Is it end road for the BJP’s very own Stalin?

This article was published on JULY 26, 2013. My mind went back to it when I heard that the Marg Darshak Mandal of the BJP has finally managed to find its spine and stand up to revolt against the leadership of the Party. They could do so because the BJP is fortunate be functioning in an open, democratic political system of India which it wants to destroy. It is this outside democracy from which they’ll expect to get support. One’ll have to watch the development in the party as the loyalists have been imediately pressed into action to defend the leader.

Remember,Lalu Prasad and Rahul Gandhi have been  been saying all along that the BJP is not a normal democratic political party.It is the mask of the RSS.

The new leader of the BJP, Narendra Modi is, however RSS+.

For the RSS to survive and keep BJP under its thumb, it’ll have to control Narendra Modi. Will it happen? They can only hope at this juncture.

While reading it, keep the dateline in your mind: July 26, 2013

Yashwant  Sinha is a worried man these days. He is apprehensive of his leader Narendra Modi being taken for a ride by the Congress party. He says that the Congress party is laying a trap for him, a trap of the binary of Communalism and Secularism and  fears that his upward looking Narendra Modi might fall in it. So, well  wisher that he is of Narendra Bhai, he wants to alert him: do not get  entangled in the conspiracy of the wily Congress. He appeals to Narendra Modi to stick to people’s issues and not let the political discourse  shift to the terrain of the Secularism  versus Communalism debate.

And then Yashwant Sinha rushes to clarify- ‘ No, no, he was speaking  to Congress and not to Narendra Modi’. After all, how can HE, the SAB-JANTA-WALA be  advised by an ordinary party member like him? Sinhaji only wants the nefarious design of the Congress to be foiled. Read what he writes, “The Modi-baiters have a clear game plan. The more he speaks, the more controversy they will create. The pre- election political discourse will, thus, be distorted and attention will shift from the mis-governance and corruption of this government to what happened more than 11 years ago in Gujarat. We must bring the discourse back from the past to the present.”

Yashwant Sinha  had served the country under the NDA regime as finance minister. He is, therefore qualified to speak about economic issues, “We should bring the debate back to current issues which are basically economic issues. The issue of poverty, the issue of bread  and the issue of unemployment. These are the issues which are hurting people. It is not communalism or secularism. These are the issues. So we should bring the debate back to these issues.”

You could almost see the worry on his face. And worry is actually not about the discourse being marred by the spurious Communalism-Secularism debate, it is in actuality, a fear of the BJP being devoured by Narendra Modi and consequently leaving mortals like Yashwant Sinha lost in oblivion. After all, the speeches of no BJP leader other than  Narendra Modi have been televised live, especially while addressing college students. How is it that the entire speech of Narendra Modi when he visited the Sri Ram college of Commerce of the University of Delhi was telecast live and also recently his speech at the  Fergusson College , Pune? How is it that  all national TV channels think their viewers  across India would be interested universally  in what  Modi has to say in a ‘local’ setting? It seems, Modi has transformed   himself into a national figure of  far wider reach than any of the other leaders of the BJP,  who have been in Delhi for decades together,  being constant fixtures on channels, who used to think that they were the articulators of the ideology of the party.

All that is past now. Yashawnt Sinha, therefore ,  is not talking about marginalization of  ‘real’ issues , issues of bread , unemployment and governance. He is talking  about the  marginalization of people like him within the party. Since the time Modi was anointed as the chief of the election panel of the BJP, all they have been left doing is defending his statements, supporting his upgradation in the party even at the cost of the tallest among them. Modi has become the centre  and  they have been pushed to the periphery. It is this fear which is expressed through the words of Sinha.

Sinha does not want Modi to be made an issue, a talking point. But now all this is beyond him. Modi is very carefully crafting his campaign in which it is only he who would be visible. You would always see him at the centre flanked by the sulking, sullen older faces of the party.  Modi smiles, Modi frowns, Modi turns his head towards Advani, Modi ignores advani, etc.,etc..  He has  become the reference point. A time may come when all of them would be asked to address rallies or even press conferences wearing  Modi-masks. First, their voices would be snatched from them and then he would demand their faces. Modispeak and Modiface , this is what would remain of a party, which boasted of being  a party opposed to the personality cult. This is what is gnawing at the heart of Yashwant Sinha.

