Medha Patkar on Civil War in Nandigram

[We received this report by NAPM leader Medha Patkar two days ago. Written sometime before the second round of massacre in Nandigram on 14 March, it will show how the build had been in fact taking place. That the CPM ‘cadre’ had continuously been keeping the situation at boiling point and not allowing political activists and leaders to even enter the area without heavy police protection, is of course evident from this report. Not too forget of course, what Medha Patkar calls the ‘CPM Buttock Show’ that greeted her there.- AN]

Indomitable Struggle is on at Singur & Nandigram

The repressive state and vulgar politics continues to be challenged

Singur has not given up. Nor has Tata started its work. A wall that is being built and is already upto 2 to 3 kms in length and 10 feet in height does not seem to be of Tatas. The Tata officials and employees don’t seem to be present. People in whose name this well known conflict has been raised are not aware of either who is building the wall or where are Tata’s men. The only outsider force that is in and around is still of policemen and women.

Hundreds of the police may be tired of being on the land in the open but they are not timid. They may not have section 144 to support but the State is with them. Even without CPM cadres now entering Singur to harass and pressurize the farmers, bargadars and labourers there, the State’s presence is felt and faced by those whose land is being encroached upon, who are brutally beaten, who are trying to be lured and scared to give away their land.

Singur, unlike the impressions outside, is still fighting with strength and spirit. Thousands of bargadars, labourers and also landholders are not for the forcible occupation of land although fencing of 997 acres of the land, protected by the sheer police force i.e., the State’s might stands. People too were on the sit-in, in front of the fence on the land not to be acquired. One does find TMC & SUCI representatives there, the Trimanool Congress MLA, Rabindranath, Master Moshai, with other people, student activists supporting them by staying with and being with the village folk, but the whole community is in the struggle, except of course those who have allowed their land to be taken over and accepted cheques not all of which, we are told, are still fully encashed.

When we reached Singur and walked through Beraberi, everything was the same – women, young and old, coming out of their houses, leaving their chores and chanting slogans, welcoming us; at least are at every few furlongs blowing the shell. However, the moment we decided to move towards the fence only to have a look at the fields under siege, hundreds of police encircled us, as if we were to uproot the fence. When they began walking with us it was all right, till they started touching and slightly pushing some of us. The women got upset with the same and started questioning the police who had encroached upon the land not under acquisition plan. No one had any weapon in the hands except the voice that all of them raised. The police however were bent upon creating a law and order problem and pretending to protect us, the outside visitors, they actually started manhandling the local leaders when we were one foot away from the fence and repeatedly saying that we would not uproot it but we did have the right to touch it.

Within a few minutes, when I had a three year old child in my hand, I saw the police beating Mamatha Bag and they also began lathi charging others including Prasanth Sinha and Suprathik Das. With in minutes after our raising voice asking them to leave, they withdrew leaving behind seven wounded persons and us to fight the sheer illegality and brutality of the State machinery. Women not belonging to partisan politics kept on challenging the police officials including Kalyan Mukherjee, the ill reputed SDPO, Mr. Sirkar, Mr. Sandeep Bannerjee, Mr. Asit Pal (the names I remember may be with slight mistake) and it was a scene of the peasantry taking the
supporters of capitalism by horns.

We did go to the nearest police station with comrades from APDR (Mr. Amitdyuti Kumar), NAPM (Pranab Bannerjee, Debjeet and others) as well as Chhatra Sanhati and the wounded villagers lodged FIRs.

This is not the end of the matter. Tatas as well as CPM is bent upon continuing with and forcibly pushing Tata-Fiat project. Tata’s are being awarded while Mr. Prody, the PM of Italy was conferred a Doctorate by the Calcutta University.

How powerful is going Krishi Raksha Samiti to be in fighting these giants is to yet to be seen. Much depends on us, those who are for a secular yet popular “and humane agenda and Development perspective”. Do whatever you can to spread the message of Singur, the truth that is suppressed with the campaign of falsehood, write to the Italians – parliamentarians, power holders, activists, as well as common people fighting corporatisation themselves – and also with priority, questioning the Left Front.

Will CPI and RSP, Forward Bloc take further courage and stand by people? Ask them, please.
And all of this before the movement gets crushed….
In Singur, People continue to face repression

Battle Field Nandigram

Nandigram is still burning with anger and anguish both. The battle is far from over. As the women told us, they are awake every night protecting the land and habitats with a threat of armed cadres and policemen entering the region to attack and grab the land. It was an intense people’s response to every meeting of ours organized by Krishi Bhumi Uchched Virodhi Samiti. With each meeting covering about 10 small and large villages, had a gathering of 2000 – 5000 people attending, with women as majority. We could thus cover 20,000 or more people and address them. We, the representatives of National Alliance of People’s Movements with our allies including Jan Sangharsh Samiti, Pashcim Bang Khet Mazdoor Samiti and others, moved on the motor bikes in the area which has become a battle field and is cut-off from the rest of the state and country due to the trenches dug all over and small bridges broken with temporary rafts for the residents and the admitted guests to cross.

Whatever the people of chemical hub-SEZ affected area have gone through during last few days and months was evident from the articulated presentation by the local leaders such as Nand Patra of SUCI, Abdus Samad of Jamiyat Ulema Hind, and women too, all united under the banner of Bhumi Uchhed Virodhi Samiti. They have been on the watch, day and night since during last one month too, there have been at-least two serious attacks when a few hundred CPM cadres entered the area, with the help of police and tried to threaten and even harass and move the people. When they looked as if they were scared, there came a prompt reply to my question: we are not, we will not be tired or timid either we can’t afford to be. The attacking men have been the Communist Party of India (Marxist) cadres, no doubt and recently when crisis erupts, the violence by the villagers is not just reported to the press but cases are filed against the to-be affected, struggling people. The wounded youths showed us a cut finger, a fractured hand while their aged parents wept. The latest among the fake allegation was of raping a woman, which is totally denied by the movement, which has large participation of women.

When we decided to visit Nandigram, it was to assess the latest situation, the State repression, if any and the people’s response. Since the area was cut-off from the rest of the region, we were bound to proceed only with the aid of activists-representatives who could take us on the bikes but not welcome or even allow others.

On the way to Nandigram in Midnapore, Tamluk and a few other small towns, we were welcome and felicitated by a number of local and state level organizations including trader’s organization, teacher’s, women’s, freedom fighter’s organization & SUCI with its various fronts.

CPM’s Buttock-Show

When we reached closer to Nandigram, followed and escorted by at least 4 police vehicles, it was at Hanfchara where there were red flags and cadre members of CPI (M) protesting against our visiting Nandigram. They were less than hundred but shouting with all strength and fervour, challenging our
position against SEZ & Industrialisation at the cost of farmers and farmland. We sensed their attacking mood and did not get down the jeeps we were in, but against the police advice, I did peep out trying with folded hands, expressing willingness to have a dialogue but in response, they didn’t attack me but broke the side mirror of our jeep and hit the driver of another jeep, also slightly hurting Anuradha Talwar who was inside that jeep. The police escorted us, clearing the way and it seemed the party agitators too were not determined to stop us for ever. We faced the same at one more point and could reach Nandigram.

