Lies, Damn Lies and NaMo – Why I do not support Modi and why you shouldn’t either: M Akhil

ImageGuest Post by M AKHIL: Listen to the flourish. The stage is set, the side-kicks are in place and the sycophants are scampering tirelessly to welcome their emperor. Narendra Modi has started his journey to the high seat of Indraprastha.

Curiously enough, his current ride is being celebrated as a victory lap by his ardent supporters. A bit too quick, don’t you think? Especially for a man who was only a few years ago, in terrible danger of being convicted for one of the most gruesome state-sponsored genocides in the history of independent India. Of course, he hasn’t been convicted yet, but many of his ministers and close aides have been. Babu Bajrangi’s confessions on record must be more than enough proof for Modi’s culpability. 1 Alas! Facts get twisted in the most unimaginable ways as they threaten to blow away an edifice carefully built by a dominant plutocracy with immense help from the ‘State-Temple-Corporate Complex’. 2 Here, I shall attempt to bust the Modi bubble which is being ridiculously pumped up by the holy nexus, even as you are reading this. After all, the BJP is possibly the party with the highest following among Indian netizens and the online publicity team of the current supremo is meticulous. An alternative view will be stark, but hopefully it will serve as food for thought for those among us getting nauseated by the dominant narrative.

In a recent article, Mr. Avay Shukla, 3 a former IAS officer from Himachal Pradesh, has argued why he shall support Modi in 2014. Leaving aside all queries of personal affiliation, it is worthwile to look at his arguments seriously. The author starts off with worries about the current state of the nation at near-apocalyptic proportions. The economic slowdown, the falling rupee, the Naxalite (Maoist) threat and the appeasement of minorities by the state are among his top concerns. The people of India cannot possibly agree more with the reality of these problems. But, he goes on to say ”it is time for a change”. Of course, he is within his rights to borrow Obama’s famous slogan for change in the United States, even if it is for Modi. But let’s think, what change is he hoping for? It’s not the case that the BJP is a party of young turks, about to revolutionize governance, once they get power. The NDA government at the Centre from 1999 to 2004 could be unfamiliar to relatively recent political observers, but it is well-remembered by others. That too as a painful experience at best. Nothing exemplifies the failure of that regime as neatly as the failed ‘India Shining!’ campaign. At a time when the common people were tormented by pretty much the same catastrophe as it faces now, the NDA decided to project India as an ’emerging global force’. The backfiring of that shameless campaign is well-documented in the media as well as in popular imagination. The Left parties offered outside support to UPA I, led by Congress (a major political opponent of the Left in all the three major states under its influence) just to put an end to the crippling NDA rule at the national level. This is because under NDA, India witnessed the worst anti-people, neoliberal policies till date. For instance, it was the NDA which first moved towards 100% FDI in retail sector in 2002, 4 its anti-labour policies invited critcism even from the then BMS general secretary Mr.Hasmukhbhai Dave, 5 it kick-started 6 the policy of disinvestment of major PSUs which is still being blindly followed by the UPA and so on. These are in addition to the various embarrassing scandals such as the erstwhile BJP president Bangaru Lakshman’s acceptance of a Rs.100,000 (US$1,700) bribe for supply of fake weapons and the Kargil coffin scam. If this is the change that you wish us to embrace, Mr. Shukla, then – no, thank you. You have argued that the “crucial add-on” that you speak of, Narendra Modi, makes all the difference. Sorry to disappoint you sir, but he is analogous to a cancerous growth on an already frail body, which I shall explain.

Narendra Modi is not the kind of organic nationalist that at least some among the secular sections of the society found in A.B.Vajpayee, the first and only PM from the NDA so far. Modi started his career as a pracharak of the RSS and as recent events prove, still enjoys the full support and blessings of the Sangh. His image as a hardcore follower of Hindutva (sometimes even Hindu fundamentalism 7) falls in sharp contrast with many ordinary members of the BJP itself, let alone the rest of the country. Also, his brand of nationalism is the fake kind, in the sense that he has been fairly outspoken in his support for global capital and has relied on the U.S.’ comments on him whenever it was favourable. 8 These are crucial factors in understanding the hollowness of the argument that Modi is going to be the winning factor for NDA in the 2014 general election. It might be true that Modi has not yet been convicted for the 2002 pogrom in Gujarat, but he remains a deeply polarising figure in Indian politics. Proof of this came instantly when JD(U), a long-standing NDA partner which even had its president as the convener of the Alliance, left the coalition after explicitly pointing out the divisive character of Narendra Modi. If anything, Mr.Modi is only going to pull the NDA away from power and down with him. So, unless you are an orthodox Hindutva purist, there is hardly any reason for you to support him, which is the case for an overwhelming majority in India.

Another argument an ordinary middle-class Indian finds being thrown at her all the time is the claim that Modi is the most ‘development-oriented’ politician in India. Indeed, the author cites statistics from an article 9 which came in the Hindustan Times as proof of this. But merely a cursory look at this article itself will reveal the shamelessness of this claim. The article is a data-analysis of Gujarat’s socio-economic and human development indicators which clearly show that the image of ‘development-oriented NaMo’ is nothing but a bubble. The contradiction between the claims of Modi-supporters and actual data has been unveiled quite authoritatively in the past.10

Status of Gujarat as per selected development indicators

Number Indicator Gujarat India Rank among States/UTs
1 % GSDP Growth rate at constant prices, average 2004-05 to 2011-12 10.08 8.28 8
2 % BPL 2009-10 (2004-05) 23.00 (31.06) 29.80 (37.2) 18
3 Sex ratio (Females per 1000 Males [2011]) 918 940 20
4 % Households living in houses with concrete roofs 43.9 29.1 9
5 Literacy rate 79.31 74.04 15
6 Avg person days per household getting job under MGNREGS 2011-12 34 34 7
7 Infant mortality rate 2010 44 47 18
8 Maternal mortality ratio 2007-2009 148 212 5

[Sources : 1, 2, 3 – Planning Commission; 4 – Census 2011; 5 – Census 2011 and Planning Commission; 6 – Annual Administrative Report MoRD, 7 – Planning Commission; 8 – Census 2011]

While Gujarat is not ranked among the top five states even in economic indicators, its performance in most social and human development indicators is simply abysmal. Yet, Modi aficionados claim Gujarat to be a free-market capitalist haven even for the poor and the oppressed, much different from the rest of India. Mark Twain must be quite outraged at these damn lies.

