Hindu Terrorism


According to the report, Panse’s motive was to avenge the deaths of Hindus killed in terror attacks. Panse was convinced that the mastermind behind these attacks were underworld dons Abu Salem and Dawood Ibrahim.

The report says that Panse was “pained” by the terrorist attacks in Delhi and Varanasi. He felt that Hindus would be “treated as hijras” if they failed to take any action.

Feeling that retaliation was necessary to uphold Hindu honour, Panse decided after the Varanasi blasts to engineer explosions in Muslim-dominated areas in central Maharashtra with the target of killing at least 300-400 Muslims in each incident.

A closer look at all the recent blasts that have occurred in central Maharashtra reveal a pattern which seems to fit with Panse’s plan. All blasts (including the ones in Malegaon on September 8 ) occurred between 1.45pm and 2.00pm at the most prominent mosque in these towns, just after the Friday prayers, when attendance is maximum. [Tehelka]

And as far as hijras are concerned, weren’t they supposed to rule in Kaliyug anyway?

14 thoughts on “Hindu Terrorism”

  1. wow great excuse! like this way every muslim and sikh should also kill hindus in order to keep their honour. After 1947 millions of Christians, Muslims, Sikhs and dalits have been killed. These hindus want to eliminate all minorities so that no body can talk about their slavery past..

  2. What a foolish statement is made. Hindu never had the approach of suppression of religion Throughout History till today. if any religion is termed as the most peaceful & patient in its approach.. Its Hindu. Hinduism as a part of life have always given due weightage to other concern Religion. If by saying of someone.. we can be Hijras..thn damm that Person.Not talking about sikh because I always belief they were never part of any extremism in any course of time apart from tht political High drama of Cong led 1984 & Khalistan movement. In 1947 if some millions of Christians , Muslims & sikh were killed then Hindus were spared either. for every 1 muslim killed, mutilple hindus were choked to death.It even get recorded in the Lord Bennington’s biography. truth always has both side of coin.

  3. I Muslim Can Kill Hindus. Why not we kill them?. They Belive in Killing we will use the same language with them. I apreciate the riot happen in gujarat.

  4. Ajay Swant, you have a typical terrorist mentality. Even Islamic terrorists think like you. ‘They killed us so lets kill them’. Bbari demolishion was a foolish act by hindu extremists to take revenge of things that happened centuries ago. How idiotic these people can get. they want to rule India like paikstan and then they hate pakistan. Get out of your hipocrisy people. Even HIndu history has fights between vishnavas and shivits. they hated each other so much that they destroyed their temples when they went on a war. Hindu history alos has traces of jain massacres. Hindu kings’ history is so old that no proper history is available today. Even Shivaji had 8 wives and these hipocrites cry about polygamy in Islam. India is India and not pakistan because it is ruled by democrats and not extremists. Extremists will make India=pakistan in no time. Stop living in the past and stop dreaming and hallucinating. Live in the present and think about the future

  5. Mr. taranjeet do u know who u r. u r sikh which is made for hindu by ur guru even u cant obey ur guru u r a sick person i hate muslim and thos sikhs who also with them as their gurus told them to keep the hindu & hinduism from muslim one day you will know that why these muslim are not trust worhty then u will sheme on urself.

    you will not see the peace where these mislims lived

  6. A Sikh but an Indian first.
    All here are bloody caught up in so called false propaganda that THEIR religion is not safe in India whether a sikh , muslim , hindu but it must be clear that no religion teaches to kill innocents , if u have gudda that go and kill the ones who are responsible. If justice is not delivered then snach the justice if the attrocities have been inflicted upon u.

  7. Vipin we were not told to keep hindus from muslims can u please do some resherch before talking about things. KHALISTAN ZINDABAD

  8. Muslims. The people of love. Terror is known to them for all centuries. They mourn December 6 as a Black day because as one of their king’s tomb has been destroyed by some hindu mob, they lost their religious essence.

    Well. What about thousands of Hindu Temples got hit and destroyed and devastated by Muslim Barbarians few hundred years before? Hindus need to mourn every day for every temple destroyed by them. But, Hindus are just labeled as Trishuls.

    This is because Muslims have been taught the same way byt their GURUs. To kill and slaughter other religions. Long live the Muslim community.

  9. why not muslim leaders condems terror attacks on general public all around the world including the hindus, crihsts and even muslims. is it good

  10. Hindus are infested by the hatred against fellow Hindu by following Caste System, Hindu will befriend a Muslim but will always hate fellow Hindu because he is of low caste. Khalsa is the only answer to abolish this Caste System.

  11. islam nahi sikhata ki kisi bhi majhab ke logon pe hamle karo.aaj muslmano k masjido pe aatankwadi hamle ho rahe hai uska jimmedar koun? muslmano k ibadatgaho pe jo hamle hote hai uska surag lagana sarkar jaruri nahi samjti ager usi jagah kisi hindu ibadatgaho pe ya kisi dusri jagah dahashtgard hamle huye to muslman noujwano ko jimmedar tharakar hawalat me band kiya jata ahi.kya ko muslman ya hindu apni hi ibatgah par khuni khel khel sakta hai kya? musmano ko juthe mukadamo me fasana ye julm nahi kya ?aaj muslmaan ya aur kisi bhi minorities ke ibadatgah par hamla ho uska jimmedar sangh pariwar kyun nahi ho sakta

  12. You Muslims talk about Babri demolition! Ok, But what about Hindus in Bangladesh and Pakistan when India partitioned. Since Mughal ruled, we continously faced toture and attrocities. And Babar Built that Babri Masjid in Place of our Ram Janmabhoomi. We have the total right to fight for our cause. We dont expect such behavior from India Muslims, who gave rise to Khilafat movement, Muslim league etc. If this continues, then prepare for another riot, bloody Muslims. (HINDU SANGATHITH HO)!!!

  13. @Hindoo(ji), are you naturally this dull or have you achieved that through practice sessions with monkeys? Can you tell in simple terms, except of shouting at others, what do you mean by “our cause”?

    And do you and all those who think in you/we terms of religious beliefs, seriously think that the stupid concept of “Ram Janmabhoomi” (whatever that is) will get you a job, free and transparent education, and treatment at the hospitals where they’re supposed to treat you free of cost? If yes, do see a doctor. You’ll get to take lots of pills that’ll be satisfying for you. And I’ll suggest your names for the Bharat Ratna. You’re truly deserving! :P

  14. you guys are fucked…why do we indians always bring in relegion..w/e happened in the past is past…why the fuck do we styll talk about it..for the motherfckers that dont know about this there are more muslims in india than in pakistan and most of them are very loyal..but if these bloody riots continue to happen from both sides india has no futur..just leave in peace by brothers…god is one ..hindus call him ishwar and muslims call him allah…they are both the same up there:so just live in brotherhood

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