THE Tejpal WHO IS FAR MORE TEZ! :Kishore

Guest Post by Kishore

So Tejpal allegedly sexually assaulted his lady colleague in an elevator. Criminal charges have been pressed against Tejpal and it seems sooner or later the woman journalist who may not get another job any time soon will at least get justice.

About time we discuss another TEZpal. This one had also harassed a lady colleague in an elevator. That was in 2007. TEZpal after having asked the woman journalist very personal details about her boyfriend repeatedly had not understood she was “not interested”. One night while TEZpal was the shift in charge of the night shift he tried  kissing and hugging this lady colleague in the office lift.

The woman journalist had reported  the incident to her bosses. An internal investigation was done. Many other journalists were called. They asserted that  TEZpal was indeed sexist and out of line a little much too often. Some old HR exit interviews were brought out. TEZpal was asked to leave.

But, all this was done quietly. This was also an “Internal matter” you see.

No criminal charges were pressed against TEZpal. The woman journalist wasn’t informed about VISHAKHA GUIDELINES and how effectively it can be used by workplace. The good thing that came out of all this was that the woman journalist continued to work in the news room. The other women journalists whose version had supported the primary complain also continued to work. But was this really enough?

All news channels and most newspapers knew what had happened but nothing was reported. As TEZpal’s organization was always ‘balanced’, had never really hurt any political party , kept everyone in good humour with their Cones and Caves the state also didn’t take note of the incident.

Then a few years later while eating Poorie- Alu the Big Boss decided he wanted TEZpal back! The HR which generally complies to all that BIG BOSS wants strongly resisted. The CEO also said its not a good idea. The News Director also didn’t want TEZ on MEZ back. But Big Boss is Big Boss. Out went CEO. HR head was on her way out. TEZ came in. News Director was also now on his way out. There were only two people now. TEZpal and BIG BOSS.

Then one day away from the main office TEZpal went to the land of Arabian Sea. There he met another woman journalist. He had never messed with this one before. She was an Editor and all in the organization. She had also worked with the organization for a long period. Even though she had never been promoted for over five years of her stint with Tezland she was still to be avoided. But now she was leaving. And she wasn’t apparently joining anywhere. Did she look vulnerable? May be she did! Out came barrage of questions? Why was she leaving her work for a man? Would she marry that man? Why doesn’t she get married? What is the MAZAAA in a long distance relationship? Oh he got to know she had found another man because of her FB status, and ah it was told to him by the boy gang of office. So was it long distance because she was involved with many men? Did she have one man in every city of the country? hahahah! Laughter ! laughter ! just a joke! Bherry Puny!!

The woman we hear was furious. She told BIG BOSS what the fuck! But TEZpal said it was all in MAZAAK! as colleagues! And you thought TEJPAL was the first one to say “Friendly banter”!!! You you you!

Then the new HR head apparently said the woman journalist had cut a cake after her meeting with TEZpal!!! How could she??

Now you tell me friends why did she do that? Shouldn’t she have run out of the room saying “bachao bachao” and cried and whined.and screamed. So what if she was an Editor? Aren’t women supposed to run? dis-engage? Cry? She cut a cake!!! Boo!

So now this TEZpal is doing many meaningful stories on TEJPAL. They are a big channel. Neither the BIG BOSS nor the HR head will ever be behind bars. It is a big channel. No fellow colleague will resign and feel disturbed. The women who had seen TEZpal’s re-entry know there is no point in protesting anymore. After all Big Boss had brought him back with a promotion!

So while we abuse and criticize TEJPAL remember TEZpal is going…strong…fast… and Vey Fast

(Kishore is a development professional and is working in the field of children’s rights for the last two decades)

7 thoughts on “THE Tejpal WHO IS FAR MORE TEZ! :Kishore”

    1. There are too many candidates that fit the description. In Dec 2011 one senior chap in one of the offices in ITO was told to leave under similar circumstances. And while on the subject, it is not surprising that some of our columnists are quiet on the Tejpal case because they themselves have ‘tried’ it in some way or the other. A few supposedly respected people who love wine and are known to be ‘womanisers’ in the circle grapevine are really quiet. Guilty conscience.

  1. It appears as if the author is anxious to prove that the sexual predators like TEZpal and TEZPALs are too common to be booked or punished. One must thank the young journalist who came out in open to register a complaint rather than silently accepting such appalling aggression from a fellow journalist. The author tries to impress upon his readers that ‘ish hamam mein hum sab nange hein’. But that does not in any way lessen the criminality of the TEZPALS and TEZpals of our land.

  2. i am just trying to say that its not first time that such thing has happened in media house and it has happened in the past in channels who are running 24 X 7 coverage of Tejpal,some of them dont even have committee against sexual harassment at work place though it is mandatory as per law. I really dont think that such predators cant be “booked ” or punished,,,,,,,,,,neither it “lessens criminality of TEZpals of our land” . I really appreciate courage of young journalist who pressed charges against such a person…knowing it will not be easy to fight against such powerful people …hats off for her

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