. Gayatri Chatterjee Pune, India  
605. swayamprava parhi bhubaneswar, India  
606. Deepti Sachdev Delhi, India  
607. Niharika Singh Mumbai, India  
608. ARUN BANSOD Thane (West), India  
609. zoe dowlen luzern, Switzerland  
610. nina rao new delhi, India  
611. Saba Dewan Gurgaon, Haryama, India  
612. Githa Hariharan New Delhi, India  
613. shivaditya sen santiniketan, India  
614. Lisa Thomas mumbai, India  
615. Gillian Hart Berkeley, CA  
616. Deepthi Thota Hydeeabad, India  
617. Baljeet Kaur Mumbai, India  
618. Lisa Zazzarino Neuwied, Germany  
619. Parboni Bose Delhi, India  
620. Shreya Ila Anasuya Delhi, India  
621. suryamani mishra bhubaneswar, India withdraw allcharges against.accademics and activists falsely.accused by chattisgarh police
622. Rahul Roy Gurgaon, India  
623. Maneka Khanna Delhi, India  
624. mohammad imran ringwood, NJ These are false charges on academics who were not in the area. they are made to harass them.
625. Aabha


Kozhikode, India  
626. Abha Dev Habib Delhi, India  
627. Margrit Pernau Berlin, Germany  
628. Parthapratim Dasgupta Chandannagar, India  
629. Nakul Sawhney New Delhi, India  
630. Ahonaa Roy Mumbai, India  
631. subha sarkar Kolkata, India  
632. Ravi Palat Vestal, NY  
633. Anatya Vallabh Noida, India  
634. Manorath Phalke Pune, India  
635. Nitin Varghese Bhopal, India  


636. Abhivyakti Patil Mumbai, India  
637. Mohammed

zeeshan Ayyub

Mumbai, India  
638. Neeta Ratwani Mumbai, India  
639. Arushi Chugh Delhi, India  
640. Poonam Dadlani Bangalore, India  
641. Rumela S Ithaca, NY  
642. Geoffrey PLeyers Gemmenich, Belgium University of Louvain
643. Aditya Bansod San Francisco, CA  
644. Ravinder Kaur Copenhagen, Denmark  
645. David                                  Berkeley, CA  


646. Luisa Steur Heeswijk-Dinther, Netherlands  
647. Atreyee Sen Copenhagen, Denmark  
648. Sruthi M London, United Kingdom  
649. Suchismita Mohanty New Delhi, India  
650. Dr Kanchana N Ruwanpura Edinburgh, United Kingdom  
651. Morten Sjaastad Brighton, United Kingdom  
652. Amit Shah Somerville, MA  
653. sandhya shaily bhopal, India  
654. Michelle Williams Johannesburg, South Africa  
655. Kathleen England Gloucester, United Kingdom  
656. Moyra Samuels London, United Kingdom  
657. Laura Phillips New York, NY  
658. Tore Holst Copenhagen, Denmark  
659. Paw Hyrland Valby, Denmark  
660. Marcelle D Dunedin, New Zealand  
661. sushmita nath leipzig, Germany  
662. Kasim Hansia Singapore, Singapore  
663. Srirupa Roy Goettingen, Germany  
664. Riti Karnad New York, NY  
665. iona gorringe oxford, United Kingdom please withdraw the murder charges and look into what is in fact going on.
666. Padma Thuse Sutton Coldfield, United Kingdom  
667. Fabiano Escher Porto Alegre, Brazil  
668. Cornie


Capegate, South Africa  
669. Antonio


Toronto, Canada It is unacceptable to intimidate any person, including academics or journalists committed to transparency and justice
670. Shailaja Paik Cincinnati, OH  
671. Caterina Guenzi Paris, France  
672. Jaspreet Singh Edmonton, Canada  
673. Divya Bhagia Allston, MA  
674. Kelly Young København S, Denmark  
675. Hirdaynath Patwari Jammu., India Dissent is integral aspect of the freedom of expression.
676. Selvi Mano Chennai, India  
677. Meena Dhanda WOlverhampton, United Kingdom  
678. Amita Malik Champain, IL  
679. Magdalen Gorringe Birmingham, United Kingdom  
680. Henry Schreiber Calgary, Canada  
681. Anjali Monteiro Mumbai, India  
682. Ritambhara Shastri Delhi, India  
683. Rosa SundarMaccagno Toronto, Canada  
684. Freny Manecksha Thane, India These activists and academicians have fpight for rights of activists through their writings and raising concerns through all legal options. Such unwarranted charges

