The monster in the mirror

Arundhati Roy wants you to choose:

There is a fierce, unforgiving fault-line that runs through the contemporary discourse on terrorism. On one side (let’s call it Side A) are those who see terrorism, especially “Islamist” terrorism, as a hateful, insane scourge that spins on its own axis, in its own orbit and has nothing to do with the world around it, nothing to do with history, geography or economics. Therefore, Side A says, to try and place it in a political context, or even try to understand it, amounts to justifying it and is a crime in itself.

Side B believes that though nothing can ever excuse or justify terrorism, it exists in a particular time, place and political context, and to refuse to see that will only aggravate the problem and put more and more people in harm’s way. Which is a crime in itself. [The Guardian, Saturday, 13 December 2008]

5 thoughts on “The monster in the mirror”

  1. It is a superb example of calling a spade a spade without fear or favour. May her tribe of sane citizens increase to save us from terrorism of every shade. Amen !


  2. When Aundhati speaks up the “indian terror mindsets” get shaken. Kudos to arundhati.
    The kind of mindless media terror we witnessed after the mumbai attack was alarming and pathetic. few corporate houses that run TV channels bring in some idiotic page3 bollywood jumborees in the name of ‘nation’ and propagate war on politicians and the neighoring countries !!Where else will can we see such idiotic media in the whole world? The indian national media has shown us that terrorist need not always come up with guns ; they can be seen with gunmikes and make us suffer with their 24×7 telecat. Pathetic thy name is arnab, burka, pranoy et al. as David Barsamian pointed out recently, indian media has been degraded to the level of corporate propagandists and lost the ability to dwlve deep into a “news story.. and engage in trivial pursuits..” such as what we saw in NDTV, Times Now, IBN etc.
    shame on indian national media


  3. Yes very true. Critical look in to our mirrors can prevent terror. Tighter terror laws with potential for abuse may produce more terrorists.


  4. Kudos to Arundhati for writing an insightful well informed article. It is written in the right spirit. Unfortunately though it will be a long time before any positive change comes about.


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