A Brahminical Funeral for VP Singh: S Anand

This guest post was sent to us by S ANAND

Kancha Ilaiah has written an edit-page article in Deccan Herald, 3 December, on VP Singh. I was relieved that at last a newspaper had devoted space to Singh. Ilaiah begins by expressing his disappointment over the media’s lack of coverage and analysis of Singh’s death, and terms him the Abraham Lincoln of India.

(I wondered, fleetingly, why we always look to the US to understand what happens in India – be it calling what happened in Mumbai “India’s 9/11” or looking for an Obama moment in India.)

I too was dismayed over the lack of reporting on VP Singh’s death and the absence of any analysis of his significant role in post-independence politics comparable only to Kanshi Ram’s. But in what little I did see and read, I noticed that brahmin priests were at the forefront of performing the rituals. Vedic chantings were organised and he was burnt in brahmanical-Hindu way. In other words, it was a very religious funeral. It was not a secular event at an electric crematorium. According to the Hindustan Times, 29 Nov 2008:

The last rites of former prime minister Vishwanath Pratap Singh were performed on Saturday with full state honours here on the banks of the Sangam, the holy confluence of the Ganga, Yamuna and the mythical Saraswati rivers. Amid chanting of Vedic hymns, his eldest son Ajeya Singh went around the funeral pyre before lighting it and consigning the body to flames.

All the way from Delhi, why was this kshatriya’s body taken to the Sangam in Allahabad? Was that his last wish? Nehru’s brahmin pandit body was treated no differently. So Singh’s social message did not translate into much in his personal life. That is sad. Hence the Lincoln comparison sounds hollow. We must remember that Singh was and is not Jotirao Phule, who ridiculed brahminism and brahmanic ritual.

Just contrast this with the way Mayawati organised the funeral of Kanshi Ram – a simple Buddhist affair that did not involve brahminical priests. There was very little religion in that funeral. “As per Kanshi Ram’s wishes, his mortal remains would not be immersed in any river but would be kept in the party offices in Delhi and Lucknow, Ms. Mayawati said,” reported The Hindu on 10 Oct 2006.

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  1. “the way Mayawati organised the funeral of Kanshi Ram – a simple Buddhist affair”- Seems funny. Mayawati and simplicity are as far removed as the city slum is to the 5 star hotel. Her loud,garish and ostentatious mannerisms of flaunting the dalit power by making public spectacle like monuments and statues of the dalit icons and her self out of the tax payers money – are these acts of simplicity?


  2. I wondered, fleetingly, why we always look to the US to understand what happens in India – be it calling what happened in Mumbai “India’s 9/11″ or looking for an Obama moment in India.

    Thank you for saying this.


  3. Thank you for this post! I too have been waiting for something on VP Singh this past week. Apart from Pratap Bhanu Mehta’s obit column on him the day after his death in The Indian Express, I found little else. Though I feel a little disappointed that this article spends so much time trashing the media. We are all so upset over the ill-behaved media this week that even an obit becomes victim to our outrage over their ridiculous antics.

    Your point on the US fixation is interesting. Is our fixation “aspirational” or do Indians see a allegory between the democratic history of the US and India? Do you think there might be some merit in this comparison?

    The New York Times actually issued an editorial a couple of days ago clarifying why India should NOT be calling the latest terror attacks the Indian 9/11. It seems the Americans are a little brand sensitive :)

    Here is the piece:


  4. I agree with Anand too some extent as Singh was no philosopher but he tried where he was. At least he did not display his religiousity in public. Taking Allahabad and burning him according to brahmanical rituals might have been a political decision taken by his son hence it does not matter which way they cremated him. That does not reflect that he was less concerned or has problems as many time he himself said that he was an athiest. The other day, I saw heated almost abusive discussion on Ram Vilas Paswan’s public display of Deepawali celebrations his home. Maywati’s posters in Lucknow and other parts of UP are being displayed on Shubh Dipawali and other festivals.. And what would you say of erecting so many of Mayawati statues in UP.. Is not that brahminism..so please do not compare any one of these including Kanshiram with Phule, Periyar or Ambedkar. It would be wrong to do so. VP did not launch a social movement but definitely he was instrumental in doing many thing which he came across and worked for a broader unity of the Dalit-Bahujans in his own way.. and the most important thing is even today he remain one of the most hated politicians among the upper castes. atleast Anand has good words for Mayawati.. I hope his funeral will not take away the good work that he did and the communities he stood with all the time.