With photographers and supporters, at least 15 motorcycles led us to the first meeting place, crossing the breached bridges, dug-pits and trenches where at least 1000 people had gathered. A majority of them women, the crowd appeared overwhelmed to receive us and all including the leaders were been to hear the news from outside. Hindu-Muslim unity and beyond, the solidarity was expressed through their gestures, welcoming slogans and our speeches. At every meeting point, where we reached on bikes, people had gathered walking
down long distances and yet women had overcrowded, bringing children along. Not all women spoke from the dais-like table and mike wherever it was arranged but their presence, communication with us, before and after the meeting, anxious looks and patient hearing, slogan raising, ending gesture
conveyed their keen interest as well as commitment. I remembered our first meeting in Nandigram on December 7th when only a handful of women had gathered in a corner and I had to comment on the same while the picture has changed much today.

Discussing some strategic issues, gathering information on varied events and occurrences during last one month or so. We addressed a last Bhumi Ucched Pratirodh Committee meeting where party politics were kept out to the extent possible.

When we were about to move, we were informed, warned of the likely and more intense demonstrations by CPM but we expressed our confidence and asked the leaders not to worry.

Amidst a number of police vehicles full of intelligence to action force, we reached a village(Fullimore) apparently a CPM stronghold and found about 125 CPM workers with flags fluttering on the top, standing with their backs towards us and showing us their buttocks as appealed by Benoy Konar. Their vulgar postures meant showing buttocks to us and spitting at us too. It appeared that women didn’t take to this action, probably because they were hesitant to take to such disgraceful form of protest. Our jeeps passed by with full police protection leaving the small number of protestors as well as large masses facing and struggling against violence of every kind.

What conclusion can one draw from the above incidents? First, the Left Front is still stubborn and not for any dialogue (Refer my two letters to Left Front leaders – remain unanswered.) Second, the people’s position whether in Singur or in Nandigram is the same. While the West Bengal government is trying to show it is for democratic decision in Nandigram,
thousands of women and men have narrated to us stories of continued attacks from CPM cadres, till as late as last week. There is no doubt that people of Nandigram are also creating barriers and reverting the attackers. The news that bomb in preparation got burst and few of CPM cadres died is not denied by the government, and confirms the people’s allegation of weaponization of the opponents. In Singur TMC, SUCI and other party / organizations continue to have programs under the banner of KMRC as also separately.

The question is not what is happening in Singur and Nandigram or other places in Bengal where this struggle is spread at, but what are the progressive people across the country doing? Inspite of a few teams of activists, academicians, historians, advocates etc., having visited the places of struggle as fact finders, the reports and continued stories by the regional language media in West Bengal (if not the national media), the Left Front office bearers to the Cabinet has not felt the need to respond to people’s demands. The somewhat different position taken by CPI, RSP, and Forward Bloc has not been able to compel the state government withdraw its onslaught on the people. No doubt the SEZs by Salim Industries, Mitsubishi (Japan) and other global corporates are kept on hold for the time being but the violent threat and intimidation as also false accusations to harassment through legal actions and unwarranted, undemocratic attitude and insulting actions in arrogance against the supporters continue. When thousands of intellectuals, including advocates and academicians have taken a stance and boldly supported the people’s struggles; raised a serious public debated through art and articles, it is indeed shameful that the Left front does not heed to the voice of the villagers-proletariat and the civil society.

When there is a civil war on, and when the fate of Singur and Nandigram is to surely influence the course of future decision on SEZ and people’s rights to natural resources,


Let us write to Sonia Gandhi, Pranab Mukerjee, the PM and our once own Chief Minister.

Do it at the earliest, please, asking them to intervene and stop the atrocities, withdraw TATA-FIAT project in Singur and the Chemical Hub in Nandigram.


Medha Patkar,

28 thoughts on “Medha Patkar on Civil War in Nandigram”


    {West Bengal, a province of the democratic republic of India, by all means is having a fascist government. Elected in the “disguise of democracy” this government acts and gets re-elected exactly in the way a fascist government does. Strangely it is continuing the same for the last three decades. Socialism or Communism believes in one particular system of distribution of wealth. The system stresses that in order to establish this ‘dogma’ only the group of people who believe in this system should go and stay in power. Naturally the political base of this system is not the majority of the population, but their believers or party-cadres. Thus the success of the socialist or communist party in public election depends upon how efficiently these cadres can manage the voters.

    In the arena of political administration any system of managing votes through cadres is known as “Fascism”. In the religion-biased countries fascism works in the religious line. In the secular or communist countries it works in the line of muscle-power or better ‘cadre-power’. All the governments of the socialist countries were, by all means, Fascists. The cadres were strong believers of one particular system of distribution of wealth. The irony was, even when such cadre-based governments were in power in the socialist countries, the doctrine of “Equal distribution of wealth among the entire population” turned to ‘myth’. Naturally the common people who earlier sacrificed many of their rights for its sake revolted. Their struggle resulted in success and the ‘dogma’ was sent to the museum of history.

    Bangalees are renowned all over the world for their intelligence and sympathy. When they heard of a system that ‘ensures right of all citizens over the entire wealth of the country’ they felt attracted, even though they were aware that this system would curb many of their rights. These kind-hearted Bangalees, however, lacked the intelligence to realize that in political arena a sustainable system may be expected only if it stands on the endorsement of the majority of the population, and not on the manipulated acts of the cadres. This lack of intelligence on the part of the people of West Bengal is the reason that enabled the fascist CPI(M) led coalition government to rule till today, even though the very system (or dogma) suffered from pathetic failure in the countries of its origin.

