Mayawati’s India

(Largely ignored by the media, the BSP recently released a tract that says what the BSP’s India would be like should Mayawati become prime minister. Considering that there is such wide interest and curiosity about the BSP and its politics these days, I am posting the full text of this “appeal”. Disclaimer: I am posting this here for information, debate and discussion and the act of posting this here should not be construed as my endorsement or otherwise of this manifesto-but-not-manifesto. – Shivam Vij)

Jai Bhim !                                                                               Jai Bharat !!

Bahujan Samaj Party



Lok Sabha General Elections -2009

Brothers and Sisters, 

As it is known to all, Bahujan Samaj Party or B.S.P. is the only party in the country, which believers in ” deeds and not in words“. That is why our party, unlike other parties doses not release an election “Manifesto” rather B.S.P. only makes an ” APPEAL” to people  for votes, enabling it to complete the unfinished works of the Sants, Gurus and great men born in the Bahujan Samaj from time to time, especially Mahatma Jyotiba Phule, Chhatrapati Shahuji Maharaj, Narayana Guru, Parapujya Baba Saheb Dr. Bhimraro Ambedkar and Manyavar Shri Kanshi Ram Ji by following the path show by them so that it can produce good results in the elections to gain power and them with the “Masterkey” of political power can make the lives of the suffering and oppressed people prosperous in every respect. This is because parampujya Baba Saheb Dr. Bhimraro Ambedkar was of the view that “political power is a master-key by which all the problems can be solved”.

By following this very thinking of Baba Saheb Dr. Ambedkar, our party is contesting these general elections for Lok Sabha on all the seats alone on its own strength and with preparedness, in other words our party has not forged any electoral alliance of any kind with any party in these elections.

But here the main question that arises is why it is essential for the general public of the country to cast their votes for the B.S.P. alone  and not for the Congress and  B.J.P . and their allies? This main and essential point will have to be understood.

In this regard, it is the contention of the B.S.P. that it is the only party in the country the ” Ideology and Policies” and ” Work Style” of which are in the interest of the Sarva Samaj (entire society ) and that our party does  whatever it says in the interest of the Sarva Samaj whereas other parties make a lot of promises and do very little, in other words most of their work is projected on paper, and very little is seen as being implemented on ground.

This is the main reason why because of wrong policies of the parties having a casteist mindset no significant shange has come about even 61 years after the country’s Independence in the ” social and economic ” condition of the “Bahujan Samaj, which comprises the Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, Other Backward Classes (OBCs) and religious minorities like the Sikhs, Muslims, Christians, Parsis and Buddhists etc., who account for 85 per cent of the country’s total population.

And I have mentioned about ” Wrong Policies “ here because the parties which have so far formed governments in the Center and most of the states In the country have been depending on financial help from big capitalists as a result of which these parties on coming to power tailor their every “Economic Policy” to suit the needs of those capitalist, in other words their economic policies are not prepared for removing the hardship of the general public. This is the main reason why the economic condition of the Bahujan Samaj people  as well as of the poor people belonging to Upper Castes continues to be bad and pitiable even now.

Keeping all this in view, we had to form a separate political party by the name of ” Bahujan Samaj Party” (B.S.P) on April 14, 1984, under the leadership of “Manyavar Shri Kanshi Ram Ji” by following the path shown by parampujya Baba Saheb. Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar and by now it has emerged as an important party at the “national level”.

Not only this, our party has rather gradually increased its mass-base throughout the country and also sent its MPs  to Parliament and MLAs to legislatures in several states. Besides, government has been formed under the leadership of our party in Uttar Pradesh four times and during all the four termes of office our party’s government has taken full care of the interests of the Sarav Samaj, but it has given priority to those people of the Bahujan Samaj, who had been neglected on a large scale in “social and economic” spheres by the governments of other parties in the past. Taking this issue of neglect seriously, our party’s government in order to bring about an improvement in the “social and economic” condition of the Bahujan Samaj people in Uttar Pradesh has for the first time in the country constituted a separate welfare department for every segment of that society and by selecting under the “Dr.Ambedkar Rural Development Scheme” villages with preponderance of the Dalit population in particular has decided to cover them with every kind of essential amenities and now the name of this scheme has been changed to the “Baba Saheb Dr.Ambedkar Uttar Pradesh Gramsabha Integrated Development Scheme”.

