25 thoughts on “We the people of India, Reject the Citizenship Amendment Bill”

  1. India is not the property of RSS that we have to tolerate their torture… forward move to UN

  2. Modi/Amit Shah should be impeached and thereafter tried for committing an act of treason by violating the Secular Constitution of India

    1. Seems there is deliberate attempt through this bill to divide the nation on religious grounds and whip up pseudo Hindutva agenda to garner support of illiterate citizens of our Country

    1. Please take that extra few seconds to read the whole thing. It’s in the form of the Preamble of course, but the words are different.

      1. extraordinary wordings and extremely defiant views, I must say. Let’s see how many choose not to submit their docs.
        Long live the Unity and Integrity of India.

        1. It’s just a widely circulating meme. Not a signature campaign. But you can find various kinds of protests and mobilization against CAB and NRC online and on the ground. One in Delhi on 14th. See the next post to this one for details.

  3. I should clarify that the image is not authored by me. It is circulating widely and I merely posted it here. As soon as I know who the artist/s are, will credit them.
    To Atul Depak, yes it is defiant. It is a call to defend Constitutional values of pluralism and democracy through civil disobedience if necessary.
    Not sure what you mean by adding “integrity” to unity at the end of your comment. Integrity of India as on which date? 15th August 1947? I am not sure you will like the full implications of that, if you knew the history of the NE states and Kashmir.
    “Integrity of India” is just a meaningless and vaguely threatening slogan.
    Certainly CAB and NRC only promise further disintegration, not unity OR integrity of anything.

  4. The very idea of ‘differences’ within a democratic setup is in question (and in decline) now. We must talk about more on the co-existence of ‘differences’ (the idea that constitution of India ‘ideally’ advocates for) than the forced imagination of ‘integrity’. Through CAB the present fascist regime is trying to dismantle and erase that very idea of ‘differences’.


  5. More importantly MInisters take their oath in the name of the Constitution and to abide and protect it follows automatically.
    Maybe some only knew their mother tongue and did not understand what they were swearing by

  6. This law is not only agaist the basic structure of our constitution but also alaw which will totally divide our societ and even lead repetition of horrific partition days.It will totally destroy the ethos of unity in diversity.God save our country

  7. Yes I am with the people who have decided to oppose and reject this draconian bill. I reject this bill.

  8. These leaders are playing with future of our country. One after the other they are doing the things which will harm communal harmony. These kind of things are making people anti religious which is not good for future generations. Many people in various sectors who are educated are also supporting this bill. They don’t even know why they hate particular community and in what sense they support the bill. Most of the people assume that they are nationalist and the other community is not. It is just an assumption carried by majority in our society. In this way it goes on there will be no peace in the country. The so called secular nation will become a hinduthva nation.

  9. I oppose CAB because it is against the principle of secularism and discriminates people by their religion and drives India to a dark authoritarianism.

  10. I am Against CAB as it is against the Constitution of India.

    Divisiveness in the name of religion is not the spirit of India I was born in

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