12 thoughts on “‘Nice. Nice. Good shot. Thank you.’”

  1. Collateral damage is unfortunate but inevitable in any conflict zone. We have to weigh the cost of lives lost in war/domestic conflict and the benefits of liberation from tyranny, justice to the victims of past terrors, the benefits of a democratic set up and the prospect of future stability. It is quite possible that the future for the Iraqi people is going to be brighter than the past. The far sighted and revolutionary leadership of President Bush and Richard Cheney began the job of creating a peaceful, stable and democratic Iraqi state but were unfortunately, unable to finish the job before demitting office. Hopefully, Obama will be able to fulfil that vision during his tenure.


  2. you should have posted the full 39 min video which has the same apache crew firing hellfire missiles into an apartment block which killed people in three families and pedestrians in the street below.


  3. Thanks for the links but none of these critics address any of Bill Roggio’s points. I could not tell from the video what those things the men were carrying were but it is not surprising for soldiers in a war zone to suspect them to be arms (they may have turned out to be otherwise upon closer examination later but hindsight is always 6/6). Did the van fall under the category of protected collateral objects?

    It is easy to sit back later in an armchair and critique their actions based on closer reflection. But soldiers have to make rapid decisions on the spur of the moment. Their actions have to be judged in accordance with what the military would have been expected to do under the circumstances.

    Anyway, now that the video is out, let us wait to see what the US military will have to say about it.


  4. From Shivam Vij’s Link


    Bloodthirsty neo-cons who would defend barbecuing Arab babies on the White House lawn if they were told it was part of the “war on terror” are disgracefully scrambling to defend a shocking video released by Wikileaks which shows U.S. Apache helicopters massacring Iraqi journalists and children in Baghdad while laughing about it.

    But there more blood-thirsty Vittal s here !!!


  5. @Vittal and Roggio; as if militants would be walking casually like that during or after a skirmish!

    also, let us say in a situation like this, a civilian vehicle comes in to take care of those who are found wounded. Do we call it a terrorist vehicle? Just because it doesn’t fall under ‘protected collateral objects’?

    you seem to be taking credibility for granted, and trying to legitimize barbaric behaviour.


  6. @Pratik, The military was operating on the assumption that they were hostile armed men. Not sure if wounded terrorists are entitled to the right to be carted away from a war zone in an unmarked car. But if they had indeed been terrorists and their supporters were trying to get them away to safety, I would not be surprised if the military sought to prevent it.


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