Death of the Ignorant

My hand trembles as I write again. To say that it is murder, mass murder and we cannot remain silent when faced with such horror. I do not know who is responsible for this and what caused it. Was it a bomb blast or tempering with the fish plates which derailed the Gyaneshwari Express train near Midnapur in Bengal? Who did it? Was the PCPA involved as claimed by criminally inefficient police of Bengal citing two posters owning the blasts? Or it was not, as claimed by its spokesperson Asit Mahto?  How do we condemn the deaths of ‘innocent civilians’ when we do not know the source of violence? Is it not a possibility that some actors, covertly sponsored by the state did it to further defame theCPI(Moist)? Or could it be the handiwork of the CPI( Marxist) which has an  ability to organize violence in Bengal again to besmirch the revolutionary reputation of the CPI( Maoist) and also to justify a military campaign against them?

We can discuss the possibilities endlessly and our speculations or even our fact findings would have little bearing on the way and style of thinking which leads to acts  like the blowing up  of the Bus in Chhatisgarh or derailing the train in Bengal. What is happening gradually is that we are getting accustomed to violence and would very soon stop reacting to it. To get used to violence as a society is  horrible. But violence is now being legitimized in honorable terms.

After the blowing up of a bus in Chhatisgarh in which there were some ‘legitimate’ killings , of the ‘Combatants’ , they were some words of regret for the loss of lives of some not- so- innocents civilians. But a very officiously worded statement asked , was it true that these so called civilians who perished for their crime of traveling with the SPOs, were  themselves returning  from  a recruitment process for special police force,  suggesting thereby that by doing so  they had in fact lost the status of  civilians.Had they not thought of joining the other side and was not it an offense severe enough to invite a death sentence ?

Going further, the statement put the blame of the killings of these un-civilians on the state . It said that it was wrong on part of the state to have asked the SPOs to travel with the civilians. It meant that essentially the bus was carrying the SPOs and the civilians were made to travel with them by the state who used them  as human shield. It was the state, therefore, which put them in the line of fire and Maoists can hardly be blamed.

Similarly , if the Maoist or whichever group,fighting the Indian state finally claims that they were responsible for the derailment of the train at Midnapur, it could still be justified . For , are not trains symbols of the Indian state and have not the insurgents declared , umpteen times , that all state symbols are their legitimate targets?

Should not the citizens have sense to keep away from these targets?

School buildings, administrative structures, buses, trains and all means of transportation , owned either by the semi-feudal, semi-comprador capitalist state or by the wretched bourgeoisie are legitimate targets as a war is on. ‘Insurgents’, as we love to call them are closely following you. Every move of yours. And you are being marked. When a war of this nature is on, your true face is revealed by the choice of the side you make. If you fail to heed the ‘Message’, you are impure and condemned. The passengers of the Mumbai-bound Gyaneshwari Express should have known better. They were passing though a war zone in a state-carrier and had exposed themselves to the attendant risks. Let us mourn their ‘ignorance’, their uneducated state of mind , their undeveloped consciousness.

9 thoughts on “Death of the Ignorant”

  1. apoorvanad your response regarding Gyaneswari express expressing you are nothing but a hard core naksal sympathiser, and anti cpim. go to history the same Maoist gangs burned kakthiya express and clamed 40 lives in 1990.


  2. This is an amazing reaction. There are instances after instances in which the PCAPA and the Maoists have used public targets – to kill, to maim and so on, all in the name of revolutionary “praxis”. 200+ ruling party sympathisers have been killed in the past two years. The “Lalgarh” movement itself started off with a well acknowledged attempt at the life of Buddhadeb Bhattacharya.

    And all this guy who writes a “trembling reaction” is to muddy the waters by saying – “Or could it be the handiwork of the CPI( Marxist) which has an ability to organize violence in Bengal again to besmirch the revolutionary reputation of the CPI( Maoist) and also to justify a military campaign against them?”

    And what does he mean by “criminally inefficient police”.