against them must be dropped

685. Ardhendu chatterjee Chandannagar, India  
686. C.N.


Bangalore, India  
687. Sharbari


West Bloomfield, MI  


688. Najid Hussain Bear, DE  
689. Aditi Chowdhury Kolkata, India  
690. Aditi Lele Fayetteville, AR Illusion of the democracy.
691. G. Arunima New Delhi, India I am outraged at the manner in which activists and scholars are being framed and persecuted for their involvement in peaceful, democratic activities. This is utterly condemnable. Difference and dissent cannot be silenced in this manner!
692. Vikas Rawal New Delhi, India  
693. sabina mehta


new delhi, India  
694. Ameet


New Delhi, India  
695. James Mutti Colorado Springs, CO  
696. Chirashree Das Gupta New Delhi, India  
697. Harjinder (Laltu) Singh Hyderabad, India  
698. Franson Manjali New Delhi, India Activists are not criminals…
699. Kumkum Roy new delhi, India  
700. Shamini Kothari Ahmedabad, India  
701. prabhat sharan Mumbai, India Democracy in India is just a charade and a veneer that hides a fascist state. The country is being run by corporates wanting to pillage the forests with the help of security forces and thugs marauding the village paths wearing a cloak of nationalists. What we are witnessing is Mccarthyism in action.
702. Archana Dixit New Delhi, India  
703. Udaya Kumar New Delhi, India  
704. Atul Bhardwaj New Delhi, India  
705. Sunit Arora New delhi, India  


NEW DELHI, India  
707. Sethupathy Subramaniam Doha, Qatar  
708. Puneet Bedi New Delhi, India  
709. Kiran Konkipudi Visakhapatnam, India Charges Must withdrawn immediately
  1. Gowhar Fazili Ghaziabad, India
  2. Deyanira Mexico City, Mexico

Gonzalez de Leon

  1. Vidya New Delhi, India


713. Agrima Verma Delhi, India    
714. Vikas Bajpai New Delhi, India To get cowed down to thuggery is less than human  
715. Ishita Banerjee Mexico City, Mexico    
716. Gayathri Devi V G Vellayambalam, India    
717. Anju M L New Delhi, India    
718. Nupur Chowdhury Delhi, India    
719. Nirupa Rao Bangalore, India    
720. Pritham K


Chennai, India    
721. Aquib Jamal Hyderabad, India    
722. Meghna J Mumbai, Honduras    
723. Naveen Gaur Delhi, India    
724. Rukma Prince Jaipur, India    
725. shreyas kulkarni pune, India    
726. Mritiunjoy Mohanty Kolkata, India    
727. Urmimala Sarkar New Delhi, India    
728. Pallavi Arora Delhi, India    
729. omar badsha cape town, South Africa    
730. Arindam Roy IIT, India    
731. Sharad Upasani Mumbai, India    
732. Supriya Varma New Delhi, India    
733. Lousigam

Rajprabin Singh

imphal east, India    
734. Brinda Bose Gurgaon, India    
735. Nishtha Jain Mumbai, India    
736. Siddhi Pendke Mumbai, India    
737. Rohit Varman DH Road, India    
738. Dipta Bhog new delhi, India    
739. Héloïse Nio Paris, France    
740. Tapati


Kolkata, India    
741. Satyaki Roy Noida, India    
742. Satyajit Singh New Delhi, India    
743. Surajit Mazumdar New delhi, India    
744. AVINASH Kumar Delhi, India This is a draconian step by the government and certainly worse than the emergency!! #Save democracy!  
745. Veena Johari Mumbai, India    
746. Madhava Prasad Madiraju Hyderabad, India  
747. Devi Vijay Kolkata, India  
748. Arunima G new delhi, India I am outraged at the manner in which activists and scholars are being framed and persecuted for their involvement in peaceful, democratic activities. This is utterly condemnable. Difference and dissent cannot be silenced in this manner!
749. Andrew deSouza Mumbai, India  
750. Subasri Krishnan New Delhi, India  
751. Tejaswini Niranjana Bangalore, India  
752. Dulal Krishna Basu Calcutta, India  
753. Rammanohar Reddy Hyderabad, India Outrageous and part of a systematic effort to stifle any questioning of the state
754. Sowmya Kidambi Hyderabad, India  
755. ANUP SINHA Kolkata, India  
756. Suchetana


Kolkata, India  
757. Baidik


Delhi, India  
758. Reetika Khera Delhi, India  
759. Jennifer Cohen Cincinnati, OH  
760. Anu Gulati Gurgaon, India  
761. Arif Hayat Nairang Minneapolis, MN  
762. Pradip Sarkar melbourne, Australia  
763. Kirti Singh New Delhi, India  
764. Rukmini


Delhi, India  
765. rahul vaidya new delhi, India  
766. Tarminder Kaur Bloemfontein, South Africa  