The patriarchal overtones of the personal appreciation of Modi are unmistakable. The author cites the fact that Mr.Modi has no family as an important credential in his possible candidature (even though Jashodaben Chimanlal Modi, a woman hailing from Modi’s native village has claimed to be married to him since she was 18; but she was apparently ignored later by the rising politician 11). Having no immediate family might erase some doubts about nepotism. Barring that, what does the author mean by mentioning it? It is here that we really sense the deeply male-centered and patriarchal sentiments behind the hero-worship of Narendra Modi. His apparent machismo and daring have been praised endlessly by his devotees. By this what they actually do is to elevate Modi to the status of a modern-day Sri Rama, while ignoring the obvious lack of redeeming qualities of Rama that one may find in the story of Ramayana. Blatant testosterone-fuelled hooliganism at its best!

Avay Shukla, in his article, goes on for several paragraphs about the ‘virtues’ of Narendra Modi. He says, “Modi has had the courage to raise these questions and is therefore being reviled by those political parties whose apple carts he is threatening to upset”. No one doubts that Mr.Modi has courage. The question is whether he has too much courage. To successfully lead a coalition one needs a little more than courage – the ability to arrive at a consensus. Even if Modi tries to transform himself into a unifying figure in the next year, this will only cause an erosion in his fundamentalist vote bank. Therefore, in all probability Modi will either remain as a Hindutva trumpeteer or harden his extremist credentials. The article also praises Modi’s integrity with a claim, “I am not aware of a single major scam unearthed during his term.” Well, that is quite unfortunate. At least 17 scams about the Gujarat government have been brought under public scrutiny in 201112 and the Krishna-Godavari gas deal scam of 2002 could be even bigger than the 2G scam. 13 The author also says, “we are looking for someone who can restore our identities as INDIANS and not merely as Brahmins or Scheduled castes or Muslims or Backward castes”. But if the person you found for that is Narendra Modi, best of luck!

To be fair, Shukla does criticize the BJP- “That leaves only the BJP, with its historical baggage of the RSS, Hindutva, Ramjanmbhoomi (by the way, this baggage also includes five years of exemplary governance under Vajpayee from 1999 to 2004) -perhaps enough baggage to dissuade me from voting for the party.” But he goes on to say, “Except that this time the BJP has an add-on: Narender Modi.” I believe it must be clear now that far from being a saving factor, Narendra Modi exacerbates the possibility of supporting the NDA led by BJP. I agree with his comment, “In any case, who in the country would lead the Congress- a reluctant dynast, or an ageing economist who has discovered his true skills lie in politics, or a backroom puppeteer? Or, God forbid, all three? (Seriously, this is a possibility- after all not one of these three want to shoulder sole accountability, and they may reason that if a dual power centre can ensure two terms, a triple may be good for even more!) No, to my mind the Congress is not an option”[sentence in parentheses also by Mr.Shukla]. But it is too early to say that there is no third option, as he claims. Alliances are still being forged.

Mr. Shukla’s article, however, conveniently fails to mention the recent adventure that Mr. Modi embarked upon in Uttarakhand. One must welcome any positive action in the face of such a calamity. But must we also welcome political profiteering that makes use of people affected by the disaster? Modi’s PR firm, APCO Worldwide 14 staged a media stunt 15 making him the hero in the rescue of over 15,000 Gujaratis from disaster-affected areas. This quickly earned him the title ‘Rambo Modi’ among his critics as well as supporters. Unfortunately for him, neither the number nor the mesmerizing manner in which he supposedly saved the distraught pilgrims (claims of Modi-sponsored choppers air-dropping rescue personnel were abundant in the immediate aftermath of the disaster) turned out to be accurate. How myths fill up the blanks in a popular hero’s story even when he is alive!

To sum up, I will never support Narendra Modi for the post of Prime Minister of India because he is just an enormous bubble, which his supporters claim to be full of righteousness, but is actually inflated with divisive communal politics, anti-people neoliberal policies, false development claims and a deeply patriarchal worship of the dominant male. Considering how it is impossible for the common people of a country as diverse as India to imagine such a person as their Prime Minister, it follows quite easily that most of us would not end up supporting him despite the highly professional publicity team serving Modi’s interests. Let us remain hopeful for a NaMo-free political environment after 2014 at the national level.

M Akhil is an Integrated Master of Arts (Economics) student at the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, IIT Madras.

Author’s note: I would like to thank Pratheesh Prakash for his help and solid encouragement throughout the making of this article. Also thanks to Binny Alexander for some crucial links and comments regarding the erroneous interpretation of statistics used in support of Narendra Modi. Shared effort is strength!

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(First published in ‘Bodhi Commons : Liberating Thoughts / Reclaiming Commons)


90 thoughts on “Lies, Damn Lies and NaMo – Why I do not support Modi and why you shouldn’t either: M Akhil”

  1. Hey M Akhil/Subash Gatade,
    To me this article seems to be a rejoinder to what Mr Avay Shukla has written, it would have been great if the author would have requested the reader to read the other article first. Or is it the wrong place for this article to be? I think presenting ones view in hindsight of what others have said is no where near good journalism or reporting or airing views. The idea of an anti Gujarat CM narrative is caught in India like a flu these days. couldn’t we have better reportage. I thought Kafila was about running from the BIG Media, but where? After running from them this where you want us? Kafila is creating a space of itself which appreciates and promotes alternate narratives and not commentary on articles. I am not sure if I have sounded harsh in my words but I really felt out of place reading this piece on Kafila.

    1. Hold on. What exactly is your problem with your article? Kafila publishes quite a lot replies to Sangh Parivar propaganda. Many against Madhu Kishtwar for instance!

  2. I havent finished reading the entire article but something struck and I must comment on that before I proceed. I am not a modi supporter but your arguments in para 3 about the last NDA regime sound hollow. The failure of India Shining campaign, in my understanding, had more to do with urban rural divide where due to NDA policies rural India was left out. If you come and prove that the disappointment was felt by urban Indians in the same way then I would agree but from back then India Shining did seem to ring true with urban India. Second your citation of scandals does not do any justice to the prevailing corruption in the current regime and what has been exposed so far. That is not to say that in NDA corruption was limited but what you cite as a corruption problem in NDA regime (in para 3) comes nowhere close to what we have seen with UPA in just last few years.
    Last, an NDA government that was seen 10 years before does not speak necessarily, in my opinion, of what to expect in the next one. Not at least as strongly as what to expect in continuation of an incumbent government.
    I am not in favor of Modi as a PM but my objections were against the arguments you make against Avay Shukla’s artcle (which I havent read either so maybe I am guilty of ignorance here) in para 3.