  5. 1. Why is brahminism made into a dirty word? every community/caste has tried to preserve itself, so have brahmins. there are as many evil and sick persons in this caste as in any other caste/community/race/religion.
    2. VP Singh really did no good, those who barf on these columns are the urban fat cats who have lavished on the cream.


  6. brahminsim is the curse of our society. though V P Singh could understand the political potential of Mandal for democratisising the asycriptive/heirarchical and undemocratic indian polity, he may not have able to emancipate himeself from a ideological trap of brahminsm.
    The invention of communalism by the “upper” caste elitist urban fat cats has been threatened by the democratising potential of Mandal. However, as pointed out by Anand, it is a lesson for all Dalit bahujan/muslim leaders such as Mayavati, Lalu Prasad Yadav, Ram Vilas Paswab et al. that it is very much essential to emancipate oneself from the clutches of brahminsm in order to build a new India. Only that India can become a true super power. V P played his part to imagine that India, though he could not wholeheartedly belong to it.


  7. “I was relieved that at last a newspaper had devoted space to Singh.”

    Thanks but no thanks, you don’t have to try that hard to show your anti-OBC colours.


  8. If it was some other father, we could have said the funeral, such as it was, was incidental–a son’s wish. Not with VP. There’s too much of politically correct romance the progressives have with so-called subaltern heroes such as Lalu Yadav and their public celebration/practice of religiosity–if I did not hear of karva chauth till DDLJ, nor did I know of chaath puja till Lalu and Rabri made it a wet, public spectacle . A few years ago, we had Periyarist Karunanidhi (someone who anticipates VP Singh) sharing the dais with ‘Satya Saibaba’ and saying: “I know to differentiate between fake godmen and noble-hearted persons like the blessed Sai Baba, who really reaches out to the poor and the needy. Such persons are greater than saints. In fact, they are equal to god.” See my http://www.outlookindia.com/full.asp?fodname=20070205&fname=Karunanidhi&sid=1&pn=1

    Well, at least VP did not do that but he was obviously his rajputness meant being more than mere fondness for the fedual/raja prefix; like his biographer Farzana too says “the Rajput in him cherished a bit of pomp and glory”. To criticise Singh for his brahminical funeral does not tantamount to criticising Mandal. Singh did not invent the Mandal commission; he just implemented it. But to celebrate Mandal and yet to say let’s ignore Singh’s holy sangam in the Ganga is dishonesty.


  9. 1) First you fault VP Singh for not wanting to be cremated in a ‘secular’ way, and then you hail Mayawati for performing Kanshi Ram’s last rites with Buddhist rituals. Buddhism may be an agnostic faith but it is hardly secular. The many ways in which Buddhism is practised is replete with rituals.

