Bomb Makers of Hindutva

Two bajarangdal leaders were killed while 2 others injured on 24 August when they were making bombs in Kanpur in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh (UP) as reported by Urdu daily Rashtriya Sahara in its front page. According to Sahara, the blast was so strong that the wall of the room in which the blast occurred collapsed. In other rooms, the walls were damaged. Pieces of glass were strewn everywhere.

The bomb blasted in a house in Rajeev Nagar area on Sunday afternoon. According to the report, the police recovered 3 kg lead oxide, 500 g red lead, 1 kg potassium nitrate, 11 country made grenades, several bomb pins, seven timers and batteries from the spot. According to the IG, “The recovery shows that a massive explosion was on the cards.

The deceased have been identified as Rajeev Mishra and Bhupinder Singh. While Rajeev is the son of S S Mishra, the landlord of the house, Bhupinder was a resident of Shastri Nagar. Mishra, a retired Kanpur Electric Supply Company employee, lives in the nearby Nankari village. He had rented a few rooms of his house to several students.

Rajeev’s occupied the room in which the blast took place. As he works in Lucknow, he used to visit the place on Sundays.

According to the police, while Bhupinder died on the spot, Rajeev died on his way to hospital.

According to a senior police officer, the material found could have been used for several explosions. Of the seven timers recovered, two were attached with batteries with the help of wires.

The country made hand grenades recovered were similar to those used by the defence forces.

The Urdu daily claimed that Bhupinder singh was a Bajarangdal leader, according to the National convenor of Bajarangdal, Bhupinder Singh was Ex convenor of Bajarangdal but now he was working as activist.

It is reported that Piyush, who used to work as a complaint officer in a mobile company in Lucknow, came home with Bhupinder and asked the residents of the hostel to vacate the rooms on the pretext of checking the electric wiring. Shiv Sharan Mishra, Rajiv’s father, a retired employee of Kesko had built this private hostel, which had nine rooms and 14 students stayed in the hostel and Rajiv had kept one room for himself. As soon as the occupants left the hostel, a massive blast took place. Recovery of a timer device and prohibited explosive raw materials show that a major terror plot was being hatched there. Bhupinder used to run a photo studio in the Sarvoday Nagar locality of Kanpur and his shop was close to the city’s popular J.K. temple, police said. According to the police the explosives were meant to be spread during Sunday’s celebrations. On monday police recovered some crude hand grenades, lead oxide, red lead, potassium nitrate, bomb pins, timers and batterires from the spot. The police felt that the quantity of explosives stored there was enough to destroy half of Kanpur.

The most notable fact about the perpetrators of this conspiracy, who died during this explosion, is that both of them belonged to Bajrang Dal, the ‘storm troopper’ wing of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS). The leaders of the Bajrang Dal have conceded that they ‘worked with the organisation’ some time back and one of them happened to be the convenor of the city wing.

Looking at the nature of the crime, and the fact that a major tragedy could be averted, it is expected that the state government with necessary help from the central government would try to unearth the real conspirators who were behind the plan. It is a positive sign that the police have recovered mobiles of both of them and now if they wish they can take the case to its logical end.

After the blast in Bangalore and Ahmedabad, all fingers were pointed towards Muslims. Intelligence along with Media would hide all reports and facts that would point fingers towards the non Muslim communities.Now this explosion may point the finger the other day. Senior congress leader Dig Vijay Singh had said in an interview with Tehelka that he had evidence of Of RSS and VHP making bombs. Now, this explosion may prove that Dig Vijay may be right.


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