    1. My issue with Modi is that I don’t think he has the intellectual bandwidth to run the country. We have not heard from him how he would tackle the Naxalite menace, the falling rupee, the marginalisation of minorities…I could go on. He does not talk (or is not allowed to) on these issues. My own feeling is that he will be remote-controlled by the party apparatchik.

      1. I agree that he has not shown any intellectual depth required to understand the diverse problems of the nation. However he will be anything but remote-controlled. He runs an authoritarian regime with tight fist control. And that is definitely not gonna change because thats who he is.

      2. LOL.. Modi remote controlled? You really have a vivid imagination!

        Modi does not need ‘intellectual bandwidth’. We already have an ‘high bandwidth’ PM, and look at the state he has brought us to.

        Modi has the courage of conviction, is principled, patriotic and has his task cut out — overall economic progress and development. What he does have is the ability to select the right person for the job. All the best leaders in the world were not experts in their fields, but employed experts whom they directed.

        1. Courage of conviction of what – manipulating the facts. The most selfish and opportunistic guy who can rip the nation with divergent nature of all faiths united in the spirit of patriotism – a fabric rarely seen in the world to-day. This is just a play stage managed by a handful of his so called supporters who in turn wait to lavish on return on his dream of acquiring power. Poor dream !!!

      3. Sir On Paper We have highly intellectual PM in world, Did this done any good for Nation or Citizen?

    2. was the failure of India Shining merely about urban-rural divide? One of those myths that needs to be demolished!

      Fact is the Cong won 5 or 7 seats in Delhi and 7 of 7 in Mumbai. Even in other metro cities, the Cong swept over 80% of the seats.

      urban-rural divide?

      1. The problem with India Shining campaign was celebrating to soon, even before majority of the problems facing the country were solved. All the damage done to the country by Congress in 60 years could hardly be rectified in 5 years. Bharat Nirman is going the same way.. It is called “rubbing it in”!

        1. NDA rule was not a comfortable rule. It can be considered below average, if not disastrous.

        2. Population explosion is a very big problem for India. With the Population of the United States-around 300 million or so- being added to india every 25-30 years, a land that is only a third of of that of the USA with meagre natural resources etc. Yet India is now recognized the world over as one of a handful of countries that has the potential to become a superpower in the very near future. From the first nuclear test in the 70s under Mrs. Gandhis Congress Party, India has become a nuclear power with a Triad of nuclear weapons based on land sea and very soon in space. We are on the verge of having ICBM rockets that can respond to nuclear threats from -ANY- part of the world!.I admit, we were slow of the mark regarding a export orientated Manufacturing base,specially given the fact that we knew what was happening in China. Yet, we have not done too badly, specially given the extraordinary burden of a massive population explosion that continues unabatted today. BUT THE BIGGEST DANGER FACING OUR COUNTRY ARE THESE CRIMINAL COMMUNAL ELEMENTS THAT ARE ON THE VERGE OF DESTROYING EVERYTHING WE HAVE ACHIEVED TO DATE. The Congress may not be perfect and the Ghost of the terrible riots of 1984, although a one time BLACK DAY for the Congress(under very trying circumstances given that the PM was assasinated in a gruesome fashion), but it was still a unwarranted retaliation against innocent Sikh families. Congress must come clean and prosecute the guilty and thus clean the slate. The other entity , called BJP, has communal violence as their central theme and Mantra. They will run this country to the ground, much to the delight of certain western countries that have waited so long for such a sitiuation to declare India a ROUGE NATION OF RELIGIOUS FANATICS-similar to the Arab countries,, with the express aim of yanking away its nuclear weapons and dividing the country up into little countries and thus removing her from ever becoming an Economic threat to the west. SO TO COMPARE THE CONGRESS AND THIS COMMUNAL ENTITY CALLED THE BJP……..IS A BIT OF A JOKE!!.

      2. Hmm.. perhaps not if what you are saying is true.. although I am not sure what explains NDA performance then.. gujarat riots? Not sure..

      3. It is kind of funny but it seems that it might have been ‘india shining’ campaign itself (kind of mocking campaign maybe) that may have contributed to NDA”s defeat then especially after its failing policies (?). But figuring out what contributed to the defeat probably requires more detailed analysis amidst the combinations of factors.

    3. I think the point that the author is trying to make with the reference to imperfections in the previous NDA regime is that it was far from perfect. The ‘India Shining’ campaign, which Mr Arun Jaitley and Mr Pramod Mahajan had conceived was a flop not only in the rural areas but also in the urban areas. What they claimed was not felt by the Indian populace in its ‘lived experience’.

  3. A well written article by Akhil. He has written about a lot of crucial facts and numbers.
    Well, for those, who keep chanting the lines “Modi is development oriented”, here is an audio version of a talk by Economist Jan Breman held at CLRI, Chennai, which brings out to us Modi’s poor economics:
    His government’s very ordinary economics have been smartly covered up by his PR firm and blown up as “development -oriented”. Akhil has rightly said that Modi is an enormous bubble.

  4. a very well-written and elaborated article fit for kafila standard. kudos to you m. akhil and keep up the good work. an eye-opener. thanks for the article and the references.

  5. Oh my dear friend ur article seemed to be like someone just searching for a perfect india without any idea of perfect.
    Just striking few good words or few good facts u can not blame anyone.
    But i know its not ur mistake bcoz in my view u started the article with modii but later on when u didnt had much to speak u diverted urself to nda wow what an idea sirjee.
    U talked about shining india so may i ask u which mobile are u using or u r not using any mobile waiting prolong to write this article .
    Evertime its very easy to write down the failures but it becomes difficult to address those difficulties

    1. Agreed that Vedic Indians used mobile phones ;) Who told you that it is NDA or Modi who is behind bringing mobile phones to India? Height of illiteracy.

    2. >>to speak u diverted urself to nda wow what an idea sirjee.

      Modi is a foot soldier of RSS. BJP is the political arm of RSS. BJP alliance which ruled during Gujarat riots under Vajpayee is known as NDA. Modi is a part of the NDA. Height of political illiteracy.