Kolkata, India  
768. Saibal Bishnu Kolkata, India This vindictive action against the academics should put to an end
769. Sureshika Piyasena Sai Kung, Hong Kong  
770. Aminah M Paris, France  
771. Fathima Rf Bangalore, India    
772. Mary Mathai Chavannes, Switzerland    
773. Kranthi Nanduri Kolkata, India    
774. Ojaswita Sharma Delhi, India    
775. Radhika C Mumbai, India    
776. Sangeeta Ghosh Mumbai, India    
777. Maria Suriano Johannesburg, South Africa    
778. Nandan Nawn New Delhi, India    
779. Susan


New Delhi, India    
780. Mohammad


palampur, India Support activist falsely implicated in this scam of a FIR  
781. Upashana Khanikar Tezpur, India    
782. hridesh


Nagpur, India State oppression against academic and civil society groups.  
783. Jayshri Kannan Delhi, India    
784. Puja Rani Delhi, India    
785. Haridas KPN Bangalore, India    
786. Andrew


Lisboa, Portugal    
787. Joby Joseph Hyderabad, India    
788. Gita Subramanian Bangalore, India    
789. Tanny Sierra New Delhi, India    
790. seema mahi Noida, India    
791. Prithibi Pratibha Gogoi Tezpur, India    
792. ANNIE PRASAD Ahmedabad, India    
793. Sambit Mallick Guwahati, India    
794. Birgith Nesgaard Vesterborg, Denmark    
795. Tara Sapru Bangalore, India    
796. Carin Runciman Johannesburg, South Africa    
797. Christopher Pinney Cambridge, United Kingdom    
798. Trupti Abhyankar Abhyankar Bangalore, India    
799. Himadri Mistri Delhi, India    


800. Tobias Berger Berlin, Germany    
801. Kali Chitti Babu New Delhi, India Withdraw all charges against academics and activists falsely accused by Chhattisgarh police  
802. Manish Kumar Leipzig, Germany    
803. Yasmin Matthan Bangalore, India    
804. Julien Levesque Paris, France    
805. Renu Dinakar Gurgaon, India Academics are law abiding citizens, they are not criminals  
806. PADDINGTON MUTEKWE Johannesburg, South Africa    
807. Dinakar N Gurgaon, India Leave academicians alone  
808. Sachidanand Sinha New Delhi, India    
809. JANAKI NAIR new delhi, India    
810. Saif Khalid Doha, Qatar    
811. gurpreet singh New Delhi, India    
812. RAJESH DEY Noida, India    
813. Priyanshu Gupta Kolkata, India    
814. Jesim Pais New Delhi, India    
815. Navpreet Kaur New Delhi, India    
816. Anamitra


New Delhi, India    
817. imrana qadeer New Delhi, India    
818. Santosh Verma Azamgarh, India    
819. Deepanjan Krishnan Delhi, India Highly condemnable  
820. pavani p sonepat, India    
821. Benu Mohanlal Gurgaon, India    
822. Debabrata Pal New Delhi, India    
823. PRADEEP SHINDE New Delhi, India    
824. Ronald Thangeo Delhi, India    
825. Lindiwe Dovey London, United Kingdom    
826. varalakshmi puduru Proddatur, India This is nothing but silencing democratic voice and truth  
827. Nizar T K A Chennai, India    
828. Rahul Varman Kanpur, India    
829. Lauren Pyott London, United Kingdom    
830. Apurba Goswami Kolkata, India  
831. ram mohan hyderabad, India sham of law, shame to democracy
832. Yasmeen Jahan Delhi, India  
833. B Saha Kolkata, India  
834. Disha Pandey New Delhi, India  
835. Mary John Delhi, India  
836. Dr Ian Macqueen Ekurhuleni, South Africa  
837. Henry Bernstein London, United Kingdom I am shocked by the arrest of Prof Nandini Sundar and others, its context and its pretext. It can only harm the reputation of India in the international academic community unless she and others are freed and charges against them dropped.

My titles are

(i) Professor Emeritus of Development Studies, School of

Oriental and African S tudies, University of London (ii) Adjunct Professor, College of Humanities and

Development, China Agricultural University, Beijing

838. Kalpana Viswanath Gurgaon, India  
839. Sarah Duff Johannesburg, South Africa  
840. Sudeep T P Payyannur, India  
841. M Ramgotra London, United Kingdom  
842. Sanya S Oxford, United Kingdom  
843. Luke Mendes Mumbai, India Do not falsely accuse anyone and release all innocent people from prison including the Tribals and Arrest the Corporate Mafia. And please send the ministers in charge there to prison soon.
844. Amanpreet Kaur New Delhi, India  
845. Dunu Roy New Delhi, India  
846. Swathysree S S Kolkata, India  
847. Thomas Marois London, United Kingdom  
848. Simona Vittorini London, United Kingdom  
849. Niloy Ganguly kolkata, India  
850. Akhila Vasan Bangalore, India  
851. Ratnaprasad Amarthaluri Guntur, India Withdrawal forthwith false case


