National Alliance of People’s Movements: Resolution on LGBTQ issues

We oppose persecution and discrimination on the basis of sexuality and gender orientation in all formsand strive towards full social and political equality of all individuals who identify as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual,Transgendered, Intersex and Queer (LGBTQ).

While welcoming the July 2nd 2009 judgment of the Delhi high court to decriminalize homosexuality NAPM recognizes that the LGBTQ community continues to be discriminated against in schools, colleges, workspaces,homes, the streets and before the law. We affirm that sexual orientation and gender identity are innate andcannot be consciously changed and we oppose attempts to convert LGBTQ individuals into heterosexuals orforce them to conform to dominant notions of masculinity or femininity on the grounds of morality, religion ornature.

We call for an official recognition of the LGBTQ community and demand changes in policies and lawsthat guarantee their rights not only to identity and dignity but also to welfare, protection from persecutionand self-determination. These include affirmative action to ensure equal opportunity for LGBTQ individuals inrelation to education, employment, health, housing, livelihood and people oriented development. We strive toensure that the LGBTQ community joins the political mainstream on the same level as other groups in societyand value the empowerment and participation of the LGBTQ community in all fields including organizing withinour own movements.

Therefore, we also call upon the movements, constituents of NAPM and other concerned friends to movetowards greater sensitivity and awareness on LGBTQ issues; by incorporating greater inclusiveness of LGBTQvoices, perspectives and concerns to the understanding of our struggles and the framing our demands. NAPMaffirms that this is the way forward in the alliance building process we set out to do sixteen years back. Moreimportantly it is the only way towards truly building a just society, which guarantees dignity, human rights,equality and people oriented development, which forms the heart of the struggles that come together in NAPM.

As adopted at the 8th bi-ennial convention of NAPM on October 26th 2010, Badwani, Madhya Pradesh.

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