The Aryan Connection: Satya Sagar

SATYA SAGAR on Countercurrents

Over two centuries after the myth of the ‘noble, superior’ Aryan Race was first postulated, the political, historical processes it set forth in motion are still with us in a variety of ways. Though thoroughly discredited by modern scholarship as well as the horrific experiences of the Second World War, the Aryan Connection is still very much alive and killing in countries like India, Sri Lanka and in a perverse, inverted way in Zionist Israel.

Read Satya Sagar on The Aryan Connection here.

4 thoughts on “The Aryan Connection: Satya Sagar”

  1. Aryans are originally foreigners in India. In India Brahman and Baniyas (vysyas) are claiming they are AGRA VARNAS and ARYANS. This small groups are controlling all Su draw in India.
    These Agravarnas using Sudras for their skin protects.

  2. it may sound harsh, but the time has come to call a spade a spade. all these hindutwawalas–from modi to batra–are almost illiterates. this shows in their penchant for the Aryan myth.

  3. Satya Sagar is seeing a ghost where none exists. The creation of Israel has got nothing to do with the Aryan connection. Israel is supposed to be the “Promised Land” of Jews. The Jews existed in Israel even before the advent of Christianity. Moses is supposed to have given his Ten Commandments to the Jews in Israel. It was the Christians and Muslims who had persecuted the Jews and driven them out of their place of birth. Christian hatred for Jews is visible even in an innocuous story like The Merchant of Venice!!

    The rivalry between the Jews and Arabs goes back to Biblical times. While the Jews are considered to be the descendants of Abraham through legal wife (Sarah), the Arabs are considered to be the descendants of Abraham through her servant, Hagar . Some scholars believe that Prophet Mohd founded a Religion to give a new respectability to the Arabs

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