852. Lawrence Cohen Berkeley, CA  
853. G Shanker Chennai, India  
854. Bhavna Dave London, United Kingdom  
855. Dr. Ambrose Pinto Bangalore, India To be on the side of the tribals and the poor and to denounce state and corporate violence on them is not anti-national.
856. vandana mahajan Bangalore, India may sanity and humanity previal upon those who are bent upon undermining the democratic rights of us as citizens to live and speak with freedom andseek accountablity
857. Cleo Roberts Cambridge, United Kingdom  
858. Padmini Mongia Lancaster, PA  
859. Ilina Acharya NEW DELHI, India  
860. Shubha Pal bahl Gurgaon, India  
862. Sivalakshmi Pattem Hyderabad, India  
863. Dolores Chew Westmount, Canada Stop the stifling of dissent. Freedom of speech and expression is a hallmark of vibrant democracy.
864. Nivedita Menon Delhi, India  
865. Lauren Basson Johannesburg, South Africa  
866. Dhruva Narayan Delhi, India  
867. Mitchel Hunter Johannesburg, South Africa  
868. arvind das Bangalore, India the whole thing is farce Fascism is knocking on the door
869. Vandana Sharma Kolkata, India  
870. Tautik Das Bangalore, India  
871. Githanjali Bharathi Hyderabd, India This is agains the brutal undemocratic actions on democtates writers rights activists who are supporting and standing beside the oppressed tribals and other downtradden peiole in india
872. Nithya Natarajan London, United Kingdom  
873. Rita Acosta Montreal, Canada  
874. Brinda Dutt Gurgaon, India  
875. lakhbir khunkhun Vancouver, Canada  
876. BRP BHASKAR THIRUVANANTHAPURAM,Slapping false murder charges on human rights defenders

India                                           is reprehensible

877. Janet Lumb Montreal, Canada


878. Twinkle Siwach New Delhi, India  
879. Mukund Jha NEW DELHI, India  
880. Jai Sen New Delhi, India  
881. Kamakshi Amar Bhanupratappur, India  
882. Sumaira K uttar pradesh, India  
883. Anu Ramanujan Singapore, Singapore  
884. Frank Matose Cape Town, South Africa This is totally outrageous and unacceptable
885. Tirlochan Singh New Delhi, India It is a pity that even today, in independent India, we haul up human right protectors. This shocks our conscience and must stop.
886. Jane Barrett Johannesburg, South Africa  
887. Parag Banerjee New delhi, India  
888. nina lewin Johannesburg, South Africa Academic hold a important role in working with group and this is what is expected . In particular rape and a culture that promotes or accepts rape in any circumstances is unacceptable in law and in ethics
889. shahrukh alam Noida, India  
890. Muhamed


Baroda, India  
891. Gurpreet Singh Delta, Canada  
892. Ponnarasu S Namakkal, India I stand with Prof Nandini
893. Mujtaba


Pune, India  
894. Titli Sen Mumbai, India  
895. Naïké


st maur des fossés, France In solidarity, with love and rage.
896. Indumathi S BANGALORE, India  
897. Charlotte Thomas Paris, France  
898. lenakumar kumar chennai, India  
899. Shashi Sharma. Delhi., India  
900. Sadeqa Siddiqui D.D.O, Canada  
901. Debashree Mukherjee New York, NY  
902. Navtej Johal Langley, Canada  
903. Mehala Pondicherry, India Shanmugasundaram  
904. Mohammad Syed         Montreal, Canada  
905. Ishita Pande Kingston, Canada    
906. Richard Alexander London, United Kingdom    
907. Adele Kirsten Johannesburg, South Africa    
908. Moumita Sen Oslo, Norway I strongly condemn the witch-hunt of academics and activists.  
909. Usha


Bangalore, India    
910. ajay skaria Minneapolis, MN    
911. Jean Chapman St Paul-d’Abbotsford, Canada    
912. Vanja Hamzic London, United Kingdom    
913. Evelyn Calugay Lasalle, Canada    
914. Keshav Desiraju Chennai, India    
915. Arantxa Talukdar Delhi, India    
916. SUMIT KUMAR Delhi, India    
917. BHAGATH SINGH chennai, India    
918. Sonja


Pune, India    
919. Elizabeth Hull London, United Kingdom    
920. Dwaipayan


New Delhi, India    
921. Samantha Agarwal Baltimore, MD    
922. Taruna Jain Delhi, India    
923. Dianne