    2) You’re calling VP Singh a hypocrite and putting forth this comfortable binary with Mayawati/Kanshi Ram. So anyone who opposes your point of view will be forced to sound as though s/he is anti-BSP. How smart. But if Mayawati believes in Buddhism why has she herself not converted to Buddhism? Are we to conclude that Buddhism is to be reserved for political gains as far as Mayawati is concerned, and not personal belief? Isn’t that hypocrisy? Isn’t that similar to the point you’re making about VP Singh? Why does Mayawati allow her workers to touch her feet? Isn’t that Brahminical? Isn’t the business of statues borrowing from Brahminical mythology and culture? The BSP’s almost cunning disavowal of ’tilak tarazu aur talwar’ in order to expand politically; the BSP’s disavowal of the Ambedkarite idea of social change preceding political change; the BSP’s marginalisation of Dalit intellectuals and street-activists and ignoring of atrocities against Dalits; its betrayal of all the BAMCEF/DS4 cadres – and all of this to make Mayawati PM – when has S Anand written on these hypocrisies of the BSP? VP Singh makes for a good punching bag, and targeting the BSP requires balls? “To celebrate Mandal and… ignore Singh’s holy sangam in the Ganga is dishonesty,” you write. And celebrating Kanshi Ram’s Buddhist funeral is honesty. Only S Anand can be so naive.

    3) VP Singh did not “just” implement the Mandal report. Thousands of reports that can change India in ways that you won’t recognise it as the same country are languishing in government cupboards. Implementing the Mandal report meant huge political guts (unlike Mayawati who does not want to do anything controversial or upsetting these days). It meant that VP Singh was vilified as an anti-national villain, the middle classes bayed for his blood and wanted him to die much before he did. VP Singh went ahead with the Mandal report; had he not done that you wouldn’t remember any Mandal today. If “Mandal” (appropriately OBC) is a byword in Indian politics today, the credit goes not to Mandal but to VP Singh. Your attempt to rob VP Singh of this credit further shows your real colours. So the middle classes and S Anands both hate him, and they find different reasons to do so. Very much like the simplistic if not idiotic Dalit plus Savarna minus Shudra equation being touted for some time now. And, of course, you would have us believe that all of Mayawati’s voters chant Ambedkar’s collected volumes rather than the Mahabharat or Ramayan, they don’t hold their caste identity dear, the non-Jatav Dalits love their Jatav brothers just as Brahmins too nowadays… only the Yadavs and Thakurs are agents of caste in 21st century India. How beautiful.

    4) So your point is that VP Singh was a Brahminical Hindu who loved is caste identity. While we would all like everyone to be casteless, will we recognise that the “Mandalisation” that VP Singh set in motion “brought the states to Delhi”, gave the OBCs access to power, helped in social mobility, helped give representation to the Shudra castes, furthered caste churning… in short, can it be seen as a transitional phase towards the Ambedkarite ideal of social democracy? And if we recognise that, then all we are going to remember him for on his death is his Rajput identity, his Brahminical last rites? That sounds petty and disgusting. Leaves a bad taste in the mouth. It could have been a point to make in a balanced, critical appraisal of a political life, but what a pity that that is all you have to say on VP Singh’s passing away. Notwithstanding your lip service about the ‘dismay’ over the ‘lack of reporting’… as though you don’t know that the death was under-reported and under-commented because of 26/11, and as though Iliah’s is the only obituary published. But acknowledging such banalities would come in the way of your holier-than-though pseudo-radicalism.

    So how intellectually honest is Mr S Anand? Before faulting VP Singh for double standards, first get rid of your own ideological hypocrisies.

    You are a nut, but what about the rest of Kafila? Just wondering.


  10. Dear CEO of Kafila,

    Who is that ‘ac’! Why is that person behaving like like a Thief?

    We might disagree with Anand. Yet, Anand is a one of the finest minds we have on [anti]Caste question. Anand, so far as I know, doesn’t say things without evidence. What is the evidence that Anand is a ‘nut’ case’?

    Can the Kafila CEO come clean and disclose indenty of the ‘ac’ the thief. I will take care of him.

    I declate here NOW- any one questioning INTENT OF ANAND, will have bad times not only in life, bit ALSO IN CAREER.

    You question, disagree, confront and reject Anand in areas of ideology, thinking and his approach towards issues. That is welcome, and needed. That’s how things progress in democracy.



