Look who’s leading the campaign against ‘Love Jihad’!


Hindu Mahasabha members protest against ‘love jihad’ in Lucknow (File photo by Vishal Srivastav in The Indian Express)

Right up in front, a police bike. Imagine the level of intimidation. And the brazen implication of state agencies in what Paul Brass described as “institutionalized riot systems.

8 thoughts on “Look who’s leading the campaign against ‘Love Jihad’!”

  1. It is a private bike owned by some cop which the activist has borrowed. Do not read more into it.


    1. Yes of course, the fact that a “private bike” of a cop can be marked as “Police” and used for the purpose of intimidating minorities does not bother you at all. You think it did not occur to me that he could be a friend or family member of a cop? This is the level of normalization of Hindutva violence among those who claim not to be Hindutvavaadis themselves. I’m waiting for the further deluge of comments that will begin “I am no supporter of Modi or Hindutva, but this is only X, dont read too much into it.”
      If you look like it, sound like it, and defend it, my friend, you ARE it.
      Then of course, there will be those others, poison-spewing Hindutvavaadis quite proud to identify themselves as such. Dont waste your time here.

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      1. I agree. Of course it’s an issue as it shows how fearless they are. They have no fear the police will pull them up on it.


      2. “This is the level of normalization of Hindutva violence among those who claim not to be Hindutvavaadis themselves.” Unfortunate, but so damn true. Couldn’t have put it more aptly Nivedita!


  2. The police label is neither here nor there. As a child who was born and brought up in Patna, I saw all kinds of vehicles having blue or red lights.

    What is odd is why are they so brazen in a state run by secular folks. I cud have understood if it was in Gujjuriot……


    1. tu – Yes, really simple. Or simple-minded?
      And Majumdar, how do you retain any illusions about “secular” parties in this climate of competitive communalism? And after Muzaffarnagar?


  3. If the number plate of that bike is visible in the original picture, then make that number plate public too, so that the policeman, to whom this bike was given, can be forced by media shaming to be made accountable.


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