    In this article we shall endeavor to show (01) Why we call the CPI(M) led coalition government of West Bengal a fascist government, (02) What mechanisms this government uses to grab political power, (03) What made the peasants of West Bengal to revolt against this govt.’s so called policy of industrialization, (04) What made this government so desperate to drag on their ‘unpopular’ and ‘anti-people’ programs etc. }

    No, it was not the call “Give me blood, and I shall give you freedom”. Rather the call given by the authorities of Socialism was like “Please allow us to form a government by the blind supporters of socialism, and we will establish the claim of all people over the entire wealth of the country”. In fact what they promised were :
    (i) Bare minimum necessities for all citizens,
    (ii) Equal opportunity and scope for all citizens and
    (iii) Forfeiture of some civil and human rights in order to ensure the earlier two.
    This was the time when the people in both the prominent ex-socialist countries had been suffering from frustrations due to atrocities of their dictators. At this time what was most expected on their part was the “Fulfillment of the bare minimum requirements” and not “Due share obtainable by self-effort in a competitive world”. That was the reason why and how the preachers of socialism came to power. Socialism reigned for about five or six decades when the common people suddenly discovered :
    (i) Yes, the bare minimum provisions were available and the dull, idle and crippled persons were happy for it.
    (ii) But the intelligent, industrious and energetic section of people could no more be satisfied with that. They felt themselves deprived to see themselves in the same line with the crippled persons. They were confident; if given chance they could live a much better life by dint of their labor and intelligence.
    (iii) The intelligent, industrious and energetic section of people discovered, even there was the saying of treating every one equally, VIP treatments were there for the party-cadres irrespective of their education, human qualities or efforts.
    So, the intelligent, industrious and energetic section of people revolted in which they were aptly helped by the democratic countries of the world. That was how Socialism slowly and steadily entered in graves in the countries where they were born, had their first breath and then had established the strongest foot-hold.

    Socialism came to West Bengal, the land of the Bengalese mainly because these people are intelligent and sympathetic to fellow citizens. When the preachers started their preaching they felt attracted towards the humanitarian appeal of this doctrine. Now Socialism has suffered from premature death in its birthplace. Its Indian preachers turned rotten beyond recognition. However, their political wing is still holding power in the state (West Bengal). What does it indicate ? The probable answers might be:
    (i) The common people (of West Bengal) have found it extremely helpful for them.
    (ii) The common people do not like this government, but still the fascists win the election results due to some sort of mechanism.
    All but the blinds and the insane know, the second one is the right answer.

    (01) WHY CPI(M) LED COALITION GOVT. IS FASCIST : Democracy may have one hundred drawbacks, but still it is preferable because only this one ensures optimum human rights and allows people to change the ruling political party if it is not acceptable. However, it is extremely difficult to change a cadre-based (or fascist) party. In spite of its numerous blunders and atrocities the people of West Bengal failed to kick out this party from the throne. The only reason behind this failure is, the CPI(M) led coalition party with its ruthless cadres acts like a fascist party and engage the government to work for them. One blessings of modern civilization is the free flow of information. Due to this advantage brutalities, blunders, conspiracies and atrocities including cold blooded murders committed by the CPI(M) cadres and the law enforcing agents working under them has been vividly expressed before the world. On March 14, 2007 fourteen or more peasants have been murdered by the police or CPI(M) cadres. It is difficult to differentiate between Police and CPI(M) cadre because the cadres are used to wearing police uniform.

    There was a time when the preachers of socialism used to preach that true democracy exists only in socialism. Socialism allows only one party to compete. That makes even a school boy to understand why socialism is fascist in nature. It needs a little more intelligence to understand why the CPI(M) government of West Bengal (India) is ‘fascist’. This government allows many parties to compete in the election, but the cadres manipulate the concerned factors in order to bring the result of the election in their favor.

    (02) THE MECHANISMS USED BY THIS GOVT. : The CPI(M) government is continuously inventing, modifying and changing mechanism to manipulate results. Three decades ago they came to power with the help of their preachers. After the party won, the preachers turned to musclemen and party-cadres. The two items these cadres liked most were (i) Money and (ii) Liquor. Since then the elected government patronize their cadres with these two items.

    The time when the CPI(M) government came to power there was a strong industrial set-up in West Bengal. Those have now rotten beyond recognition. It is often said that the CPI(M) caused their closures. The truth however, is after the party came to power, their political fraction in the industries started shouting for more pay and privileges that the owners could not afford. Naturally they closed their establishments. In order to suppress the depression of the jobless workers the CPI(M) govt. made arrangement for supplying ‘liquor’ probably as compensation. The jobless workers started al sorts of crimes and anti-social activities. The government maintained a lenient look at them because they used to collect muscle men from that group at the time of election.

    As for the farmers, the CPI(M) cadres incited the dependent cultivators (barga-chashi) against the land owners. Due to their interference the dependent cultivators got some right over the land they used to cultivate. They compelled the land owners to sign yearly agreement with the dependent cultivators. Initially the dependent cultivators were assured that they would be given the ownership of land, which was never fulfilled. Now, when they ask for that the cadres say, ‘look, if any other party comes to power then you would loose this privilege of yearly agreement even’. And it is obvious that they are true. No democratic political can leave the reformation program of agricultural land constrained by continuing such a contract of distrust.

    When the industries were abandoned by their owners what did the government and their cadres do ? Just have a look at some of those sites and you would know all. The government has managed to construct multi-storied shopping complexes, apartments etc. on that land. The party has been benefited from such projects due to :
    (i) Commission at the time of selling of land,
    (ii) Profit during construction,
    (iii) Kick backs at the time of allotment or sale of premises etc.
    The mechanisms by which CPI(M) has been benefited are numerous in number. We have mentioned a few above. Another such mechanism was, the persons in charge of collection of tax, service charge etc. from the people was asked to charge at higher rate or not to deposit the sum in government account. In West Bengal there were numerous such cases of fraud, where there was nominal investigation and no one was charged. This clearly indicates, the government had their endorsement behind and the defrauded money went to the party fund.

    However, the scopes of such ‘fund-making’ activities for the party is in jeopardy in the recent times. Various organizations have invented their own mechanism to avoid the same. For example, in order to avoid the “sucking of the CPI(M) cadres” the bus owners do not keep any management office on land. On the other hand they manage monetary transactions and other services inside the vehicles.

    A fascist government needs big sum in order to win election. When the fund-raising activities faces problem what can a fascist government do ? They can do two things :
    (i) To face defeat in the coming election or
    (ii) Find out alternate mechanism of fund collection before the election.

    The CPI(M) government of West Bengal has opted for the second one.

    (03) WHY THE PEASANTS REVOLTED : In India acquisition of agricultural land for industrial use is not a new thing. It did not create any serious problem earlier. Most of the time the problem was solved by increasing the price of procurement. In such reality what made the peasants and the local people to stand so violently against the ‘innocent-looking’ program of the government ? There may be many reasons and we mention a few.
    (a) The government that ignored the issue of the development of industry and even strangulated the existing industries for the last three decades is suddenly showing extreme interest in it. Everyone excepting the fools would say, the government definitely has evil or different intention.
    (b) The literate people have enlightened the affected peasants. The peasants now realize that as asset land is much better than cash money or a job in the industry. They know, while their future generations can get the benefit of land, they won’t get any benefit of their job in the industry.
    (c) The job in the industry is valid or beneficial till the industry runs or can earn profit. Its closure would bring misery or peril for the family.
    (d) The peasants very well know that with their present qualification and experience they cannot get any good job in such type of sophisticated industries.

