Israel(i Man) seduces India(n Woman)

Here’s how a state-owned Israeli defence firm tries to get business from India’s Defence Ministry:

The Danger Room blog said the text implied that the “Indian military is somehow like a helpless woman who needs to feel safe and sheltered.”

Rafael dismissed the criticism of its film and said that it made movies with a local theme for every international defense expo. A movie, one company source said, made for a defense expo in Brazil focused on soccer and weapons. Another movie, for a US audience, focused on football.

“We try to make the movies about the place where the defense expo is located,” the company source said, adding that in previous years Rafael had won prizes for its pavilions and marketing techniques. [The Jerusalem Post]

5 thoughts on “Israel(i Man) seduces India(n Woman)”

  1. hahhahah .. the video is quite funny…

    I think now Ram sene shd counter this ‘immoral’ video that is an assault on hindu womanhood and also on the ‘dharma’ as there are pics of sanatan Dharma dieties in the background.

    Attacking Israel is unthinkable but they might definitely get few Israelis around the pubs of Bangalore on any given day..


  2. I was wondering if Saudi Arabia or Iran might have made such video selling their oil to india…..:P


  3. Saudis Don’t make films and i don’t think they sell their oil to us, the US buys it all.
    Iran was trying to sell us some Gas but US put a monkey spanner in the works
    so we decided to become radioactive
    that made the pakis a little restless
    and so they came and bombed the taj
    now we started feeling insecure
    and the israeli man came
    to save our honour
    but made this dishonourable film


  4. Ha..ha.. worse than some of our b-grade movies.

    Arms manufacturers are a curse for humanity! They vie instability and with the “greater middle east” plans drafting India and other countries in South ASIA, it is not surprise that this company has come out with a cheesy video like this. – Indian is a customer with lot of potential in the future…

    Wonder why they dint make a southy soft porn movie, while Antony achayan being the Defense Minister!


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