  11. Dear CBP,

    We do not have a CEO in Kafila. Our disclaimer page makes company policy clear. In the old anarcho-syndicalist tradition this is a prole owned joint…

    We do not know who ac is. I appreciate that, contrary to his ‘name’ you think he blowing so much hot air (sorry I couldn’t resist that), but honestly we have an open-door policy on Kafila when it comes to anonymous commenting and strongly defend the right to be anonymous online…

    Please do keep coming back nonetheless, we enjoy your interventions in the debates :)



  12. Dear Chandra Bhan,
    1. Please note that there is no CEO in Kafila.
    2. We approve a lot of anonymous comments on Kafila. The comments are the responsibility of the commentator who has every right to come out or not, as she may please. Please take a look at the kind of abuses that have been hurled at us by many anonymous commentators. We delete comments only when they become simply offensive without making any substantial point or become self-obsessive.
    3. I do not think that this threatening tone (“I will take care of him”) is really called for. Political debate always carries this risk and anybody writing on politics should be prepared to face criticism – even if it is unfair.
    4. Many of us at Kafila have enjoyed your writings and provocations and we would certainly like to keep hearing from you!


  13. Dear chandra bhan prasad [CBP],

    It seems the the four points I write don’t matter, they are non-issues, and only my anonymity/identity and my calling S. Anand nuts matters. I wrote that comment 15 days ago. S. Anand clearly has nothing by way of response. He’s left so speechless that he’s asked you to cover his back. But even you have nothing by way of a reply. All you have is a personal threat.

    Aap log badi badi baatein kartay hain, I didn’t know you would be so thin skinned. I am plain amused.

    1) I did not question S. Anand’s intentions at all. If I had said, for instance, that S. Anand has written what he has to ingratiate himself to, say, Chandra Bhan Prasad, so that CBP can say, ‘Great Job Anand’, that would have amounted to questioning intent. I have merely said that S. Anand here is also prone to double standards.

    2) Yes, you’re right, there’s no evidence that Anand is nuts because that is a subjective understanding based on my reading of his post. Okay, so to be fair no one is nuts until proven to be nuts, so let’s say he is not nuts. Will you then please Anand to respond to my 4 points, point by point?

    3) You first threaten me (‘take care…’), then curse me (‘bad times in life…’) and then threaten again (bad times in career). Is S. Anand that powerful? Or is it like taking on God? (But isn’t S. Anand Buddhist and thus agnostic?) Or is he a holy cow whose disinclination towards beef eaters is to be considered natural?

    And what is my crime? Just calling him nuts? And then after all that you talk of democracy! So calling S. Anand nuts is anti-democratic but issuing such threats is the progress of democracy. Aapka khoon khoon, mera khoon kichad? My right to call Anand nuts is given to me by Ambedkar’s constitution and facilitated by Macaulay’s English.

    4) As for my identity, I don’t see why that should be an issue. Look at what has been said and not who said it. Sorry, that sounds Gandhian. Okay, so my name is Amit Yadav and I am a college student in Lucknow. While I have the wherewithal to take care of myself, I haven’t decided what career I want to take up. When I make that decision I will announce it here so that S. Anand and you can proceed to sabotage it.

    Now will you respond to these four points please?

    Thank you.


    Dear CEO of Kafila,

    It is interesting that you allow your forum to be used to issue such threats. I am scared.

    Thank you.



  14. Dear AC,

    No need to be scared. This is after all an online anonymous platform. I doubt anyone is coming after you with sticks and stones, which as we know from the old adage ‘can break your bones’ but ‘words can never harm you’.

    Also, I think we have made the ownership structure of our joint-stock company amply clear. Thus I would request you to stop calling on our CEO. We are not about to hire one for your benefit.

    Do keep commenting :)


  15. V.P. Singh is not a Buddha,He was a hindu and died as hindu.He gave mandal to OBS and BC but did not give any things to dalits.These hindus are no use for dalits and Buddhist so dalits need not be worried for hindus whether they alive or dead.time has come dalits and buddhist should take their Bodh Gaya temple back from barbaric hindus first.