  6. India’s soul is secular right from the days of Indus valley Civilization. A malignant Modi is just a misfit unit in the chain of our 5000 year old secular history. He is not even an episode. He is indeed a bubble.

    1. @Danish, I do not accept islam and do not beleive in mohammed either. Would I go to hell?

      Please try to be tolerant if possible for you. I know how hard it is.

      1. A guy talks about India proudly and doesn’t even mention a religion and another guy (assuming it is a guy, obviously a coward using a pseudonym) jumps in, makes assumptions about the first guy’s religious beliefs and THEN TALKS ABOUT TOLERANCE! Ah, this stuff is better than most jokes even. Hilarious Mr. Bharatiya, hilarious.

        1. But, that’s exactly it, Joshua! I’m starting to realise that most of these people, who peddle so much hatred and target people from all minorities, especially Muslims, although women aren’t that far behind in their list of targets, are, usually, nameless, faceless warriors for the disgusting right-wing agenda. They seem unable to conduct debates in ways that most of us consider rational and civilised. Their fuses are forever lit and abuses are always at the ready. Very few of them have the courage to attach their real names and faces to their comments because, obviously, they worry everyone will see them for who they really are: bigots.

  7. How many lakhs of rupees were paid to you by Mr.Ajay Maken ???
    Your arguements sound all the familiar phrases of DigVijay Singh and other Congressis.

  8. Crap, Holy Crap and then Akil’s Articles !

    (i have read some old article of yours and mistook you for a serious writer, now i could not read more than 10 lines of this article). Dear friend, seriously what is your point ? You want to balance out Modi’s netizen popularity with your
    articles ? Let us for one moment think, for argument sake , that the entire nation listens to you and does not vote for modi… Who is/are your candidate(s) … I like the integrity and simplicity of Kamaraj as much as I like Vajpayee, or for that matter the unopposed Communist Councilor Mr. Rathinaswamy from my home town, all for the same reasons- simplicity and good governance !

    Here is a man who has ‘proved’ he can deliver just that !
    This is the last time I am going to waste my time reading your articles…

    -Meyyappan Easwaramoorthy,
    Tirupur, Tamilnadu, India.

    1. Whop cares for your crap? NO arguments , just sheer abuse is what modi followers and bhakts have become adept in – you have the rest of internet to make these abusive, crappy, ridiculous comments and make afool of yourself ! Leave the few spaces which remain independent – i think M akhil and others here will be much better off minus crappy readers like you , for this blog is not for modi trolls – ventilate your venom elsewhere !
      Also we cant waste anymore time on fools who expose themselves like this . GOODBYE

  9. While most of your concerns are legitimate I have a few issues:

    1. As someone has already mentioned, the massive corruption we are seeing today is unparalleled in the history of India. This factor is clearly ignored. Highest officers of the land, the bureaucracy are in a collusion to fool the highest court of the land. This speaks volumes about the state of governance our country is in today.

    2. On the secular front, it is no secret that Mr. Modi has lot of explaining to do but I simply fail to understand why there is no historical comparison. The Congress party was systematically involved in murdering a particular religious community in 1984. By this I certainly don’t want to condone what happened in Gujarat but I think a fair comparison is the need of the hour between the so called ‘secular’ political parties and the one who advocate Hindutva. Most of things if not everything in our country are matters of political convenience.

    3. If you think that Mr. Nitish Kumar quit the alliance because he is worried about the secular ethos of country, you must be naive. Mr. Nitish Kumar would have been happy if Mr. Advani was at the helm ( A man who was the architect of Babri demolition, now suddenly is the voice of ‘secularists’ in this country). Isn’t that funny?

    4. From your article it also seems that you are against neo-liberal policies. While you are entitled to your opinions, neo-liberal policies do not necessarily spell doom to everyone.

    5. There is no data related to performance of NDA government. You simply assumed that their performance must have been poor because they lost the elections.

    Let’s hope whoever comes to power in 2014 can do the job of lifting this country from the mess in which it finds itself today.

  10. 3 Things about your article:

    1) “It was the NDA which first moved towards 100% FDI in retail sector in 2002, it kick-started 6 the policy of disinvestment of major PSUs which is still being blindly followed by the UPA and so on” – Why exactly is this bad policy ? Is this supposed to deter me from voting for them ? A lot of introductory economic books would tell you otherwise.

    2) Statistics can never be looked at in one year and one year alone. They have to be looked at over a period of time. Faults / Appreciation of a tenure can only be ascertained when you compare with a previous tenure. An introductory statistics course would have told you so.

    3) “Modi’s PR firm, APCO Worldwide staged a media stunt making him the hero in the rescue of over 15,000 Gujaratis from disaster-affected areas.” Ummmm. Only that APCO has denied working for Modi of late.

    And this is just off the top of my head. I am not a fan of Modi either – but I wish the author had done some more homework before writing this article. If the objective is to shout at the top of your voice and look at issues without any serious in-depth thought, readers of Kafila can go back to watching mainstream media. A poorly written piece !

    1. To your point 1: if you would go beyond the introductory economics books, or even beyond the first few chapters of such books, you would find plenty of explanations for why such economic policies are a bad idea. Not that those arguments will be without their own flaws, but it’s only to draw your attention to the fact that knowledge of little economics can be a very dangerous thing.

    2. 1. What exactly is wrong in anti-farmer policies, other than it makes them take the route of suicide (the largest in the history of mankind). Extrapolate it to retail and think yourself.

      2. There is enough statistical evidence, i.e., comparative data, to prove that Modi’s development is mediocre. Why did you think that absence of comparative data in the article means that there is no such data at all? Come up with your data to prove otherwise.

      3. Instead of denying, let APCO sue those who said the truth? Are they poor to hire an advocate? Come on. All the corruption charges against Ambani made by Kejriwal also met the same fate. They denies, but no defamatory suit?

      I guess you should strive more to write a reasoned take on an article. What say?

    3. Lol! This is kafila…they write bilge all the time. I don’t know who these jobless people are who have so much time on their hands to write super long, mostly incoherent and rhetorical articles. Unless you are a neo-liberal economic policy hater, you will get a head-ache reading kafila articles.

  11. One word to the people who constantly compare the 1984 pogrom to the Gujrat one:
    I am not a Congress supporter and agree that whatever they blame the other parties for, they have themselves indulged in the same.

