Population control in Gujarat

Narendra Modi, the architect of a pogrom in which the Vishwa Hindu Parishad mobs killed around two thousand Muslim Indians in 2002, onec made a controversial statement saying that Muslims reproduce so as to turn five of them into twenty five, thus increasing their population. This is conventional wisdom an old cliche of the Hindu right that tries to scare you into believeing that Muslims are going to outnumber Hindus by the time an Indian lands on the moon. Modi later claimed, with intellectual honesty typical of the Hindu right, that he was quoted out of context, that he was merely talking of population control, with no reference to any community in particular. What those of us outside Gujarat didn’t get to know is that he backed up his claim with a ‘massive’ population control programme.

This is said to be Modi’s larger agenda of ‘development’ and ‘progress’ for the Gaurav of Five Crore Gujratis as a strategy to deflect attention from the pogrom and demands for justice, and to keep his voters happy who happily voted him with a huge majority as a reward for the pogrom. But the development strategy does is part of the communal agenda (A state run on the Hindutva agenda has higher GDP…’). In fact, the pogrom continues in ways we don’t usually get to hear about.

If you live in Gujarat, you can obtain a family planning kit from the ration shop free of cost. Amongst other things, it would have Narendra Modi’s photo on the condom packet. They call it “Modi condom” there. Avinash Kumar has sent me the first photograph above. How I’m dying to get a kit, but Avinash says it’s too heavy to be couriered from Ahemdabad to Delhi.

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“He puts his photographs on food packets for those affected by the floods in Surat. Now it is even on condom packets, it is embarrassing,” said Arjun Modhwadia, Congress leader.

But the government says its intentions are noble and even though it has unfortunately got nicknamed the Modi condom, the plan has worked.

“Yes, the chief minister and my photographs are there. But the intention was to make these things available to poor people,” observed Ashok Bhatt, Health Minister. [Central Chronicle]

Ruchir Joshi in the Hindustan Times:

There is a commonly used phrase in Gujarati: “E manas to naago thayi gayo” — literally ‘that man became naked’, meaning he became completely and brazenly shameless. There is no more apt sentence to describe what Narendra Modi and his government have been doing since he took over as Chief Minister five years ago. [Source]

Dionne Bunsha in Frontline:

While the Sangh Parivar prefers to project the Muslim community as one that

is illiterate and underdeveloped, Census data proves the contrary. The 2001 Census shows that the Muslim literacy rate in Gujarat (73.47 per cent) is higher than the Hindu literacy rate (68.31 per cent); and the State average was 69.14 per cent. The annual growth rate of Muslims was 2.7 per cent, slightly higher than the Hindus’ at 2.2 per cent. However, demographer Leela Visaria points out that Kutch and two taluks in Rajkot were not counted in
2001 because of the earthquake and may not have been included in the new Census data. If they were, it would have pushed up the Hindu growth rate.

However, the real problems facing the State are its abysmal sex ratio and infant mortality rates. At 878:1000 in the 0-6 years age group, Gujarat has one of the five worst sex ratios, lower than even Bihar’s 938:1000. It implies that a rather different method of population control is being used. Infant girls are being eliminated soon after they are born. Economist Amartya Sen calls them India’s `missing’ girls. [Source]

18 thoughts on “Population control in Gujarat”

  1. How much does the Imam of the Jamma Masjid pay you to write such propaganda for them?

  2. “Narendra Modi, the architect of a pogrom in which the Vishwa Hindu Parishad mobs killed around two thousand Muslim Indians in 2002”

    Keep screaming a lie again and again, hoping that it will turn into truth! If you guys really believe that Modi was behind this, why dont you try him in the Courts? Is it becoz your pet hate-figure will lose the “bite” if you get exposed?

    The people of Gujarat don’t believe this propoganda and hence have re-elected Modi (and will do so in future too). It’s only US visas which are off-limits to him (due to the vicious lobbying by Pak-funded NGOs in the US) which hardly matters in this day and age of satellite links!!!

  3. Q: What is the differenece between a ‘spontaneous communal riot’ and a ‘pogrom’?
    A: ‘Spontaneous commnunal riots’ happpen when an ‘oppressed’ minority community ‘rise up’ and ‘vent their frustration’ against ‘organized state discrimination’ and the ‘humiliation’ they face at the hand of a brutal majority with creative inputs from their co-religionists across the international border( nothing much- a few consignments of RDX here, guns there, a few thousand crores of counterfeit currency here, a bomb blast there….)
    A ‘pogrom’ on the other hand occurs when the majority community gets fed up with the non-sense and hit back.