  16. Whether some body is AC or DC.most of hindus donot have guts to tell their name that why hindus are ruling on minorities and dalits.dalits constitues about 175 millions in India and not having even a petrol Bomb and Pakistan who constitute about 175 millions are having nuclear bomb.India is not a nation but nation within the nation.time has come India should be divided into Dalitstan,obcstan,muslimstan,christians tan,brahminstan,thakurstan,baniastan.


  17. Hi Dear AC, ultimately, you proved to be an Yadava.
    I really admire that you have a St. Stephen’s English. Mandal II, I changed my opinion about the OBC reservation, and turned into a biggest supporter of the OBC creamy layer- to not be excluded from the Mandal benifit.

    My point is to civilise the OBCs or else, they will become a threat to democracy. Any Caste or community which gets wealth and political power without a Wine opener, will be a threat to the society.

    I feel sorry that you have a The St. Stephen’s English, but, a Bhains like attitude. This is not merely a contradiction, but a conflict- that OBCs can’t debate, THEY WILL only abuse and assault.

    By the way, none can threaten an Yadaya- a Caste with so much of Social Justice Right and VP Singh along, and violence as the weapon of language, I took the risk. Still,.

    I wonder, why did the Kafila CEO celebrated your entry?

    Dear ‘ac’, you have betrayed even me- that an English speaking OBC will be a non-violent person.


    Have fun with your Bhains and cows.




  18. the essentialism in CBP’s remarks apart, it points towards the need to de-brahminise OBC shudra life world.. the “upper” casteist world in globalised india has grown beyond urban mileu (moon is the limit for their mobility thanks to the caste capital).. however the Shudra imagination of post-colonial regions could not ideologically annihilate brahimical values from its shudra cultural and social self which obviously gets reflected in the politcal as well.
    anand also points out how brahminical gross has engulfed anti-brahmin/caste movemnts of Dravidian politics. The same gross can harm Dalit politcs as well. The way to emancipate oneself is to annihilate the vulgar Brahmin value system. unless and untill Dalit and Bahujan politics strives for it, the same gross of brahminsm will rule the roost. and hathi, bhais and cows will utter only the vulgar manthras of brahminsm… ‘
    the brahmincally constituted binaries need not serve our purposes. Need for Dalit and Bahujan scholars to re-invent new theoretical frameworks to reflect their life world and not echo the post-colonial brahmincal framework offered even when expounding the Dalit/Bahujan world. i hope both CBP and AC can play their part in it. hathi and bhais need not eliminate one another, but keep the cultural/politcal realm open and flexible, at the same time keeping oneself intact within the ideological ambit of ‘immediate lived realities. both AC and CBP are addressing this ‘immediate’. and yet fail to go beyond it. one cannot always remain within the ‘immediate’ and should move ahead. Both are capable of it and i can only hope for the best.


  19. dear AC,In south OBC and BC are enjoying 60% resevation in Tamilnaidu,Karnatka, Andhrapradesh and in Kerala.time has come OBC and Bc should give some place for dalits in south India to breath fresh air so they can come in front to give two fingers to hindus and hindu led government. India is not a country but nation within the nation.Indian news papers are run by hindus who are manipulating the Bhaujan and minorities openions on their benifits.time has come we have to annhilate the hinduism from india which is dagerous to Bhaujan and minorities well beings.


