An SMS and an online signature

An SMS doing the rounds:

Where is Raj Thackeray and his ‘brave’ Sena? Tell him that 200 NSG commandos from Delhi (South, west, east and north Indians!) have been sent to Mumbai to fight terrorists so that he can sleep peacefully. Pls fwd this widely so that it reaches the coward bully!

An online signature campaign:

We citizens of India, and countries around the world, from all faiths, backgrounds and walks of life, declare with one voice that the terrorist attacks in Mumbai have not divided us, will not divide us, and that we stand together, as one people, against all violent extremists who shamefully target the innocent. We call upon all our political and religious leaders to come together at this moment, and take effective action to prevent the spread of violence. [Sign here]

5 thoughts on “An SMS and an online signature”

  1. Raj Thackeray’s Reaction to Mumbai Terrorist Crisis
    1. Raj Thackeray has threatened to beat up the NSG, Army and Navy commando’s if they enter mumbai again because most of them are non maharati Manoos
    2. He also has threatened voilence if the Sign Boards of NSG, Army and Navy are not written in Marathi.
    3. He also expressed his anger towards the non marathi media for giving so much attention to NSG, Army and Navy commando’s. Where was the media when my Marathi Manoos gang was beating up innocent taxi drivers in mumbai ??
    4. He has also threatened the residents of colaba for chanting “Bharat Mata Ki Jai” after the successful completion of NSG operations. According to him they should have chanted “Jai Maharastra”
    5. He said that he has no problems with terrorists so long as they adapt to the Marathi culture and help him beat up innocent non marathis in Mumbai. In fact he welcomes terrorist action in hotels because it will deter outsiders from coming to mumbai.


  2. hi rajeev,
    it was nice 2 read ur response. if u mention ur name , age , gender n most important ur education n qualification it will b great. because from ur education i can chk ur apptitude to response such foolish remarks….. even a maniac wont give such threating comments 2 NSG like people.
    swear i fell down with laughter reading ur response…. n i feel pity for ur thinking level.. i feel my bro’s son who is jst 9yrs old…is much more intellectual n hv gr8 thinking power than urs. so if u want 2 get more insulted ….no want 2 get brutually insulted not by hands but by words….do reply me bac….



  3. To All: It seems the sarcasm in Rajeev’s post has been missed by Niranjan. I am sure both are equally passionate about their country…. It would be hard to come a single rational person who would not be grateful to NSG and other police personnel involved in this crisis…. Hope we will retain the focus on what led to crisis and what should be done to avert another. While politicians like Raj need to be shown the mirror we should also look at the bigger threat facing all of us..


  4. Haha! rajeev, that was hilarious, especially the last one!

    niranjan obviously turns to Raj Thackeray for protection against the real enemies — common sense & fellow feeling!


  5. Rajeev, it seems you have done your PHD in his acts of hurting innocent people. Great!
    But I would request that let us find a solution for this stupid acts so that OUR country is safe.


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