Happy Ambedkar Jayanti

The Congress Party will use the occassion of Ambedkar Jayanti tommorow to reach out to UP’s Dalits. Commenting on this, NDTV  says, “Mayawati, who knows a thing or two about appropriating the Dalit legacy, is going on the offensive as well.”

Appropriating? Hello! You mean to say Rahul Gandhi is a Dalit and Mayawati a half-Italian, one-fourths Parsi and one-fourth Kashmiri Pandit, trying to pass off as an Allahbad Brahmin and collecting Dalit votes on the side?

Of course there will be other memorable celebrations, but they won’t be as ‘news-worthy’.

24 thoughts on “Happy Ambedkar Jayanti”

  1. Congress and his party had killed Dr Ambedkar by changing Insulin vial with help of hindu IB.when dr ambedkar was killed by congress then his dead body had sent to Bombay and Nehru did not allows to do the post mortem of Dr ambedkar even congress and his goons did not allow to take the blood sample of Dr ambedkar.when dalits leader had demanded the investigation on Dr ambedkar death then Mr nehru had constituted the saxena commette to give the reports ,till now dalits did not get the reports .when Mr Morar Ji Desai was the PM ,then dalit leaders had asked to published the saxena commette reports to be tabled on Parliament then Mr Morar ji Deasai had said if Saxena commettee reports will tabled in parliament then their will be fire in India.this is resposibility of all dalits leaderships to ask the world community to force the hindu led government at centre to publish the saxena commettee reports .time has come ,175 million dalits should get ready to give two fingers to congress and their government.


  2. How much ever you may dislike Rahul Gandhi and say rascist things about him, the fact will remain that Mayawati alligned with BJP and Modi. From the “italian etc” comments of Mr Vij it is obvious that he is a RSS sympathiser/worker and he would support Mayawati as she says Cong is enemy number one. For the BJP also Congress is the biggest enemy. And it seems obvious that Mayawati will have an alliance with the BJP in next UP elections. But wait and watch..if the last general elections are any indication, your dream of coming to power with the help of Mayawati will be shortlived…still all the best..
    S Maajhi


  3. Mayawati is not aligned with BJP and Modi, her past alliances with BJP only weakened the BJP in UP. So if you are anti-BJP you should be pro-Mayawati. I didn’t say Rahul was Italian etc., but does he deny being half-Italian, that is, being his mother’s son? I’m stating facts, not calling names. Unlike you. It’s sick of you to say I’m an RSS sympathiser/worker just because I’m opposed to the Congress. What are you? George Bush or Arnab Goswami? :)


  4. What was Dr Ambedkar’s intention in giving reservations to SC/ST ppl in education & employment?
    How can they study with empty stomachs?


  5. If rahul gandhi is half italian is a fact then it is also a fact that Mayawati allinged with the BJP and campaigned for Modi…..as far as her weakening the BJP is considered that not a fact but a perception and you have the right to have that perception like your right to consider me bush or goswami……rahul gandhi according to my perception with all the baggage of the congress has far more democratic and secular politics than mayawati……its not just statues but she is authoritarian and a political tyrant…….her politics of identity with all its empowering elements has run its course and she is at political dead end..thats why she is scarred to even allow gandhi to garland ambedkar……


    1. Yes Mayawati aligned with the BJP, yes she campaigned for Modi, and if you are going to repreat yourself ad nauseaum then I have nothing to say. I’m not going to make you see again and again that her alliances in UP with the BJP only weakened the BJP. I am not going to contest your stupid claim that this is a matter of ‘perception’ by quoting statistics about the BJP’s electoral decline in UP. This Hindutva taint against Mayawati is not being made on Kafila for the first time. This point is made as if that discounts everything else about Mayawati, and not say it does not try to understand why she made those alliances, what happened to them, how she fooled the BJP to grow stronger, and that she is no longer in any alliance with them and refuses to be. I am not going to point out to the Kangressis that the Kangress is similarly tainted with the anti-Sikh pogrom of 1984 and it’s not as if Rahul baba is doing anything to get rid of the Kamal Naths of his party. I am not going to point fingers to the Kangress party’s soft Hindutva from Babri to Gujarat. I am not going to point out that her own secular record is unblemished despite the BJP alliances.