Brooklyn, NY    
924. Navaneetha Mokkil Delhi, India    
925. Michelle Gumede Johannesburg, South Africa    
926. Deepak Thuse Egham, United Kingdom    
927. somasekhara sarma kurnool, India    
928. Debjani sengupta Delhi, India    


930. Iram Ghufran Delhi, India    
931. Monica Nanjunda Bangalore, India    
932. Flavia Aiello Napoli, Italy    
933. Sanchita Khurana panipat, India    
934. Priyanka Basu London, United Kingdom    
935. Thanuja Mummidi Pondicherry, India    
936. Joy P new haven, CT    
937. Paris Yeros São Paulo, Brazil    
938. Subodh Sharan Gupta Wardha, India Anguished at the way things are moving in the country.  
939. Mukul Apte Delhi, India    
940. Vidyadhar Bangal Loni, India No innocent should be punished in a democratic country.  
941. Ritu Khanduri Coleyville, TX    
942. sangam SG Sawai madhepor, India    
943. Senija C. London, United Kingdom    
944. Martin Aranguren Montreuil, France    
945. MAHARGHYA CHAKRABORTY Kolkata, India    
946. NATARAJAN, K chennai, India சத்தீஸ்கர் மாநிலத்தில் பழங்குடி மக்களுக்கு ஆதரவாக செயல்பட்ட பேராசிரியர்கள் மற்றும் கள செயல்பாட்டாளர்கள் மீது போலி வழக்குகளை அம்மாநில காவல் துறை புனைந்துள்ளது. ஜேன்யு பேராசிரியர்கள் நந்தினி சுந்தர், அர்ச்சனாபிரசாத், செயல்பாட்டாளர்கள் வினீத்திவாரி, சஞ்சய் பாராடே (சி.பி.ஐ (எம்) உள்ளிட்டோர் மீது பழங்குடி ஒருவரை கொலை செய்ததாக குற்றம் சாட்டியுள்ளது. சத்தீஸ்கர் மாநிலத்தில் மக்களுக்கு எதிராக செயல்படும் காவல்துறை, துணைராணுவம், அரசின் அராஜகத்தை கண்டித்து செயல்பட்டுவரும் பத்திரிக்கையாளர், வழக்கறிஞர், ஆய்வாளர்கள், சமூக செயல்பாட்டாளர்கள் மீதான அரசின் தாக்குதல் அதிகரித்துவருகிறது. பஸ்தார் பகுதியில் அரசு மேற்கொள்ளும் அராஜகத்தை கண்டிப்போம். கீழே உள்ள இணைப்பில் கையொப்பமிட்டு நமது ஆதரவை தெரிவிப்போம்.  
947. Dibyendu Chaudhuri Adra, India    
948. Abhiraman P.K Kozhikode, India    
949. Mukul Kesavan New Delhi, India    
950. Andrew Newsham London, United Kingdom    
951. chandrasekhar alur ananthapuramu, India    
952. Freedom Mazwi Harare, Zimbabwe    
953. vasantha A S New Delhi, India    
954. Ajay Raina Srinagar, India    
955. Sa. Venkatesh Chennai, India Undemocratic ……….  
956. D Uday Bhanu Hyderabad, India    
957. Jayashree Borah Delhi, India    
958. Gauri Gill New Delhi, India    
959. Penny Bacon Didsbury, Canada    
960. Anahita Sarabhai New York, NY    
961. Ratnpriya Mishra Delhi, India    
962. Anushka Shah Mumbai, India    
963. Mona Mishra Delhi, India    
964. Neha S University of Exeter, United Kingdom    
965. Zulaikha Jabeen Shahdara New Delhi, India Withdraw all charges against academics and activists falsely accused by Chhattisgarh police  
966. Dev Desai Ahmedabad, India I support academic freedom  
967. Meghant udan B oise, FL    
968. Saachi D’souza Ahmedabad, India    
969. manjari lakshmi vijayawada, India    
970. Nadia Sitas cape Town, South Africa    
971. Kankana Trivedi Guwahati, India We are not away from calling ourselves ‘hindu pakistan’. Free them!!  
972. Ajay Tannirkulam bangalore, India    
973. Narayanaswamy Venkatayogi Princeton, NJ    
974. Gangadharan Menon Mumbai, India    
975. Lawrence Simte New Delhi, India    
976. Sachin Sourabh Delhi, India    
977. Gilbert Achcar London, United Kingdom    
978. Tauseef Hamid Mukadam Bangalore, India    
979. Gurman Singh Delhi, India    
980. Frank Saptel Toronto, Canada  
981. Kranthi Kumar Kalamandala Mumbai, India  
982. Michele Bazner Highland, MI  
983. Ashley Schweiss Schertz, TX  
984. Utkarsh Mishra New Delhi, India  
985. Mariana Lukacova Moldava Nad