    (04) WHY THE GOVT. IS DESPERATE : We have already mentioned that CPI(M) can win in the coming election in West Bengal only if they can energize their cadres with money and that, it is now getting increasingly difficult for them to squeeze out money from the people in the traditional methods. Establishing industry is in fact their new policy of raising fund to be used for the cadres. They can be benefited from this projects in the following ways :
    (i) Someone reading in primary school can understand that the invited industrialists would have to or has already given large sum on money in CPI(M) party fund.
    (ii) After the land is procured the CPI(M) government would ask the central government for money to develop the land, construct roads, establish power and water lines and so on so forth. There is wide scope for CPI(M) to get monetary benefit from these
    (iii) The owners of the industry would spend large sum of money in construction and procurement. There is wide scope of collection of commission from all these jobs.

    Thus, the project of establishment of industries in West Bengal is now no more the project of the industrialists only. The project has turned to be the “milking cow” of the government and CPI(M) party for their coming election. That is the reason why they are so desperate.

    Also there is alternate scope for owners of the industries to have been profited from such projects. The owners in general use to acquire several times of land they may actually need. After the government arranges infrastructural facilities and supplies to this land, its price would rise by several times. At that time the owner would sell the extra land and may get their land at zero or negative cost.

    CONCLUSION : Men with eyes can see the atrocities of the police and/or CPI(M) cadres on the unwilling land owners of West Bengal. Men with ears can hear the cries of the bereaved people. Men with hearts can feel their pains. No intelligent man should believe that the CPI(M) government of West Bengal is doing these projects for the honest purpose of industrialization in the state. In case they had that intention they would not have caused the death of the previous industries. During the last three decades they did not take any sincere endeavor to re-open the closed industries or keep those running. What they did was to earn commission and kick backs from the sale of that land and construction of structures on it. Now, when the election is coming nearer and they are apprehending tougher competition, the Fascist political party has initiated new venture for collection of money. The CPI(M) knows, their only hope to win in the election is the manipulating acts of the party-cadres. And the cadres would do the same only if they can be fed and drank well. Naturally, the successful implementations of these “so-called industrialization projects” mean lengthening of the rule of the fascist party in West Bengal.

    If the people of India want to avoid seeing atrocities on their fellow brethren and hearing their cries of pain, they have to find out the real intention of the fascist CPI(M) government behind such projects and act accordingly.

    Prof. Bijon B. Sarma. Architecture Discipline. Khulna University. Khulna-9208. Bangladesh.

  2. I fully endorse the endeavors taken by Medha Patekar and other humanists in their endeavor to save the “poor” people from the grip of the capitalists.
    Prof. Bijon B. Sarma

  3. Had we been a little more realistic and sensitive, this ( Nandigram) would not have happened, may be. Let us ask ourselves -did we not really know that ? Why we had to wait till Nandigram to Happen afterall ? Were we blind ?

  4. Pingback: Bengal Resistance
    Prof. Bijon B. Sarma

    In the contemporary world (i) There is a general trend in constant lowering of the price of agro products,
    (ii) Mechanization of agriculture creates jobless situation for the agro-dependent workers and
    (iii) The only way to create jobs for the redundant labor force is “Industrialization”.
    Who on earth does not know these plain truth ? Definitely the fools, and only the fools.

    The common people of West Bengal are creating tremendous resistances to the CPM-led government’s endeavor for establishment of SEZ (Specialized Export Zone). Are they fools ? Ironically they are not. On the other hand they are among the most intelligent group of people, who have been able to foresee the conspiracy of the CPM-led government. In this article we shall explain the “why and how’s” of this phenomenon.

    In West Bengal of India the population density is enormous that was caused due to : (i) Need for children in the agro-fisheries related professions, (ii) Conducive climate of the land and (iii) One way flow of the Hindus from the neighboring country. In a land with such realities, the best way to employ surplus population is Industrialization. That justifies the need for industrialization in West Bengal. Industrialization was one of the most essential needs of West Bengal three decades ago, when the CPM government captured power in this state. By all means the day the CPM rose to power in this land was the darkest and most unfortunate day for this land and the people there in. During the last thirty years the people have witnessed darkness and darkness only. When the outside world, even the other states of India progressed slowly and steadily under democratic governments, West Bengal rolled and rolled around the dark tunnel created by a fascist government, where the party ensures its win in the election by means of cadres. (Most recently these cadres have been named ‘Harmads’ by the common people.

    In spite of their declared soft-corner (?) for the industrial workers, the CPM government started strangulating the industries since the day they captured power.. During the last three decades they have withered the base of industrialization in this state for their selfish interests. Now, after thirty years of their evil rule if they are making big shouts saying, they want industrialization. Quite often the CPM government is now found to shed crocodile tears for it. Only the “Harmads” of their party and the dull-headed fools might believe, they really want it. One does not need to be very intelligent to understand the truth inside.

    In these days democracy has been proved to be by far the best type of administration. In West Bengal of India a party that never believes in democracy is in power. It is known to al that Communism believes in single party election or ‘game in the name of democratic election’. After knowing this basic fact and bare truth, those who want to say that there still exists any trace of democracy in Communism are the worst fools of this world. Bangalees in general are renowned all over the world for their intelligence. In the past many Bangalees have proved their intelligence through their activities. However, when the literate section of the Bangalees are found to endorse communism as a means of people’s administration, we have to opine, at least these Bangalees seriously lack in this quality. Well, some intelligent Bangalees may support Communism when they are greedy and have turned ‘Harmads’ in order to squeeze money from cadre-activities. But when honest Bangalees express their support for this ism, one can be sure about their intelligence. You may ask the following question to any sensible man,
    “ Dear Mr. X, do you believe in this age Fascism can work better than democracy ?”
    The reply in cent percent cases will be “No”.
    In that case how can they endorse Communist party which, by all means is a fascist party simply because of the reason that ideologically they support one, and only one party, where as democracy is a multi-party system ?

    Needless to mention that a Fascist party needs cadres to manipulate people’s will in the democratic election. Some three decades ago communism rose to power by that way. Since then they remained in power by using the same technique. They caused the closing of the industries; as a consequence they got huge number of jobless workers as their dependent cadres. (CPM in fact did not close the industries intentionally. When their cadres started ‘chandabazi’ in the name of many things including better pay for the workers, the owners of the industries had no option other than to close their industries). If CPM succeeds in establishing industries now, their party cadres would bring the same fate for those within a few years. CPM needs party cadre to keep them in power, the cadres need money to eat and drink and the owners of industries are their easy prey. CPM has brought their cadres to such a stage that now they are not in a position to keep them under control. ‘Procuring party fund’ is the popular term they use for such purposes. .

    For three decades CPM has been collecting money from the common people in order to feed their cadres, who help them to win elections. However, in these days ‘chandabazi’ is getting increasingly difficult and hence their party-bosses have adopted new policies. This is their so-called “policy of Industrialization”.