    The reason why the Gujarat pogrom is more disturbing is because this is the party whose one of the basic agendas is to get rid of or suppress minorities hence, they are bound to do it again.

    1. Where in BJP manifesto it is written that it’s main aim is to eliminate the minorities ? :D

      1. It is in their persistent Muslim bashing over the years, their involvement in demolishing Babri Masjid.

    2. I have seen working of BJP guys and one thing is for sure I can tell that agenda of BJP is never to get rid of minorities, suppress them or appease them. They do talk about Hindus but why this always mean they are against other religions and communities? Isnt Hinduism accept all religions?

  12. I think the only thing that is worse than reading flawed arguments by someone who’s opinion you disagree with, is reading flawed arguments by someone’s who’s opinion you agree with. While I agree with your general view of Modi and the BJP, how you argue your case is so easy to point holes in. The entire BJP regime was poor because of an India Shining campaign? The Left joined UPA for such patriotic reasons; that’s some hilarious naiveté or deliberate ignorance – party coalitions are always going to be about realpolitik. Similarly with the JDU argument. Since when do political commentator’s tale political rhetoric at face value? Come on. And your criticism of their economic/social policy comes from a normative perspective based in a socialist/welfare state, which is perfectly valid. However, it underscores your dislike of neoliberal policies in general, not the BJP is particular, which confuses the entire argument.

    Your statistics were great; I just wish you had also included indicators where Gujarat does indeed do well, to add some credibility to your voice.

    You need a deeper understanding of the term ‘patriarchy’. Bandying it about just because of a nature of the publications does not do you any favors.

    While I appreciate the efforts, liberal arts students (I include myself in this category) need to be far more academic and incisive in the analyses, else it becomes just another exercise in selective politicization. It’s impossible to find authoritative sources you can trust, even for the simplest statistics. Your articles seems to fight a debate, rather than forward a discussion. It’s disappointing to not find more incisive commentary on why Modi is a problematic figure for PM, or of a contextualized perspective of where gujarat fits into india as a whole (though your stats helped somewhat.)

  13. Very hollow article. I actually thought I would get something good out of it, maybe a different perspective to look at Modi. But the article is written with lot of anger which makes me doubt the authors credibility. If you say Modi and his followers are exaggerating then this seems similar to that just in the opposite way.

    1. So, you are allergic to anger. Why don’t you try to write a comprehensive reply, rather than presenting weird reasons?

  14. The author is spot on. In my view he has been gentle on Modi. India would cease to exist as it is and can get geographically divided if India forms the government under the leadership of Mr Modi.

  15. It is indeed surprising to see why we are focussing on Modi rather than BJP vs Congress. You have mentioned about NDA regime of 5 years. Do you think 5 years is a good enough time for good governance. At least we are not forcing policies like FOOD Bill which have tens of thousands of crores at stake for election sake. What is the basis if funding of such election savvy policies? Similarly the sheer value of the scams if we compare the current Congress Regime to the NDA regime is an eye opener.
    The reason of JD(U) leaving NDA was purely political in nature. It isnt possible that in 2003 Nitish Kumar praises Modi when he is not in power in Bihar. Today when he has come to power in Bihar by being in NDA he is simply joining hands with Congress to destabilise NDA ahead of 2014 elections and getting thousands of crores in roads and infrastructure development etc…

    1. Quite apart from the fact that he presided over the state-managed riots in Gujarat in 2002, the focus is on Modi thanks to the BJP, which has made him their leader and pinned all its desperate hopes on him.

      There’s a reason why elected governments have mandate for five years. Because it is considered more than enough to bring in changes that can take the cou8ntry forward. Or, at least, to set it on a path that takes it there. And, NDA did no such thing. Their scams might have been smaller in size but then, as they say, there’s no difference between being a little pregnant and very pregnant. Or, is your real grouse that your party made less from corruption?

      How can anyone in their right minds object to the Food Bill? You’d rather that the surplus grains rot away each year?


    1. Let me guess… Writer’s best choice would be Ms. Mayawati or Mr. Laloo Prasad Yadav or Mr Digvijay SIngh or maybe best of the best Mr. Rahul Gandhi…

      I found the words in the article typically typical… I would agree for Modi not being the best candidate, but then who is? No one is perfect…

      1. Modi is divisive. India shall get divided if Mr Modi gets to become the Prime Minister. Anyone else other than him would be suitable.

  16. very well written, sir. Though i’d like to ask you. If not Modi, then who? I guess the country will end up choosing lesser of the evils. conviction for 2002 is one thing. There are worse leaders out there eying the PMO. At least with Modi, i can, though not entirely comfortably, have expectations.

  17. I don’t like the concept of Hero worship in our country. But I feel that Modi is more famous because of relentless criticism. It is making his ardent supporter more stubborn and circle of sympathizers is ever increasing. But I also feel that e-Votes are still not that powerful to determine the real electoral outcomes. Most of the Modi supporters belong to e-constituency of virtual world. They won’t even go to vote on the election day. Elections are always decided by poor, mostly semi-educated, dumb masses.

    1. >>dumb masses.
      dumb masses are the e-educated illiterates. The poor have much more sense in judging people.

    2. Fairly arrogant to call people as dumb. The fact is that the followers of Modi are probably blind and blinkered.

  18. After reading this eye opening article, I am getting convinced that Rahul Gandhiji is the only alternative left for the country. He does not come with any baggage of bad economic performance and poor leadership like MMS. He is young and can relate to the youth who will no doubt benefit from his sincerity, international exposure and secular outlook. Would like to hear from you on this as you are even unbiased and well informed.

  19. People of India or Social media enthusiasts, as you may put in, are supporting NaMo only because they don’t see an alternative. UPA or Congress, more appropriately, is all about opportunistic and dynastic politics. The best way to teach all these politicians a lesson is to ask for Right to reject or Right to recall over Right to Employment or Food, which in broader sense means nothing.

    Weakest LINK

    1. Right to Reject is for cowards. The country needs to be governed by somebody. If you reject all candidates in an election, you might think you are sending a message, but you are actually already deepening an already deep mess.

      1. Why do you assume all candidates would be rejected???
        Is it because you accept that all politicians are corrupt and India has become a banana republic?
        Or are you afraid that people would reject the first family of India?