      This is not the first time it is being said that Mayawati’s “identity politics” has run its course. (As if Rahul baba targeting Dalits is developmental politics.) This was said every time she was in power. Fourth stint now, first time without coalition. But why am I telling you all this when you are so sure her days are over. Go celebrate.


    2. Dalits are not coward to garland the Dr Ambedkar we are waiting for time to hits the hindus and their party.From Nehru to Rahul Gandhi ,all are hindus.175 million dalits are getting ready to give two finger to Nehru ,Gandhi party.It is true that BJP is born enemy and congress is number two enemy but we have to finished the congress first because congress is enemy who is hiding their face in name of secularism.congress is same who had built the som nath temple and demolished the Babri mosque and allowed the gujrat genocide 2002.Congress is hindu led party and hindus are the enemy of dalits


  6. ‘a half-Italian, one-fourths Parsi and one-fourth Kashmiri Pandit,’

    your obessession with identity politics is very much evident here.What next- analysis in terms of parsi genes, pandit genes.?
    If congress tries to reach out to dalits you will find fault with that, if congress does not do that then also you will find fault with congress.Rahul Gandhi is giving nightmares to those dreamt of making a Lalu or Mulayam or Mayawati or Paswan as PM through a great alliance of
    OBC+SC+ST+minority vote banks. That is good for the country.


    1. I can’t help my obsessions ravi. May be I need to see a shrink. Is there a good Kangressi shrink out there?

      I’m not saying Congress should not reach out to Dalits – what the heck, outside UP they still get a majority of the Dalit votes because Dalit voters don’t have options. I’m just pointing out that an NDTV report accuses Mayawati of “appropriating the Dalit legacy” when it is Rahul Gandhi who should stand accused of that charge consider he – a Gandhi! – wants to use Ambedkar Jayanti and Ambedkar’s name for his political benefit. So who is ‘appropriating the Dalit legacy’? Are you, and the NDTV reporter, blind?

      You can say there’s nothing wrong in the Congress hailing Ambedkar or wooing Dalits and I’d agree. It’s Ambedkar’s victory. But why is Mayawati being accused of “appropriating Dalit legacy” when she is a product of the movement started by Ambedkar????


  7. “a half-Italian, one-fourths Parsi and one-fourth Kashmiri Pandit, trying to pass off as an Allahbad Brahmin and collecting Dalit votes on the side?”

    Mayawati campaigns for Modi, and her blind supporters push the RSS line. That isn’t surprising in the least. It IS surprising though that an enlightened forum like Kafila would become a vehicle for such thoughts.


    1. About BJP/RSS see my points above. It is not surprising that anti-OBC reservation types, people who are opposed to social mobility for Dalits, come in to attack Mayawati because it’s not as if they can see a Dalit rising. What do you want, that Dalits should remain enchained to the Kangress so that Kangressi Brahmins and Thakurs can continue to live it up?


  8. The dalits still seem to be obsessed and sensitive about their sc status. when will we get out of this rut in this country. this upholds the theory that it is utopian to imagine an equal society.


  9. I’m not going to make you see again and again that her alliances in UP with the BJP only weakened the BJP.

    Actually, I’d appreciate a detailed post or a reference to a more detailed analysis. Here’s why: How do we know that the BJP’s decline in UP is because of the alliance with the BSP? Perhaps the decline would have happened anyway.

    Essentially, what I am saying is that “correlation does not imply causation.” You observe a decline in the BJP vote share post-alliance (“correlation”) and conclude that the decline is because of the alliance (“causation”). But that’s not clear and may not even be true.

    In any case, if you are correct, then why couldn’t the BJP regain its vote share (even to some extent) after the alliance finished? My feeling (unsubstantiated) is that the alliance only had a limited impact on the BJP vote share in UP but I may well be wrong. As I said, a reference to a more detailed analysis would be welcome.

    Also, if I read you correctly, what you are suggesting is that Mayawati got into the alliance with the BJP as a means to take it down. This is essentially “post-facto” rationalization. Kanshi Ram, I remember, used to be clear that all parties (other than the BSP) were essentially Manuwadis and so far as they were concerned, there was no difference between the BJP and the Congress. He was also very clear in saying that the BSP’s objective was to come to power by any means and that they would make any alliance that helped them achieve their objective. The tie-up with the BJP has to be seen in that light.