  20. Dear AC,It is very funny to see how OBC thinks that they are hindus and they have to protect the hinduism in India.OBC are being used against the muslims whether Mr Modi (Teli),Kalyan singh(Lodh) in babri mosque demolition,current Bihar OBC chief minister Mr Nitish kumar,Karnatka Chiief minister (,OBC) ,Rajasthan chiefminister(Jat Vashun Raje Sindhia),MP chief minister Mr Singh.These all chief minister are being used by BJP against the muslims in India.When OBC mr Lalu had arrang his doughter marriege then all hindu media usually tell the world that these OBC are ARRANGING THEIR DOUGHTER MARRIEGE BY HINDUS WAYS.BUT OTHERSIDE WHEN Adwani and Atal arranged their offspring marriage by hindu way then no hindu papers published the story. hindus and their leaderships still thinks that OBC are not hindus.Now I will tell the real story of Pakistani Muslims and Indian Brahmins.My friend who was Pakistani but working in saudi Arabia, had invited some of Indian fellows with christians and OBC.single Brahmin candidated told to My Pakistani friend that why you have invited the christians and other hindu fellows ,Indian Brahmins told to my friend that your fore father might be kShatriyas why you intermengling with OBC and christians .I will tell you another story of My friend He is Pakistani whose father was migrated from easter UP in 1947 and he had visted to eastern UP in 1960 and met one of the Guy who was belongs to Ahir caste then he started chitchatting with Ahir caste fellow then He met one of the Brahmin and Brahmin fellow told my friend,s father ,you donot know he belong the Ahir caste.dear AC i WANT TO TELL YOU ALL obc FELLOWS DONOT BE HAPPY THAT YOU HAVE DALITS BELOW YOU TO RULE,iT DOES NOT MATTER WHETHER YOU ARE obc OR bc, FOR HINDUISM YOU HAVE A PLACE IN HINDISM AND YOU CAN NOT GO ABOUE IT.Time has come OBC and dalits and minorities should join together to dismantle the hinduism in India.


  21. yes kureela.. it is time for all OBCs and Dalits to read once again Ilaiah’s WHY I AM NOT A HINDU. and try to write their own. It s imperative now for all of us to form a cultural/political system to counter and free our culture and society from Hindu Colonialism. The ultimate freedom struggle!


  22. Dear Ranju Radha,DMK and AIDMK are ruling the Tamilnaidu for 61 years but If you look at the IIT madras ,out of 250 faculty members only 40 are OBC.21 st century BJP and their umblical links are using OBC against the Muslims and dalits.I can remember Mr Kanshi Ram who had showed us a Prism and said OBC and Dalits are at the bottom and these barbaric hindus had turned the OBC heads down ward to fight against their own brothers.All Indian states are run by OBC chief minister who are wearing a read thread in their hand.When these hindus go abroad and asked by world medias about muslims and dalits genocide in India they usuall tell that they are OBCs and Backward who are killing muslims and dalits.LTTE run by RAw and IB who wanted to to destroy the Buddhist nation Srilanka because Buddhism had librated the shudhras and dalits in Srilanka and these hindus got threatend by buddhism.LTTE chief belong to fishing community and people who are dying are OBCs.15% of hindu minorities are ruling on 85% og Indian population.No political party can librate you from hindu yoke.If OBCs want to come out from hindu hell then you have to produce intelectual like CBP,Ilaiah,V.T. Rajshekhar.In my openions at least OBCs has got the 22 volumes of Dr Ambedkar Litrature which can librates the OBCs and BCs from hindu hell.All Bajrang Dal,Durga Vahinies,VHPs are run by OBCS with master compuer in some where else.This is high time for OBC to read the Iliah and V.T> rajshekhar who belongs to OBC and BC castes.


  23. 100% I agree kureela. The emancipatory potential embedded in Ambedkarite Buddhism should guide Dalits, Adivasis and Bahujans.
    But are they listening– Lalus, Mulayams and Paswans etc ?
    A large chunk of Indian youth belongs to Dalit/Bahujans. The true awakening of Indian youth will see the end of Hindu colonialism. And no 24×7 journalism will report it. Revolutions will not be reported. And no candle light marches will be there at India Gates. The rays of freedom from our heart will light this country; a nation regained; a culture redefined; a dream enliven..
    Let us work towards it. YES WE CAN!