  20. The article is a success in ‘countering’ certain claims of the Modi campaign, but that really doesn’t mean that it is a satisfactory vindication of the policy paralysis and enormous corruption exhibited by the current rulers. The author of article exhibited an extraordinary level of bias, thus falling prey to the same propaganda machine that he accuses of the Modi campaigners. After all, elections are mostly a trial and error experiment. This is what the recent history of Indian democracy tells us. Anyway, 2014 general election will turn out to be a crucial one in many respects. One that political scientists and students are keenly awaiting. And it can serve as a wonderful subject of research for them, especially because the last five years have seen unprecedented developments in the Indian socio-political discourse. The popular movements, Media over exuberance, series of scams and scandals. ‘How all these have affected the public conscience?’, ‘And what part can Modi factor play in it?’ are all questions of utmost interest. The author took a road already taken.

  21. So did you get a good grade for this paper? You write an enormous article and provide a reference sheet as well. I request you to read the tag line of Kafila again. It says run from big media. You provide a reference sheet that some how goes back to big media. Ironic isn’t it?

  22. and the debate goes on.. I understand that there is no perfect person or political party. I regularly follow the media to come to an unbiased opinion about political parties, so that i can be wise enough to take a logical decision at the time of voting. According to your opinion, who amongst the current lot deserves a victory in the next elections

  23. A very shallow article at best. While author tries to spin an interesting narrative, at the end it remains just that, a narrative. I have never been a ardent Modi supporter myself but this variety of insubstantial rhetoric would only further what Congress has been doing for last 10 years- Making a hero out of Modi.

  24. The Article lacks impartiality,as it stop short at giving clear picture rather ducks the pointed questions arising from the article itself. The facts seem to be have been picked and chosen to be presented in a pre-disposed mind. Anyway author is entitled to have his opinion…../

  25. Why is it that none of the articles, whether pro or anti-Modi, refuse to go pre-2002 riots? Ok, I understand his supporters have a reason – going there will break the carefully curated image, but what about the anti-modi folks?

    If you really want to vet Modi, you need to look at his entire career and not just his years as a CM. What a man like Modi has to do to be a CM is as much important as what he did as a CM.

    In fact, I believe just being an RSS pracharak disqualifies anybody to be a Chief Minister, forget a Prime Minister. Have any of you non-RSS folks seen what a RSS pracharak does? It would shake you up – the vitriol, the bigotism, the anti-national mindset that is a requirement to be a pracharak. Find out for yourself – go spend some days in your nearest RSS shakha if you do not believe me. I have friends who have come back trembling from all the hate that they saw there.

    All this is carefully hidden away under that mask of the CM. Advani has that same mask on, Modi has it on as well. Unless you are a hindu bigot, if you really have to support somebody from BJP to push your agenda for the country, please please go for somebody who hasn’t come up the RSS hierarchy.

    1. 100% this is correct. RSS/Hindu Maha Sabha that claims to be super patriots, never ever participated in the freedom movement of India. They were opposed to quit India movement and Savarkar (the person RSS family loves to quote & emulate) agreed to help the British and toured India as the supremo of Hindu Maha Sabha, asking the Hindu youth to join the British Army, rather than join the quit India movement.

  26. It’s been two years and my search still on to find few pieces of article which compares the governance of UPA and NDA or PM “A” against PM “B” without being biased to either side. Every other article is either Pro-Modi or Anti-Modi/Pro UPA or Anti-UPA. My personal view is that UPA has done few good things amidst all the corruption and lacklustre governance. The same stands for NDA. But I would give my benefit of doubt to NDA because of their in-experience in governance. Being first timer they did a terrific job between 1999-2004 while fighting against natural calamities. I simple believe UPA has been in governance from last 10 years, Now is it the time to look what NDA has to offer. Whether it be Modi or anyone else. I personally wants to see Sushma as a PM.

  27. modi trying to mislead indian youth only.this give acctual idea about devolopmant of gujrat. Above all any thing may be acceptable but Poisson which he is spreading in society is not tolerable.he is playing with emotion of hindus youth.go and see some FB sites which being run by his supporters..
    ooph there language shameful. though congress is totaly anti people but we have to stop this big threat to integrity of India.(JAHAR UGALTA H YE ISKA KOI NEEJI MARE OR HUM USKO KUTTE KI MOT SE compare TAB PATA CHALEGA YE KITNA JAHAR UGLTA H0

  28. Author is having his views and I respect that.I am a gujarati and i believe no other state and its people have been scrutinized more than us here! that also from people who never visit our state.Anyway, my point is related to this article. Author here claims everything Modi or BJP say is a big bubble,but the interesting part is he also does not provide any concrete figure to point it out! HDI of gujarat was never great, in fact some figures are:-
    2001 : Guj – 0.479 Ind – 0.472
    2011 : Guj – 0.527 Ind – 0.467
    So our national HDI has dropped in the last decade[most of which UPA ruled]
    Second point about Rambo act,Nowhere did Gujarat govt or Modi “claimed” that they saved 15k pilgrims.Also TOI has just few days back printed a clarification on the same.

    Its good to criticize people in a democracy, but it should have some base and less bias!

  29. As a people, we amply deserve Modi. For quite a few years now, we have been nurturing such elements and actually rewarding them after their satanic acts.What happened to the criminals of Emergency? What has happened to the perpetrators of Sikh genocide in Delhi and elsewhere? Now, ‘secular’ persons like Nitish Kumar is lamenting for the downsizing of Advani, the messiah of ‘integration’ while Modi is charged with divisive politics. Who is to bear the responsibilities for the riots that rocked India following the criminally designed rathayatra and the demolition of Babri Masjid? While Modi’s colleagues in the cabinet have been proved guilty of genocide Modi himself is warming up for premiership! What is at the root of his confidence? The blessings that the Gujaratis showered on him in the elections after the genocide. In West Bengal, Mamata has been making a mockery of democracy every day and through each of her action. Her defiance of the Constitution and all constitutional authorities without exception is open and perverse. What keeps on increasing the evil spirit of this pathological liar? It is all our contribution. And in the name of democracy! In India, people have hardly any sense of what is ugly and disastrous. Is it any wonder that Modi finds the ground reality propitious for his elevation? A fascist like Modi or Mamata is never created without the connivance, over or covert, of a large, very large, number of people. And democracy gives these people the right to ensure catastrophe for themselves and others!! My fellow Indians, enjoy the taste of Modi, as we have been doing that of Mamata.