Similarly, an “Urban Integrated Development Scheme” has also been launched in the name of  Manyavar Shri Kanshi Ram Ji, through which all the cities, towns and ‘kasbas’, big and small, in Uttar Pradesh are being developed in a phased manner.

Besides , to a large number of poor people in the urban areas of Uttar Pradesh , who because of their helpessness had settled unauthorisedly on the land of the state government departments and have been living there since before 15.01.2009, our government under a “Sarvjan Hitaiy urban Slum Area Ownership right Scheme” has decided to give ownership right to residential plots measuring a mximum of 30sq. meters and minimum of 15sq. meters and commercial plots for employment measuring a maximum of 10 sq. meters. In the history of the state such a decision had not been taken by any of the past governments because of which the poor people in a large number have been exploited for years by government employees, land -mafias and employees of municipalities etc. But since 15.01.2209 after implementation of this scheme from my birthday, they have got ownership right to their residential plot in urban areas, while they have also got freedom from all kinds of exploitation.

Along with this , the government land lying vacant is being distributed with actual possession therefore for a two-room pucca house and for cultivation to the poor helpess people of the Sarv Samaj in the states with priority to the Dalits, exploited and backwards in particular, which has so far benefited lakhs of poor people in the state and this process is still continuing.

For promoting eduction, like for the children of the Scheduled Castes /Tribes, our party’s government  has for the first time in India provided scholarship to the poor children from the Other Backward Classes (OBCs) and religious minorities, particularlyMuslims, and in view of rise in pricies the scholarship is distributed to the students soon after they take admission. Our government has arranged for “free government coaching” for poor students of these classes to enable them to get high ranking jobs.

Besides, along with these classes in uttarprasesh, a new era in the field of higher and technical education has been ushered in for poor children of the Savarn Samaj for which a historic decision has been taken for the first time to send students of the newly established Gautam Buddha University in Gautam Buddha Nagar district (Great Noida) at government expense to Europe or other foreign countries for higher education.

By giving priority to development of the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes a separate provision of 25 per cent fund has been made for the first time in the budget for them. Similarly, for creating a sense of security them. Similarly, for creating a sense of security among the Bahujan Samaj people a provision of “reseversation” has been made for the first time in the country for police station officers.

Full care has also been tken of the interests of the biggest constituent of the “religious minority society” the Muslims, in particular in every sphere. Their economic development has been ensured and their lives, properties and religion have been fully protected. Besides, by including the economically backward people in the Muslim society in the list of the backward classes, our party’s government has for the first time in the state made available to them the benefit of reservation in education and state level government jobs.

A New Initiative in Respect of reservation: In regard to reservation too, we in all the four terms of our rule in Uttar Pradesh have conducted a special drive and cleared the backlog of the “reserved quota” vacancies for the people of the Scheduled Castes/Tribes and Other Backward Classes in government jobs and other areas at the state level which had not been filled up for years.

Besides, our party has been making relentless efforts for securing the benefit of “Reservation” for the Scheduled Castes/Tribes and Other Backward Classes in the areas like the judiciary, council of ministers, Rajya Sabha, Legislative Council and the private sector etc., all over the country in which reservation has not yet been provided to them by the Central Government. In this regard letters have been written to the Central government several times. Along with this, our party has written several times to the Central Government for providing the benefit of additional reservation to those people of the Scheduled Castes/Tribes who have become Christians or Muslims through religious conversion by including them in the list of Scheduled Castes/Tribes by keeping intact the present fixed quota of reservation for the latter. But the government of no party formed in the Centre so far has acceded to this reasonable demand of these people.

