4 thoughts on “Congrats Egypt”

  1. How moving Shivam, to post this as a celebration of not just Egypt’s freedom but freedom with a capital F and with the added layer of let’s see where this goes…! : )

  2. we think alike
    posted this on facebook last week
    did not think
    it would happen
    so soon
    power of the people

    Sab taj uchale jaye ge
    sab takht giraye jayenge

  3. Nawal El Saadawi: ‘We Will Not Let Egypt Burn’
    An interview with the famous feminist hours before Mubarak stepped down.
    Asked whether she should go to Tahrir Square, her reply:
    The square is full. There is no more room in the square, and so we have decided that we will be everywhere. Egyptians will be in every square, on every street, at the Presidential Palace and at the national television station. We will be in every place. This revolution has unified us. We are not men and women, Christian and Muslim, professional and nonprofessional; we are all Egyptians, and we will not let Egypt burn.

    And about the Muslim Brotherhood:
    I am not at all worried about the Brotherhood. There is a lot of exaggeration about this organization, and it is used to frighten women here and Western women, too. The Muslim Brotherhood is a minority. They do not lead the revolution, and many of the men involved in the organization want a secular constitution. Men and women protested in the square and died in the square together.
    There was not one single harassment of a woman in the square. And these are covered women, secular women, all women from every background. No, it was not the Muslim Brotherhood who hurt women, it was Mubarak’s people who entered the square and killed. All of this talk about the Brotherhood is an attempt to use religion to divide the people. Do not worry; the Muslim Brotherhood will never rule Egypt.

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