The Unsolved Mysteries of the Universe

What came first? Murgi or man?

The murgi is looking at the camera slyly, or so the camera thinks. Why did the man not bat an eyelid? Surely he could not have missed that a camera-phone came out of a pocket, was tilted horizontally, focused on him and on the murgi on his knee, proceeding to click? The camera was impressed at the discovery of this man and his murgi; they were not posing.

Why is the main wearing a red shirt with maroon pyjamas? Why not a maroon shirt with red pyjamas? Did he place the hen on his knee? If all he wanted to do was to ponder over the unsolved mysteries of the universe why would he want to be disturbed by his murgi? Given the terrain, just how much manoeuvrability does the murgi have? Could the murgi be helping the man meditate? Is the murgi a hypnotic tool?Is the murgi disoriented to be looking at the ground beneath from a precarious vantage point?

Is the murgi soon going to be food? Biryani or qorma?

The camera did not want to ask questions lest the man’s meditation be disturbed. The questions remain.

15 thoughts on “The Unsolved Mysteries of the Universe”

  1. Oh, that’s easy. That is a left-comrade poultry farmer. Life has just become easier with FDI. Better rates for the murgi now. Although, the qorma or the Biryani will have to wait till Walmart makes its presence felt with its benevolence towards farmers. Apparently, Montek clicked the photograph. Everyone loves FDI!! This proves it.
    (Not a rant, before anyone writes a nasty comment about making things political. Just a joke, if you can take it).


  2. Will the murgi cross the road? Or the aisle? In other words, defect and vote against FDI in retail?
    Will the man prove a turncoat or turn-T-shirt? Is that really maroon or is that his idea of saffron (you know what colour sense we males have)?


  3. The Murgi has not had anything to eat for days, and therefore the rust colored attire of this follower of an obscure spiritual sect of Sun worshipers, is in no danger of being spoiled by bird droppings and so the novice can meditate undisturbed on his precarious two wheeled aasan, while the emaciated bird tries to soak in some nourishment in the form of Vitamin D, so impartially distributed by the Sun


      1. Maybe I was wrong, sorry. It does look a little like Gerard Depardieu, in his Obelix avatar maybe. Which makes perfect sense, if he is wondering what happens to the menhir market when…. umm.. enough tomfoolery for the day.


  4. Emptiness, Sir ! The Red Indian is untying the knots of existence while contemplating and the murgi contemplating a parliament of birds presided by the mythical Simurg ! As avalokiteshvara says “pancha skanda samasta svabhava shyunam pasyati Svah !”

    Svah !


  5. a guitar bore this: i want to live in a world where a bird’s intentions of crossing a road are not asked.


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