    Industrialization was essential for the over all development of the state and specially, for employing the excess population in West Bengal thirty years ago, twenty years ago, ten years ago and even today. The party that failed to understand this simple fact for such a long period of thirty years, and not only that, the party that constantly incessantly ruined the base of industrialization for this long time is suddenly shouting for industrialization and the need for industrialization. Should any person with little intelligence believe that they have any honest intention ? The answer is ‘No’, where only the fools would differ. The logical question that may be raised here is, what made CPM to shout for it at this time ? If one thinks coolly one does not need much time to realize the following facts :
    (i) The central government is ready to give ample money for establishment of SEZ (Specialized Export Zone). CPM is expecting to earn big money from this project.
    (ii) Large Industrialists are willing to establish industries in West Bengal for obvious reasons. CPM expects to have kick-backs from them.

    And there is every possibility that after the industries are established (at highly exorbitant cost) the greed of the party bosses and cadres would soon close those because of their “never ending and ever increasing hunger”.

    In the present context with low income from agro-products, excess of population and need for competing with other provinces and countries Industrialization is a must for West Bengal. Only a democratic party and not any fascist party can materialize such a plan. Every Bangalee with little intelligent should be able to realize it and should endeavor for it. We know, many of the Bangales of West Bengal have the intelligence to understand this fact, but they could not express that because of the fear of the ferocious cadres of the CPM. It is high time to be courageous also and speak the truth.

    (01) Charu Majumder had to have a pathetic death. But is there any account regarding the number of innocent men and women this man endangered and ruined ? How many thousand families lost their dear children for that Charuo ? How many families were broken because of Charu’s evil teachings ? If that evil soul remained alive today, what punishment could have been justified for such offenses ?
    (02) Charu is gone, Jyoti is stil there. Is there any account in West Bengal stating how many millions of Rupess have been wasted due to Jyoti’s wrong and evil policies ?

    In Nandi gram, Singur and elsewhere the common people have started giving befitting replies to the above questions. With their cheap labor-force, agro-products and other infra-structural facilities there is absolutely no reason why West Bengal would not grow as one of the finest industrialist state of India. But that great task can be done only by a democratic party, not by the fascist party that ruined the very base of industries in West Bengal. In West Bengal potential industries may grow only on the site of burnt corpse of CPM.

    After Charu and Jyoti, the people of West Bengal has got Buddha. This man has accepted the charge of murders by the party Harmads. This is encouraging, bit not sufficient. He should he more courageous. He should realize the truth, confess their wrong doings and then ask the central government for rule by the ‘central government’. A free and fair election should be arranged where fascist parties should to be allowed to take part. Charu and Jyoti have worked for creating ferocious “Harmads” out of innocent human being. Now Buddha can work in the opposite direction in order to turn the Harmads into human being. In that case the people of India may get another Buddha, the great.

    West Bengal could have been a better living place for the human being, if there was no Charu and no Jyoti. The achievements by Bangalees like Vidyasagar, Rabindranath, Subash etc. have been neutralized by tyrants like Charu and Jyoti. Both the paths are now open before Buddha. Only time can tell, whether he will have the additional name “Harmad” or “Great” in the coming years.
    ———————————————————————————————————————————Prof. Bijon B. Sarma. Khulna University, Bangladesh.

    India is a great country. Let it flourish with greatness.
    Democracy is the proved contrivance for the welfare of mankind in the field of politics and administration. Let the fascist CPM be extinct from the land of India. Let Buddha become another “BUDDHA THE GREAT”.

  7. Today also we heard police to open fire on innocent people (land owners) in Nandigram and the obsolete Jyoti to shout, “we shall not release the land we have already grabbed”. This man should better listen to the call of Charu in the burning ghat. What makes this man to live longer only to add to the pains and sorrows of the Bangalees in West Bengal ? In the past the Indian women used to jumb in fire, drink poison etc. in order to save their honor. Cannot this man (root of all evils) folow similar path and thus cause Bangalees to live ?

  8. Please stop spreading Misinformation for your own benifits…
    You are against progress…the people in Singur have been given 1.5 time the money thier land is worth…they will also get jobs when the factory open directly or indirectly …..You are people who are useless and are spreeding lies so your funding can increase…

  9. Akil probably is a CPM gara. His party has done the greatest damage to the Bangalee people. Shame Akhil for your foolishness.

  10. Nandigram is an act of treason. The CPIM, led by Karat at the centre and by Buddhadeb at state level, unleashed a large group of mercinery killers to occupy an Indian territory known as Nandigram in West Bengal. It was a pre-planned operation. The operation hatched by high level leaders of the party. They named it ‘Operation Nandigram’. They virtually waged, fought and won a war of occupation against India.

    In the process more than 34 persons were killed,4/5 women were gangraped, thousands were rendered homeless,hundreds of houses and shops were burnt down and lakhs of people lost their sense of security and worth of existence. And most part of the genocide and vandalism was carried out not by the police but by cadres and other mercinary goons of the CPIM.Chief minister of West Bengal still talking in terms of ‘US’ and ‘THEY’. The people who did not and don’t support him and his party are termed as ‘OTHER’. Whoever those other may be they can be killed or can be muffled their voices. These OTHERs may include Star Ananda, Medha Patkar, Aparna Sen, Rituporno Ghose, Shankha Ghose and many such persons. It does not matter. Whoever dares to tell the truth and protest against horrendous genocide or barbarism he or she belongs to the OTHER and shall be shut up.

    CPIM leadership claimed that Bhumi Uchched Protirod Committee took help of the Moists. As to the claim we can say: 1. If a group of persons help some hapless and helpless people what is wrong in it? 2. The Operation Nandigram ended, CPIM hoisted their flag but why they could not find a single person belonging to Maoist group. 3. If with the help of Maoists or any other group some people of Nandigram tormenting some other people then where were the West Bengal Police? Why the government did not deal with them in accordance with the law? 4. For what reasons the perpetrators of 14 March massacre were not nabbed and brought to book? 5. Why CRPF were not deployed when the state police failed? For keeping constitution in work the civil administration could ask for the help of armed forces of the country. 6. Why Medha Patkar, Star Anand, and others were prevented from entering Nandigram and attacked by Cadres. If it was necessary for the administration to prevent them from entering Nandigram for the shake of law and order, was it not the duty of police? 7. Why media were muffled?

    These and many other unanswered questions indicate clearly the strategy of the CPIM to occupy the villages by their brute force and making this show an example for other parts of the state.

    After the occupation of the entire region the people who earlier belonged to BUPC turned overnight the supporters of the CPIM. They let to die their true human existence in order to only keeping the body alive. The lands and the people were conquered. And now there is Peace and a new Dawn in Nandigram, according to the CPIM. Off course, there is peace but it is an erie peace and the dwan is the dawn of terror. They succeeded to secede the territory from India and to establish a reign of terror.

