Strange yet familiar – race politics in the USA

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Here is a link to Jon Stewart on race politics in the USA, in the context of the recent shooting by a white cop of a black unarmed teenager in Ferguson.

See any resemblances to our own fair country and the politics of caste, class, gender and community here? So familiar are the doubts expressed, questions raised, biases proudly stated, you could be pardoned for thinking it’s not the US of A, but Mera Bharat Mahan. 

Most strikingly, you will hear the perennial and self-righteous question patented by the right-wing globally:

If you are outraged about X, why don’t you express anger about Y?  

In this equation, for X fill in any of the following:

a) Israel’s bombing of Gaza

b) State Violence

c) Hindu right-wing communal violence

d) Violence on Women

e) Violence on Dalits

f) Exploitative conditions of work for labour

And for Y – correspondingly:


b) Terrorism

c) Islamic Terrorism

d) Misuse of Laws by Women

e) Merit being Eroded by Reservations

f) Production losses for corporate capital due to strikes

And while you are at it, do fill in the corresponding Indian terms and Indian parallels into Jon Stewart’s speech – you’d save us the work of having to frame a fitting response every single time the right-wing trolls spam us.

2 thoughts on “Strange yet familiar – race politics in the USA”

  1. I mean the similarity is uncanny. Take for instance Race issue (caste issue in India) provides another gem, “you know who is racist – the one who talks about race”. Straight out of *** IT cell manual. How many times have you heard the same lament, why turn every issue into a caste issue? Because the guy who is telling it lives with it 24/7/365.

    “If you are outraged about X, why don’t you express anger about Y?” is another strategy out of *** IT cell manual. Even if you manage to talk about Y, the troll would move to Z and then to a b c d e. he is not interested in debate period.


  2. Its not just a matter of simple X or Y Nivedita.

    Pakistani Liberal Pervez Hoodbhoy nails left wing selective silences and double standards :

    “A puzzle: why does such savage bestiality often find no, or only cursory, reference in today’s left-wing discourses? Boko Haram’s sex captives, ISIL’s beheadings, Taliban suicide attacks against civilians, and scores of atrocities by multiple Islamic groups should appal and disgust all those who believe in human equality, decency, and freedom. The Left is most certainly built upon these strong moral foundations, so why the near silence?

    The explanation has two parts. First, a portion of the Left has a wholly negative view of western agendas, uncritically rejecting everything as self-serving and hypocritical. Second, many progressives today do not wish to leave a comfort zone where all global problems can be safely blamed on to the West. Having two baddies—America and Islamism—threatens to muddy up the waters. They would prefer to keep life simple.”

    Go and read the rest.


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