    Now, things have changed (no party remains static) and Mayawati and the BSP have begun distinguishing between the BJP, the Congress and the Left Parties even while regarding them all as essentially Manuwadis. For that matter, the BSP poll strategy also seems to have changed. But these are more recent developments.


  10. @ritwick and others who criticize mayawati for aligning with the ‘right’: please look beyond this left-right spectrum! it may work in analysing politics elsewhere, but the ‘sequence’ of ‘our’ modernity is such that the political actor is not the liberal individual, but one who is deeply tied to her or his community. as a result, ‘identity’ politics is not an abberation – its the very substance of politics. given this, mayawati’s alliance with the bjp cannot be seen as simply as youre positing – it needs to be understood as an attack on the uppercaste consensus that undergirds the congress or, for that matter, even the left. this is of course not to say that the bjp doesn’t have the same caste bias – it does. but in a state where the congress was the dominant political party, aligning with the bjp was a strategy to break that (caste) hegemony. the stagnant left-right spectrum was scarcely a consideration in that decision. and when shivam says that the bjp has in fact weakened because of that alliance, i guess what he means is that the traditional uppercaste vote base may have gotten angered by an alliance with the bsp and hence shifted to other parties…


  11. Dear Mr Vij,
    Just couple of points..
    1/ Its seems i have “hurt your sentiments”, thats why you are responding in such an angry way. If i have i am sorry for that!
    2/ A clarification, i am not an apologist for the Kangress. Let me add to the Kangress complicity in other massacres..meerut-maliana, Bhaghalpur, moradabad and many others..i agree with you. Infact i said “rahul gandhi with the kangress baggage”…
    3/ I think politics today is far more complicated, rhetoric of italian, half parsi etc which you indulge in reminds one of BJP/Shiv sena…
    4/ I hope you are right about Mayawati’s politics and her secular democratic vision. Keep up the good work and be a bit tolerant and open to dialogue if not criticism….


  12. Shekhar Maajhi, if you think my response was angry then try responding to kumarpushp!

    Everyone’s problem here is that I outlined RG’s ethnic identity. That it should cause so much discomfiture is something we should ponder about. Why is it that Mayawati can be called Dalit (by herself and others) and it doesn’t raise anyone’s eyebrows but calling RG what he is….


  13. Shivam Vij
    Point well taken. Given that you are so keen on describing people with their ethnic identity i wonder how you will describe RG…. For RG should you identify a simpler term because what 1/4 italian, i/2 parsi etc seems a bit complicated. I suggest find a term like Dalit. Good project for you! By the way, in Bihar Mayawati is no longer a Dalit but a Maha-Dalit……be careful, you may hurt some sentiments of a caste which if i name people like you will get very agitated and sue me (even though you are so keen on naming people with their caste)……


  14. That’s exactly the point Shivam…naming Rahul in this manner turns people completely against identity politics and ultimately works against the Dalit cause. The other side of Dalit self-assertion should not be denigrating other political forces who try to reach out to Dalits, especially on the basis of race.

    Ambedkar is a complex figure — he not only belongs to the Dalits but to all India. Yes, to an India better than the one that exists, to a casteless India, but he is still a father of the nation nonetheless. Even if Rahul is doing it for the votes, it’s good to see Congress recognise that.


  15. Hi all
    Let me analyse y talking about the Rahul Gandhi’s identity agitated so much people. First of al let me ask why so much uproar, if there was no Gandhi behind Rahul’s name what are the other credentials he have??? I dont remember any, blame it on my less knowledge about Rahul Baba…Congress, a 125 years old party either failed to produce any leader other than Nehru Gandhi Scion. Or I have asked this question a little earlier, all this hue and cry around Rahul Baba is to counter this question. And if u talk about his identity, how will he be projected as next PM??? It is important project him without any identity i.e. a casteless aam aadmi…how dare u define him “half-Italian, one-fourths Parsi and one-fourth Kashmiri Pandit, trying to pass off as an Allahbad Brahmin”??? Although everything in India is governed by caste, but everyone wants to be projected casteless and the biggest sin is to talk about the upliftment of “Dalits”, u will be labelled casteist immediately. Anyone who bashes dalits will never be termed as casteist. Narendra Modi even after comparing Dalits with retarded children is not labelled casteist…


  16. Ambedkar wanted people to marry outside their caste.On that the Nehrus and Gandhis have done what he advocated. Perhaps they have gone much beyond that. But Shivam Vij cant appreciate that :)


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