The End of The Light

This correspondence has been received from Haitham Saqqa  

I have stopped feeling whether it is day or night. Time has no meaning. I have stolen moments to sleep in order to relax my psychologically and physically body which is overwhelmed with the abundance of news. But I wake up soon because there is an airstrike.

We have neglected the house because we are all huddled in one room. And I see every moment the fear in the eyes of my sisters especially Dema the youngest. She does not leave the bosom of my mother, and I can’t talk to her about the end of this onslaught of dirt which we all hope for because at this moment the F16 attacks and I will be a liar. I’ve lost my dear friend and his brothers who were at his cafeteria on the beach. An F16 assassinated them. We used to go for football training together. They are still looking for my friends body.

I am unable to think of what is good. Everything in my mind is about the end. I cannot think about the future at this moment. All that I can think about it how to exploit the moments that I presently live in. I can’t look towards the future and nothing is clear or guaranteed. My dream is focused on what I can do in the moment, because I simply can’t dream the weekend or even the end of this day.   I wait only the end…

[Haitham Saqqa works with Medical Aid for Palestine. He lives in Khan Younis, in the Gaza Strip].  

2 thoughts on “The End of The Light”

  1. Dear Haitham,

    I feel ashamed that you have to experience such feelings. Every human must have a right to feel secure and must have a right to live. No human will give that right to you. I only expect ruthlessness from the State of Israel towards you. I do not expect the State of Israel to show mercy towards you. If it gives you some succour, please bear in mind, all humans will die one day. It is just the nature of how they would die which would be different. May I express my complete hopelessness to help you in your time of grief. I am alone. I cannot help you. I feel extremely sorry about that. If a violent death is your destiny, may I pray that your end be quick. But if you survive this ordeal, may you have the strength, the determination and the will to live in face of such inhumanity.



  2. Don’t worry my brother, the entire world is praying for Gaza at the moment and we are all aware of the atrocities of Israel. All of us will be witnesses in front of Allah of what you and your family is going through and you will get the highest place in Jannah Inshallah. Remain steadfast Allah’s help is near. Keep your faith and don’t let it shake no matter how big their bombs are our Lord is bigger. Endure this test from Allah my brother. May Allah give you and your family strength. Ameen


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