This is a complete Stalinisation of the BJP. While giving Stalin the centre-stage Lenin had probably not anticipated that he would  gobble up the entire politburo of the party. Soon after taking charge , he restricted Lenin’s access to the party  and got his all his colleagues , who had their own ambitions, in the politburo eliminated one by one.  The ones who survived could do so only by licking his boots. We know that  Stalin was part of a very different history. Analogies cannot be dragged beyond a point. However, similarities are too striking to be ignored. This is what is happening to the BJP now. It is the decimation of the party to make room for a person, which is Sinha’s nightmare .

Sinha wants  Modi to speak less. He would be fortunate if he escapes the wrath of the Bhai after making this unwarranted, unsolicited advice. We saw the express departure of Amir Raza Husain, who was brought into the party and made its Delhi state Vice- President only recently, after he made a statement criticizing Modi and lauding Advani. His mentor Vijay Goel, an old hand in the party had to rush to press to express his loyalty to Modi after dismissing his prized find from the party.

It has been said that the emergence of Modi in India has only one notable precedence in history and that is the rise of Hitler in Germany. Overall that may surely be true, but if we look at this phenomenon from the point of view of the political organisation, one can only go back to Stalin and what he did to the Soviet Communist party.

( First published by on 26 July,2013)

8 thoughts on “Is it end road for the BJP’s very own Stalin?”

  1. Modi has spoken what he should not have spoken. He has followed those people whom he should not have followed. He has travelled leaving his own responsibility which he should not have done. He has contolled the voices of those persons who tried to put him on right track which he should not have controlled…. Now, he is defending his actions along with his coterie a ‘gross’ mistake, WHICH HE SHOULD NOT HAVE DONE (AT ALL) !!!!

  2. Why compare Modi with Josef Stalin? Stalin was a great leader who successfully defeated Hitler and had a perspective. True there were some atrocities committed during his times. But then one should not lose sight of the fact that the Soviet Union was beseiged from all directions and Stalin was fighting a lone battle against US and British Imperialism and capitalism at that point. Stalin had a vision for the Communist world which by the way his successor Nikita Khurushchev lacked, Had Stalin not been there the US and England colluding with Hitler would have finished off Soviet Union in the 1930s only. Modi’s narrow views don’t go beyond that of a typical pracharak

    1. Yes true. Stalin, Mao and the gentle teacher who went by the name of Pol Pot just killed a few million people in total to achieve the Marxist dream of a classless soceity. These revolutionary compassionate leadrers should never be compared to evil incarnate Modi who was involved in the genocide of 2000 Muslims.

  3. Apoorvanand Ji, thanks for quoting Sage Sukta of Rahul Gandhi and Lalu Yadava. No doubt, they understand and practice democracy better than others. Rahul Gandhi has sure achieved his position in Congress because of his leadership qualities, and even a PM from his Party and his Cabinet could be dictated by him. And Lalu Yadava put his illiterate wife, the most talented member of his Party, on the seat of CM of Bihar for 10 yrs! I must congratulate you for being a learned man who supports the acts and utterances of these two modern Sages of India to preserve democracy. How can PM Modi be a democrat who did not follow the path of Rahul and Lalu to achieve his position! PM Modi can be publically admonished by his senior Party colleagues Advani, Joshi and Sinha who cannot individually or collectively dislodge Modi from the seat of power that the people of India has given to him. This certainly cannot be democracy, as it does not happen with the two standards of democracy that you have cited. Modi Ji must be Stalin, and Advani, Joshi and Sinha must run for their lives away from India, and pray that they can still live! And RSS? Did Advani and Joshi detoxify themselves from the RSS they had inside them! Where is the analogy of RSS in Stalin’s rise to power! Were Hitler and Stalin ever dictated by any organization that was not in their control! Can dictators be challenged by their own Party members or the organizations they once belonged to? Sir, you are presumed to be an intellectual. Should you exchange the levels of ‘Democracy’ and ‘Dictatorship’ to prove your point? You must criticize Modi Ji for letting the electoral discourse in Bihar election hijacked by Lalu in favor of caste and secularism which meant minority communalism. But instead of doing that, you waste your intellect in exchanging labels. Sir, it is unfortunate when done by an intellectual, irrespective of his political orientation.

  4. It is interesting isnt it that it is the fascist BJP which has a semblance of democracy. Two state election defeats after the biggest national election win ever for it- and knives are out. But look at INC, taken down from 200+ to 40+ and nary a peep from the party.


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