Leftists who side with Russia are just not real leftists: Shilyn Shekhar

Guest Post by Shilyn Shekhar

The opinion that is shared here will certainly get hate from people who side with the rational side of politics but it must be addressed.

There are many mixed opinions about the Russian-Ukrainian conflict with people having many different opinions, it is this war that reveals to us the true reality of some who claim to be leftists.

The term for them is ‘Tankies’. This word originates from the 2nd half of the 20th century when the Soviet Union would crack down any uprisings in their eastern block. There was a large divide in the left at the time when the Soviet Union rolled tanks into Hungary and Czechoslovakia because they tried to break away from the oppressive Soviet Sphere of influence. Most leftists opposed this but there was still a group that was in favor of it, these are the original tankies.

The Soviet Union wasn’t socialist or communist at the time, it was an authoritarian fascist regime whether people agree or not and the ones that supported them were not real leftists because the ideology is based on rational thinking.

The modern day tankies are a very major reason leftism is seen as evil and irrational in the west because they give a wrong image to the people which makes them see leftism as authoritarianism.

The modern day tankie ideology can be summed up as this: “It’s because of America/CIA”. They see the west as monsters whose only intention is to cause suffering and hurt “their ideology”.

I will not try to defend the US because it remains a fact that they’ve done terrible things in the middle east, africa, latin america and many more examples. But blaming them for everything isn’t right and does not solve any problems.

To them, the US is such an exaggerated evil that even the most terrible actions by their opposition is justified.

If China bans forming independent workers’ unions then a tankie would say that they have to, those unions are surely controlled by the CIA.

Cuba throws political dissidents in jail? They’d reply that Cuba has to do it because those people are puppets of the US.

The most relevant example is the current Ukrainian conflict. The tankies try to justify Russia’s actions by saying that they had to do it because of “Nato expansion”.

People understand ‘Nato expansion’ wrong. It does not mean that Nato invades other countries or recruits them to join to obtain strategic land, it means that more countries have decided to join Nato to have their protection.

Ukraine wouldn’t have to join Nato, threatening Russia if they didn’t harass them so much. It was due to Russia’s hostile behavior, funding rebels and even invading them that caused Ukraine to drift towards the west.

I have met and talked to people who argue like such tankies in a meeting about this conflict and they had 2 arguments.

The first one was that Russia is only targeting civilian targets but all the videos say otherwise, all the 300 civilians who lost their lives in a single day in Kharkiv say otherwise, People who’ve lost everything because of the war say otherwise but they deny all of this saying that my sources are biased and false.

Which is their second argument, undermining the other person’s argument by questioning their sources.

The person that I am talking about actually takes Russian propaganda as his source which explains his level of rational thinking.

The 2 arguments I mentioned are picked up by these people directly from the Russian government.

A children’s hospital was bombed by the Russians the other day in Mariupol causing the  building to be unusable for those in need of urgent care. Pregnant women, Nurses, Doctors either died or were injured in the attack but Russian propaganda is trying to undermine the source to keep up the argument that only military buildings are being targeted.

They say that the woman in the image is a crisis actor knowing fully well that it’s real.

Tankies should also be reminded that the Russian soldiers dying in Ukraine are from poorer backgrounds and don’t have the means to dodge the draft.

In Russia, every able bodied man has to serve in the military as conscripts but many wealthy people are able to either bribe officers or pay a doctor to fake a medical issue so that they aren’t categorized as able bodied anymore.

In fact, a large part of the conscripts in Russia are political minorities from the vast lands of Russia.

As described by Kamil Galeev, Recruiting minorities is much more convenient and easier than recruiting someone from Moscow because they mostly target rural folks who don’t know their rights and can easily be bribed at the prospect of salary.

These minorities are also disposable because if someone from a fluent background from Moscow dies, their family will call lawyers, give interviews and be a pain for the Kremlin. On the other hand, The rural man’s mother will just cry and suffocate at home.

The man I met supports the Soviet Union and communism and that’s the reason he’s biased towards Russia or as I was told but Ukraine was also part of the Soviet Union, Why are you against them?

The conclusion is that they do not believe in the ideology of the left but are trying to be part of it, they try to justify their point of view but end up contradicting themselves.

These Tankies only use leftists symbols but not the ideology and they can and are hurting it.

Leftists don’t support political opponents getting jailed, Tankies do.

Leftists don’t support China putting Uyghurs in Concentration camps, Tankies do.

Leftists don’t deny Genocides like the Holdimor or Tianmen Square, Tankies do.

Leftists don’t support tyrannic and oppressive regimes like China or North Korea, Tankies do.

Leftists don’t support Russian imperialism in Ukraine, Tankies do.

If communism and Leftist ideologies are to win against capitalistic society then they must get rid of these tankies because they are nothing but tumors to the ideology making it harder to bring people over to the left.

(Shilyn Shekhar is a middle school student of St.Mary’s, Safdarjung Enclave, Delhi. )

2 thoughts on “Leftists who side with Russia are just not real leftists: Shilyn Shekhar”

  1. Highly superficial piece. No connection with ground realities. Just forming opinion on the basis of NATO’s narratives or NATO backed “LIBERAL” media’s propaganda would be a huge mistake. I would just put few facts to start with :

    1Exposing hard facts exposing real reasons behind Ukrainian crisis should not be considered as supporting Putin’s authoritarian rule inside Russia.
    2.Authoritarian and corrupt regime in Kiev is no better than Russian regime. In fact it is even worse by all parameters as it was put in place after violent USA backed coup in Ukraine in 2014. And popular revolt against the coup in Eastern Ukraine which includes Kharkov, Mariupol and many other places were crushed violently by the NATO backed fascist AZOV BATALLION. In Odessa alone around 50 UKRAINIANS OF RUSSIAN ORIGIN were burn alive in TYPICAL NAZI STYLE. Interestingly Biden, Nuland and many other EU “LIBERAL” top government leaders physically sat in Kiev and executed the coup. In fact Nuland was seen distributing food packets to demonstrator ! EXPORTING DEMOCRACY IN TYPICAL AMERICAN STYLE !
    3.More than 14000 people were killed in Donbas alone already between 2014 and official start of war in February 2021. More than 10000 small children were evacuated to Russia alone in that period alone. Million of Ukrainian refugees moved to Russia during that period. These and many other news are suppressed by the so called “LIBERAL” western media

    It would be a big mistake to trust Western “LIBERAL” MEDIA in geopolitics which is known for fabricating false narratives. It is worth reading comments of Scott Ritter (Famous UN Inspector who exposed Bush / Blair lies on WMD in Iraq) on Ukrainian crisis.

    It is already too long.


  2. “The first one was that Russia is only targeting civilian targets but all the videos say otherwise, all the 300 civilians who lost their lives in a single day in Kharkiv say otherwise,”

    I believe you meant to say “only targeting military targets”

    Great article, thanks!


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