Bodvou, Slovakia

986. Purwa Bansod Bedminster, NJ  
987. Sabrina White Stevensville, MI  
988. Amitabha


Delhi, India  
989. CHANDNI BHAMBHANI Bengaluru, India  
990. Utsa Sarmin Cambridge, United Kingdom  
991. Albert BARTON Navi Mumbai, India  
992. Goknur Mars DELHI, India  
993. bhavana Goparaju Rochester, MN  
994. mimi Pachuau Aizawl, India  
995. Cody Beckley Port Hueneme, CA  
996. Rajarshi Dasgupta New Delhi, India  
997. Bidisha Mahanta Gurgaon, India  
998. Saatchi Sen Mumbai, India This is wrong. These people have spoken out against state sponsored violence and tried to help indigenous people in a region where their government, who should be protecting them and their rights, are actively destroying them. This is not the way a democracy works. This is not the India our freedom fighters fought for.
999. Maria Couto Goa, India  
1,000. Shireen Qureishi Mumbai, India  
1,001. Valli Rao Bangalore, India  
1,002. Sandra Vito Valencia, Spain  
1,003. Ashish Kajla DELHI, India  
1,004. Connie Clarke Gunderman, Australia  
1,005. Shahrzad Arshadi Verdun, Canada  
1,006. Jennifer Jackson TAMPA, FL  
1,007. B Ramakrishna Secunderabad, India  
1,008. Madhav Dhingra Cambridge, MA    
1,009. bikram sen mumbai, India The tree of liberty needs to be nurtured from time to time by the blood of matyrs. ….. Jefferson  
1,010. SHADAB anis NEW DELHI, India the intellectuals, scholars and the activists are talking about the rights of the minority, tribal oppressed and women. in india the fascism are in rise, the state becomes the fascist and supporting the capitalist, and the symptoms of right is prevailing in India. the state is threatened by these progressive forces because they academically challenges indian state and its repressive apparatuses inside and outside state. they all become the voice against oppression so state is trying to make false charges to suppress the voices.  
1,011. Nivedita Sen Mumbai, India    
1,012. Katyayani


Warangal, India    
1,013. Kerim Friedman Shoufeng, Taiwan    
1,014. Riddhi P Bangalore, India    
1,015. Patricia Landolt TOronto, Canada    
1,016. Paige Twining Ithaca, NY    
1,017. Nayana


Ghaziabad, India    
1,018. Chinar Shah Bangalore, India    
1,019. Krishna Chari Thiruvanmiyur, Chennai, India This is Fascism at work.  
1,020. Jyotsna Singh Delhi, India In solidarity with people fighting for the rights of common people.  
1,021. Rani Ray New Delhi, India    
1,022. Mario Moore New York, NY    
1,023. Arudra Burra New Delhi, India    
1,024. Bhuman Bhuman Tirupati, India    
1,025. Pushpendra Kumar Patna, India    
1,026. Melanie Samson Johannesburg, South Africa    
1,027. pandian pandi Chennai, India கண்டிக்கதக்கது…  
1,028. Chaitali


Gurgaon, India Please withdraw all false charges!  
1,029. Jagdish Patel Vadodara, India    
1,030. Bharathi Antony Pondicherry, India    


1,031. Shashwati T Zhixue, Shoufeng,

Hualien 97401,


Illegal and repressive.
1,032. ramana


hyderabad, India  
1,033. Alladi Sitaram Bangalore, India  
1,034. Kumar Rajesh Delhi, India The Land is Sacred; It belongs to the countless numbers who are dead, the few who are living and multitude of those yet to be born. We must fight for the justice of those who are dead, living and are yet to be born. In solidarity with the comrades by whom the state have become so fearful….
1,035. Shantanu Nevrekar Delhi, India  
1,036. Suchitra Mathur Kanpur, India  
1,037. purendra prasad Hyderabad, India  
1,038. Ritwik Agrawal Columbia, MO  
1,039. Ammu Sanyal New Delhi, India  
1,040. Nisar Ali Sayyed Mumbai, India Stop revenge politics and be fair with citizens of this country and withdraw false charges .
1,041. Vinod Pandit Noida, India  
1,042. Deepak Kumar Uttam Nagar, New Delhi, India raise voice for common citizens of nation , scholars for democracy and solidarity
1,043. Bharath


