Karl Marx Replies to Comprador Intellectuals

NOT IN MY NAME – KARL MARX (See image below)

You are not what you wereAshok Mitra after 14th November, 2007:

buddha modi

[For all the stories that Sudhanva Deshpande has to tell – quoting what else but Ganashakti – we reproduce here the agonized remarks of another ‘pathological Left-hater’ (in SD’s words, that is what every CPM critic is!). Somewhere here, you might get a clue as to why the likes of Prabhat Patnaik ‘had to sign on the dotted line’ – on a statement drafted in AKG Bhavan. Has Patnaik made his ‘Lukacsian choice’? Our sympathies are with him. Read the full translated version of the original Bengali article here. – AN]

“Till death I would remain guilty to my conscience if I keep mum about the happenings of the last two weeks in West Bengal over Nandigram. One gets torn by pain too. Those against whom I am speaking have been my comrades at some time. The party whose leadership they are adorning has
been the centre of my dreams and works for last sixty years…”

“Not only the ordinary people, economic thinkers have offered diverse views over land acquisition in Singur and Nandigram. These different opinion holders are nothing but bookworms, what do they know about running a government! Consequently prominent economist and party comrade of the stature of Prabhat Patnaik is hounded. We are an all-knowing government: from cricket, poetry, theatre, films to the magic of land acquisition – we know everything. Neither should anyone lecture us on the pros and cons of the nuclear deal, for we have won 235 seats…”

“I feel sorry for Mr. Jyoti Basu. Of the four ministerial colleagues who took the oath as members of the first Left Front government with him on 21st June, 1977, only I am still alive. His current state of an imprisoned Shah Jahan saddens the heart deeply. State leadership does not heed the little advice he tries to offer from time to time…”

Images courtesy Nagarik Mancha and sanhati.comkolkata demo poster

kolkata rally

2 thoughts on “Karl Marx Replies to Comprador Intellectuals”

  1. Why waste your words on the types of Sudhanva Deshpande by naming them aloud? It’s giving them the importance they don’t deserve.

    I went through their site, and yes, it’s official,we’re proud to present before you THE official Ganashakti blog, “eager in approaching the correct way towards socialism in India, along the scientific line” (what’s that?!).

    “We endeavour to discuss, debate, and in the way counter all the false propaganda made by right and left deviations of Indian left movement,” says the intro.

    And after the definitions for the genie of social change have been fixed, marked off, corked and sealed inside a blue bottle that sees the outside as “false propaganda”,and thrown into the Bay of Bengal for further use and re-discovery from time to time, surprisingly there’s also an invite.

    “However,” it goes,”that does not mean that we are not open to constructive criticism. Substantial arguments and counter-arguments with precision are always welcome!” (and I did honestly quote their exclamation mark!)

    Do I compare this site to the honey-trap of spiders? But that’s tantamount(is it?) to calling them incredible Spidermen and Spiderwomen, without my knowlege of their phyla.

    Phylum: Arthropoda,class: Arachnida, is it? I may be wrong. Members of this ‘class’ are usually spiders spinning webs(and webpages?), mites, scorpions, pseudoscorpions and ticks. Respiration for this biological class is via tracheae or book lungs; it is cutaneous in many small arachnids.

    Further, spiders usually have eight eyes (some have 6 or fewer) and capable of indirect and multi-purpose vision. But I won’t be comparing, and so enough of biology!

    Instead, I want to share with you a parable.

    I can bet these visionaries of ‘science’ will call me something like ‘Jesus Christ’ for speaking in parables, or will they be calling me a rodent like their West Bengal chief minister termed a Bengali newshouse as he threatened to use censorship? I tremble in anticipation.

    I recently shared this parable with a blogger-friend who couldn’t tolerate the extremities of fabrication ‘gainst the Nandigram massacres. After all, we are individual bloggers, trying to express our incomprehensibility of events and concerns, without believing ‘socialism’ is all written there in the holy exegesis, only out there to be implemented by voting the official church to power year after year, every five years, for thirty years and beyond to a red dawn of everlasting sunrises.

    What chances do we have against a machinery that specialises in innumerous hate-posts, spewing forth Proustian volumes of lies and masquerades everyday by oprichniks living in opulent party-sponsored dachas somewhere in Kolkata and Delhi?

    Ah,the parable of the witch-doctor. Perhaps it’ll explain things better.

    A doctor had come to share opinion with a witch-doctor who kept on arguing for his own prescriptions of blood, cock’s blood and his own holy excrement.

    For hours they argued and argued till night. And then at a moment of excitement the witch-doctor exclaimed:
    “Convince me by logic and I promise to give up my craft. I also promise to give you the only cow that I have.”

    The witch-doctor’s wife pulled him aside at this point and whispered:
    “Have you gone mad? What will we do without your work? And BTW, what do you give him if he wins? We don’t own a cow.”

    The witch-doctor gave her a dissuading smile and said:
    “Relax. Nothing’s going to happen. For I’m not going to lose the argument.”

    “How come?” asked the wife and also wondered the doctor who had overheard their conversation.

    “It’s really very simple.
    The point of losing an argument is only reached when I decide to agree to the other’s view logically. If I don’t agree in the first place that it has been a logical argument, the question of my agreeing to what follows doesn’t arise.”

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