This not all, the governments of the congress party and BJP and their allies have been trying to end reservation gradually by giving to the Private Sector on a large scale those “government departments” and “institutions” in the Centre and all the states of the country in which the people of the Scheduled Castes/Tribes and Other Backward Classes have been getting job reservation under government, as there is no provision of reservation as yet in the private sector for these classes at the Central and the state levels. In a situation like this the reservation for these classes will automatically come to an end one day. Our party is very “worried” over this and in this regard the people of these classes in the entire country also need to be very “alert”.

And in this regard, it is also the belief of our party that this reservation for the Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes and Other Backward Classes (OBCs) in our country can be “protected” and reservation made available to them in the areas in which they are not yet getting this benefit only when these people form their own government in the Centre and the states. And a concrete example of this is the formation of our party’s government in Uttar Pradesh as the B.S.P. government is the only one in the entire country which has ensured a guarantee for maintaining the earlier available reservation system even after a “government department” and “institution” is handed over to the private sector.

Besides, in regard to reservation, I wish to tell the people of the “upper caste society” that our party is in favour of providing separate reservation to the poor people of this class on an economic basis in the entire country. But it is the government in the “Centre” which will have to introduce it by amending the Constitution. Therefore, our party’s government has written several times to the Central Government for providing separate reservation to the people of this class on an economic basis. But the government of no party in the Centre has so far agreed to this demand of ours. However, in this regard, I wish to give this assurance to the people of the “upper caste society” that the day our party’s government is formed in the Centre like that in Uttar Pradesh it will make a meaningful effort to remove poverty and unemployment of the people of the upper caste society by certainly making the reservation facility available to them even without their asking for it. And in this regard, you know it well about the work culture of our party that it does what is says, in other words there is no difference between its words and deeds.

Along with reservation, our party’s government has always been fully sensitive and serious over the issue of social security. Therefore, we have raised the amount of the old age/farmer pension from Rs.150 to Rs.300. In addition, our party’s government immediately raised the daily wages of the labourers from Rs.58(fifty-eight) to Rs.100 (one hundred) for the labourers as it is in the most poor and weak class and belongs mostly to the category of landless labourers to whom no attention had been paid ever before because of their being unorganized. And the daily wages of sanitation workers has also been hiked from Rs.73 (seventy-three) to Rs.100 (one hundred).

This is also known to all that in the long rule for the Congress, B.J.P. and their allies for about 61 years agriculture and farmers have been neglected a great deal in the entire country, but our party’s government has paid special attention to agriculture and farmers also by keeping them in the priority category. Besides, our government in Uttar Pradesh instead of giving unemployment allowance to the youths is giving them an opportunity to live with dignity, self-respect and self-reliance by making provision for permanent employment for them. And from May 13, 2007 till January, 2009, in less than two years, arrangement has been made for permanent employment for seven lakhs people in government and for another two lakhs people in non-government sector.

In addition to the interests of the poor and unemployed people of the Sarva Samaj, our party’s government has taken full care of the interest of “farmers” , “labourers”, “traders” and the people engaged in “other occupations” and many important decisions have been taken in their interests also.

Women Empowerment: Along with this, our government has granted “inheritance right” to unmarried daughters from the Sarva Samaj in the property of their father by amending the sectors-171 and 174 of the Zamindari Abolition and Land Reform Act, 1950 for improving the social and economic condition of women in Uttar Pradesh. Earlier during my second tenure of rule in 1997 I had secured this “legal right” to widows.

Besides, two important schemes have been launched on my 53rd birthday by our party’s government for a bright future of girls in the state. The first one has been launched by the name “Mahamaya garib Balika Ashirvad Yojana” (Mahamaya Scheme of blessings for poor girls) under which in the name of every girl born in the below the poverty line families after January 15, 2009, a fixed deposit of a certain amount is made and the girl on its maturity when she completes the age of 18 years will get a lump sum of Rs. One lakh. After the launching of this scheme, the birth of a girl child instead of being viewed as a burden will strengthen a tendency to view it as a welcome event and it will also provide special help in correcting of the growing imbalance of gender ratio gap in the state.

Similarly, the second scheme has been launched as “Savitri Bai Phule Balika Shiksha Madad Yojana” (Savitri Bai Phule Scheme of assistance for education of girls) under which a decision has been taken to provide a lump sum amount for further studies to the girls of the below the poverty line families, who have passed the standard tenth.