Northridge, CA  
1,044. Rajesh


Kolkata, India  
1,045. Charu Sawhney University of delhi, India  
1,046. P.P. Chauhan Delhi, India Filing of FIRs is an atrocious act.
1,047. Poonam A Syracuse, NY  
1,048. Aswathy Senan Delhi, India  
1,049. Indraneel


Kolkata, India  
1,050. Sharvari Barsode Croydon, United Kingdom  
1,051. Selvyn Jussy Kolkata, India  
1,052. Shanmugam Velu Hackney, United Kingdom  
1,053. SUDHA Chennai, India  


1,054. Mukai J Johannesburg, South Africa  
1,055. Kaarika Das Delhi, India  
1,056. Habib Khan BILASPUR, India  
1,057. KULDIP SAHDEV New Delhi, India  
1,058. Ramya Maddali Tirupati, India  
1,059. Radhika


New Delhi, India  
1,060. Sampath Pillai Bangalore, India  
1,061. Marjorie


Bangalore, India  
1,062. Madhurima Nundy Delhi, India  
1,063. Ankita Pandey Oxford, United Kingdom  
1,065. Niti S Lucknow, India  
1,066. Charu Rajaram Bangalore, India  
1,067. Vinod Krishen Khanna New Delhi 110068, India  
1,069. Bhupesh Kumar Delhi, India  
1,070. Nalini Murthy Bangalore, India Stop intimidating right minded folks.
1,071. carol rao Bangalore, India  
1,072. Kausalya Gopal Bangalore, India  
1,073. Rashmi Varma London, United Kingdom  
1,074. Amit Misra Lucknow, India  
1,075. Srinivas Gopal bangalore, India  
1,076. Sepuri Seshaiah Anantapur, India It is the state intention to criminalize democratic voice and silence the academics
1,077. manoj rajeshwar shamli, India I m with u
1,078. Patricia Hayes Cape Town, South Africa  
1,079. Sudha N Bangalore, India  
1,080. G Ramdev Hyderabad, India Immediately withdraw all the charges on the academicians and social activists
1,081. Souradeep Roy Delhi, India  
1,082. Gajanan Phutke BIlaspur, India  
1,083. Bhaskar Barua Guwahati, India This assault on two academics is outrageous and intolerable.
1,084. SANJIV


Birmingham, AL  


1,085. Nitya Rao                            Norwich, United Kingdom

1,086. Srivatsa                                 Bangalore, India


1,087. JOICE        ERNAKULAM, VARGHESE                KERALA, India

1,088. Aditi Nadgauda                 New Delhi, India

The attack on the academicians and other activists is totally outrageous.
1,089. cns yazulu                            hyderabad, India

1,090. Malcolm Guy                      Montréal, Canada

1,091. Ravi Kant Tagore               Gurgaon, India

1,092. Kathinka F                           Oslo, Norway

1,093. Caroline Yezer                   Canbridge, MA

1,094. Rajesh                                   Chennai, India


judicial enquiry with supreme court sitting judge required
1,095. raj maini jammu, India  
1,096. Ayushi Khemka ksklsl, India  
1,097. Aastha Bhatt San Francisco, CA  
1,098. Paramjit Sahai Chandigarh, India  
1,099. Akanksha Pandey New delhi, India  
1,100. Amiti Sen Delhi, India  
1,101. Padmaja Shaw Hyderabad, India The charges are patently false. People who are asking for peace and human rights in Chhattisgarh are being targeted with false cases like this.
1,102. Michelle Smith Montreal, Canada  
1,103. Atreyee Majumder Toronto, Canada  
1,104. Prathima Nalabolu Hyderbad, India The importance of keeping the government and its atrocities in check cannot be more emphasized than in this period of a right wing government rule which is crushing any form of dissent
1,105. Nina Karra Andheri West Mumbai, India  
1,106. Natasha K USA, NY  
1,107. mangilal karir New Delhi, India  
1,108. Nirmala


harrow, United Kingdom  
1,109. Sedef Arat-Koc Toronto, Canada  
1,110. Sujatha V New Delhi, India  
1,111. Kshitij Yadav Indore, India  
1,112. Loic Artiaga Limoges, France  
1,113. Eleanor Newbigin London, United Kingdom    
1,114. Pronab Ranjan Dasgupta Bangalore, India This is outrageous. All must protest.  
1,115. Anand Srivastava New Delhi, India This is a cooked up charge  
1,116. pushpa surendra Mysore, India    
1,117. Geeta R. Delhi, India    
1,118. Hakim K S New Delhi, India    
1,119. Vijay Rao Centreville, VA    
1,120. Kirti Deolekar Mumbai, India High-handedness of the govt to use police & other agencies for self goals should not be tolerated at all.  
1,121. Aparna Goel Mumbai, India Such vindictive behaviour is highly deplorable  
1,122. Oishik Sircar Kolkata, India    
1,123. Anupama Kelkar Mumbai, India    
1,124. chennakeshu


