5 thoughts on “Notes from a Beautiful City”

  1. Very well put together. Thank you for reminding us, as though we needed a reminder given the shameful way these Games were planned and executed, about the realities behind the scenes (or often right in the open).

  2. It’s very well put together. Though it would have been good if the names of the ‘Kabadiwals’, ‘Majdoor’ and ‘Dhobis’, whose testimony we are viewing, had been given. Right now I feel a disquiet at their anonymity.

  3. Beautifully done, thank you for this. The child’s testimony should be played on continuous loop on earphones taped to Sheila aunty’s ears. Planning a longer version?

  4. @roy, thippu: thanks!
    @garima: we debated whether to have the names in or not…but going with the thematics of the film, we decided to drop them. at the end of the day, it’s not the story of a group of men, women or children but of the many nameless millions who are being thrown out of our cities…a conscious choice to avoid names but i get where you’re coming from!
    @sunalini: we’re shooting another on the thematics of migrant labour in delhi…that should be out in another month…

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