  24. Dear Ranju Radha,OBCs has got mony and muscle power what you require to tell their leaderships to read Dr Ambedkar and V.T.Rajshekhar.In India most of OBCs are happy to watch Indian cinema which take them to dream land and superstition of hindu land of Brahma ,Vishnu and mahesh and forget path showed by Periyar ,Dr Ambedkar. America did same to black population to make them happy with music and dance if you ask how many black are in civil services I would say very few.I was talking to Black guys and he told if you donot use mother fu 8888 word for whites means you are towards the whites.time has come OBCs brothers to start reading Priyar and Dr Ambedkar and demolish the hindu temple and bring the Kadga Buddha statue with eyes open.


  25. Hi
    Dear Kafila Inc,

    Amit Yadav, in short form, should be “AY”, and not “AC”! I would still want to know why did AY identifies himself as AC?

    Individuals hide their identity in extreme situations- insurgency- a la J & K, NE, or Naxal areas where freedom of expression comes at a cost.

    There is no way that S Anand will act violently against his abusers. We all know that.

    Since Amit Yadav [AY] and 00 [AC] can’t be same, there is some one else acting as “AC and AY” both”.

    Who is this AC? Is he some one from Delhi? Is he some one from CSDS/SARAI/KAFILA trying to hit Anand for his Dalit project!

    I hope that the kafila Inc have the IP addreess of the suspect AC !




  26. Dear Chandra Bhan Prasad,
    People have their own reasons for anonymity and we are nobody to comment on that. We respect people’s right to anonymity – even if they are abusive of us – as has often been the case. We have had very contentious debates on Kafila and often with people who have come in with assumed persona. All the better for that. We do not feel compelled to divulge any IP addresses to anybody, of anybody. And if publishing comments critical of Anand on a particular position (on some of which I have personally written in support of your position) is to be construed as an attack on Anand’s ‘Dalit Project’ – whatever that means, then this merely shows the unfortunate state of our political and intellectual life.


  27. Dear CBP,

    I am very impressed by your detective work. It must have required a great deal of hard thinking to realise that AC are not the initials of Amit Yadav, which you helpfully inform us are AY, and thence to jump to the conclusion that AC and AY can’t be the same. However this logic sounds somewhat like that employed by the Delhi Police, and we know how great their investigative skills are…

    I do not know who Amit Yadav is, nor do I know who AC is. Nor do I know if indeed ac is indeed Amit Yadav. Since I don’t know either of them, I have zero interest in whether they are one and the same, twins joined at the hip, separated at birth, or schizophrenic personalities of some as yet unknown third person. Nor do I know why Amit Yadav calls himself ac: perhaps these are the only two alphabets he knows in the English language, perhaps to possess a machine that blows cold air in summer is his childhood dream, perhaps it is the brand of underpants he prefers- it is a deep and dark mystery whose murky depths I am still to plumb.

    What I do know, however, is that your insistence on discovering ac’s ‘real’ identity and going so far as to demand his IP address smacks of an authoritarian politics of naming that I am surprised to hear coming from some one such as yourself, whom many of us respect and have read with great interest over many years. We do not practice surveillance on Kafila. We engage with people’s positions through their writing. I would ask you to do the same, and to continue to engage with debates. We enjoy reading what you have to say.



  28. Dear Arti,I would be happy if AC is Yadav not any brahmins who want to pretend as yadav to take Bhaujan movement otherside of horizon.Mr Anand who is brahmin by caste but dalits by brain and doing great service to dalit cause.175 million dalits would not forget Mr Anand pain for dalit cause.


  29. kureela,
    i may not agree with ur comment on Black music/culture. The liberating potential of Black popular culture shouldn’t be undermined. The same is the case with Dalit/Bahujan popular culture. The idea should not be to replace ‘temple’ with another similar structure. If the value system remains what s de use of it? The hetero-normative patriarchal/brahminical self needs to b trnsformed.
    thus film, music, art, literature, media, gossip, scrapping, blogging, reservation etc become part of that movement. Be there to play your part!


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