Twenty myths about the Pakistani Taliban: Raza Rumi

4 thoughts on “Twenty myths about the Pakistani Taliban: Raza Rumi”

  1. Wonderful, I agree with every bit Raza Rumi’s prescient surmise. That is why I am not hopeful of any solution to current Pakistan crisis unless Pakistan is willing to show determination and resolve to fight the Talbanis. For that you dont just need arms, you also need to provide protection to its poorer population which can easily be swayed by the lure of money to join these jihadis; it needs first to secularise its curriculum, then open modern schools and finally close most of the wahabi and even other madrasas, unless they agree to modern secular curriculum and restrict Islamic teaching only to Hifzul Quran and foremost ban the Blasphemy law altogether. Can we ever imagine someone like Nawaz/Shabaz Sharifs or Imran Khan or Maulana Fazlul Rehman to agree to this? No.

  2. I like the myths the way they have been defined.But who defined the myths in the first place? I am sure some people some where in the upper echelon also know they are myths. I am also sure that some people also know the facts, the problems and the solutions.

  3. 1. It will be stupid to engage your all army in tribal areas in presence of an enemy like India.

    2. Pakistan was suffering from terrorism before 9/11 as well but you have to be blind to not see the difference in magnitude and intensity

    3. Not only Taliban many other forces are operative. Hence there is uncertainty all around. Thats why IK asking for negotiations and giving them a face

    4. We want to talk to them so as to be able to distinuish such RAW funded groups from insiders

    5. There is a huge difference in what they intend and what actually is likely

    6. Wheverer there is honey, flies get together around it. All kind of criminal elements also joined hands with Pashtuns because they see their interest in it

    7. Our grand kid forgot to mention the 7th myth and went to 8th. So there you go

    8. Had army not gone there and made itself part of US led war, no reaction would be against Pak

    9. Afghan and Pak Taliban are totally distinct in their aims. Afghan Taliban are fighting a foreign occupation force and TTP is fighting against their own people

    10. Point is not how many civilians killed by TTP or Drones. Both kill and encourage terror.

    11. US might not be conducting drone attakcs unilaterlly in Musharaf era but now it is

    12. Rant about Punjabi Talibans already answered above

    13. No doubt some gulf states finance them but had Afghanistan not been playing a hostile role for Pakistan, they will never be able to fight Army

    14. Even if giving Sharia courts in FATA does not end militancy, it will at least bring nation on same page and any operation will be more meaningful and successful as it happened in case of SWAT

    15. US does not have anything at stake still it talks to Taliban. We must because this is our country and we can afford it to be victim of Chaos for so long

    16. Actual Liberals of Pakistan are people like IK who are lebeled Taliban Khan by Liberals and Secular by Taliban :) and he first wants a dialogue and then any operation in case of failure

    17. Liberals in the wolrd indeed mostly are truly Liberals. Liberals in Pak awake only when they have to criticize Islam, Pakistan or army

    18. Already answered above

    19. This WAS not our war. We forcefully made it ours and we can still isolate ourselves from it by staying away from US war and stopping drones

    20. They do not want to destroy us indeed but they just want to keep us weak so that we are always on our knees in front of them

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