In this regard, I wish to inform you that when such a girl takes admission to the standard eleventh, she is being given a lump sum of Rs. 15 thousand and a ladies bicycle and when the girl passes the standard eleventh examinations and takes admission to the standard twelfth she will be given an additional amount of Rs.10000 by the government for completing further studies. All these amounts will be in addition to the scholarship or facilities provided under other heads.

Along with these works, our party’s government in Uttar Pradesh has given full honour and respect to many Sants, Gurus and great men born in the Bahujan Samaj from time to time, who have been neglected by the past governments. In their names many public welfare schemes have been launched in the interests of the Sarva Samaj and several “new districts”, “universities”, “memorials” and “museums” and parks etc., have been built in their memory.

Besides, I wish to tell you here that the Dalits, backwards and the people of other neglected classes in the country have been victims of atrocities and excesses of various kinds perpetrated by the people having a casteist mindset from Independence till even now and they are not able to get proper and timely justice. But our party after coming to power in the Centre will not allow any class of the society in the country, in other words it will do “justice” with honesty and dedication to all and like in Uttar Pradesh it will create in the entire country an atmosphere free from “injustice, crime and fear” by establishing a “Rule of Law by Lawful Means”.

Along with this, in the absence of proper development of all the regions in the country and because of want, injustice, exploitation, poverty and deprivation some people are adopting and the path of Naxalsim and governments in the Centre and the states have not so far paid proper attention towards them, but our party on coming to power in the Centre will wean them away from the path of Naxalism by finding a “lasting solution” to all these problems of theirs and along with this it will try to bring them in the mainstream of development by providing “permanent employment” to them.

Besides, terrorism has emerged as a very big problem and serious challenge in the country over the past few years and the main reason for it appears to be “laxity” and “weaknesses” of the Central Government itself and to a certain extent its political self-interest as well. But our party will pay full attention towards this also.

And as far as the question of the National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme is concerned, under this scheme there is a provision for providing employment for only 100 days out of 365 days in a year and that too for only one unemployed person in a family. But our party on coming to power in the Centre will start a scheme for the poor people living in rural areas of the entire country which will ensure provision of permanent employment for these people throughout the year for all the 365 days.

Besides, on our party coming to power in the Centre all its policies at the “national and international” levels in every respect will be framed by keeping in view the people of all the religious and castes in the Sarva Samaj. And “foreign Policy” will also be evolved by keeping all this in view. In other words, while framing foreign policy and entering into any agreement with a foreign country, special attention will be paid to the national security as well as the country’s dignity, self-respect and sovereignty.

In addition, plans of “all the ministries” of the Central Government will be reviewed and operated in a proper manner so that the general public in the country is able to get the full benefit of all the schemes directly and easily. Not only this, our party’s government will not enter into any deal with any country in the world which may lead to its subjugation by that country later on.

Along with this, our government will not frame any “Economic Policy” in any area which like under the past governments will continue to work for development of capitalists instead of formation of capital in the country. In other words our party wants growth of capital and not development of capitalists in the country so that the life of the common people in both urban and rural areas including farmers, workers, traders and those engaged in other occupations for employment becomes prosperous.

Thus every “Economic Policy” of our country will be designed to bendfit the general public and not make the rich richer and the poor poorer as it has been happening during the rule of the Congress party, B.J.P. and their allies so far in our country and most of the states. And then only the poor people of this country will be able to get two square meals in a proper way. It is only after this that the missionary goal our party to create an environment of “Sarvjan Hitaiy and Sarvjan Sukhaiy” (In the Interest of And For Happiness of All) in the entire country can be realized in a true sense.

But for this to happen they will have to take the “Master Key of Political Power” into their own hands by showing a good result of their party in the Lok Sabha general elections being held now. And for this, they will certainly have to be cautious against many tactics of the opposition parties like attempts to cajole, coerce, lure and divide because these parties can go to any extent to harm our party.