Bangalore, India    
1,125. Deepali Prabhat Mumbai, India    
1,126. Arvind Varma Varma New Delhi, India    
1,127. usha


Bengaluru, India    
1,128. Shals Mahajan Bombay, India    
1,129. Ashok Pawar Dist: Osmanabad, India    
1,130. Asmita Rangari New Delhi, India    
1,131. Tasqeen Macchiwalla Bengaluru, India    
1,132. Agnidipto Tarafder Kolkata, India    
1,133. Suredra Mishra New Delhi, India I am pained at the conduct of Chhattisgarh Police in prosecuting such conscientious citizens. This is wanton disregard of law and certainly not the good governors we except from Govt. of Chhattisgarh.  
1,134. Sarbajaya


Kolkata, India    
1,135. Shreya Dutt Kolkata, India    
1,136. Arshia Dhar Ghaziabad, India    
1,138. Soumashree Sen Kolkata, India    
1,139. Somdatta Basak Kolkata, India I sincerely hope this petition adds to the cumulative effort to protect civil rights of innocent citizens and uphold justice in this country.  


1,140. Prabir


Kolkata, India  
1,141. Mugdha Thakur Chapel Hil, NC Our country’s progress depends upon a strong justice system! Protect those who are trying to protect the weakest in society.
1,142. Alex Law Dundee, United Kingdom End the cycle of violence and intimidation
1,143. Bina S Mumbai, India Justice for the citizens of India
1,144. Mettu Ravinder Warangal Urban-Dist, India  
1,145. Aparna Date Mumbai, India  
1,146. Carla Petievich Austin, TX The largest democracy in the world cannot survive this way.
1,147. Sanjay Bhattacherjee Lyon, France A country where law and order is in the hands of the cronies and the corrupt, academics and activists are the mirrors that help maintain sanity in the society. Attempts to implicate them falsely should be foiled as soon as possible.

May justice be uphelp. All my best wishes.

1,148. Gabriela Torres Ruiz Berlin, Germany  
1,149. Aline Calmet Berlin, Germany  
1,150. Julia W Berlin, Germany Lasst es uns gemeinsam schaffen, bitte helft alle mit
1,151. Tanweer Mazhari KOLKATA, India  
1,152. Sanchari Dutta Chowdhury Kolkata, India  
1,153. C. Sathyamala New Delhi, India  
1,154. Laura T. Ciudad de Mexico, Mexico  
1,155. Eckhard Zenker Osterode am Harz, Germany  
1,156. Stéphanie Rewal Paris, France  
1,157. andres jankowski berlin, Germany  
1,158. Samantha Balaton-Chrimes Melbourne, Australia  
1,159. Johannes Kressner Berlin, Germany  
1,161. Saswati Ghosh Kolkata, India  
1,162. Ambika Menon Kochi, India  
1,163. Cosimo Zene London, United Kingdom  
1,164. Moises B. bRASILIA, Brazil  
1,165. Barbara Brockstedt 10625, Germany    
1,166. Francisco Reyes Palma Ciudad de México, Mexico    
1,167. raleigh koritz MINNEAPOLIS, MN    
1,168. Hemalatha Ramani Chennai, India    
1,169. Vaibhav Ramani hyderabad, India    
1,170. Keya Dasgupta Kolkata, India    
1,171. Subhendu Dasgupta Kolkata, India    
1,172. Wing-Kwong Wong Taichung city, Taiwan    
1,173. Sangeeth Sugathan AHMEDABAD, India    
1,174. katta


HYDERABAD, India This is begining of decimating any dissent in university campuses.Let there be countrywide protest.  
1,175. Elizenda Gustavo carcavelos, Portugal    
1,176. Anton Kressner Berlin, Germany    
1,177. Pablo Mukherjee Oxford, United Kingdom    
1,178. Vijay Prashad Hartford, CT    
1,179. Gottfried Messmer Karlsfeld, Germany    
1,180. Vinod C. Khanna Delhi, India Totally unacceptable act by the police  
1,181. Balu D Pondicherry, India    
1,182. Krishnaswamy Sankaran Madurai, India This seems to be a retaliation for the successful legal case taken up by these people against the Salwar Judum. It is harassment of those who are not in line with the State.  


2 thoughts on “Withdraw false charges lodged by Chhattisgarh police against academics and political activists”

  1. This is gross flouting of all democratic norms. It is sort of intimidation tactic , so that none will dare to do anything which the police or ruling party, if it is BJP , does not like; let alone does not want.
    It is total negation of human rights. This must stop forthwith.


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