  4. First of all, hearty Congratulations Shivam for bringing the “Back to Normal Gujarat” issue to our short lived memories!! And also for an attempt to help every one analyse how so called much needed developmental debate is being politicized to it’s core for strategically leading us to ‘Hitler regime’..

    However, I would like to mention three points:

    that the quotes mentioned, be it by the congres leader or the journalists, to a reader come across more as if ‘look, what this guy is upto, showing his face on things like Condoms too!!’ Yes, talking about condoms is a welcome thing but the way it is being brought into public debate and the political warp and weft it has, is an issue of concern!!

    Another, the title of the packet is “Kalyan Chhab”, comes with a heavy pack of ‘Hinduized’ notions associated with ‘purity’ and ‘pollution’!! Again, leading to a question, Are we really a Secular Democracy?

    Third, Gujarat is a leading state in worst sex ratio, standing fourth to other ‘developed states’ like Punjab and Haryana. The districts having more of Hindu population are contributing the most in skewing the scenario… With the things like ‘Two Child Norm’ being propogated by Mr. Modi and allies, the situation is further going to worsen, especially for the women in the ‘Women Friendly Gujarat’.
    The premises of population control awareness drive are based on ‘How will the men get their wives if there are no women’ (also citing examples from mythological stories), clearly showing the patriarch and gruesome mindset with which such a sensitive and issue of prime concern is dealt!!

  5. The word ‘architect’ is used for Narendra Modi in a variety of ways each one more problem-ridden, if not downright objectionable, than the other. Modi is an ‘architect’ of nothing. A man who unleashes unprecedented and wanton destruction of human life and property cannot be called an ‘architect’ without inviting a notice for libelous usage of the word as it shows the community of architects in very poor light. It would be more appropriate to use a word that would adequately highlight his communal bent of mind or shall we say mindlessnes of this ‘King of the Hindu Hearts’. if your imagination fails you – I can appreciate that your gentle nature isn’t given to aggressive linguistic usage – at least call him a ‘dictator of Gujarat pogrom’. Not ‘architect’ please.

    This bit about ‘Modi condoms’ also leaves me a trifle confused. Is it a kit to prevent the future spawning of the clan of the aforementioned Modis – which, if it is, God be fulsomely praised. But as Sahir Ludhianvi would have said in one of his exceptional poetic moments:

    AasmaaN pe hai Khuda aur zameeN pe hum
    aajkal woh is taraf dekhtaa hai kam

  6. Panini Pothoharvi sahab, hamari khush kismati ki aapnay hamari post pe comment kiya!

    I think your architect point is frivolous one. Look up the dictionary for various uses of the word apart from referring to a particular profession.

    And the condoms bit is very clear. Well, as clear as condoms…

  7. MeiN to Shivam bhai yahi arz kar raha huN ke dictionaries ko badalne ki zaroorat hai. Baaki aap maalik ho.

  8. Vaise ab kya kahooN meri aNgrezi ki lughaat kuchh DaavaaN Dol hi hai. Via BaThiNDaa Kafile ki taraf muRti hai. Aur tis pe ghalatfehmi ye ki kabhi kabhi apni sense of humour pe rashk aata hai. Ab aNjaam bhugat raha huN!

  9. shivam, what are the criteria to apply for a position as a jihadi terrorist in your organisation? having been repeatedly denied housing in jangpura due to being all-kinds-of-meat-eating christian (2 houses), trouble-making journalist (3 houses), and not to forget woman (dont even ask how many houses), i wanted revenge against the next landlord who said to me ‘ek to aap aurat hai aur woh bhi christian’. or the next broker who asks me if outlook is an indian company or mnc. i thought i’d find a christian group to assist me but all are non violent. and duj is not interested in jihad either. please help

  10. To be a jehadi terrorist in my organisation, good Lesley, you have to kill a few nincompoops like me. Better still: kill me and take over my organisation.Bas Rahul ji ka khayal rakhiye ga… Am currently living, parat from living is weird states of mind, in shady Tughlaqabad, and life is a lot more interesting than the Jangpura you long for.

  11. tughlaqabad ka reference reminds me of what another broker said to my colleague. ‘yeh ghar shayad pasand nahi aayega. bahut mohammaden hai’

  12. every morning at about 5 am or so somebody puts on a Maa Santoshi casette so loud that everyone else in Gali No 27 is woken up. Then there’s sometimes a voice: “Vinod bhai! Vinod bhai! Arreeeey Vinod bhaiiii!!!!” Maa Santoshi relents. Time for the muezzin’s call.

  13. Great post!

    We people in tried to stop Modi coming down and blathering his communal jibe !! But Every murderer has free run in Democracy!!

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