    1. I think the articles was insightful and good. Of many things the least India want is a competent leader not a leader who can become a dictator any moment….crazy over power

      1. I respect your views, but can you elaborate on your definition of competent leader and shed some light on how our current leaders are competent? Would love to have a healthy discussion with you on this :)

      2. Why dont you try and answer that for yourself ? A competent leader is atleast not afraid of dissent and debate, does not ask for prepared speeches, is not implicated in riots , does not collude with big business houses and spend crores on PR compaigns , buying media houses and having trolls all over the internet, does not belong to the BJP and is not a child of RSS . A competent leader has a vision of a secular and democratic polity, knows how to take everyone along on the path to development through dialogue, debate and dissent, thinks about the poor . Above all he does not cross the moral line – , read this and then we will have a debate. Do your homework first before buying in ‘there is no alternative to Modi’ and ‘Modi will bring in development ‘ and ‘Modi has been given a clean chit ( ofcourse lack of evidence when an entire state machinery has worked to obliterate evidence constitutes a clean chit in today’s world , but i wonder who really believes in that clean chit ?- the fact that modi is not innocent is something even his supporters know ) . And if you think , it does not matter , after all he’s competent, read this

        But i still think , you will not be convinced, because when we choose to be blind , looking for a strong leader to lead us into whatever peril he wants, its not healthy debate we are looking for and i’m past thinking modi supporters are up for debate .
        But i’ll just turn the question around – what is it that makes modi competent – his authoritarianism ? his pro rich development model ( really please highlight one economic policy which is different after you compare bjp and congress manifestos)?his divisive politics ?- i think we need to ask ourselve s what is it about modi that appeals to us ? because if we’re looking for a dictator , we deserve one. If you had bothered to read even half the articles on kafila and other independent places- you would find healthy debate on Modi is not possible , like healthy debate on figures like hitler is not possible- he’s the termite which will destroy india. But i know your mind is already closed .

  30. Your quoted statistics are miserable. The GDP growth rates include minor states and low base states. Either you are a poor statistician or a smart one trying to mislead or lie.

    The NDA government under Vajpayee was the best ever government to rule modern India. The best extent of growth, infrastructure development were attained during this period. The fact that India made a mistake by rejecting it is well proven by the miserable state of Indian economy, and the ballooning prospect of corruption fueled by support to pseudo secular s by a communally charged minority.

    Your views on reforms are more anti capitalist rather than anti Modi. It was the same model that states like Karnataka, Andhra, and Tamil Nadu used to obtain good growth rates.

    ITo make it worse, your article is filled with inconsistencies. You feel Vajpayee government was bad because it was voted out, then you should hail Modi who is going unbeaten for some time now. I can respect difference of opinions, but what I find hard to digest is the infirmity of your arguments.

    1. Exactly what I am trying to say. The article is just too much biased for an article like this where he is trying to convince people how he is right. I would love to counter each and every argument of his in his article once i get time to write, and would post a follow up.

  31. There are many problems in your arguments (and I am thinking of writing something to counter your argument, a free healthy debate) but I would like to point out one thing which I couldn’t digest being a analyst by nature and profession.

    The data given by you are misleading about “Status of Gujarat as per selected development indicators” because of following reasons –
    1. You can’t compare or judge this my comparing Gujarat indices to national average or state ranking because every state is different because inherently indices of states can be low because of socio economic conditions and mindsets prevailing for hundreds of years, which brings me to my second point.
    2 what you could have compared and would have been a solid argument, if you compared the change of these indices, like some year x before Modi became CM and current status and do the same with India average under current rule and compare the % change in indices, that would be mathematically more sound. The comparison you did just looks biased only to fool yourself and people reading it.
    3. Your comparison based on state ranking are not convincing because maintaining a certain literacy rate in states like Kerala where the situation has always been good and population is lower is easier. Consider this, if i announce a hypothetical state with 1 population who is a millionaire and well educated then your ranking argument crumbles.

    PS: Don’t misuse the name of IIT Madras in forcing people to go with your argument.
    PPS: I am writing this comment at 5am in the morning without any sleep working on some project so please don’t mind little out of flow writing or not clear points, I would love to answer any questions you might have

    Cheers :)

    1. will answer your other questions. And it does not matter with its 5 in the morning or not, dont make ridiculous comments about other using IIT madras name – he’s using it because he is what he is . And we’ve had enough people using their names and institutions in modi’s favour all around us – there ofcourse they are not using their names, but if a man just states what he’s actually doing ( really, what should he say – he’s a scholar from timbuctoo?), he’s using his name . WOW – so now we cant even state what we do if we say anything against Modi because we are misusing our own identity ! He is a researcher at IIT Madras and this is what he has to say and has a right to say. Engage with his arguments instead of making silly , underhand comments .
      cheers to you too :)

  32. Modi sounds brash and does’nt look to have the intellectual band width to run a diverse country like India.His speeches are Jingoistic lacking substance.I dread the days of the NDA propagating Swadesi and Hindu rate of growth etc., taking back India to 18th century.I don’t endorse the UPA in the present set-up but feel there are more able leaders(or managers?) in UPA than in NDA.

  33. so many learned people before me,great thought process.I ask you-Does Modi or no Modi or any one else had or ever make a difference ?
    The question I ask to me about the intentions of parties such as BJP when I see all these talks about Modi being the PM candidature,BJP’s slogan of Congress mukt bharat,of changing India when they come to power…etc is WHO IS STOPPING BJP FROM DEVELOPING INDIA NOW OR BEFORE WHEN YOU NOT DIRECTLY IN POWER?you v a national level organisation,the courts and appealing authorities are open and accessible to you,the government hasn’t banned you from organisng rallies,campaining or any other means of raising awareness,the media listens to you,you v funds to sponser issues.THEN what is stopping you from working towards solution to the problems of India,why you only wait for being the government yourself to bring the changes?Because all this HOLLYWOOD style acting and gimmicks is about capturing power for making money and not for the causes you continuosly fool people.
    So many problems which doesnt require coming to power.Let me put forward some of them-(1)Lack of employment or under employment for majority of urban youths across the country,(2)difficult and high bank lending process to start businesses in India,(3)frustrating delay and bribery in nearly all government departments,(4)corruption in public works such as Roads, bridges,public works directing people’s taxes in the pockets of few people,(5)unfair working and pay conditions for 80% + workforce categorised as unorganised sector,(6)unplanned development of cities due to corrupt practices in Municipalities.(7)
    There are so many problems faced by ordinary Indian today that doesnt require any political organisation to say that WE CAN ONLY ADDRESS THESE PROBLEMS WHEN WE COME TO POWER, for most of these problems just require creating awareness among people,soft fighting against authorities as these organised parties with their cadre of workers can easily do with their dharnas and pradarsans,moving to courts for regulation or creation of certain enforcements.
    Never.they will never think in these terms.because this is honest politics.If you are in d business of serving people ,how does it matter if you are in power or not ?
    So good luck for pro Modis and good luck for anti Modis.May be you are also going to gain something or lose something by this win or loss.

