Indians who want Pakistan to win and Pakistanis who want India to win!

To make our point against jingoism.

To say that no one needs a cricket match to prove their patriotism.

To hope the best for those we’re told we should hope the worst for.

Please join this Facebook Event page and ask your friends across the border to do so, too.

8 thoughts on “Indians who want Pakistan to win and Pakistanis who want India to win!”

  1. I have no desire to join the Facebook Event Page, but I entirely agree with with the spirit of what you are saying in the three sentences before before that concluding invitation to insanity. As to patriotism and nationalism, I believe them both to be the two dirtiest words in any language because of the hypocrisy they conceal.


    1. Could’nt agree more to Shivam Vij and the Advocate of Cultural Plurality.
      However, being an Indian Muslim its really tough to say what Shivam could do and say .


  2. Lovely initiative! All such crosscutting, fence-crossing cricket sites and minor resistances to cricket nationalism should be bunched together and presented as a carefully crafted f**ck you! Thank you Shivam for being so cheeky!


  3. I agree with ‘Advocate of Cultural Plurality’. I’m not a nationalist and I condemn extreme right-wing sentiments. I think the PM’s invitation sends out a strong message and I hope there will be talks after this.

    But I definitely do not want Pakistan to win, that’s just stupid.


  4. But you know who the real winner is… ! Cricket ! $$$ Now ! Cricket is already big business and nobody is likely to complain about the Income Tax break that GoI has given to Cricket business. I am sure Bangladesh would do the same too, very soon !

    It is great to see not only jingoistic nationalism, but also misty eyed pan-globalism and all other -isms can be harnessed equally well to the unstoppable chariot of Mammon ! Oh Cricket ! Here I come….


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