2 thoughts on “Sticks & Stones May Break my Bones…But Words? On Social Justice Rhetoric”

  1. Struggles of the university of Hyderabad students is worth complementing. Inspite of all odds, they stood their ground and still fighting for Rohith. They are receiving support from far and wide which is a rsrety in recent times. But, even this scale of support is not making the VC and the Centre to bow to popular opinion reflects the despotic and dictatorial attitude of the ruling class and their brahminical hegemony. Probably, more force is needed to dislodge VC and restore democracy in the institution.

  2. Good post by Lata .We too keep denouncing and riducling our Right-wing opponents. we call them irrational, blinded by faith, reactionary. Possibly we need to be more patient and less petulant so that we can win over a substantial section while isolating the leaders.UOH students deserve accolades for this approach.

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