    When CRPF first came they could not entre Nandgram because till then the operation was incomplete and now CRPF entred there to maintain the status quo which means the erie peace of vanquished and riegn of terror of the occupiers.

    Mr. Buddhadeb, Mr. Biman Bose, Mr. Jyoti Bose, Mr. Karat and other comrades committed a grievous act of treason against the consitution of India.

  11. A contrarian’s views on Nandigram

    We, the progressive minded citizens of Delhi, view with concern the recent developments in and arising out of Nandigram and we feel it is high time to speak out. As Buddhadeb Guha, the eminent author, said recently “Enough is enough”.
    At the very onset, we will like to clarify that the way the Land Acquisition process was attempted in Nandigram and the subsequent police firing killing 14 innocent peasants deserves universal condemnation . We note with delight that the Chief Minister of West Bengal has also expressed similar views recently.
    However, the way progressive and Left-minded respected individuals like the eminent Historian Sumit Sarkar , Mahasweta Devi , Arundhati Roy , Medha Patkar , scores of others and Left Parties like SUCI, CPI(M-L) Liberation, Maoists or even some of the constituents of the Left Front have joined hands (at least indirectly) with the Right forces led by Trinamul, Jamait-Ulema-Hind and Congress also causes deep consternation .They have yet to come out with a concrete positive alternate Leftist agenda but are deeply mired in negativism of the highest order. They went to the ridiculous extent of comparing Buddhadev with Narendra Modi in spite of the fact that they are able to freely protest and express their views while in Gujrat Parzania or Aamir Khan’s movies (for his support to Narmada) are not allowed to be released.
    As stated earlier, we may have differences with the way the entire Nandigram issue was handled but the following facts have to be borne in mind:
    • There is no alternative to industrialization in West Bengal today. The people of West Bengal cannot be expected to wait for the elusive “Revolution” to happen. Some temporary relief must be provided as unemployment ahs reached chronic proportions with the registered unemployed touching 72 lakhs. After the initial successes in agriculture, productivity is on a downward slope. Land is getting fragmented and the peasantry unable to cope with rising Input and stagnant Output prices .
    • For industrialization to happen, some agricultural land has to be acquired. However, hefty compensation must be paid as in Singur and most importantly the people have to be involved in the entire process. This was not done in Nandigram leading to the crisis.
    • The announcement of the CM that land will not be acquired should have settled it all. Instead the Right-wing forces thoroughly discredited in elections after elections and thrown into the dustbin of history decided to fish in troubled waters. What we witnessed was not a popular upsurge nor a Left movement led by Maoists as the CM had said but a massive manifestation of White Terror. Have we forgotten Keshpur? Have we forgotten the defeat of Gurudas Dasgupta in Panskura 6 years back? Have we forgotten 1972?
    • There was no alternative to the 14th November initiative. White Terror had to be nipped in the bud before it spread like cancer. It was achieved with minimum casualties , full democratic processes established and every single individual allowed to return home. This has been accepted by the bourgeoisie press.
    • The need of the hour is Left Unity. We recently witnessed the AISA (students’ wing of CPI(M-L) )and SFI fight each other in JNU which almost led to a victory for the casteist and anti-reservationist “Forum for Equality”. Fortunately, AISA won by a whisker.
    • The Fascist forces are on the verge of a revival. . The victory of Narendra Modi, stalling of Sethu Samudram Project , attack on the BSP students’ wing at JNU for questioning the existence of Ram are all recent happenings.
    • The neocons have threatened to bomb Iran in spite of concrete proof that there has been no nuclear initiative. The Nuclear Pact hangs over our head like a Damocles sword.
    • The need of the hour is Left Unity. As Left-minded individuals outside the ambit of established political parties, it is our duty to pressurize the Leftist political parties otherwise history will not forgive us.

    We now quote from a recent statement emanating from The International Left .We congratulate them for grasping the essence of the matter from such a distance which our “progressive” friends sitting in Calcutta have failed to.
    “We are taken aback by a widespread reaction to a statement we made with the best of intentions, imploring a restoration of unity among the left forces in India –a reaction that seems to assume that such an appeal to overcome divisions among the left could only amount to supporting a very specific section of the CPM in West Bengal. Our statement did not lend support to the CPM’s actions in Nandigram or its recent economic policies in West Bengal, nor was that our intention. On the contrary, we asserted, in solidarity with its Left critics both inside and outside the party, that we found them tragically wrong. Our hope was that Left critics would view their task as one of putting pressure on the CPM in West Bengal to correct and improve its policies and its habits of governance, rather than dismiss it wholesale as an unredeemable party. We felt that we could hope for such a thing, of such a return to the laudable traditions of a party that once brought extensive land reforms to the state of West Bengal and that had kept communal tensions in abeyance for decades in that state. This, rather than any exculpation of its various recent policies and actions, is what we intended by our hopes for ‘unity’ among the left forces.
    We realize now that it is perhaps not possible to expect the Left critics of the CPM to overcome the deep disappointment, indeed hostility, they have come to feel towards it, unless the CPM itself takes some initiative against that sense of disappointment. We hope that the CPM in West Bengal will show the largeness of mind to take such an initiative by restoring the morale as well as the welfare of the dispossessed people of Nandigram through the humane governance of their region, so that the left forces can then unite and focus on the more fundamental issues that confront the Left as a whole, in particular focus on the task of providing with just and imaginative measures an alternative to neo-liberal capitalism that has caused so much suffering to the poor and working people in India.”
    Michael Albert, Tariq Ali, Akeel Bilgrami, Victoria Brittain, Noam Chomsky, Charles Derber, Stephen Shalom
    (N.B. Bold markings were done by us – not the authors)


    In August, 2008 we have witnessed the holding of the successful and peaceful election for the posts of 4 mayors and 9 city corporations. By all means this was a “test-case” for the extremely important national election to be held in December, 2008. Immediately after the election all quarters including the “election watch groups” expressed their satisfaction. The case in Barisal was however, a bit dubious, where a non-popular but extremely rich candidate secured enormously large number of votes. In this election there were alleged cases of telephone calls to persons responsible for election related activities. In this age it is extremely easy to find out the numbers of persons who made such calls and then to inquire, why those were made. We, however, did not still hear anything concrete about those incidents. A few days after the election, however, reports regarding the findings of used ballot papers, books (Muri-boi) etc. in various places started appearing in the news papers. At this some candidates openly denied to accept the results of the election.

    In the above context and reality, our question is, HOW FAR WAS THE POSSIBILITY OF DECEPTIVE VOTES IN THE AUGUST 2008 ELECTION.