  34. Some of “popular lies” of Modi, debunked with relevant references and statistics

    Claim #1
    Gujarat’s GDP growth under Modi is exceptional.
    Gujarat’s growth is inline with other progressives states of India.

    Claim #2
    2003-2013 is the only 10 straight years ever in Gujarat history which are complete Riot-free.
    Large scale riots happened within Vadodara in 2006 and regular stream of incidences kept on happening regularly all over Gujarat.

    Claim #3
    Automobile majors are flocking to Gujarat because of great industrial climate Modi has created.
    Tata was given sops worth Rs. 30 Thousand Crores for investing only a fraction (Rs 2 Thousand Crores) in Sanand, Gujarat. That’s what brought Nano to Gujarat.

    Claim #4
    Gujarat is only state in the whole India to provide 24*7 and 365 days electricity to almost all of its 18000 villages.
    Still 8% of Gujarat ‘s households use Kerosene as the primary means of lighting. Gujarat was 100% electrified even in 1996.

    Claim #5
    World bank’s statement of 2011 said, Gujarat roads are closer to international standards.
    World Bank gave no such statement. Claim is a gross exaggeration of a World Bank report.

    Claim #6
    In WikiLeaks US diplomat described Modi as “incorruptible” — in fact, “the lone honest Indian politician”.
    No US diplomat mentioned that. On the contrary, complete reading of the cable is an another proof of “pseudo-secularist” charges on Modi (downright communal, big-ticket corruption and low on achievements).

    Claim #7
    Gujarat’s agriculture growth is 10-11% since whole last decade.
    In last 6 years, Gujarat’s agriculture had -ve years of growth -1.08% (2007) & -8.71% (2009), and a zero growth year 0.3% (2010).

    Claim #8
    Gujarat tourism is growing faster than ever before.
    Gujarat tourism’s percentage share and rank is stagnant during most of Modi’s tenure.

    Claim #9
    According to central govt’s labour bureau’s report, Gujarat has the lowest unemployment rate in country.
    As per 2012 report, Gujarat was ranked 1st among states (excluding UTs), which has fallen to 5th in 2013 report.

    Claim #10
    Gujarat is the first state in country to have “high speed wireless broadband” service in its all 18000 villages.
    BSNL brought WiMAX to Gujarat. Ironically this is one of deals for which former Telecom minister A. Raja is under investigation.

    Claim #11
    2010 Forbes magazine rated Ahmedabad the fastest growing city in the India and 3rd in World.
    Everything about this claim is falsified and misleading.

    Claim #12
    Modi made the Asia’s biggest solar plant.
    Intending: Solar energy revolution was started by Modi.
    Solar energy revolution in India was started by UPA govt in 2010.

    Claim #13
    Every Gujarati is in love with Modi
    Less than 50% Gujaratis are voting for Modi and around 40% are voting for Congress. BJP’s high vote share pre-dates Modi.

  35. mysindia: Who can prevent Mr. Narendra Modi from becoming Prime Minister if he is destined to become so. Let him come, let him divide India both vertically and horizontally to his heart’s content, let the hearts and minds of Indians be also divided, let majority community be pitched against minority communities, let them divert, spend and waste their energ in unproductive violence instead of spent the energy in building a prosperous and self-reliant India and keep the country united for country’s good, let there be communal violence 24 x 7 never to end throughout the year, in the length and breadth of the country for other countries to brand India the most communally explosive country, let the whole country become the graveyard of minorities (Muslims, Christians, Sikhs), let majority community reclaim their land, but continue caste-fighting among each other endlessly, let corporate world flourish, let corporate world rule the country and run a parallel government, parallel parliament and parallel banking, let rich become richer and poor become poorer, let there be 100 more Ambanis, 100 more Tatas, 100 more Birlas etc, let urban India alone develop by leaps and bounds and let rural Bharat continue to remain in darkness and backwardness, let there be more cases of poverty, hunger, diseases, illiteracy, unemployment, under-employment, malnutrition, under-nutrition, exploitation of the weak by the strong, let India become the land of rich and corporate and poor totally sidelined, marginalised or totally wipe out,
    After the Hindutva ideology lost its sheen, the RSS hijacked and air-dropped Mr. Modi to give a shot in the arm of BJP and give new lease of life to BJP, but now BJP is overshadowed by Modi’s personality, and it is now Modi vs. Congress, and not BJP vs. Congress. The shrill rhetoric, aggressive diatribe and repeated violent attack on Congress, on PM and Rahul Gandhi, smacks of immaturity of Mr. Modi and lack of statesmanship. A PM should be tolerant and darling of all and acceptable to all like Vajpayee and charismatic like Nehru or Rajiv Gandhi.
    Mr. Modi has no clear-cut Agenda and what he proposes to do to root out corruption, stop crimes against humanity, crimes against women and children, price rise, inflation, revenue deficit, fiscal deficit, current account deficit, Who dies if India lives, who lives if India lives, and this India belongs to one and all, Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Buddhists and Parsees alike, and they all have the right to live in peace, and live in peace with each other, with pride and safety of life and property. .

  36. Modi is a carefully packaged brand, an utopian idol fit for worship without criticism, basically a new religion for eager bhakts.
    Kejriwal is an iconoclast who wishes to prick the bubble and expose the ‘wizard of Oz’ as an ordinary man.
    Who will succeed depends on the quality of Inside voters.

  37. As a youngster who has been taking interest in politics shortly, I am finding it very difficult to decide which party I should vote for. Every party has its own share of pros and cons and I am trying to get aware of them as much as possible, but I am in two minds regarding which party would benefit the future developmental activities of India the most.

  38. Your article is so accurate. I think the only reason modi got votes is because of the high level of advertisement. It is no secret that advertising is backed by science. It’s just wrong though that Indians would vote without considering all these things. Without even cross checking his economic gains, they praise Modi for his economic developments in Gujarat.

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