Why you should Caste your vote

Someone called “Dr Known” has sent Kafila, via our Contact page, this interesting email. I’m posting this here only because I found it interesting; posting does not necessarily constitute agreement. Or disagreement :)

Since Hinduism is based on CASTE hierarchies, it intrinsically breeds HATRED among Indians.


* You must VOTE for candidates from your CASTE only.

* Only he can and will UNDERSTAND your culture and IMPROVE your socio-economic status.

* And do not worry if he is CORRUPT.

* You must vote him till 85% of all registered marriages in India are INTER-CASTE or INTER-FAITH.

This is the only way to STOP dis-integration of India.

2 thoughts on “Why you should Caste your vote”

  1. interesting polemic – but this is a variety of thought that is on the ascendecny in India. despite the rhetoric of ‘anti casteism’ that the author proposes it infact ends up supporting the intituition of caste. I am afraid much of the present incarnation of popular radical poilitics in India strenghtens the caste based politics and maintain division


  2. India in its present avatar (read brahmnical) without caste is like a brahmin with a democratic mindset. Both are an impossiblity. What we can do whether it be polemical or de kinda kafila theorisation , is to utopiasing and utopiasing our idiosyncracies…


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