    When ballot papers are discovered outside during or immediately after the election, we can be sure that some voters were successful in taking out some ballot-papers in broad light, by nullifying all the measures and cautions followed by the election authorities. During election the voter enters the enclosed space with the ballot papers (in the last election each carried 3 numbers) to apply seal. It is possible for him to place 1 or 2 ballots in his pocket, carry the remaining ones outside and drop publicly in the box. If there was only one box and one ballot paper (or say, three independent boxes for three ballots) then also he could take the ballot papers outside, if he had carried similar sized paper(s) in his pocket. After a ballot paper is taken outside the secured area it can be sold to the candidate at a high price. It is almost impossible to search the incoming or outgoing voters for such ‘papers’. If carried out secretly in an organized way, this trick may abruptly change the results of the election in favor of money. Even though the rich candidate did not win in Barisal, we do not still know how far money and the above were exercised there.

    The above mentioned trick has been used in this country long since. It was used almost 4 or 5 decades ago, during the Pakistan regime. It was profusely used in 2002 election in which BNP got ‘un-natural’ success. In this election, after the ballot boxes were emptied on the table, 10 or more ballot papers were found to have been folded as one package. Needless to mention that it could never happen so unless someone brought lots of those from outside. When the common people of this country know of this trick quite well, what made our responsible persons in the election affairs to remain blind to this great loophole ? We know that they held expensive and time consuming meetings, conferences, workshops etc. in order to find out a full-proof system. How could the above “loophole” miss their sight ?

    When the voters can somehow manage to take away the ballot papers outside (say, by placing similar papers in the box), the voters can sell those to selected persons at high price, the buyer’s agent can manage to add the ballots in the box or counting table, the natural result of the election is changed in favor of money. In case of one or two ballot papers usually the buyer’s agent wraps together and drops in the box. In case of many his agent, (who may be the party’s pooling agent or paid person in the responsible position) throws the bundle when the box is emptied on the table. Even though the above practice is capable of changing the natural outcome (result) of election, the Election Commission may not be held responsible for the fraudulent act. Why ? because at the end of the game we shall see :

    (i) The voters casted their votes as usual, even though there came some extra papers in the box,
    (ii) All the ballot papers were genuine with proper signs and seals,
    (iii) There was no discrepancy in the total counting of ballots.

    However, the practice is highly helpful for our poor, dishonest voters who may earn big money and the crook politicians who are prepared to spend a lot, because they would earn a lot after the win.

    Because of the above scope of “no responsibility” the election commission may keep blind eyes to this issue. However, after their tiresome job is over, the people may find manipulated and unbelievable results to come. At that stage, the Election Commissioner, and more than that the government would be accused for great failure in holding the most expected free and fair election.

    One may be amused to know that the solution to the above problem is extremely easy and even less costly that the present system. In the coming national election the voters may be given only one ballot paper, in case the national and upazilla elections do not take place on the same day. However, we have already mentioned why “one ballot paper for one box” would not work. The changing or carrying away of ballot papers can be considerably stopped by adopting the following arrangement :
    (i) The table that the voter would use for applying ‘seal’ should be covered on three sides with board or thick cloth up to maximum one foot above the height of the table.
    (ii) The above table should be placed in such a way that the voter can do his job by facing the election offices, i.e. the entry door.
    (iii) In case money permits, then a height up to 6 ft. around the table and above the floor may be covered with glass or transparent plastic sheet in order to ensure the psychological privacy of the voter.

    In the August 2008 election I have noticed that delay in voting was mostly caused due to the voter’s presence in the enclosed area. When someone is in that place (s)he cannot be called to make hurry. But when (s)he will seal in the paper in the above condition, it would naturally take place quickly. Also any endeavor to replace the ballot-paper with any other paper will be automatically be prevented. A booth for the above type of activity can be made in a minimum space of 4 feet by 4 feet (Table 2 ft. X 1.5 ft, clear space on one side and back, 2 ft. and 2.5 ft.). In the last election I have seen most of the enclosed space to have been of far bigger size. It may be possible to arrange few such spaces in the area of the previous enclosed space.

    The “extended caretaker government” has done some excellent jobs which no earlier government ever dared to do. They initiated their tenure with a seemingly honest mission. The common people became extremely happy to see the big-talking, gloomy faced, ill educated and extremely dishonest politicians and their sons behind the bars. But then, for reasons unknown to them there came failures. The price hike of commodities is one reason that happened due to international politics, and the government did not have to do much. But internally also there happened some cases, the reasons of which are not still clear to the common people.

    However, the sole responsibility of the caretaker government was and is to hold a free and fair election. Even though a government may be criticized for any of its activities, the caretaker government will be criticized solely for its performance in holding the election. We have witnessed their “test case” in August, 2008. Even though the mediocre-brain people have already expressed their satisfaction over this election, the intelligent people might have noticed the hidden loopholes. In this article I have mentioned one such loop hole. I strongly believe that all the honest endeavors of the present government may go in vein unless the election commission takes adequate measures to clog the loop holes that the dishonest voters utilize in their selfish interest and the dishonest politicians, for their win .



    Few months ago, TATA was the name of a terror in Bangladesh. Now the fear is over because situations was ripe in Bangladesh to pronounce a big “Ta Ta” to this very “special multi-national company” of India. With a gloomy face, Mr. Ratan Tata, the representative of Tata-India accepted, or better had to swallow the “bye bye” from Bangladesh. By this time however, Mr. Ratan Tata could successfully waste several hundred million Rupees of his organization, excepting however, his own commissions and kick-backs.

    At this moment TATA is the name of another terror to the common people of West Bengal, India. The CPM government of West Bengal is after patronizing Tata’s investment definitely for lucrartive kick-backs. However, the local people are endeavouring their best to kick-out this demon from their land. It is high time to analyze and discover why Tata is so unpalatable to the common people of these two countries.

    Taking the scope of unprecedented corruptions by the autocratic governments in Bangladesh during the period 1975 to 1990 and then, during the reign of corrupt governments (from 1990-1996 and 2001-2006), a number of Gas and Oil companies from USA succeeded in getting the contract of marketing natural gas in Bangladesh. And they could manage the deal at extremely cheap rate. In the reality of constant increase of gas price throughout the globe the US companies remained silent for few years. Then they intended to sell gas to India through pipes. The bottling of this gas for marketing was not found economically feasible because of the availability of gas in the Gulf countries at much cheaper rate. All endeavours made by these companies to sell gas to India, however, failed because of the shrewd activities of the Pakistani lobby working inside the country. Achieving gas by India was seen by Pakistan as a threat to their economy. At this stage USA was in need of an alternate policy. All on a sudden the people of Bangladesh saw Mr. Ratan Tata to visit Bangladesh with the all-time largest foreign investment offer in electricity and steel productions. Tata wanted to use natural gas in these industries. Even though the then government of the country highly spoke of this alluring investment, the steel-producers could rightly see their peril in this investment. Also it was crystal clear to the people of this country that in the disguise of Tata’s alluring investment it, in fact was the US policy to use up Bangladesh’s scarce gas resources. In addition, the Pakistani lobby was also active. In such a situation, the government could not give green signal to TATA in spite of US government’s insistence. After wasting several hundred million Rupees, finally Mr. Ratan Tata had to accept he heartily “ta-ta” from Bangladesh.

