Ravinder Tyagi of Batla House (in)fame in yet another frame up!: JTSA


10th February 2011

Ravinder Tyagi of Batla House (in)fame in yet another frame up!

Veteran of fake encounters must be suspended immediately!

It seems there is no end to Special Cell’s gallantry. One of its most celebrated and decorated heroes, Ravinder Tyagi, also the key architect of the Batla House ‘encounter’ has been found guilty of yet another frame-up of innocents as terrorists. The additional sessions judge Virendra Bhat yesterday absolved and acquitted seven men accused of terrorism in a case dating back to 2005; while pronouncing four officers of the Delhi Police guilty of manufacturing a fake story about an ‘encounter’. The Police had claimed to have recovered AK-47 assault rifles, fake currency and ammunition from the men they claimed were ISI agents—a brazenly false claim.

What is incredible is that the Special Cell officers work with the same script each time. In 2008, Tyagi was indicted by the CBI for planting evidence such as RDX, J & K bus tickets and pistols on two men, Irshad Ali and Md. Qamar, whom they charged with being Al Badar operatives. In both instances, it was noticed that the police rested content having once ‘recovered’ the explosives and arms, making no effort to trace their source. It’s obvious why the source was not traced. It would lead perhaps to the Special Cell Lodhi Road office.

The repeated involvement of the officers of the Special Cell in staged encounters and frame- ups reiterate our suspicions about the veracity of the Batla House ‘encounter’. Recall too that another hero of the Batla House ‘encounter’, Karnail Singh, has been accused by a member of the SIT probing the Ishrat Jehan fake encounter, of attempting to derail a fair probe.

How many more innocents will be killed in cold blood, or put behind bars before habitual offenders like Tyagi are punished? Who will pay for the loss of years and dignity of those falsely framed? When will NHRC awaken from its sweet slumber and stop relying on the statements of the police force when passing judgments on the genuineness of false encounters?

JTSA demands from the Home Minister and the Commissioner of Police, Delhi that Ravinder Tyagi be suspended with immediate effect. A high-level enquiry be ordered against him and all those senior officers who colluded with, patronized and protected his trigger-happy ways.


Manisha Sethi, Sanghamitra Misra, Ahmed Sohaib, Adeel Mehdi, Ghazi Shahnawaz, Tanweer Fazal, Farah Farooqi, Azra Razzak, Anwar Alam, Amabrien Al Qadar, Arshad Alam, Haris Haq and Shakeb Ahmed.

5 thoughts on “Ravinder Tyagi of Batla House (in)fame in yet another frame up!: JTSA”

  1. I think its pretty baseless.
    I hope people who write such articles, really try investigate the matter instead of reporting things in a way that seeks attention rather than imparting facts !

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