Convention on the Degradation of the Criminal Justice System in India

Guest Post by People’s Alliance for Democracy and Secularism (P.A.D.S.)


People’s Alliance for Democracy and Secularism
Invites You to a Convention on
Degradation of Criminal Justice System
A fair, transparent and functional criminal justice system is essential for any democracy. It is necessary for the basic security of citizens, and also for creating conditions under which citizens can live a life of freedom. Unfortunately India’s criminal justice system has been undergoing a prolonged process of corruption by dominant class and caste interests. Rather than upholding justice in a fair and symmetric manner, it is often seen to be working for the powerful and the rich. After the victory of the BJP in the general elections of 2014, the communal manipulation of institutions of justice and police has been intensified. Within weeks of the election, selective leaks were made to derail Gopal Subramanium’s elevation to the Supreme Court. Earlier this year Public Prosecutor Ms Rohini Salian revealed that she was pressurized to soften the case against members of Hindutva terror groups accused in the Malegaon blast. Retired Sessions Judge Jyotsana Yagnik, who convicted Gujarat minister Maya Kodnani and Babu Bajrangi in the Naroda Patiya massacre case was targeted with threatening phone calls and letters. Prosecution witnesses in several such cases, including the 2007 Samjhauta Express bombing case, have been changing their statements. Such incidents indicate a systematic political attempt to undermine the autonomous functioning of the criminal justice system by pressurizing or otherwise influencing the police, investigating agencies, public prosecution and the judiciary.
Why is there such a big gap between the liberal and social-democratic promises of the Constitution of India and the reality of the criminal justice system? What specific dangers do the majoritarian and authoritarian politics of the Hindutva forces present to this system? How can democratic forces counter this process of degradation? The Convention is a means of starting a long-term debate and a program of advocacy for an impartial system of criminal justice.
Dec 12-13, 2015
Gandhi Peace Foundation, D. D. U. Marg, New Delhi
The link for facebook event is .

3 thoughts on “Convention on the Degradation of the Criminal Justice System in India”

  1. The criminal justice system has not just degraded but it has also become partisan. While it is common knowledge that the criminals with influence of political parties are either left scot-free or treated royally in prisons, the poor are often receive cruel treatment. The mafia receive ‘bails’ for their crimes while Saibaba, suspected as a Maiost, has not even had the provision of a latrine considering his 90% disability. Phoolan Devi was murdered and when her husband joined the Samajvadi Party, the case was sent to ‘cold storage’ and still nowhere in sight. The perpetrators of Gujarat riots have not been apprehended being hindu fundementalists. The Babri-mosque demolishers are roaming free with the support of hindu fanatics. The Mumbai riots accused has been hanged as a muslim fundementalist with doubtful verdict. Afxal Guru had a questionable verdict and his body was not even handed over. Rapists of hih profiles escape while middle – class and lower-middle class are sent to gallows. Politicians get all theameneties in jails while the adivasis, SC/ST/OBCs , civil rights activists, Maoists, get a raw deal. The parliamentarians having crime records are free to go where ever and when ever they like. This judicial system lacks consistency. Arundhati Roy pionted it out and she was imprisoned without looking at pros and cons of her views. Why should not the justice system be considered degenerative and partisan???


  2. It is the most welcome initiative and the most timely one.It is a sheer white lie to maintain that people have faith in our judiciary-whether civil or criminal justice system.Rampant corruption in judiciary has completely corroded the institution from within.The lower courts are the worst afflicted by the malaise.Even accusing fingers have been raised against the judges of the apex court as well.As a matter of fact the entire judicial system is is another matter it continues to appear be strong.It is a myth which needs to be shattered.The aggrieved cannot hope to get any justice from this.Contempt of court provisions and absence of accountability of the judges leaves it unbridled.The dire need is to rein in the judges as a first step.


  3. PADS should also pay heed to degradation of Justice system by commenting on recent hit and run verdict from a certain accident case
    in bandra in 2002.


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