    If there is any action by the police against the Maoists or their sympathisers, people like Apurvanand are the first to condemn it. And when there are incidents such as these orchestrated CLEARLY by the Maoists or their front orgs (haven’t they a history of such operations? Is this the first Rail accident that is attributed to these groups? How many accidents have occured in Bihar, Jharkhand over the years caused due to Maoist deliberate sabotage? Scores, Many?)

    This site, Kafila has shamelessly supported the PCAPA in the past, calling it a genuine resistance force to the ruling party in the area. Much of which is bunkum. There has always been a deliberate attempt at imposing Maoist praxis on this area. The PCAPA has simply been a mass/front organisation trying its best to work out a liberated area in this location.

    The apologetic nonsense, above, by writers such as Apurvanand need to be excoriated.


    1. All levels of idiocy are surpassed by both Vaths and mkrao. Both claim to have been reading Apoorvanand’s posts here and I must confess that I am aghast at the stupidity of these comments which cannot even make out the sarcasm in the first para and precisely the quotations they give from his piece. If you cannot make out dear Vaths and Rao that this is in fact a mocking of those positions that argue in this vein, then what else can we say but, god bless you!


  3. Thank you Mr.Apoorva…. you put into words my thoughts. First they kill soldiers – they say its okay, they are Indian soldiers, agents of the fascist Indian state. Then they kill civilians travelling with soldiers, they say its okay, the civilians were hardly innocent if they were travelling with soldiers. Now they kill civilians, they still say its okay…these civlians were travelling in a train – an instrument of the Indian state. Its so easy to justify, isn’t it ?


  4. The Maoists have over the past few years fought two battles. The first, which is well publicised by the media, is against the state. The second, less publicised, is against the belief that non-violent protest movements can create a strong opposition to the state’s tendency to ignore its own constitutional mandate. The non-violent protest movements, NGOs and others who are perhaps not ‘manly’ enough to take up arms against the state, have been ridiculed time and again. It is time that history teaches the Maoists an important lesson – when violent movements go out of control they result in civilian casualties. Non-violent movements can lose a battle but even when it fails, it does not kill ordinary citizens.


  5. Now CPI(Maoist) has come out unequivocally that they are not with this attack and actually have deplored this incident. Good for them actually! Let us not mention the hawks like CPM, Chidambaram and even the utterly confused Mamata.

    But I would not exonerate the Maoists as they claim to be Communists… they should be responsible for all aftermath and counter reactions of their actions. It is very obvious that the STATE would take every opportunity and that the weapons are in their hands. Maoist tactics should have been such that these nefarious conspiracies could not be hatched by the STATE. Simply denial is not enough, one has to be smart and prudent enough to use all forms of struggle so that things can not be distorted.


  6. It is of course not quite clear who has done this act. But there cannot be any doubt that (a) it has happened in an area which is a Maoist stronghold, and (b) if it was a conspiracy by others then the Maoists were not able to prevent it. What this incident clearly proves is the futility of armed violence as a method of doing politics since it is now very easy (assuming that the conspiracy theory against the Maoists is right) to put the blame on the Maoists. Maoists should have realised that following the path of non-violent mass movement is not just a matter of idealism but also a matter of wise tactical move. A non-violent party can never be accused of blowing up a train.


    1. The place where the incident occurred could be in an area where the Maoist control is not strong. Rather it is believed to be more of a CPI(Marxist) dominated region.


  7. Aditya Nigam’s reeks arrogance in his reply. Who denies Apurvanand’s sarcasm in attacking the Maoists in his post? The problem is that he muddies the waters by keeping the possibility of the CPI(M)’s involvement in it, open. His first para reeks no sarcasm though..

    And why does Nigam deny that this site has always maintained that the PCPA was a genuine mass movement, hijacked later on by the Maoists? Wasn’t it obvious from day one, since Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee was attacked at and tried to be killed (did this site say a word in condemnation after the incident, by the way?), that the PCPA and the Maoists were only trying to impose their “praxis” in this region?



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