The Chanakyans

The other sometimes amuses, sometimes provokes:

Sam, the primary principle, implies the use of rationalization but if this technique does not work then the second implement is Kam i.e. bribery. If this does not produce the desired result, then the tertiary principle is Dand or the vehement use of violence. If all three fail then the last machination is Bheet or sowing seeds of dissension and discord.


Indian’s 50-year old history clearly illustrates the insidious use of the above mentioned principles of Sam, Kam, Dand and Bheet to outwit its ethnic minorities and ward off every crisis.


The Arthashastra gives us valuable clues to their political aspirations. We see that the Indians have in a typical Chanakyan manner, canonized their Kautilya. The Diplomatic Enclave of their capital city is named Chanakyapuri.

Read the full article from the archives of the Pakistani Defence Journal, written by one Group captain Sultan M Hali.

Thanks to Aman Bharti for the link.

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