    One fine morning Tata declared their extremely alluring proposal of manufacturing and selling of small car at a price of One lac Rupees each. The CPM government gave them green signal. Immediately Tata managed a large chunk of fertile land in Singur. The CPM government dreamt many sweet dreams in Tata’s Eklaki Nano car project. They already have got the taste of sweet kick-backs, they dreamt of jobs for their ‘party harmads’, big contracts for their relatives and so on so forth. However, the local people could not believe in the “unbelievable love and affection of this political party for country’s industrialization”. They already witnessed that this is the same party that so carefully worked to smash the backbone of Industries for over three decades in West Bengal. The people of Bangladesh have been successful in kicking away TATA, now they are eagerly waiting to see what the people of West Bengal do.

    Tata is definitely a large Indian company, but it is not the largest. On the other hand there are numerous large Indian companies who are successfully doing business in India and abroad. There are both profit and loss in business. But no one has ever heard of the other Indian companies (I mean to say, companies other than Tata) to take up such non-feasible, impractical and childish projects and then to return back after great wastage. We shall soon explain why Tata is going to face a big failure and to earn ill-names, even if their “Eklaki Nano car project” in Singur comes out successful.

    When the big companies are doing business peacefully at home and abroad and earning good profit, what makes Mr. Ratan Tata to take up such absurd and hazardous projects, and to loose money ? If it is a riddle, it is not a very difficult one. Mr. Ratan Tata’s company is basically different from the other Indian companies. In the non-Tata companies the directors have great concern for the good and bad, image, profit and loss etc. of their respective companies. In case of Tata, however, the Company belongs to the government, where the Tata family enjoys certain percent of the profit. As a member of the family that previously used to own the entire company Mr. Ratan Tata enjoys extremely high position in the decision making act of the company. Thus he is a person, whose family owns a small percent cent (2.5%) of the profit of an extremely large company. As representative of the same company this gentlemen however, enjoys huge financial and non-financial privileges. Those who are aware of the inns and outs of business might know that many a times the chief executive may be more benefitted from the flop projects than from successful ones. I believe this much will be sufficient for the intelligent people to understand what are there behind the super-activities of this gentleman.

    As of today (31st August, 2008) the problem with Tata factory at Singur has not been solved. And we do not know what would happen tomorrow, or after a few months. Even if Mr. Ratan Tata becomes successful (even though it seems grim), the Eklaki Nano car of Tata would bring a curse for the company and thousands of its users. Why ? Let us mention one example.

    Few years ago, the corrupt BNP-Jamat Government arranged to import cars from selected manufacturers of India to be used as Taxi-cab in Dhaka city. A number of 10,000 cars were imported. After a period of 5 years only 2,500 of those in dilapidated condition are running in the road. The remaining 7,500 cars are waiting in fields in extremely dilapidated condition. Even though the government of Bangladesh have given the cab-owners clearance to import cars from the same manufacturer against their previous sanctions, none of the users have shown interest to do that. On the other hand they have proposed for importing 5-year old Japanese cars. Just imagine, the cab-owners want to import 5-year old Japanese cars, and not brand-new cars from India. You should not blame them. They are not anti-Indian fanatics, but honest businessmen. They had certain assumption regarding the life-span of the brand new cars and it was 10-12 years. What happens to their calculation of profit when they discovered that :
    (01) The cars started to go out of function after 2 years.
    (02) 75% of the cars went out of use after 5 years.
    (03) The remaining 25% now ply on road with their dilapidated and worn out bodies and extremely high-sounding engines.

    In Bangladesh the poor people are in the habit of collecting every little piece of iron from the road, because those have resale value. The dilapidated cars I mentioned above, however, may be seen to stay side by side quite peacefully, because no one is interested to utilize their extremely thin and low-quality steel sheets, not to say anything about the rusted and defragmented engines. These cars came from a company other than Tata. This company is quite renowned for their product and the price of their car is much higher.

    In the above situation, Tata’s thin-body Nano cars would only cheat and befool the buyers. There remains the possibility that most of those would surrender their youthful fluffy bodies to incessant dents within one year and shall go out of use after 3 to 4 years.

    In such a context, foiling of Tata’s Eklaki Nano car project may save thousands of its probable users from severe loss. Whether successful or not, the project, by this time has been able to ensure the expected “success” for Mr. Ratan Tata


  14. By doing this Tata may be successful in achieving local people’s sympathy and cooperation. During this time they can go for improving the design of the car and may probably go for electric car, that consumes no fossil fuel. If luck favours then, after 4/5 years they may get a government formed by another party. In that case the fear for labour unrest would vanish forever. Not only Tata, no industrialist should think of West Bengal a safe place for investment in the industrial sector so long the CPM is in power. The country’s industry can grow only on the grave of CPM.

  15. Tata came in West Bengal for business thats true. But as far as the local economy is concerned singur is the biggest looser. I dont think about Mrs Ratan Tata as TATA is very much able to make recovery of their loss, but what will be the future of those people who started their jouney to bank first time in their life?Is it not one of the biggest step taken by Mrs Mamta Banerjee (our DIDI) & Mrs Pathker to demolish the future of our state for narrow politics only. and it is proved that there was a huge monitory, industrial support behind them. I think Mrs Banerjee is doing this for the CHAIR and Mrs Pathker for MEDELS.

    No road extention, no industrialization, no modernization are their azenda. and unfortunately we the COMMON PEOPLE (dam fool !!) are the LOOSER…………

    Request (HUMBLE) to Mrs Pathker plz dont interfair in our problems. Look at your own state first. What is happening there with your BELOVED furmers?????????

  16. The Himalaya is head of our country. Greedy politicians, industrialists, who are concerned with money only money have dug the entire Himalayan region for their selfish motive. Natural beauty, resources and peace have been disturbed. Poor people of Himalayan region have been disturbed in the name of development. Jungles are being cut and big dams are being constructed over different rivers, which has affected the lives of people, animals and there is open invitation for natural calamity. Sometime ago, there was a news that the mountaineers have left tons and tons of garbage on the Everest peak. It is beyond our understanding as to why the so called mountaineering are being encouraged to scale the Mount Everest. This adventure of a few people would bring many kind of ecological problems. In our country, millions of people are struggling for their survival. Production of agricultural product is facing saturation. Agricultural land is shrinking day by day. Ms. Patekar’s services are needed in Utterakhand, so that people of this hilly protected from. On river Gamga huge dams are being constructed. Himalayan hills are in trouble. Ms Medha Pateker is required in hill State of Utterkahand. The poor people of Utterakhand are being exploited. Ms Patekar may kindly visit the Utterakhand in order to save the general public, vegetation, rivers of Himalayan Region.

    Thaning you.

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