800 new Radia tapes!

It keeps getting better. The promise of more emperors losing their clothing, the promise of more political gossip and media wars and conspiracy theories. More light will be thrown at crony capitalism, sorry I mean economic growth. Outlook is putting out another 800 Radia tapes in the next few hours. There are a total of 5,000 and they’ve already put out 140.

Of those 140, some 36 yet to be transcribed.

4 thoughts on “800 new Radia tapes!”

  1. I think one must think of means and end. the means are deplorable but the ends cant be not so simply judged upon. In many cases, i think Radia seems to be working towards at some level, a saner, more intelligent world as compared to what the courts, the PMO, the Congress and others are intending or are capable of.


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