In this regard, the opposition parties will try their best to see in particular that our party does not get the votes of the Savarn Samaj and to this end they can also try to project the ideology and policies of our party in a distorted manner before the upper castes. This is despite the fact that the ideology and policies of our party are not against any caste and religion, in other words the B.S.P. wants to establish an “equalitarian social order” in this country by changing the inequitable social order based on “caste line”, an objective that is in the interest of the country and the Sarv Samaj. And if in this “transformation of order” along with the Bahujan Samaj the people of the Savarn Samaj also cooperate by changing their Casteist mindset, then the doors of the Bahujan Samaj Party (B.S.P) are always open for admission and advancement of such people with dignity and self-respect. What I am implying is that the ideology and policies of the B.S.P. are not against the people of the upper caste society.

In this regard, I would like the upper caste people to think over the question why the B.S.P. would have kept these people in the organization at the national and state levels had its ideology and policies been against the Savarn Samaj? And then why would the B.S.P. have fielded such people on its tickets in the Lok Sabha and Assembly elections and on formation of its government inducted them into honourable positions of ministers? From this, it is fully clear that the ideology and policies of our party are based on the principle of “Sarvjan Hitaiy and Sarvjan Sukhaiy” (Progress and Prosperity For All).

Besides, with regard to the “Ideology and Policies” of the B.S.P., I also want ot make it clear here that an “equalitarian social order” is not going to be established in the country by organising the Bahujan Samaj people alone. For this, we will have to carry along with us Savarn Hindus also on the basisi of a spirit of social brotherhood by changing their casteist mindset and then only an “equalitarian social order” as envisioned by the architect of the Indian constitution Baba Saheb Dr. Ambedkar can be really established in this country. And it is only after this that the people of the Sarva Samaj can be united together and distinctions of “high and low and caste and creed” can come to end and then alone our party can get an opportunity to come to power in the Centre and the states.

But the B.S.P. people will have to keep it in mind that the congress, B.J.P. and their allies will not allow our party to come to power in the Centre and the states that easily and that for preventing our party from achieving this goal they will use machination of every kind and our party will have to remain on guard against this at every step.

Along with this, it is my fervent appeal to our party people all over the country “to remain alert so that their invaluable votes are neither bought nor looted nor remain unused and no selfish person is able to misuse their votes by ensnaring them in the name of caste and creed, money, temple and mosque or by any other kind of emotional blackmail, in other words they have to rise to the defence of democracy with their lives. Therefore, in the interest of the Sarva Samaj, the country and their respective state, they will have to place the power in the Centre in the right hands, in other words in the hands of the B.S.P. so that our party can frame its every policy on the principle of Sarvjan Hitaiy and Sarvjan Sukhaiy in every walk of life and make the lives of the Bahujan Samaj and the poor people of upper caste society and other people engaged in various occupations prosperous”.

In the end, keeping all this in view, I make this “APPEAL” to the supporters, followers and well-wishers of our party not to get carried away by alluring promises made in the election manifesto of opposition parties and to act on the appeal of their party alone and to certainly make all the B.S.P. candidates victorious in the Lok Sabha general elections-2009 being held in the country now by pressing the button facing the “Elephant” symbol of their own party.

(Kumari Mayawati)

National President

Bahujan Samaj Party

For Ushering In An Era

Of “Sarvjan Hitaiy &

Sarvjan Sukhaiy” In the Country, Vote For

The B.S.P. Candidates Only


Make B.S.P. Successful Bu Pressing The

Button facing “Elephant” Election Symbol.

B.S.P. Ki Kiya Pahchan

Neela Jhanda, Haathi Nishan

(What Is B.S.P Known By

With Blue Flag &

“Elephant” Election Symbol)

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  1. What Dr Ambedkar had said that Political power is master key.Dalits had lost every thing including their land ,religion and education and they made untouchable by Adi shankracharya.Bodh Gaya temple is being occupied by barbaric hindus who are keeping their gods statue in Bodh gaya .time has come dalits should unite and get the political power to librate dalits from shackles of hinduism and their hindu led government.Long live dalit icons and great librator Aurang jeb .

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