Chavez Expels Israel’s Ambassador, Becomes New Palestinian Hero

Via Liberation News Service

Venezuelan leader accuses Israel of being ‘murder arm’ of US, says solution to Gaza crisis is in Obama’s hand.
Report by Anna Pelegri of Middle East Online – BETHLEHEM, 12 January 2009

Demonstrators in Yemen
Portraits of Chavez carried by demonstrators in Yemen

“Venezuelan flags and portraits of President Hugo Chavez have been flying high during protests in the West Bank against Israel’s assault on the Gaza Strip”, says the report.

The report continues:

The Venezuelan president’s decision on January 6 to expel Israel’ ambassador from Caracas — the only country apart from Mauritania to take such a step — has made the left-wing South American leader a hero to Palestinians.

Hamas has welcomed Chavez’s “courageous decision,” while Hassan Nasrallah, head of Lebanon’s Hezbollah group, urged Arab states to follow the Venezuelan president’s example.

3 thoughts on “Chavez Expels Israel’s Ambassador, Becomes New Palestinian Hero”

  1. Only if the Arab states had the guts to do likewise ! If Soudis truly wanted a solution to the issue,they could possibly have made USA listen to logic,reasons etc. USA,the most evil empire in the whole world is not likely to yeild to reasons on their own be it Bush or the current hero Obama ! Unless forced,USA is not expected to behave;and Israel is only a front of USA .


  2. hah ! my nri-bro left dis book 2 read yesterday:–“Dreams from my father” by Barak Obama,havn’t gone byond intro much,seems sincere… God knows if he can do anything 2 stop da genocide in Gaza….. wonder how the whole world goes ga-ga over his inaugural ‘ball’-party..the /week-long concerts 4 /peace,hai…. inshallah !!


  3. Little update. Chavez is not the only one. A man who brought change and rose through impossible odds (no no not that one) Evo Morales president of Bolivia too has taken this courageous and righteous step.


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